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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. APIMentorProgram SettingUpYourSqueezePage

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About This Class

In this short video you'll learn the fundamentals of a "squeeze page" and how to set one up. A squeeze page or landing page is the welcome mat of your online business and how you will initially get customers and leads through your front door.

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Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. APIMentorProgram SettingUpYourSqueezePage: they were gonna be again to assemble the pieces of our squeeze page here we have to capture the email addresses of visitors and users said that we can start to build our email list. So I'm going to give you this template here that I use, so just be able to download it. It'll look kind of like this. Um will just be a zip following when you unzip it will have a CSS fall, Ah, fall for images, index privacy policy and a success page here. And basically all you'll need to do is open it up into a HTML editor. I use Dreamweaver, so just open it and basically, you can edit, you know, whatever you want to say up here. And so the only thing that you were actually gonna have to do is force copying and pasting , too. Make it to be your, um, your Web form for your auto responder is just this one little code here, which I'll show you have to grab and get response. And then here at the bottom. If you want to change out thes pages, you can just, you know, leave it as ah, little pound sign here If you want to put your email address and website here and then you know website here under the copyright date, you do that. So let's first start here a the top. As far as the background goes, I get my backgrounds from this place called subtle patterns dot com. It's got a lot of great free patterns. I just download him and then to change the background color that's going to be in the CSS fall. So when you opened it up, come over here to CSS and then that's gonna be that's gonna be here at the top. So just this area right here. Just keep that image is part here, and there's replace whatever the name of the fall is. So mine is called natural paper and you can see natural paper. So whatever the following is, you can just changes to be whatever and then just make sure you update it and save it in the CSS fall here. So that's for the image as's faras the title. You know you can change that. Here are in the code here. It's just the title appear at the top as far as the the Favor icon, which is this guy here at the top? If you want to be a different icon, you can go to a site life. I can find your I just type up. You've got all these icons here. You can download one of them and then just replace. You can call it favor icon dot You know PNG or I CEO, which stands for icon and just make sure to upload it to the images fall. And then you can make that save icon whatever you want to be. Um, soas faras assembling the page goes, you'll have to get the your auto responder. Make sure you have that, and you'll have the Web hosting. Once you sign up for your Web hosting, you should receive an email that has all your FTP information, such as your I P address or years name and password. Let's just let's look up that road quick to see if we can find something. All right, so the welcome email that you get from how skaters should have your FTP settings and connection. It should look something like this so have, like your i p your FTP address used name pass work, and you'll use that for? For cyber duck to upload. Upload your files to your hosting account. So when you first come in tow cyber duck, you just come appears that open the connection and copy and paste that server was. Keep that 21 copy and paste that user name password in your email that you received from ho skated Connect. It will connect. And then once it does, it'll look something like this. You click into public html and then these will be all your files with she'll drag and drop in. Um, and then to make it easy to access this when you come back, you could just come appear to action and click create new bookmarks. So I've got all these bookmarks, as you can see so I can easily switch between different FTP accounts. All right, so we've got that in place, and then let's see. All right, So as far as the auto responders goes, let me just log in, real click and show you what you need. All right. So, in order to set up the onerous wondered the way you need to, she will need to come over here to Web forms, create new if you don't have any. I've got a couple of Web forms here, and you'll just basically this is what they look like. You know, you can create it to be whatever you want to. Um, that's just it's just created a new one here. It's gonna bring up to this designer. They've got some templates here. You can make it toe. Whatever you want you to remove some of these things. You could just uncheck that, but make sure and watch some of the tutorial videos on how to edit these. So you just edit this to whatever you want to say for me? I just put in, you know, I removed the name, um, maybe put something here, and, uh, I just kind of keep this button and the email address, and then once you're let me go into another one that I've already done Once you're complete with the design, you have it to where you want to come over here to settings and, you know, give it a name. And then for the thank you page, you can No. This is the page that it'll direct to direct the user to after they enter their email address. So I usually like to direct it specifically are usually like to direct it straight toe like a sales page of an offer that I'm promoting or you can if you want to. You can directed to the page the download page and then maybe have some other offers there that you recommend. But I usually connected straight to a sales page kind of show you a diagram of that here in just a second. And then let's see. And so this is the code that you'll have to copy. It's just this one line of code. You copy that and then come down here and you'll just paste and replace it right here where it says script. And that's the only thing you need to paste in there for it to, you know, make sure that you are able to capture people's email addresses and that will go to your auto responder account. So let me just show you kind of a layout of how I kind of like to do things. So, um, will be getting into this next step is far is how to get the customers or the visitors and the traffic, but you're gonna be sending the traffic to your squeeze page here to capture the email address through get response. Once they opt into your page, you're going automatically redirect them to a sales page, which is what I like to dio or you can give him. You know, you can direct him to a page where they can download the video are document that you promised him here in the squeeze page. But I think it's more effective to send him straight to sort of an offer Page proofs. Because of certain percentage of people, I think it's more effective to send them directly to an offer page and then where they can buy something because a certain percentage of people are gonna buy. And then whatever. You know, if your I told him something about a free graph free gift that you're gonna and if you told him something about a free gift that you give away, you can automatically as soon as they enter their email address, automatically send them an imam with a leak to the PdF or the following dropbox. Or, you know, another Web page where they going down like that on. So that's kind of the structure I like to do, and so I'm gonna show you how to do that real quick. Soas faras This automatic message here that you would send you would simply go in to your, um, messages here and create a new auto responder. And then you'd clicked for the day zero. Select the campaign for that, um, it's linked up to that particular auto responder. And then you would just come through here, Name it, save, and then type up your you know, your email. You can say something like Congratulations. Here's your download. Visit this link and then when you go into your web forms here, when you go back into your Web forms, um, and click show advanced. If you haven't auto responder campaign, you'll be able to select the campaign and choose You know, the initial message for to go out. So you know, if you want to say a certain thing, are you sending singer visitors a certain leak? When they assumes they opt in, you can select that here and then click next step, and that's how you automatically send a link to them. But again, this is how I, uh, structure things, and I think it be best has just send the traffic to the squeeze page soon as they often automatically send him there, follow to download, but then direct them to a you know, a sales page where they can buy something that you're an affiliate of, so that you can get a commission so that you can recoup some of the costs that you're going to spend for your traffic here to get him there. So that's basically how to set up everything with your squeeze page. Um, again, I'm going to be giving you the files, so all you'll need to do is unzip, um, and upload them to your FTP. So you would just, you know, select all these and simply drag and drop them onto into You're hosting account here. And you again, you analysts, which change the the Web pages were some of these pages direct to that. You are else here, but all you'll need to do is basically come up with your own copy. Here. Whatever you wanted to say, maybe put a video there if you want, um, and then plug in your auto responder here, and you should be good to go. Then if you wanted assumes that they option if you wanted them to go to, you know, a success page or, you know, you know, here's your free gift page. Basically, you can use this success page to do that, um, and then have their product there. So this is just things and hope, something that I did. And basically what you would do is let's just say your website was how to make money online dot com so you would just send them to how to make money on line dot com forward slash success HTML or whatever you wanna call this and you would just copy and paste that in here where says custom thank you Page so that it would redirect them to that success page like, for instance, this page once they opt in, you know, if you want to them to take them there instead of a sales page