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How To Build A Real Estate Investor Buyers List

teacher avatar Ben Clardy, Real Estate Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (3h 40m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Building Your Database | Part 1

    • 3. Building Your Database | Part 2

    • 4. Building Your Database | Part 3

    • 5. Building Your Database | Part 4

    • 6. Building Your Database | Part 5

    • 7. Craigslist | Part 1

    • 8. Craigslist | Part 2

    • 9. Craigslist | Part 3

    • 10. Craigslist | Part 4

    • 11. LinkedIn | Part 1

    • 12. LinkedIn | Part 2

    • 13. LinkedIn | Part 3

    • 14. LinkedIn | Part 4

    • 15. Bandit Signs | Part 1

    • 16. Bandit Signs | Part 2

    • 17. Bandit Signs | Part 3

    • 18. Bandit Signs | Part 4

    • 19. Bandit Signs | Part 5

    • 20. ListSource | Part 1

    • 21. ListSource | Part 2

    • 22. ListSource | Part 3

    • 23. ListSource | Part 4

    • 24. ListSource | Part 5

    • 25. Is GREAT

    • 26. Is A "BUYER Website" For You?

    • 27. Get Involved In Your REIA

    • 28. The Newspaper Can Be Very Handy

    • 29. The Simple Google Search

    • 30. Utilizing "Canned Responses"

    • 31. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

How To Build A Real Estate Cash Buyers List

I talk to a lot of people who are struggling with their Real Estate businesses. The frustrating part is that there is a common theme that tends to repeat itself over and over in these conversations.


"I've got house deals, but I just can't get the deals successfully closed".

... or perhaps ...

"I'm scared to make offers because what if I don't have a Buyer lined up".


The reason most people struggle to close Real Estate deals, ESPECIALLY wholesale deals, is because they don't have a strong list of cash buyers. simple as that.

Now, there are people that think they have a strong buyers list, but I've found that people often confuse SIZE with QUALITY. You see, you need both to really make things happen.

You can have a tiny list of capable buyers... and still struggle.

You can have a HUGE list of garbage buyers... and still struggle.



The magic happens when you have a MONSTER list of SERIOUS buyers. Is that you? Do you have a rock star buyers list? If not, then I'm positive that you can benefit greatly from my course. Let me tell you a little bit more about it...



  • Learn from an active investor who is closing 10+ deals a month.
  • The methods for growing your buyers list are tested and proven.
  • There's no prior experience required for you to benefit from the course.
  • The course is delivered in a series of short, to-the-point, instructional videos.
  • Even when the course is completed, you can refer back as a handy resource.
  • Both experienced and new investors alike will benefit from the course.
  • Build your list using both automatic and manual methods of adding buyers.
  • Discover unique methods of finding the most serious buyers in your market.
  • Everything you need for building and growing your buyers list is right here.



The course is largely build around the tried-and-true methods that I utilize in my own Real Estate wholesaling business. Every method can be implemented in any market.

Making easy money by flipping deals to your buyers list is easy - but the benefits of having a KILLER buyers list goes even deeper than that! The opportunities that will come your way by connecting with the serious players in your market are vast and unknown - but some of the best deals I've been a part of have come about through the connections I've made through building my buyer database.



My buyers list is EASILY the most valuable asset that I have in my Real Estate investing business. The quality and value of a strong Buyer List is priceless.

For anyone interested in quickly and effectively building out a SERIOUS buyers list - this is the course for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Clardy

Real Estate Coach


My name is Ben Clardy.

I'm a Real Estate Entrepreneur, but I'm a teacher at heart.

I create HIGH-QUALITY / LOW-COST Real Estate courses for my students.

I've made MANY of mistakes in my investing career. One of them that I will always remember is the day that I wrote a $25,000 check to a "Real Estate Guru" that promised to teach me everything I needed to know to succeed in Real Estate. That was a BIG mistake.

I lost an incredibly large amount of money that day, but I did learn something important:

I learned that I wanted to save other people from making the same costly mistake.

