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How To Build WEBINARS That Convert + Grow Your Business Online

teacher avatar Benson Sung, Preeminent Digital Growth Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 1) How To Build WEBINARS That Convert + Grow Your Business

    • 2. 2) Why Webinars Work

    • 3. 3) Webinar Platforms

    • 4. 4) Themes For Success

    • 5. 5) First Impressions

    • 6. 6) The Build up

    • 7. 7) Pricing & Contrast Comparison

    • 8. 8) Webinar Scheduling

    • 9. 9) Secrets of Increasing Registration

    • 10. 10) Secrets of Increasing Attendance

    • 11. 11) Secrets of DROP OFF

    • 12. 12) Bringing It All Together

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About This Class

Webinars are the single best process to grow online traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

Join Benson Sung, preeminent digital growth expert, for his 30 minute course that will show you exactly how to build your own webinar that:

  • Builds your branding into something people recognize, trust, and value
  • Drives high-quality traffic and leads to your business
  • Exponentially increases sales and revenues automatically
  • Boosts registrations, attendance, engagement and conversions
  • Easily runs almost entirely on autopilot
  • Build the trust and emotional connection that will grow your brand and audience
  • Reduces costs and increases your Return-On-Investment
  • Moves your audience off the fence and converts them to customers

Get step-by-step processes and templates so that you can build your own million-dollar webinar to grow your business online.

If you want to generate more traffic, leads, and sales every single day, even if you know absolutely nothing about webinars, without spending a ton of time or money, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

If you want more guidance check out the in-depth guide I wrote for you HERE.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benson Sung

Preeminent Digital Growth Strategist


The Preeminent Digital Marketing Strategist. 


Builder Of Multi-Million Dollar Companies.

As the Founder And President of SungDigital Strategy, Benson has invested his entire career helping Fortune, $10 to 100 MM+ small to large sized global companies and even renowned entrepreneurs exponentially grow and scale their businesses online into the Multi-Millions.

