How To Build a Lead Generating Sales Funnel for Coaches & Consultants

Colin Scotland, Marketing Coach

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8 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro - Why You Will Fail

    • 2. Why Bother With A Sales Funnel?

    • 3. What Your Sales Funnel Looks Like

    • 4. Prison to Paradise

    • 5. Creating Your Lead Magnet

    • 6. Creating The Landing Pages

    • 7. Creating An Email Nurture Sequence

    • 8. Test and Launch Your Funnel

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Project Description

You will conduct a Prison to Paradise exercise to give you clarity on what your ideal client feels and thinks relating to what you do. Looking at the 'transformation' your service brings and defining this from your client's perspective.

Copy the format described in the video lesson.

This will give you clarity and insight into the way your prospects think and feel and what is truly important in your process or service. You can then use this insight to create a compelling lead magnet that will act as the entry point to your sales funnel.

See the sample completed project for a cognitive behavioural therapy coach. And don't forget to upload your completed prison to paradise project. :)

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