You see, it's not uncommon for people so shell out 10k, 20k, or even 50k dollars in order to learn the ro... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: Hey there. My name has been and I'm gonna teach you how to build a cash buyers list before we get started, though, let me tell you just a little bit about myself again. My name has been Clarkie and I have been in the real estate business for a little over a decade now. My specialty is wholesale real estate. Now, if you're interested in this course, very likely you are also interested in wholesaling real estate. Now, wholesale real estate is very dependent on you having a very, very strong cash buyers list. If you don't have a cash buyers list of hungry, serious proven cash buyers that air ready to pick up your real estate deals, you're not gonna make any money. So that's why it's vitally important, especially for real State wholesalers. Toe have a strong cash buyers list. Now I've sold everything from, uh, single family homes, small multi family duplexes. Try plexus. Quadri. Plex is I've sold apartment buildings and I've even dealt in some commercial spaces. Now a lot of these transactions have occurred by way of my buyer's list in a lot of cases, especially with the commercial real estate and such as that. Quite honestly, it's a little bit outside of my realm of expertise, but I was still able to monetize those opportunities simply because I knew people who would buy those kinds of properties from it. So that's why it's so important to have a very strong cash buyers list now a little bit about the system that I'm going to set up for you. It's basically a two part system. One part is your actual database, which is going to house all of your cash buyers information. That's gonna be the place where you're gonna have their name, email, address, phone number. You're going to know the kind of properties they want to buy. You're gonna know how much money they've got to spend, and you're gonna know how quickly they can close. All of that information is going to be in your database now outside of the database. We're going to be setting up theater channels that are going to send lots of people from from all kinds of different places into that database. Some of them are going to be completely automatic. We're going to set up the system, and then those were just going to be bringing in buyers for you, and you're not even gonna have to lift a finger other ways. They're gonna be more manual. You might have to talk to some people on the phone. You might have to do some research, but the bottom line is there's there's no alternative to making a serious effort in building your cash buyers list. In fact, your cash buyers list is something that will never actually be completely built. It's always a dynamic and ever evolving asset to your business. And that's why it is so important. Did you know how to build a cash buyer database? I'm gonna teach you how in the next lessons. 2. Building Your Database | Part 1: All right. So this is the next lesson on how to build your buyer's list. What we're gonna do here is we're going to start building the database, and for the purpose of this video, we're going to be building a database that is absolutely free. Essentially, we're gonna be using a Google form in a Google doc in order to set this up. But to do either of those first, we have to have a Gmail account. So in this video, I'm gonna show you how to go ahead and get the Gmail account set up. I've got a window to Google opened up, So I'm gonna head up here, and I'm gonna I'm gonna click gmail dot com. I'm gonna slide over to this blue button that says, create an account, and I'm gonna be putting some of my own information in here. So, uh, if you need to get in touch with me, here's my information. All right, So I need to come up with the user name. I got to come up with something unique. So let's see. I'm gonna do, um I'm gonna do Ben's Atlanta fire list. Create a password now, obviously, don't Don't type in Ben's Atlanta buyers. Let's come up with a unique Gmail account for yourself. This is just what I'm using. My birthday is March 10th 1983. So if you want to send me a birthday card, send it on that date, and the cell phone number is all right. Right there on the first email address there. And then you have to prove that you're not a robot by typing in these numbers down here. Okay, I think that's it. So if this email address is not taken, then this should work. What? See here. So click the next step and holy smokes. It did work. Let me let me write down this email address real quick. Bin's Atlanta, uh, by your list, get are. So I'm gonna click this blue box to continue to g mail, and it's going to take you inside your new Gmail account, So just follow those steps. That's how you set up a Gmail account. I know a lot of people probably already used email, but for us to use the Google form in the Google Doc for setting up our buyer database, this is just a necessary step. So what? That said, we're gonna move on to the next lesson 3. Building Your Database | Part 2: All right. So here's the next lesson, Uh, in this lesson, I'm going to be show you how to set up the Google form. And, uh, this is something that is actually really cool. Now, if you don't know what a form is is, it's basically it's basically and information collector. It's one of those places where, you know, you've seen him on various websites where it says name, email, address, phone number, and then you type in your name, your email address, your phone number and you click the submit button. And basically it sends that information somewhere what we're going to do, we're basically building one of those, and this is what you do. You're gonna log into the Gmail account that we just created, and you're gonna go up to the top to this little grid with little boxes. That's where all your Google APS are located. You're gonna click on that and you're gonna go down to the one that says Google drive and then open Google drive. All right. Once you're include Google Drive, it's gonna look something like this. It's got a little pop up thing that I'm gonna close and it's got this little get started box here. I'm actually gonna delete that. Just so it's out of the way. You don't need it. And then, Okay, now we're going to set up our form What you do, once you're in Google drives, you go over to this red box that says new and you click it and you slide down to the bottom of the menu here, toe where it says more and then a sudden and he's gonna pop open. And then you go to the right to this area that says Google forms and you click that and it's going to open up a blank Google form. We're gonna have to basically build it at this point. But we're inside the editor now. This little pop up window came up here. I'm just gonna close that thing. We don't need it either. All right, Now, this is what you're gonna be looking at. It's a blank Google for first, I'm gonna name the thing. And you, baby, by the way, you can change any of the stuff you put into this form at any point. So don't worry about doing something that's ah, that you can't modify later. So first again. I'm gonna name it. So I put in a name for your own form. I'm gonna title it just for simplicity sake. Ah, Ben's by this and let me do this. My market is Atlanta someone to save thins Atlanta buyers This all right? Now, the way this works is you're gonna have a Siris of these boxes that look like this. And what we're gonna modify is this field that says question title, and then we're gonna go down and modify This one says question tight, and then we're gonna click this boxes says required question. So it might sound a little tricky, but let me just let me just do a couple of these and you'll see how easy it is for the 1st 1 I want to collect their name. So I'm gonna go to that question. Thailand. I'm gonna call it name now for the question type. Take it, take it off of multiple choice and just use the one that says text instead because we were basically want them to be able to type in whatever text that the buyer chooses to type in. And once you have that, go down to the bottom and click the box that says required question. And what that's going to do is it's gonna make them. It's basically going to force them to fill out each box, and they can't skip over any of them before they submit the information. All right, so that's the 1st 1 What? You have the name one go down in this box. It says add item and open up a new box next. When I want is their email address. So I'm gonna type in email, but the box says multiple choice changes detects. Click the required question box and go to add another item. And as you can see here, these these, uh, field you're popping up the ones that were creating and got the name. Wanna have the email? And the next one we're going to get is their phone number. Same sequence type and phone changed. This detects to click require question at item. All right, so that's basically their contact information. Now, the next ones were going to do eyes. Basically, they're buying criteria. It's gonna kind of collect the information about the kind of houses that they want to buy. It's gonna be, you know, the area of the price range, the condition how they're gonna pay for it, how quickly they can close, such as that. But what I want to say is you don't necessarily have to create this exactly how I am. If you want more information or less information, you know, you can set up this form, you know, based on the kind of information you want to collect. So I just want to mention that. So I'm gonna go down here and fill out these other fields. I'm gonna type areas you wish to by I'm gonna do level of rehab desired. I'm gonna do price range. I'm going to put basically, I'm gonna say, How are they gonna pay for it? Basically, I'm gonna say, um I'm gonna say, How do you fund your purchases? I'm gonna do some a little different on this one, just for examples sake. What I mean by this question is, are they gonna pay cash for the house or they're gonna use the bank's financing? Or are they going Teoh get hard money loans or they have a private lenders such as that? That's good information to know based on, you know, each house um, for various reasons, I don't want to get into that too much, but I just want to find out how they're gonna pay for it. But in the second box down help text, I'm gonna put a couple options. I'm gonna say I'm gonna say private money. Question, mark, cash question work, bank loan question Mark. So I just kind of give Cem gives him some examples of what I mean by that. And the last one that I'm gonna add is how quick can they close? How quickly can you close? So that basically has this form fleshed out most of the way. The one other thing I'm gonna do to it is I'm going to add what's called a theme. And you do that by going up here to the top. To the little boxes has changed thing. I'm gonna click on that And what that does, it opens up this little window where you have these themes on the right hand side that you can choose from, and you can grab anyone that you want. That kind of fits the purpose of the form. I'm gonna go with this one that has a city background just because it's, you know, it's buildings and this is real estate related. So I'm gonna go with that form, you just click the thing, and it automatically applies it to your form. And then just one other thing you can do here is ah, if you go up to this box that says view, live form, it's up here in this top bar and I'm gonna click that and it's gonna open another window. And then what you're looking at here is exactly the form that people are going Teoh look at whenever they send you the information about the houses they want to buy, that's it. That's all there is to setting up a form. And with this form, we're gonna have a way where either we can manually type in people's information. If you're you know, you're on the phone with him, you want to type in their information to get it in your database or using some of the automatic methods that I'm gonna go over with you later. We can just weaken set this thing up to collect buyers information automatically. You don't have to do a thing. So that's all there is to setting up the form. Uh, you know, get that done, and then we're gonna move on to the next lesson. 