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1. 1) How To Build WEBINARS That Convert + Grow Your Business: I want to walk you through step by step, how to implement this? Everything that you need to know to build out your 1st 7 or a figure webinar on how to automate it. What is the automation goes. How do you amplify these two ads? Everything is gonna be taught for those of you that stay until the end of guess how many of these people are gonna be teaching you this process? There's only one person and that's me. And you're watching a right now, now, one of the key things. Even if you could by a horse or buy something on the content of your about the watch which there isn't out there and even if you could, it would cost tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that's exactly what the continent you're watching today is everything that you're seeing and everything that you're watching right now and you gonna learn is based on real world experience, real results that works in multiple different industries and businesses for growing online proven digital marketing strategies. Hey, still sure community bets on here. Now, this is probably the first time that you see me, but I'll record exclusive course just for you on skill share on how to be able to start and grow your business online. Leveraging webinars is a way to drive more revenue and customers. Everything that you learned in this course is from proven real world experiences that we've learned driving $100 million in revenue for companies in multiple different industries and different spaces selling products, services or hybrid of both. And you're about to get access to it so you can save yourself years and months of time and thousands the millions of dollars potentially on your journey to building a successful business online. My name is about to start again. I look forward to helping you grow your business and take it to the next level on skill share. This is to exclusivity on here, and I look forward to helping you grow. So thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the lessons 2. 2) Why Webinars Work: So how do we bridge the objections that they have this skepticism, that friction in between your target audience and your business and getting them to put their hard earned money in there? And one of the ways using a webinar while webinars, a powerful, is because they see you on the screen, you're educating them and you're adding values of them within a 12 hour span. It's almost like you imagine you're going to an event and you're watching someone give a presentation on stage. It establishes multiple different things. And why do people do public speaking? And they use it to build their businesses because it builds their authority. When you see someone speaking on stage, you automatically assume that they're authority of someone that's respected. The second year does is that they're adding value there, educating you. The third thing they're doing is they're building trust. They're sharing their story, they're adding value to you. They're solving your problems and they're adding in helping you achieve the results that you want. They're using a lot of psychology to do all these different things and even Mawr to really educate you as a person and you're doing this. It's almost like you. When you do a webinar you're doing, You're speaking on public spade public stage to your target audience and stuff. You're doing it through a webinar online. That's why it's so powerful. 3. 3) Webinar Platforms: now. Obviously, there's gonna be a lot of tech questions here. I don't want you overwhelmed by what platform you use. So that's why I wanna share with you that the core platforms that I personally using tested that you can use them in your business. The first one's called Go to Webinar, Go to open Our is one of one has been around for a long time. You can go on there that one of the most stable ones for live webinars. You go there and you host those things. I personally like it as well. The whole slide Webinars. The 2nd 1 you can use Call on 24 on 24 is really one of the ones is more enterprise level, which means is more expensive and more sophisticated. But it's extremely solid. Platform linked in uses it to build and run their educational webinars, the ones that I personally to use. It's called Webinar Jam or ever webinar, because it allows me to run an automated webinar two people at very different times so that it's once a recorded once that we can duplicate over and over again. Now, this is a core principle on factor that you need to keep in mind in order for you to build out revenue that was talking about the 78 figures through the webinar. It's not gonna be you're gonna be doing live. Women are every single day, But once we get it nailed down, that one core webinar we can automate automate the whole process, we can turn to an automated webinar, and then it's going to be able to generate you sales every single day through that whole process I'm about to go into. 4. 4) Themes For Success: now one of the other core elements that you want include throughout the webinars. You should always be talking about the theme of the webinar. What I mean by that is she always to be focused on the results of your target audience wants to achieve What are their outcomes that they want at the same time? What are the challenges that they want to overcome? You want to tie that theme around your entire webinar? The other element that you can use this to be able to effectively implement this is showing . Who is this webinar four and who it's not for And who are the people that are the most successful in accomplishing the results that they want and people that are not successful accomplishing results So they want. So for example, time back their fitness example. You can see that for people that who this webinars fours For people that believe that they want to make a change, they want to make a shift right now, they believe that they can own. They now know the key process that they need to be able to have to achieve the results that they want. They understand the process I had needs to happen in their own mind and also in their body in their day to day life that needs to make the shift. People who this is not for you can go and say that this is for people that you know that you believe it's too much work. You think that's too much time. It's gonna cost too much money to go to achieve. That was also you want, or at the same time you could say all the shattering and a new acceptable beliefs that people have that don't fit with your product or your service or what you're teaching them on this Webinar. Once you've established this, the reason why it's so important to establish who this is for was not for is that once you have this, people will know that they are clearly aligned with what audience you're trying to attract . Your also showing what is the community that you're building around your product or service that's extremely important. What is the community that you're building? What is the audience to find that very clearly and you're gonna increase the conversion rate because once we define, this will be able to lead into your compelling offer throughout the Webinar, you're gonna increase conversions because you have a clearly defined message. You clearly the finding motions, the psychology and everything that you're crafting throughout the webinar is targeting a specific person in your audience. 