How To Build Your Own Membership Site In 4 Easy Steps

Ramesh Upadhyay, Education is key to success in life

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    • Introduction

    • How To Build Your Own Membership Site In 4 Easy Steps


About This Class

Without doubt membership sites are a great way to make passive income online. Imagine being able to make a sale once, and get paid for it over and over again without doing anything else.

That’s the dream most people have when they think about building their own membership site, but the reality is often very different.

The typical marketer who builds and runs their own membership site is often chained to their laptop, churning out content week after week.

Most times these are open ended membership sites where people join and they remain a member until they cancel, which is fine, but the responsibility of the owner is for them to continue to create new content every month. This can get frustrating after a while, especially if you have to create a lot of content on your own.

The alternative strategy to this though is to create a membership where you stock the site with a large amount of valuable content upfront, and instead of having members pay you each month for new content, they pay you one time to get lifetime access to your membership site.

So this means you can fill your membership site up with reports, videos, audios, software, and a range of other tools and resources, and then continue to email your members over time with new offers.

This definitely takes away a lot of the ongoing maintenance you need to do with an open-ended membership site.

It also allows you to build a big list of buyers who are interested in what you have to offer.

So if starting your own one-time membership site sounds like something you want to do, then let’s go through the 4 steps you need to take to get started.





Ramesh Upadhyay

Education is key to success in life

I am an Internet Entrepreneur who has a passion to connect with and help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, achieve success using the power of the Internet, Online Marketing & Social Media marketing.
I work with new or struggling entrepreneurs who have started a Home Based or Internet Business. My goal is to build relationships and assist motivated/hard working people to achieve success and reach their goal that were originally set when they started.

The path to success is not paved. In fact it’s rocky and tough and takes a lot of work and knowledge to work your way through. But you’re NOT in it alone! With the right help and a good coach beside you you’ll make it through and climb to the peak of success.

Remember there is almost always a better way to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

My goal is to help thousands of people change their lives and achieve their personal goals and dreams.