4. Building Your Database | Part 3: All right, So this is lesson three. In setting up your database to build your buyer's list in this video, I'm gonna show you two things. One is how we're going to polish up the forms a little bit more by adding and description. And secondly, I'm gonna give you a live example of how this form actually works and where the information is being sent to. All right, So first, we're starting this thing off from within your Gmail account and again to get to the forum , we get Teoh drive like this, and then I'm given to this pop up window here, and you're going to see your form sitting right here in your Google drive. So I'm gonna open that up. Double click on it. All right, All right. So the first thing we're gonna do is add a description to this form A So I can see here. We're in the editor right now, so if you go to the field below the title of the form, you can click in this field now What? This is it's just gonna be a little description of what this form actually does, because people are going to be you know, hitting this form from various places. We want some kind of little description, just so they know what's going on and why they're about to be entering their information into it. So you can come up with whatever description you like, or you can kind of modify mind if you like, but I'm just gonna kind of come up with something off the top of my head here that applies to my Atlanta buyers list. So I'm gonna say I'm gonna say something like that slip. See, I'm gonna say I probably can't type and talk at the same time. So So bear with me. I am an Atlanta real estate wholesaler, and I often have great deals on houses in the Atlanta market. Uh, if you are a serious cash buyer, then I would like to do some business with with you. Alright. Sounds kind of corny or whatever, but you can come up with something better. Um, okay. Uh, okay. Here we go. By entering your by entering your information in the feels below. Uh, I will have a copy of your find criteria. Accent over to mine. David Base. All right, so I admit that's probably not the best sounding little description in the world. But the point is, it's going to let them know what the porn of form is when they arrive at it. All right, so I'm just gonna click out of it. And as you can see at the top, it automatically saves it. So it's saved. I'm gonna go over and click this button that says, if you live form and we'll see what it looks like. All right, so we see the four men got the nice theme up here. I've got a little description in there now. That kind of Greek people, when they arrive at the form and then this is it. This this is exactly what it's gonna look like. This is the live form. No, let me show you. I'm gonna show you a live example of how this will work. Now again, there's a lot of different ways that we can set up for people to find this form. But I'm just going to give you just an example through email, like, for instance, if you know somebody that's a buyer in your market, you might email this form over to him and they can fill it out and send their information in. Here's how you would do that. I'm gonna go up to the U R L bar here. I'm gonna copy that. You are able to your form. Okay. Now, you know, just for the sake of this thing, I'm gonna I'm gonna close all this stuff up. So we're basically, you know, starting from scratch, I'm gonna compose an email and what I'm going to dio I'm gonna basically send the email, you know to to myself, just so bends Atlanta buyer list dot com Sorry. Fire list at gmail dot com. I'm basically sending the email to myself. But now, just imagine if you were sending this email to, you know, a buyer. Okay, That's kind of what I'm trying to give the example for here and for the subject. I'm gonna say, please fill out my or and in the subject here. I'm just going to drop that you, Earl. I'm going to send it. Click. Now again, The example is here is like you just sent this form Teoh potential buyer, and then I just refreshed the email. And as you can see, it's I say this one of the top. It's from me Now, Now, imagine this being on the end of your buyer. Your buyer's gonna get this email from me. He's gonna open it up, and he's going to see this message that says, please fill out my form. So he is going to go down here and click on this link and on his computer. This form that you created is gonna open up. Excuse me now, what he could do, he can read your description and see that this is your form. He's gonna type in his information like this. I'm gonna use my information. It's now I'm going to simplify this a little bit. Just so I don't spend too much time doing this. Um, I'm gonna say 10 to 20 k for rehab price range. I'm gonna say 5200 cave purchase price and how they fund it. I'm going to say cash. How quickly can you close? I'm gonna say one week. So now again, I'm the fire. I just filled out this form and I'm gonna go down here and I'm gonna click this submit. But click. The buyer is going to see this little response here. That says your response has been recorded. So he knows that the form just worked and that his information has been sent to you. All right, so I'm gonna close this window again. All right? No. Now, if you can keep up with this now, we're gonna look at this. That the president from the perspective of you again. All right. So we're gonna go back into your Google drive your in your Gmail account, you're going back into your Google drive like we've done a few times already. And what we're gonna do now, we're going to find the responses. And how you do that is you go into your Google form and Ugo up to this little box right here that says view responses. You're gonna click that you click this blue button that says create. Now what you're looking at is the data that just got sent over from that form. Okay, a zoo. See, there's there's Here's all the fields that we created in the top rope you got name, email, phone areas you wish to buy, and then in the next road down here is the information that we just sent in been clarity. Email address phone number, Atlanta and and everything else we just sent over right there. What you're looking at at this point is your database, okay, this is this is a two part system. At this point, we have the form and we have the database. And in these two tabs, you know, here's the form. I'm gonna you know, let's view the life or Okay, we got the form. This is where people put them for information in when they click. Submit down here at the bottom. It's gonna be sent over to your database. Now, just kind of imagine this. Let's say you've got this form out. Different places where people can fill it out. You've got some other you know, Avenue's set up where, you know, you're collecting other buyers information this thing's gonna fill up. I mean, people are gonna be just dropping in here. You're gonna have hundreds and hundreds of records in this thing. Now you're gonna have a buyer's list. This is where all your records gonna be stored. So that's it for this video. I just wanted to kind of give you a live example of Hey, you know, this is the form this is how it works. This is where the information is gonna come to. And the last thing. I'm gonna close out a few of these tabs, and I'm gonna show you inside your Google drive. Now you have two things. One is you have the form itself. That's where we can, you know, edit the information for the fields and stuff you want to collect. And over here next to it, you have the database. That's a two part system. So now that we have our database set up, we're gonna focus on setting up those channels that's gonna feed those buyers information into this database. That's all for this video. Thanks for watching. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. Building Your Database | Part 4: All right, So this is the next step for building out. You were a buyer database. And what we're gonna do here, we're going to get you set up with a Google Voice phone number. And this is a really handy tool toe. Have we're gonna We're gonna basically get that number out there in a few different channels so that people can get in touch with you. They can call in and tell you about the kind of houses that they're looking to buy. We want to give people more than one option to get in touch with you because some people might want to communicate the email and just send their information on the form. Or some people might prefer the phone call. Or depending on you know, the channel that you're using To get in touch with these people, you might only be able to use one or the other option. So anyways, the number is a very handy tool. The half. So we're gonna get you set up with that first log in to your Gmail account that we pray you we created in a previous step. So once you're logged in, you're gonna be looking at your inbox. Now, once you're logged into your Gmail account, go ahead and open a new tab in your browser and just type in Google Voice. Now, the top search result is going to be what we're looking for. It's the Google Voice Dashboard. Now, once you're in this Google voice, dashboard the steps to getting your good voice numbers very easy. All you do is you enter in your primary cell phone number and you ask a Google Voice to give you a Google voice number and that's really all there is to it. I can't show you those steps because I already have a Google voice number associated with my phone. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna log out of this Google Voice, um, from this demo account and I'm gonna log into actually my working account to show you how it works from that point. So anyways, right now, go ahead and go through the steps to get your Google voice number. And then what I'm about to show you is what your dashboard will look like on the other side . Once you've gotten your number squared away. All right, so I am going to log out of this demo account and long into my own personal, uh, Google Voice account. Now what you're looking at at this point again, it is my own Google Voice number account. What you see down here, this is my Google voice number. It's not my cell phone number. This is the Google voice number. So what happens is whenever somebody calls this phone number seven or 69630051 they get a voicemail grading for me, and it just it's like any other voice. McGary. Um, Now the way you can set this thing up is you can do one of two things, depending on your preferences. Whenever a buyer calls your Google voice number, you can either have the call relay to your own personal cell phone, or you can do like what I've done here. The call does not come to my cell phone. It actually goes into this Google Voice voicemail system. The buyer can leave a verbal message if they want, in which case Google Voice will transcribe it and you'll have a little snippet of text like this where you can Sometimes it's a little funny, but you can usually kind of just read through that snippet and see what they're saying. Or if they just calling. They don't leave a message. It records their phone number, in which case you could just give him a call back at your leisure. So, um, now, to get your account set up further, once you have your Google voice number and you're looking at your dashboard, go over to these settings button, which is on the top, right? It looks like a little gear, and you're gonna click that scroll down and go to settings. Now, you want to do two things here first, If you're not gonna have the calls relay to your own cell phone, you're gonna want to set up a voicemail, agree. So to do that, you're going to go over to this second tab, appear at the top, voicemail in tax. Click on that. And there's a button right here that says record new greeting. When you click that button, your primary cell phone is gonna ring, in which case you're gonna leave basically the message that you want your collars to here. Um, you know, you don't gotta get too creative on this you can just leave basically the same message that you would leave on your primary cell phone number. Or if you want to leave something more elaborate, you certainly can. For me, I would simply leave something like, Hey, this has been I got your voicemail. I'll give you a ring back here shortly and just simply leave it at that, because, I mean, you know, you want to me. I like to deal with people in a really personal fashion. Not sound, you know, you know, super professional and corporate. I think that kind of, you know, I think people just rather the personal relationship. So I leave a really personal, you know, basic greeting. Now, once you have your voicemail greetings squared away. The other thing you want to do is you go to this next, have ever called calls, you're gonna click on that and down here, where it says do not disturb. This is where you're going to make the choice to either have the the incoming phone calls, relay to your cell phone, or you're going to just have them leave a message. And the message is going to be stored inside Google Voice. Uh, Basically, if you click this button that says Do not Disturb the calls are not going to relate to your phone. They're going to go straight to Google Voice or if you leave the box unchecked, the calls are going to really, uh, it's totally your personal preference. What you want, what you want to do there again myself. You know, I've kind of got enough, you know, phone calls and stuff going on through the day. So I prefer to have the calls just go into Google Voice, and then I can just call those people back when I had time, basically, or if you just really want to, you know, build this list out quick, you know, haven't relate to your phone. Quite honestly. The best way to do it would be to take that call. The the second that buyer calls your phone is to get on the, you know, to get on the call with them. That's the most personal way to do it. You're not, you know, delaying them. So if you could just have it set up to relate to your phone, In my opinion, that is the best and most effective way to handle those phone calls. Eso That's it. From this point, what I would recommend you do is just write down your Google voice number somewhere so you can access it easily. Now, you can always get to your Google voice account through your Gmail account. But just so it's right there handy, you know, Go ahead and record your number down. You write your number down somewhere. All right, that's it for this video. Now we're gonna move