5. 5) First Impressions: you want to tell your story? The ups, the downs. You wanna build that relationship in that connection with your target audience in the 1st 5 minutes? That's the most important thing You want to build an emotional connection. You want to start this whole process because if you get the intro wrong, then it gets sets the wrong pace for the rest of the webinar. So the beginning you want to make sure your intro you're very song is very solid TV with emotionally with your personal story. Now the second part of this webinar what we want to focus on as we want to talk about the meat of the webinar we want to share with your target audience, the educational components you want to add value. Now, one of the biggest mistakes here that most people make on the webinars is they start educating and actually sharing with their target audience. All these long winded, super sufficient stuff. What they really care about what your targets wants on. What you want to focus on is you want to understand what are the existing challenges with existing beliefs that you want to shatter and you want to shift and you want to change in order for them to buy your product or your service. So you want to able to get a fine balance between you educating them and at the same time being able to share with them the beliefs that they need tohave as well. So, for example, let's say you were in the fitness space and you have a fitness program and you want to sell to a fitness audience. You want to help people lose weight. So in the world are you could talk about Hey, you should do exercise you can do. You can clean all this stuff. You can do this well, you. That's what most people would do. But what you actually want to do is you want to find out what did the existing beliefs of your target audience and how do you shift that in your presentation? That's what's the most more than because if your targets does not have those mindset Sal's believes shifted, they would not take their hard earned money and invest with you. Of course, you're gonna have a balance between the value A and also the belief shifting. But the belief shifting should take priority over the education of the value 6. 6) The Build up: what's the core thing next thing to do to be able to convert them into an actual customer or client of yours. Now the first thing you do is called the stack or the building. So what you want to hear is you want to really build up the value of your product or your service, and usually on the water are you want to give him a special, compelling offer. So how you do that is, you could say, for example, whatever product you have prostate, you want to define the product that you have, and then you want added bonuses. Along with that, you want to add something that top three bonuses that are really gonna make the difference , that we're gonna add them to the life. For example, if you have a fitness program, you have your core fitness program. You put a value beside it. Let's say it's 14 97 or 1997 or two or three or five or $10,000. If the court fitness program and then below that you show them like bonuses they got. Let's say it's a personalized training session with you, where they jump on the phone with you for the first month of the 2nd 1 the third month and able to walk them through the exact process for them to lose weight. You're there for them. You hold their hand, you answer their questions. That's one of the bonuses that they get on Lee exclusively on the webinar. The second bonus you can give, as let's say, a detail personalized meal plan that they're gonna be able to use on the mobile app or something where they can go on that one. See their nutrition diets. You can see there died that they eating the food in the calories. All this stuff they don't need to worry about calculating all those things that just plug it in. They build it in their app and they didn't get it. And they can get free access because they're on this weapon. Are the 3rd 1 you can give is that you give a special promotional discounts or ah, product. Let's say the shaker bottle, ah, protein shake the core nutrition that they need tohave and you give it to them. They call it probably costs like 4 $500 but you negotiate a special price with whatever local GNC, whatever specific fitness company that you were working with and be able to get the products right there. You ship it out to them. Let's say you have the core fitness program. You have the mobile app that calculates everything for them. They don't worry about the numbers you do. A personalized session that walks in through everything they need to do, have hand hold them along the way. You get a special bonuses and also the same time everything internal protein shakes, diets, all the food that they need to eat. All that stuff. You include that all that adds to the compelling offer. Once you build this up, you associate that value for each one. Let's say you build up to told Value is $10 in dollars, $15,000. Whatever it is, you want to make sure the value is huge and each of your bonuses makes your core offer stronger and makes it more compelling. And it solves more problems, and it helps him achieve the results faster. That's what you want to do for the bonuses. You wanna make sure the bonuses accelerate the results and solve their problems and makes your offer so much better. The rule of thumb that you wanna have for your bonuses is that you want them to look at the bones and be like I want to pay you and buy your product or service just for the bonuses alone. I don't care about the poor program. I just want the bonuses. That's a rule of thumb. Do you want to have is a bonus. This is so compelling that they want to get it just for that. So once you have that, you consolidate it. Once you build it up, then we go into the next part. 7. 