on to the next step. 6. Building Your Database | Part 5: All right. So for the final step and setting up the database, we're going to do one more little thing. And this is basically at this point the databases built. Um, and, uh, you know, we have a Google voice number were form. We have the collector database. You know, we've basically got system set up, but I want to do one more little thing. This is kind of supplementary. What we're gonna do, we're gonna set up basically one more Google sheet that's going to just be kind of a, um it's gonna be kind of a a holding place for email addresses. Basically, here's the logic on this. The database, You know, the main database is where basically, we want to put information for the really heavy hitters, like the really serious guys, that they know what they want to buy. They're gonna close fast. They have their funding in place. They're professionals. Those kind of guys. That's what we want to ultimately end up with a database full of those guys. Now, sometimes we won't be able to get all that information out of people home. Sometimes I will be able to get is an email address And you know what we can do? A lot of times we can convert those email addresses into a, um you know, a line item in our buyer database. You know, basically, we can turn that email address into a name, phone number and email address criteria. Their funding source what? Thereby and where they're buying. You know, all that stuff, but we need a place where we can keep those email addresses. Here's how we're gonna do it. Go ahead and log into your Gmail account one more time, and we're gonna go to your Google drive. And to do that, you go appear to the top, right? This little grid, you click on that, and then you scroll down here to it where it says Dr and you're gonna click on that. And what you're gonna see is, you know, the form and the database that we've already built. We're gonna have one more thing to this pile here. We're gonna add a Google sheet. And the way you do that, you go over here to the top. Leftward says new. Click that, and you're gonna scroll down to where it says Google sheets. Click on that and it's gonna open up a blank Google sheet, and this is really simple. Um, it's got this funny little pop up. I'm just gonna click. No, thanks. What you're going to do, go up to the top where it says untitled spreadsheet. Click that and we're gonna name it. We're just gonna call this. Let's just call it buyer emails. You can name it, whatever you want, as long as you know that this sheet, its purpose, its to hold email addresses and only email addresses for your buyers. So we're gonna name the sheet buyer emails. I'm gonna go to this cell. That's one a and I'm just going to write email here, and I'm gonna I'm gonna click that cell and go over to this big baby That makes it bold what I'm gonna do here, You know, from from line to a down, we're just gonna drop email addresses in there. We're not gonna do it right now. We're just setting this up for future use. Once that's done. If you just, you know, click off anywhere in this sheet, you should see up at the top. It says all changes saved and drive. And at that point. You can close this, uh, this tab and what you're going to see again right here inside your Google drive, You're gonna see I've got my form here on the left. And then I've got the main database, and then here, the one we just created. It's called Buyer Emails. And now we are pretty well set up. We've got our Google voice number. We've got all this stuff, and now we just get to move on to setting up the exposure channels where people can find you, uh, and get their information into your database. All right, that's it for setting up the database. Eso Now, let's move on. 7. Craigslist | Part 1: All right, so next we're going to start working on getting used some exposure. We've got to start getting the message out there so that people can find you and get into your database. Now, what we're gonna do first is we're going to set you up on a website that you've probably heard of before Craig's lists. Now, Okay, let me come to kind of explain how we're gonna do this. Um ah. We're gonna have Craigslist, and we're gonna have a second Gmail account set up, and they're gonna be working together for you. Now, this is gonna be really automated. All you have to do is get your Craigslist ad up and basically keep it up. And then the system is just gonna work for you. Now again, we have to set up a second Gmail account for you. And there's two reasons that we're doing that. One is, uh, if you were to just put your primary email address out there for everybody to final Craigslist, you're gonna attract all kinds of weird stuff. You know, there's gonna be spammers and scammers and people trying toe, you know, do all kinds of weird stuff you're gonna get all kinds of junk email, that kind of thing. So we don't want that. So we're gonna set up a second Gmail account. Um, the other reason we're going to do that is because the other Gmail account is on Lee going to serve as basically a way to automatically reply to somebody that sends a message to it. So it basically, here's how the simple system will work. Uh, you're gonna put a Craigslist ad up buyers. We're gonna find your Craigslist ad, and they're gonna send you an email because they're interested. The Gmail account is automatically going to send them a message that tells them how they consign upon your buyer's list. That's it. That's how it works. All right, So without further ado, let's get into the steps of getting you set up with your automatic Craigslist system and moving on to that in the next lesson. 8. Craigslist | Part 2: All right, So now let's get you set up with your second Gmail account and your Craigslist account. So first, go back to G mail, and, uh, you're basically going to go through the same steps that we went through several lessons ago where you set up your first email account. So just put your name in. She is a user name on this one. Choose something that is real estate related, cause, remember, the buyers are going to be contacting you because they're interested in houses. So, for instance, something like, I have great deals or I have houses or hot Cincinnati real estate. You know something along those lines where you know, it's kind of conveying the message that you have the houses. So I'm gonna do, um, I'm gonna do I'm gonna do really good houses at gmail dot com. Uh, okay, just plug in the password of your choice. Put in your birthday fitting your phone number and a secondary email address. All right, and then prove you're not a robot. Let's see, said wait and then agree to the terms and click next. Okay, if you sometimes you get this little message and sometimes it doesn't. So if you do, you just put in your cell phone number. I'm going to choose to have a text message sent to me, and I should get a text message. Here. There goes. All right, So then enter in your text message code. Let's see. 870 262 All right. And that gets me into the account. Continue to Gmail. I see Really good houses at gmail dot com. Come on, computer. All right. And now I am inside the what is my second Gmail account? All right, so at this point, you should see you know, the same kind of window. All right, so we're good. Now, let's get you set up with your craigslist accounts to go to craigs, lift dot org's. Once you're on this page, you go to the my account link. Click that and go down to the second option here that says create a craigslist account. Ah, here. You're going to use the same email that you just created. So in my case, it is really good houses at gmail dot com. Be sure you got everything spelled right and then click create account, and it says an activation link has been mailed to your Gmail address. So now go back to your Gmail account. And right up here at the top, we see the activation activation message. So click that scroll down to this activation link and click that, and it opens up a new tab here. Now, choose a Craigslist password. What I like to do is I use the same one for the Gmail account. That this is tired too. So I'm gonna type in the same exact password that I just used for the new Craigslist account that I created. I'm sorry. I'm going to use the same account from Craigslist that I used for the Gmail account that I just created so in True that in click and then click. Continue to your account. And then here's the terms of use. You can just go ahead and accept that. All right, that's it. All right. Second Gmail account to set up on your Craigslist account is set up. So that's it for this step. Now, we're gonna move on to, uh, we're gonna tune up your Gmail account so that it's gonna work the way we wanted to and more on that in the next lesson, 9. Craigslist | Part 3: Okay. Now, what we're gonna do is set you up so that you're second Gmail account that you created is going to do some communication on your behalf with the people that click on your ad on Craigslist. Okay. Now, before we do this, you get you pay pretty close attention here because we're gonna be dealing with two different Gmail accounts and they look kind of similar. OK, so let me tell you first what we're gonna do. We need the link to our form that were curated. Remember the information gathering form? We need to get the link from them. OK, so here's how we do it. We got to go into the first Gmail account that we created because that's the account that the form is stored with him. Okay, so first koto gmail dot com and we're gonna log in. Sign in. Let me see. Let me get my Benz Atlanta, uh, choir list and female doctor. Okay, Now put it in your account information Here, put in a password you put in your password. Okay, So we are inside that first account. We're gonna go to Google Drive, which is this little grid up here on the top. Right scroll down to drive. Oops. Click that. Okay, Now we're gonna open up the form, which is this Ah, this minus title bends. Atlanta buyers list that you may have yours titled Something different. Certainly do. Go ahead and click that and open it up into okay. And to get the girl that you want, you're gonna go to this link that says, if you live form, click that and you're gonna be looking at the form right now. This is where we want the people to g o to So what you're gonna do? You're gonna go to this u R l Bars. As you know, doc's dot google dot com and then all this code right here. You want all of that stuff? So highlight this whole you're ill and copy it. Okay, Now, here's Here's what I do. You want to store this u R l somewhere temporarily, so you don't lose it. So here's a little trick I do on my side. I open up a a blank tab and then up in the URL bar, I'll just copy it, okay? I'll just drop it right there. I don't click anything. I just basically, that's my holding spot. OK, now what we want to do, we want to log out of this first account that we created. So I'm gonna get to it. I'm gonna click, sign out, and we want to sign in to your second account that you created for corrects list. OK, so I'm gonna say signing with a different account. Okay? Mine was, um, really good houses. So let me let me get to the really good houses account. Okay? So I'm signing into a fresh page here. So really good houses at gmail dot com. Enter and then my password. All right. And I'm in there. Okay, now what we're doing is we're going to create a vacation auto responder and what that is, it's basically used for it. The intended purposes. This Let's say you go on vacation. Uh, if it's a business email, you're gonna have people emailing you, and you're not gonna be able to respond. Sometimes you might be in the Bahamas or in the British Virgin Islands, and you know, you may not be able to respond, or you may choose not to respond, but what the vacation responder does is it lets you pre type a message up that you can send to people so that it kind of lets them know what you're going on. I mean, it might say something like, Hey, sorry, can't respond right now. I'll be back in town in a week and we can catch up then. But we're going to use that to relay a message to the buyers that are responding to the Craigslist ad. And here's how we set that up. You're going to go to the settings inside your second Gmail account, appear on the top right click settings and scroll down to the words settings and click. Then Now, if you scroll down here through the settings down here near the bottom, you're gonna see a section that says vacation responder right here. Okay, Now yours has probably already turned off. So you want to click this button here that says vacation responder on. Okay, So click that button and I went ahead and pre typed this thing just so there's some text and hear yours is gonna be blank. But what you want to do is you want to type up a message that's gonna automatically be sent to anybody that sends you a message to this account. Okay, Now you want to include two things in there. One is your Google voice number, and the second is the link to your form. We want to give him two options to get in touch with you. Okay, So you you know, I would recommend that you come up with your own unique message. What you could do is you can take my text here if you want and just kind of spin it. But put something along these lines for the subject line I put Can I bring you Atlanta House deals? Okay, now in the body, here's what I put. I'm going to read it for you. It says, Hey there. I got your inquiry email from Craigslist regarding the house regarding the houses I have for sale in Atlanta. There's so many great deals and the problem I run into Who is that? I often have more deals than I have time to handle them in those cases, I like to pass them on to other serious investors who want to manage the rehab or deal with the house as an investment opportunity. Anyways, I love to learn about the kind of houses you're looking to buy. If you like, you can give me a call and talk about your buying criteria. Or if you prefer, you can simply take five minutes and fill out a short form I created that will gather the information to call me. I can be reached at my Google number or to fill out the form. All you have to do is click this link, and that's going to be the link to your Google form. Either way, I look forward to hearing back from me. Thanks so much. Ben Clarkie. So, you know, worded it in kind of a friendly, you know, relaxed manner. It doesn't sound really corporate and, you know, fancy pants, that kind of thing. So Okay, um, now, one little detail I skipped over. That's important is the only purpose that this account is going to serve. This is again the second Gmail account associated with Craigslist. Its only purpose is to send off this auto responder message. Okay, Um, so what we want to do, we want to adjust this date. Normally, this would be kind of the range of the vacation you're taking, but we never want this thing to end. So what we're gonna do is we haven't starting on today's date, and we want it to end on a date way out in the future. Okay, so this little calendar is gonna come up. What you do is you just go over this right hand arrow and just like that, sucker, you know, 100 times. So that runs it up in the years. Right now, it's on 2000. Uh, you the year 2022 2023 2024. You know, just run it way out into the future, and then click one of the dates in the calendar, and you're going to see the date change on this. Uh, basically, that's when the the auto responder would turn off. Okay, so I just want to go over that little detail. All right, So what you want to do? You put your Google voice number down here. I've put mine in here, and I have it basically in bold. Um, if you want, you can ah, you can highlight it or turn it a different color. You know, you have a lot of room free for creativity here. as long as the phone number and the link is in there. All right, so now let's set it up. Set up the link. OK, What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go back up this tab where I just dropped this Google doc Link. I'm gonna copy it and then go back to our vacation responder and I go down here and I'm gonna highlight down here where I want them to click. I basically said, click this link. I'm gonna highlight it. I'm gonna go up to this little, ah icon that says Lincoln, click that, and then the link that I want them to go to when they click that text, I'm gonna drop that. You are ill. I'm gonna paste it right there, and I'm gonna click. OK, Okay. And now, once you have all that stuff set up, you're going to save the changes. Okay, Boot. That's it. This account is now set up to use with craigslist. Basically, we're gonna tell him on craigslist, you know? Hey, if you want houses in your market and in mine, it's Atlanta. If you want houses, you know, email me when they email you, they're going to get the auto responder message sent back, and then they're gonna be able to choose to either call you undergo voice number or send you their information on the form. Okay, so this is a cool little system we're building here. What you have to do on your end is you have to create a Craigslist ad and keep it live. Okay, that's it. If you can keep a Craigslist ad live, this little system here is going to generate thes buyer leads, and it's gonna help build your database. Okay, so the next step we gotta go to is creating that Craigslist ad that's going to send the traffic to your Gmail account, which is going to which is going to, in turn, send the cramps and the traffic to either your Google voice number or your form. Okay, so next we're gonna set up that craigslist ad. Okay, More on that. In the next lesson, 10. Craigslist | Part 4: All right, now it's time to create your Craigslist ad. Okay. All right. So head to craigslist dot org's okay. And when you get there, you're gonna see a screen that looks like this. Once you get there, you need to log in. So click my account, and then you're gonna put in your craigslist long in and again if you If you did like I did , it's going to be Ah, the same as your Gmail that you created to users Craigslist. Let's see, in my case, it's really good houses. Put in your password and it should log in. Okay. All right. Nice. So what you do next is now mine is going to say, like, you know, Atlanta in Athens, and such as that. So, you know, you want to maneuver this within your market. Okay. All right. So when I'm gonna do, I'm going to the new posting section, and I am going to do Atlanta, Georgia. I'm going to do, Let's see for let's see, housing offered. Then you're gonna do real estate by owner, and I'm gonna choose the area of Atlanta. Then I'm gonna post him, okay? And now you're inside. The editor Okay, Now, there's a few different things we're gonna set up in here. Okay. One is We do want to choose the option that says they can contact you by phone. Okay. No, you put in your Gmail phone number. I'm sorry. Your ah, yet your Google voice phone number here. Okay, so I'm gonna put mine in here. You put yours in, Okay, But the contact name. Okay. Now, Okay. Now, once you have that, now you need to do you need to work on this email section, Okay? Because we do. What makes this whole thing work is they need to be able to reply to the ad via email. Okay. So you can choose either this top option that says correctly, Craigslist relay. Or you could choose the second option that says, show my email address. This is really your preference, you know, really, I think you might get a little bit better exposure if you choose to show your really email address. The reason that most people choose to do the relay system is that basically, if you have a knack actual readable email address on Craigslist, it's gonna be a target for all kinds of spam and junk and that kind of thing. But the thing is, that's the whole reason why we set up the second account is so that it's kind of it doesn't really matter if I get spammed or not. The only purpose of that second account is to relay that vacation responder message over to the buyer. So, you know, it's kind of your call there. I'm gonna choose to show the email address because I think it might convert a little bit better. Okay, so once you have that set up, um, you're gonna work on the ad itself Now again, there's a There's a lot of flexibility here. You can put your own spin on this. You could do it really simple ad. Or you could do a really complex add. What you want to do is kind of, you know, maybe test a little bit and see which one converts better for you so that you know you're headed in the right direction. But the main thing is just to get an add up where people can get in touch with you either by phone or email. Ah, and you keep it live. Okay, that's all that really matters. So for the posting title, I'm going to say I have great deals on Atlanta houses put in, Ah, postal code. It could be the postal code is really kind of relevant. I'm just going to put in a postal code that's local here to Atlanta. Okay, Now, in the posting body, it's gonna be kind of your little message. Your pitch. Okay, again, Kind of. My style is I like the I like the non threatening kind of friendly Just, um, you know, casual. Kind of kind of Burbage, You know what I mean? I don't like the really high pressure stuff. Like by my house is I have the very best ones. Um, you know, act now or you're gonna miss out. I don't really like that kind of thing. I just You know, I just like talking to people like I'm, like, kind of like I'm talking to you right now, you know? So anyways, you know, put your message out there. Here. I'm gonna type something up here real quick. Focuses. Okay. I said so. I said I have lots of Atlanta houses for sale, various prices and conditions, but all of them can be used for investment purposes. If you are in the market for Chief Atlanta houses, then we should connect. Today, I'm gonna say, Give me a caller. Give me a call or an email. I love too. Um, let's see. Love to connect with you and see how we can. Let's see. I'd love to connect with you, Will. See, I'm gonna say I'm gonna say I love to connect with you and learn about the kind of houses you want. Teoh. Then I'm just gonna put my first name in here. Been cereal. Okay, I think that's it. Let's just keep it simple. I have lots of Atlanta houses for sale, various prices and conditions, but all of them could be used for investment purposes. If you're in the market for cheap Atlanta houses, then we should connect today. Give me a call and email. I love to connect with you and learn about the kind of houses that you want to buy. I'm gonna say kind of Atlanta houses that you want to buy, Ben and then they're gonna have the option. Either call or email. Don't think that's good. All right, down here posting details, You know, you can either. Kind of put in some information here. Just kind of is a ah. Ah, you know, an example. House if you want. Or just leave it blank. It doesn't matter. Whatever you want to do, I'm gonna uncheck this thing that says show on maps and then click. Continue. Ah, here. You can add images. If you want. You can either. Keep it just like a plain text Add. Kind of like it would be in the classified in the newspaper, which is what I'm gonna do. Or if you have ah, picture or logo or anything like that, you can put it in here. I'm just gonna skip this step. Excuse me and say, Don't with images. All right, so on this screen, you can look at your add one more time and see if it's it looks the way you wanted to. And if everything checks out and just click publish, okay. And then it's going to set up your ad. Let's see, it got a little message. Further actions required it. Craigslist e mailed me an activation link, so I'm gonna hop over to the Gmail account real quick. There's the activation link sitting right there. I'm gonna open it up and click this link, and then I should see a message that says, you know, your at is live. We'll see. Okay, so it says thanks for posting with us. We really appreciate it. So let me. I'm gonna says to view your post click here. So let me click that and see what my post looks like. Looks pretty good to me. This will generate traffic to your Google form or your Google number and again on these abs . You know, if you if you don't want people calling you and you want him to go to the form, just just set it up so that ah, you said that the only way they could get touch with you is, you know, by emailing you and again here's here's a live example of how this will work. You know, here's the ad if you go up here and you click this reply, but there's the email address right there. You got? I've got the Google phone number right here so they can call or there's the email address. Okay. If I were them, let me see. I'm gonna right now. It moved over to my, uh, the system on my Mac. Let me let me give you a live example of how this would work. Let me see. Really good. Copy this. Okay, so here is the email address. Okay? I'm just gonna basically I'm gonna compose a message to that Gmail account where we set up that vacation responder, and I'm just going to call this one test, and I'm just going to send it. So this is gonna be This is what it's gonna look like when somebody responds to your Craigslist ad. This is what it's gonna look like on their end. Okay, Someone close all this stuff up, go back to my inbox, get rid of all of this other stuff. So it looks nice and clean. And then you see this? This is the message that I was just emailed because I sent the auto response. I'm sorry I sent the message to the Craigslist ad. Okay, so I'm gonna open that up and boom. Here's the message. It looks just like it came from, you know, from you or may It looks I mean, it looks great. Here it is. I mean, hey there. I got your inquiry. You know, I'd like to get in touch, call me in here or fill out the form here. You know, if they choose to fill out the form, they're gonna click this link, but takes him straight to the form. That's how the system works. You're set up. I mean, that's it. The key here again is to, uh, settled on schedule for yourself. And, you know, I would say at least once a week, go to Craigslist and check on that Craigslist ad. You know, it might be running, which is good. You don't have to do anything, or it might need to be renewed, which you can click a button, and it basically sends it back to the top of the list. Or if it gets deleted or somebody flags it or whatever. You might just have to type up a new ad or whatever. But the main thing is, you just need to work so that you have a add live on craigslist, but all the time, so, you know, just some little schedule for yourself. You don't have to get in there every single day. Just check on it. I'd say, you know, once a week or maybe once every three or four days, and that's it. This thing