7) Pricing & Contrast Comparison: the next court they want to go into is your compelling offer. Now, once you built up the value, it's extremely high. People are thinking, Oh my God, this is insane. It's 15 20 10,000 whatever it is X amount dollars, Then when you present the offer to them, What you want to now is that you show the actual prices. So, for example, is a 14 97 is your program 1997 is 24 97. Is it 9 97? Whatever price of your product or your service you listed out And here's what you want include on your compelling offer. You want to make sure that the value that you built up in before the stack or the buildup is extremely high. And then when you show them the actual price, it's this proportionately lower than what you built up. That's the first thing. The second you want to do is you want, makes you introduce scarcity and introduce urgency in the offer period. So, for example, you can make it exclusive for only 30 people that you're accepting just for this webinar alone, just for this month, or just for this week, so you can make it with some authenticity and sincerity when you're making the offer. At the same time, you build urgency, saying that this is only available for the next 15 to 20 minutes on this webinars for 30 people, those two elements must be there to be able to increase the conversions on the webinar. Next you want to do is you want to offer to specific prices for the people are on the webinar. The first pricing is you want to have your full pricing, whatever that is. Let's say, for example, it's a $97 product for that fitness one, and then you want to give them a payment plan. You want to make it easier for people to buy that product or the service that you have, and you give them a pain point. Let's say it's usually if you have a $97 product, you can do a payment plan of six payments for 1 97 So that way you're able to build up its usually 2 to $300 mawr, or 4 to 500 hours more than if they paid the full price. The way that you do this again. It's called principle that I called contrast to comparison contrast comparison you're doing in this. When you do the build up of the value, they're seeing that it's 10 $15,000 with a value real world actual value and they're seeing the price. So to them, they don't even have to justify the price because that what they're gonna pay is disproportionate, lower than the value that they're receiving. The second thing that you're doing is you also using this through the payment plan. You're making them by the full payment because it's better for cash flow. Right? When you get the money right up front versus a do a payment plan, most will might cancel. Some people might cancel. You're gonna get churn, which I'll talk about later. But what's gonna happen is once you have that payment plan option and they added up, they can see it's 2 to $300 mawr. Now some people might take that option, but you could do the 97 you do that. People are going to see the contrast comparison. Are they willing to pay mawr to get the same amount of thing 8. 8) Webinar Scheduling: one of the other final things that you can do is the times on the Web. Know what that means is the new people that are gonna join the webinar and they're going to see Are you showing up with a webinar on one PM are doing it in the afternoon at 4 p.m. Are you doing it in the evening at seven. PM or you doing in the morning? What is a time of the webinar that they're registering for? That's gonna affect the conversion rate of Hollywood Register. So you want to make sure that the times that you're showing and what you're gonna show it fits in with the schedule of your target audience. You want to give him three options to register for a automated webinar? Now live webinar. You want test one time you do in the morning, afternoon or evening, tested three times. But when you do an automated weapon are the ones that work extremely well, not tested every single time out there every single day in multiple different time zones PS tstms, t cst, whatever it is the one that we're small is you want to offer on one day the day that they're seeing the webinar. You do it in the morning the second day you do. Then the next day you offered it in the afternoon, and the third day we can do is you offer it in the late afternoon or evening. What this does is that you're allowing people to register Army Webinar. Let's say today is Monday. You would allow them register on Monday in the morning. You're allowed Mercer on Tuesday in the afternoon at one or 2 p.m. And you're allowed to register around 5 to 6 p.m. After they get off work on the Wednesday of that day, and then when you set up an automated weapon, are they can see the schedules, they can see that the days, whatever day they go on the next 2 to 3 days will show a morning and afternoon and evening time. What does the future paces schedule and also gives you the right times that you need to show them. They can choose if they are more available in the mornings if they're more available in the afternoons or the more available in the evenings. Thes three times capture every single time that you're allowing so again, that's 10 a.m. In the morning. That's one or two PM Both works really well or you six or 7 p.m. 9. 9) Secrets of Increasing Registration: and it's the most important one is what is the design of your registration page? Do you want to change the design? You want to make sure the design fits your target audience. You will make sure that resonates the colors, the structure, how you lay it out, How you collecting their information Name, email and maybe the phone number. What is the core thing that you're doing? How many form fields? How is the structure of the color? What is the design? What elements are you including? Those are all things you can do to split test and increase the conversion of registration with the second you could Dio is the copy your headline that's on the page All the copy that your target audiences reading. What is it that you're seeing? What is the headline? That's the most important one. That headline on the weapon or registration page. What does this say? Has a resonate with them? Doesn't get a good response. What is the sub headline? What are the bonus points that they're gonna get, which leads into the next core thing that you can do, offer them a pre walking or registration bonus? So what? That means is that everyone that goes on the pain when they register and they show up for the webinar and they're gonna get a pre ward Our bonus. That could be an e book. That could be a guide. That could be something right away that you're incentivizing the people to register on the page for your webinar. 10. 