is gonna be out there working for you and ah, generating traffic to your to your forms and building that database out. Now, one more little point I want to make on this. The key component to this little system we just set up is, uh, is actually the Gmail account. Um, basically, that email address, in my case, this one really good houses at gmail dot com That email address anywhere. I put that if somebody sends an email to that, they're going to get an invitation to sign up on my database. Okay, so so think outside the box a little bit. Craigslist is a great place to put an ad up, but there's other stuff out there. Just, for example, Say you know, back page dot com. It's another side that's a lot like Craigslist, that you could put a form out there and get you know, that much exposure from from a secondary website. But, you know, the main thing is, just have that email address accessible to people. Okay, Craigslist back page. There's eBay, classifieds. There's ah website called K G. You know, don't wanna don't to stir up too much stuff. But the main thing is, you know, you can make this Gmail account to a lot of work for you. Um, if you could just get adds up out there, So there's exposure. So that's it. Um, this is done. This is one area where you have a lot of exposure that's going to drive people to your database. All right, so that's it. Keep these ads up, keep the buyers cranking into your database, and we're gonna move on to the next lessons. That's going to give you even more exposure. Thank you. 11. LinkedIn | Part 1: all right, So next we're going to get you set up with a linked an account. And there's a lot of cool stuff you can do with linked. And as far as building your buyer's list, creating a real estate network meeting some of the serious players in your real estate market. I mean, there's there's I could actually make an entire course just on how to use linked in. But what we're gonna do here is really just zero in on the fundamental things that you want toe create for yourself and get set up for the primary purpose of building out that buyer database. So first, let's get you set up with linked in accounts are good linked in dot com. L i N k e d i n dot com Okay, when you get there, you're going to see this kind of screen. Now what you gonna do is it's a lot like creating a Gmail account that they ask you for your first name. Last name, email address. If you want, I would recommend just using that primary Gmail address that we set up for this whole buyer database. Purpose. Um, spoons Atlanta buyer list Our confidence. Atlanta Fire list at gmail dot com. Okay. And then just choose Choose. Ah, linked in password. Okay, Now, I'm not gonna do this on my side is already haven't linked in account set up, but what you do, you click this joint now, Button, you're going to get a confirmation email sent to your Gmail account. You collect the link, and then it's just gonna walk you through. Just a couple of basic steps to setting up your linked in account is not much to it. If you want, go ahead and pause the video right here and get your linked in account created and then pick it back up. Okay, so after you have your linked in account created, go ahead and log in. Okay? So I'm gonna log into my actual Lincoln account. Okay? Uh, best I think. Let's see. Okay, so now I am inside my LinkedIn account. Um, and this is this is what it looks like. Linked in is a place where, uh, it za social media platform kind of like, uh, like Facebook or Twitter. But lengthen is is ah is focused on the professional. Okay, so there's I mean, any kind of professional you can imagine from engineers and contractors and sales people Just, you know, no particular industry. All kinds of industries are you know, uh, you have linked in account set up for him. But the cool thing is, you know, with us focusing on building out and buyer database for your target market. Uh, I mean, these the real estate buyers, by large are professionals. And, you know, I don't know the exact numbers on it or if there even are some big numbers on it, but I would be willing to bet probably 80 to 90% of the buyers that you're looking for are on linked in I mean it. I have made some outstanding connections from linked in, and you can do the same. And that's really all for this lesson. I just want to be sure if you don't already have a LinkedIn account, you go ahead and set one up, and then we're gonna work on fleshing out your account, and I'm gonna show you how to do some really cool stuff in some previous lessons. So go ahead, get your account set up, and then we're gonna move on. Teoh really getting it fine tuned and chase some really cool stuff in ways you can use it to build out your buyer's list. All right, more on that in the next lesson. 12. LinkedIn | Part 2: All right. So once you have your linked in account set up, the next thing you need to do is work on getting two all star status. Okay, Now, let me explain what that is over here. If you look on this screen, you see profile strength, and then there's basically a rating system where lengthen will tell you, you know how complete your profile ISS. And in my case, it says it says All star, right? I'm trying to highlight it. Work with me every it says All star. Okay, What that means is your profile is 100% complete. No, the page we're looking at right now is my profile. Okay? I mean, this is what your profile page will look like. It will have a snapshot of you. It will have. You know, your business is your education where you've worked, if you took, created any posts, um, you know a summary of yourself, um, for instance. I mean, here's my experience. I have ah, real estate newsletter called the Real Estate Warrior. There's a website I own for creating income online is called easy online income streams. There's my real estate um, liquidation website called cheap Atlanta deals dot com. Um, and then my buying website is called Ben buys Atlanta homes dot com and have, like, a little summary written down here for all of this stuff. But anyways, it's not really so much how, um, you know, fancy your profile is as long as it's complete, You know what I mean? It really could be actually very basic, and you can get to the the All Star status. So don't think that you have to have all kinds of recommendations and job history and, ah, you know, a lot of, ah, experience in the industry. You don't really have to have all that. It mainly means that all of the fields has something inside him. OK, so again, what? Your profile is set up. The next step is to fill out your profile and just keep working on it and working on it. And what's gonna happen is this profile meter here, the profile strength. It'll raise and raise and raise and raise eventually until it gets all star status. So focus on getting your profile two all star status and again, the way you do that, just keep filling out your profile toe linked and says that it's done. Now, here is why that is so important. Okay, uh, linked in will let you search for people within your industry. For instance, if I was looking for, you know, a real estate inspector in Atlanta, I could type in Atlanta. Real estate inspector is going to give me a list of real estate inspectors now, lengthen. Doesn't want to show me a bunch of people that have, you know, profiles that air 10% complete. Okay, so what they're gonna do is they're going to show me the people who are, um, you know, have their profiles completely filled out. Basically, they're going to show me the people that have all star status in their profile. Now, um, the, um the reason this is important is because Lincoln is gonna work for you in two different ways. One you can use it to find people, and the other way you can use it is people confined you. So we want to leverage both sides of that. We want for people to be able to find you and learn about what you're doing so that they can get inside your buyer database. Okay, and they can't find you unless your profile is filled out all the way and it's all the way up there All star status. Okay, so the next step for you is to completely fill out that profile. Now, you know, I quite honestly, I don't really know how my profile stacks upto, You know, most other people out there, you know, I've been working on it a lot. I have, ah, decade of experience in real estate. So, you know, I feel like it is really thorough, but your real estate profile, it's gonna be a work in progress. I mean, it's going to get better and better and better as time goes on and you get more experience and people start endorsing you and such as that. But, you know, don't don't focus on, um you know how fancy it is. Just fill it out completely and try to get it 100% filled out, which is going to result in that all star status, which is going to result in people being able to find you and ultimately get on your buyer's list. OK, so work on that, and then we're going to I'm going to show you some other functionality within linked in, and the next lesson 13. LinkedIn | Part 3: Okay, so now let's talk about how to get connected with the right people and how to get people into your buyer database from Lincoln. All right, well, the first let's talk about how to get people directly from linked and into your buyer database. What you want to do is inside your profile list. Your email contact is being the Gmail account that has the vacation auto responder set up for it. Okay, you may recall mine. It was called really good houses. Okay, so you want to put that one inside your profile and also put your Google phone number inside your profile? Okay, So what's gonna happen is whenever somebody searched, no linked in for wholesale properties or real estate investors or such as that your profile is gonna come up. And whenever they look at your profile, they're going to say, Hey, I need to get in touch with this guy, and they're going to try to get in touch with you with either that email address, in which case they're going to get the vacation auto responder that's going to send them to your database, or they're gonna call you, Which again, is going to it's going to ring your Google voice number, in which case you can talk to him and, uh, by turn, get them into your database that way as well. So the way you do that again is within your profile. What I would do is inside your summary is where I would work on it. Now I'm inside the profile editor, OK? And this is my summary that we're talking about here. This is what we're looking at now what I'm suggesting to you is for your contact info. Just put in your Google phone number and your ah, Google, uh, email address that will send them that vacation auto responder message. Okay, so that is how to automatically I mean that. I mean, think about it. This is what maybe not the Google voice number so much, but that that email address that sends them than the the the auto responder is fully automatic. Once you have your linked in account set up and your profile set up where people can find you, they're gonna search for you. They're gonna find you. They're going to reach out via that that Google email address. They're gonna automatically be sent the invitation email to join your database, and they're going to sign up in your database. That is one you know, system that is completely working for you automatically to get people into your database. Okay, Now, of course, if you have your Google voice number as well, they do have the option of calling you. But, you know, some people prefer the phone method. Some people preferred the, you know, just correspond via email and go in that way. So it's just a preference, their preference. But you want the exposure to give them both options. Okay, so that is how to get people into your database when they find you. Now, let's talk about you finding the right people, OK? And this is all you do you're gonna go into linked in. You're gonna sign in. Let me go to the home page. You're probably gonna be looking at the page that looks something like this. And there's always gonna be this search bar at the top of the screen. Okay, Now, this is where you can search for you know, anybody in any industry. I mean, for example, let's say okay, lets say I'm gonna say Atlanta can't for the rumor. Okay? Obviously not real estate related, but, you know, here's how working. If you want to look for pet groomers, here's how you find him. I mean, here's this Jennifer lady. She's, ah, the owner of groovy groomer. Here's another one. Leanna would use a pet groomer. Ah, here's somebody that works. It works at PetSmart Destiny. So I mean, that's just that's an oddball example. But if you want to find Peg rumors, that's how you would do it. Here's how you find real estate investors within your market. I'm gonna type in just like it sounds on them type in Atlanta real estate. And oh, my goodness, I guess I well, why can't type in investor I m p s t o r. Here we go. Now you can search for people that you can search for people by name or you concerts for them by profession, which, if we're trying to find a broad group of people, you mean did search by perfect profession. Okay, so here this this search that we just ran gave us I mean, I'm again Atlanta market with this specific search term, it gave me 7580 um, results. I mean, that's crazy you're talking about People have a hard time finding, you know, real estate investors and buyers for their