10) Secrets of Increasing Attendance: the short rains or otherwise called as the attendants right now in order increased less. There's three core ways that are most effective. The first way that we can do this is we want to introduce a show up bonus. Now. What a show a bonus means is that we want to tell the people that register for the Webinar to show up for the webinar and get this bonus. And when they stay until the end of the webinar, they're also going to be receiving this bonuses wall. We not only want them to show up, but you want them to engage to consume the content toe watch the stories that testimonials and eventually see the compelling offer that you created were crafted for them, and they are able to go through all the way till the end. The second thing we can do is the pre webinar sequence is the most important fundamental sequence you must have, where you essentially send them emails. You send a bomb messages, or you can send them a specific message that reminds them that the webinar is coming up soon. So, for example, let's say someone registers on Monday and then they're about to see the Webinar on Tuesday in a short period of time that you want to make sure you have a sequence except that sends them three core things. The first email is to confirm that they've been registered for the webinar and show them the dates. Tell them about the bonus that they're going to get when they show up on the webinar. And that's just a simple reminder. That's the first email. The 2nd 1 that we want to show them is you want to tell them that they're going to be able to see a video case study video testimonial of someone that showed up on this webinar in the amount of content and a learned changed in life. So essentially, it's almost like a video testimonial and case studies of selling the attendance rate of the weapon are Why should they come to this webinar? Why should they attend the event? Essentially want to show that through a case study via video? And if you can only collect one, that's good enough. But if you want to build a amplify this, you can have 2 to 3 that talk about how great it was to show up on your webinar and attended how much they learn from it, what value they got from it. And then what else? How would help them achieve the results it got and also how they overcome the problems. The third thing that you can dio is again. It's a very quick reminder, reminding them 2 to 3 hours before the webinar that they should attend right away. Now you can introduce again using text the mold while APS they can actually send a message to have entered the phone number on the registration page to send him attacks. That tells them to remind them to show up in the webinar. When, 30 minutes or one hour or four hours you can set the times before the emails. The ones that work the best assumes everybody to serve eight hours before the webinar and one hour before the water. That's usually the sweet spot that you want to get to get someone to go onto the webinar. Third court dates increase Their show operate is to show an actual add a re marketing sequence where someone, actually when they registered to see the thank you page off your webinar, you were able to pixel them, Let's say and you're able to get that data, then you can remark it to them on Facebook, on YouTube on Google display on cross advertising networks, but usually want to pick 2 to 3 core social platforms that there are. And this remarking add does one core thing and reminds them and it sells the value of attending the webinar. So could be a short 3 to 5 Mini Oh, say something like this saying Hey, John Julie, Thanks for registering for the webinar. I'm extremely excited to be hosting this for you. Well, I want to tell you remind you is that what you can expect is you can adjust the back these outcomes, these results. When you attend the webinar, you're also gonna get a show. A bonus cap array on this webinar is about fire or 1000 people want to make sure you show up early 5 to 10 minutes earlier. Get onto the webinar. You get ready to have a notebook in front of you ready? Take notes your side You get the bonuses this example of something that you can say on that video and then it could be short too few minutes and it'll remind them to go on the webinar cell that webinar attendance rate 11. 11) Secrets of DROP OFF: now, the fourth quarter here that we wanna pull is the dropout rate. So what that means is that when someone attends your webinar in the 1st 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, when we break up, you're walking into a 5 10 minute chunks. We can see that each milestone, there's gonna be certain amount of people that we're gonna leave your weapon or they're gonna drop off. And the goal of this is what we want to do is we want to make sure that everybody that tends the webinar or the maximum on our people stay until the very end of your weapon are they stay all the way and they don't drop off. Now it's impossible to get 100% show, operate attendance rate and stay until the end rate. But what we want to do is decrease the amount of people drop off and the core way they want to. This is on one of the webinar slides you want include a slide where you promised them when they stay until the end of the webinar. What are the outcomes that they're going to get throughout the webinar? Whatever the top 4 to 5 results, so they'll see what a top 4 to 5 challenges that they're going to overcome. You put this on one slide that's 1st 4th in the second quarter. Thing you want to dio is you want to tell them What are they going to get when they stay until the end of the webinar? We talked about the results in the outcomes of stuff. That's the intangibles. We will talk about the tangibles now. So, for example, you give him a stand till the end bonus. You tell them that there is no replay for this webinar. They can only get a replay for those to stay until the end of the webinar. Now, the other thing that you can do to wrap this up, as you can say at the end of the webinar, there's gonna be an exclusive Q and A with you, where they can ask any questions related to whatever it is that they want answers to. But that's only at the end. So you leverage the point where you use your results, the challenges, a leverage them using the replay and you leverage using the Q and A and also the bonus 12. 12) Bringing It All Together: in order, build assessable business or even a webinar for your business is one main conversion channel to increase your sales and revenue online. It takes a lot to build this out. So it's not something I can share with you in a short 5 to 10 minute video. So I want to thank you for staying with me up to this part of you. Watch the spar now, what you can do as promised, you can go on. Digimarc University is going to link here. You click on. There you go. There you can see an expanded post on the beer that you just watched. That's going to give you actual images, step by step, templates, everything you need to know and even a slide Google slide template for you to get access to . To implement this a figure. Why not make it easier for you? Easier for your team to implement this and also all the nuances, the principles and additional stuff that's built on the conversion principles and also really life practices that it takes to build even more successful Webinar