real estate deal. My goodness, I mean, you know, way set up a linked in account. We plugged in four words here Atlanta real estate investor. And here we have 7500 people that classify themselves as Atlanta real estate investors Crazy. Once you run a search like this, then what you have to do is there's a couple different options within lengthen, and it depends on how these people have their accounts set up is what your option might be for some people like this guy down here vow. Limone, uh, you see a button that says Connect. In that case, all you do is click that button that says Connect, and it automatically sent them an invitation. What? That basically I'm gonna relate to Facebook Is just about everybody has a Facebook account whenever you click the connect button and it says invitation sent. It's like the exact same thing is sending a friend request. OK, things gonna pop up on their side, they can click it and accept it And then from that point forward, you guys were friends. Okay, Uh, basically what that actually gives you is their email address. Okay, I'm gonna show you how to get that to in the next video. Uh, another option you have here is message these people, and you can't just click a button and, you know, send that invitation. So what you have to do, you have to click message and then basically, just, um you're gonna type up a little little invitation here, you know, you already got there. Here's the guys. Ah, name that you're sending to and just write a right little message. I'm not gonna type it out, but something to the effect of for me, I'm gonna say, Hey, my name has been I found you on lengthen. You seem to be a real estate investor in the Atlanta market. I'm wondering. I'm wondering if we could connect and possibly do some business together. Let me know. Thanks. That's it. So just send them a little message like that. They're going to send you a message in return, and then at what? That point you'll be able to connect with them. Okay, so that's the other option. I only say I mean, let me go back. All right? Message, message. So I'm scrolling down through the results here. I've got a lot of people that you can send messages. There's pages and pages of these people for all these. That's a message. What I would suggest you do is just pre right a little, you know, 45 sentence paragraph that says who you are and what you do and send them the message, and then just copy it and then just open, you know, open up. This one here for Keith. You know, paste the message in there. Cent open this one up for Mr Johnson here, paste the message sent and then just go down through here. And then I mean, you can blast through, you know, 10 pages of results and each page probably has. I think each page has 10. You can send 100 people in an invitation and, you know, maybe, uh, two or three minutes, maybe so for for linked in finding people and connecting with them. That's all there is to it. You will put a search term in there. That's person to the people you're trying to find. You'll either connect with them or you will send them a message. Okay, here's some other search terms you can look for. I put it Atlanta real estate investor. You can put obviously that the city is gonna change for you. But I would put Atlanta investor that's gonna pull up some different people you can put in , uh, Atlanta Real Estate. You're going to get, you know, kind of a broader mix in the Atlanta market because you're gonna have investors and contractors and closing attorneys and inspectors and all that stuff in there. Um, if you want to connect with other people that have buyer contact, you can type in, uh, Atlanta, Atlanta, uh, wholesaler. That's gonna bring up a load of people. Here's 434. Here's lots of people that you can connect with. Ah, another good idea. If you want to connect with people that have buyers as their contacts just type in Atlanta realtor, a lot of these people are. They specialize in the investment side of real estate. They have clients that are investors, so these people might be able to kind of, you know, bring buyers to your deals. It's kind of an indirect way to have access to buyers, but you know it. That's, you know, working with Realtors is another way. Teoh. Build out your buyer's list, for instance. This is kind of off on attention, but you know, you might have a buyer's list with 1000 people on. Okay, you might have. You know, there's probably other people in your market, another wholesaler or a Realtor. They might have another 1000 or 5000 people and their database. So by connecting with those people you have, you know, in direct access to their pool of buyers and clients to okay, And then if you structure those deals right, then you can you can leverage somebody else's database. I mean, you know, So if you have somebody that has a huge database like that, I would put them in your buyer's list, because that's going to give you in direct access to their full of clients. Okay, so that shows you how you can track these people down and find people to get into your database and what I want to show you here. What you're doing, Let me let me try to find them again. Here's and here's an example here for the people that you connect with, like this one here is Colin McDonald. She's a realtor in Atlanta. I'm gonna click Connect. It's going to send her an invitation. Now when she accepts, she is going to join my pool of connections inside Lincoln. Now, here's Here's the big secret. Anybody that connects with you in lengthen, you have access to their email address. Okay, Now you want to be very careful. Careful, Teoh. Be professional in the way you handle their email addresses, but you have access to their email address Now, that is why you want to connect with all these people. You can get a lot of connections in Lincoln, were you? You know, you talk within the platform and network with people, but by collecting people's email addresses, you can ultimately get them inside your, uh, your buyer database. Um, you know, in the next few lessons, I'm going to show you how to actually move those people from just the email list over to the buyer database. But for now, just remember, if you've got an email address from somebody that is a heavy hitter, buyer or somebody that you want to connect with inside your market. And all you have is an email address. Save that email address because I'm gonna show you how to get that email address into your database and actually, you know, expand on their criterias. Well, okay, so that's all for this lesson. In the next lesson, I'm gonna show you how to access all of the email addresses for your lengthen context. Stay tuned. 14. LinkedIn | Part 4: okay. Now, with linked in your getting benefits two different ways. One is that your potential buyers confined you and, you know, make their way into your database. The other way is you can manually connect with people. Now, what we want to do is those people that we become connections with, we want to be able to migrate them over into our database as well. The way we do that is by collecting their email address and then by keeping in touch with them, using that email address and ultimately, you know, migrating the ones that you know will end up being serious buyers moving those people over into the database. So we need to get their info into just the email collecting spreadsheet and then where you know, in a future lesson, I'm gonna show you how to move those over into your database. So here is how we go about getting the contact information from your linked in contacts. Okay, so you got linked in dot com. Go ahead and log, and I'm gonna log in with my account. You log in with your account. Um, Okay. Now, once you're in here, you're going to let me let me actually figure this out. You're gonna go to connections, and then you're gonna go over to this little gear icon here. Once you're on the connections Page, go to this gear icon. This this will take you to your settings. Okay. And now, over here, under advanced settings, you see the option to export linked in connections. Go ahead and click on that. And on this page, you can choose the file type that you're gonna export as what I choose is Microsoft Outlook . Sorry. Yeah. Choose Microsoft Outlook. Basically, you want to choose a C A C S V file instead of a VCF. I'm not sure what VCF is, but, uh, choose one with a C S V file. So I'm gonna go with the top when Microsoft Outlook and then click the export button. I gotta prove I'm not a robot. 388 Aiken, type 388 So I'm not a robot. Alright, so I've got this message up here says your connections were successfully exported. Now, on your computer, it's either gonna send it to like your download folder. You know, wherever your downloads go on your computer. In my case, it goes right down here in this bottom left hand side of my my browser window. So here my connections, I'm gonna go ahead and click that and open it up. I'm using open office. So I gotta open up open office real quick, and I'm gonna choose, Okay? Quite honestly, I'm not sure how you get to display the the you know, the correct way. Actually, let me let me open this thing up again. I'm sorry. I gotta go to my downloads. LinkedIn connections. Okay, so open up the file for May. You know, character set says Unicode utf eight, whatever that is. And it's separated by comma, so I'm gonna open it up. Basically, you want to be looking at it like in a spreadsheet format, and that's exactly what we got here. Okay, Someone. I'm gonna make this connections thing bigger and again. I'm just looking at the exported, um, connection spreadsheet that I just downloaded from linked in these air. All my connections. Okay. And what you want to do is you're gonna have different connections than me, obviously, because you're very likely in a different real estate market. So what you want to do is just basically copy the email address, um, column and paste it into your Google spreadsheet where you're just tracking the emails. Okay, So for just example sake, I'm just gonna grab a few of these from mine, and I'm going Teoh close this up and I'm gonna go to the Gmail account that you created. I'm gonna have to Let's say I'm gonna have to sign in and again. Remember, mine is Ben's Atlanta buyer list. Atlanta, uh, fire flowers dot com. You're basically you're logging into the the primary account that we initially built. And we're doing this because that is where the Google drive is that we want to get. Ah, we're trying to get to that sheet. We're restoring email addresses. So we're logged into Gmail account. We go up to the this little icon here we go down to drive like we've done a few times so far, and I'm going over to my, uh, email list. I titled, Mined by her emails. I'm gonna open that up and I'm gonna go right here and just drop these email addresses. I'm just gonna paste. All right, so you can see him. I'm building out this little email list. OK, now this is not my buyer database. Ah, but if we can collect these email addresses from people that are real estate investors, then we can get those people in to our buyer database. And that is really what I wanted to show you in this lesson. So you know, when you're using linked in, you want you. Now you're get your good connections in a couple different ways. People will find you on LinkedIn, and they're gonna connect with you, or you can find people on lengthen and you connect with them. Either way, you're gonna be building your LinkedIn connections. But if you focus your connections on people that are you know, real estate buyers and developers and real estate investors, you know, such is that those are all people that would very, very likely want to know about the houses that you have for sale, and they would want to be in your buyer's list. So if you focus on finding those people in linked in and making them your connections, you can then export those people and add all those email addresses into your into your spreadsheet, where you're just storing the buyer email addresses. And again, I'm going to show you how we can process those email addresses and get them in your database. But the main thing you keep in mind is, you know, linked in you can get those email addresses through lengthen or, you know, you might come across other buyer email addresses in various places. But when you get those email addresses, just storm in that sheet, just just keep him in that spreadsheet. We're keeping the email addresses because that's gonna come in really handy for future use . Okay, so that is how you export your LinkedIn contacts? Um, really good stuff to know, and we're gonna be moving on to the next lesson. 15. Bandit Signs | Part 1: All right, so let's talk about bandit signs. Okay? You made your man. You know, you may know what a band sign is. You may not. So let me kind of explain. A bandit sign is one of those little plastic signs. They're usually about 12 inches tall by maybe 16 inches wide. And you see him on the side of the road usually around intersections. And sometimes they say we buy houses or sometimes they say, house for sale. Ah, a lot of people use them for, like, you know, yard sale signs and such as that. So it's just those little plastic, you know, cheap signs you see on the side of the road that is a bandit sign. Now bandit signs can be very useful and building your buyer's list. Okay, because you could put him in high traffic areas. They get a lot of eyes on him. And it's a way that you can put out that Google voice number and get people calling in and help build your database that way. Now they don't call them bandits Signs for nothing. They have that name because in a lot of places, basically the local authorities and people like that. They consider him to be illegal. So they are a way that you can You can get finds, uh, for your bandits from from having band signs out. But they may or may not be for everybody they may. They may be something you want, Teoh Deploy for part of your strategy and building your buyer's list or may not. But we're gonna talk about those a little bit and see if it's something you want to get into. I know, uh, I currently I do use bandit signs. I don't personally put them out. I have somebody that kind of runs around and put him out for me. But I have put them out myself. And, uh I mean, it's kind of funny, because even when I was doing it, I would I remember. You know, I'd have the signs all in the back of the car and I'd open up the ID parked somewhere around an intersection that I opened up the trunk, get the sign ready to go and everything. And I kind of I kind of, you know, look around and try Try to, uh, plan to run out there and put out the sign with without anybody actually seeing me do it. So, you know, it is kind of ah, kind of an odd thing, but, you know, you do have to be careful. So, um, we're going to kind of talk about how to, for one, you know where to get your signs From what? What kind of text? And, ah, message to put on your signs and how to use that number that you've got strategically kind of as a defense so that you don't get fined for the science. So, uh, we're gonna dig into this stuff and go into it in more detail in the next lesson. 16. Bandit Signs | Part 2: All right, So let's talk about where to get bandit science. Now. There's a couple different things you can do. You can either order bandit signs that are have a nice fancy screen printed message on them . You can do that way, or you can do what I do, which is you basically. Ah, assemble them by hand and hand. Write a message on. And just for examples sake. Here is one of my bandit science. Good. Let's see. I could see that thing. It's pretty big. Cheap house for sale. Seven or 69630051 And this is, uh, this is corrugated plastic. I don't know if you can see. See what the See how there's kind of flutes in this thing, but, you know, it's pretty, pretty stiff and nice plastic, but it's basically kind of the same kind, designed like a corrugated cardboard box. Onliest plastic. So what I do is I go to the sign shop that's here local in my town, and they have sheets of this corrugated plastic. Just huge sheets, probably, but I think it's probably four by eight sheets, kind of like a sheet of plywood and Then you can go up there and buy it by the sheet and just have them, you know, cut up the signs to whatever size you want it to be, and, uh, let's see. Let me grab one more thing. All right? See this marker? That's what I used to, uh, to write to the message on the sign. So again, I have somebody that doesn't stuff for me. I basically provide him with a marker and a stack of about 50 signs. And the most people they used, the, uh, the metal stakes kind like you can see on this picture behind me, they steak the signs in the ground. But what I do is I actually have them nailed to, um the, uh the power poles. You know, the big wooden poles there beside the road, telephone poles. I haven't nailed to those nail about eight feet off the ground, so people can just tear him down really easily. And, ah, you know, that's my strategy for bandits signs, you know, um, now that's what I do. You don't necessarily have to do that. Um, you can have the signs ordered. In which case who I would recommend is this company called Dirt. Cheap signs. I'll show you dirt. Keep signs. You spelled it wrong. Let's see, Right here. Um, when I have ordered signs before, I've gone through these guys. But it's it's really easy. I mean, you just you log on here, you can choose what size sign you want the color of the background. You can kind of layout the design of your message and then choose what quantity you want, and then they mail it right to your door. So, you know, it's just kind of your preference on how you want to do it. I know for me, part of the reason I do the signs myself is I can get a sign that's a little bit bigger. Um, and I can. I basically I could get more signs, a bigger sign for less than it costs. Teoh. Have them ordered. I don't have to pay for the Metal Stakes because I put him up on telephone poles. Um, but you know, it is a little bit more labor and stuff like that. So also my signs air, you know, their hand written with a Sharpie, where the ones you get from dirt cheap signs. They're really professional looking and screen printed on there. They look really, really good. Um so is kind of your own preference, says Toe. You know what you want to do there? My thing is, I feel like I get a better response rate from the signs that air that air hand written with Sharpie marker just because when somebody is driving along and they see the sign that says Cheap house for sale. To me, this sign kind of looks like the kind that a a distress cellar with put by the side of the road, whereas the kind that is ah, you know, really fancy and screen printed to me, that one. People see the sign and they realize that that's kind of a professional and a company that has put that sign now. And I just kind of feel like, Ah, the buyers that are calling on these bandits signs they would be Mawr and climbed to call when they feel like they're going to be talking to a motivated seller on the other end of the line. So you know, is that's Ah, that's kind of the way I think about it in my strategy. But, you know, it's it's totally up to you as to where you get the signs from. And, um, you know how you want to deploy them, whether with stakes in the ground or upon a light pole such as that. So that's where you can get the stakes from now. I'm sorry. That's where you get the signs. From now on, the next lesson we're gonna talk about kind of what? To how to design your sign, the message to put on it and why you want to communicate a particular message. We're gonna go over that stuff in the next video. 17. Bandit Signs | Part 3: Okay, so let's talk about what message To write on your bandit signs and why. Okay, so now let's think about the kind of phone calls that you're trying to attract. Okay, so we want to have something on there that talks about you having houses available, and not only that investment houses available, So the things to keep in mind, as you're laying out your sign is a few things. One, you need your message to be very short. Uh, you want the font on the message to be very tall and bold and is few words as possible. So something like a house for sale or cheap houses that would be OK or, uh, selling my house and a phone number. Just I mean, really sure, I would say no. No longer than maybe four words at the most and short words like cheap house for sale. You know, that kind of stuff? Um, you got to keep in mind. These signs are gonna be in high traffic areas, kind of like around intersections and maybe, you know, gas stations and places like that. But kind of the common factor is almost everybody that sees these houses were going to be inside a vehicle, so their primary focus is not your sign. The primary focus is, you know, obviously keeping their car between the lines and not crashing into somebody. So you've got to get your message in front of them. And it's got to be something that they can read and understand just like that. So, uh, whatever you put on your sign, just think, you know, short message, bold letters. And obviously you gotta have room for putting your phone number at the bottom and for the phone number. Use that Google voice number. Um, now, about the size of the phone. Well, I keep saying fought if you if you have your sign, you know, designed for you and then shipped to you, you're gonna have a fun. There's not really a fall it with the kind of signs that I make. It's these, you know. It's hand written. It's big now. I mean, what? Well, I'm when you're sitting here riding the sign when you know when your ride the sign out. These letters look ridiculously huge to me. But the thing is, when this sign is, you know, 50 feet away from a car, You know, I mean, it's probably, you know, five feet away from, you know, the camera right now. But, you know, already those those letters start to look a lot smaller than when you're right here, right? Them so, you know, big, bold, easy to read. You know, get your message across quickly, and then put your phone number right there at the bottom. Okay, Now, here's the thing about the phone number. Okay? You want to be sure that you're not putting your direct cell phone number on the sign? OK, You want to put your Google voice number on the sign? Now, when people call you, they're gonna call the the Google Voice number, which is then, depending on how you have it set up, it's either going to relate to your phone or relate to the voice mention system voice message system. Now, the reason you want to be certain that you put the Google voice number on there is again Ah , in a lot of places, bandit signs or not looked on positively. You know, people look at him as being kind of an eyesore and such as that. So if you do have somebody that's going to give you trouble about the signs and try to track you down to find you are a least come tell you to pick up your signs. You don't want him to be able to get in touch with you directly at your phone number, because then you know that's an easy way to track you down, basically, by having the Google voice number on there. If there's a problem with sign, you're gonna be able to learn about it indirectly. So if somebody sees your sign and ah, they want to get in touch with you to either find you or tell you take down the sign, you're gonna know about it because they're gonna leave a message on your phone. And that's going to be kind of your your flag or your indicator that you need to go pull down the signs. At least that way, they can't track you down by your phone number and basically know where you live, okay? Not that people are gonna come knocking on your door with a baseball bat on take out your knees for putting out a bandit sign. But still, the Google voice number kind of gives you a little bit of a defense. Um, you know, from the sign Police. Okay, so Ah, that is that is pretty much the message on what? To write on the signs. And why. So basic things? Big letters, short message, Google phone number or, you know, some phone number. That's not a direct link to your cell phone. OK, that's the main things. All right. Moving on. 18. Bandit Signs | Part 4: all right. So I'm gonna try to answer the question of where are the best spots to place bandit signs? And that's Ah, it's a hard question to answer because, I mean, my target market is very likely quite different from your target market. But you know, in general, you want to be putting out your signs and high traffic areas. Now what that usually means is around intersections or schools or gas stations or grocery stores or malls or, you know, Walmart, Kmart target. You know, places like that you want to you know, it's you got kind of target the signs around areas where their high concentrations of people that are going to see your signs because the people that you're looking for are just a small sliver of the population. So we got to get a lot of eyes on your signs in order to find those few people that we're looking for Now again, Um, if you remember, I place signs up on telephone poles. Uh, most people you know, they have those little wire legs on their signs that they just stick in the ground. So that's another factor. Depending on you know, your target market and where you're looking to put the signs out at Because you know where I am. It's more rural, rural. So you know, there's more light poles and such as that. Reckon actually, you know, wouldn't tell from posts I can actually hammer my signs into, so that's a factor. Um, you know, if you're putting it in an area with a lot of foot traffic, you know, if you're sticking your sign in the ground on those little metal stakes, they're probably going to get pulled up pretty quickly. So, you know, if it's a high foot traffic area, my logic would be to probably, uh, lean towards putting them up on the light pole, you know, to kind of get him, get him away from the foot traffic that might tear it to sign or kick him over that kind of thing. But, uh, you know, another detail about the whole light pole strategy that I do is I mean, when I say I put him on light pole, I'm not just attacking him, you know, four feet off the ground, I actually tacked mine about, you know, eight feet off the ground, at least because I mean, once that signs up there. Uh, I mean, nobody can get to it now. It's kind of give and take kind of thing. I think if if I've gotten really lucky now, I've never been fined. In fact, I've I've never even gotten a one of the calls from the sign police asking me to take down a sign. I don't I don't know if I'm an exception or what, but me personally, I have never had a problem with the sign police. But, you know, I would I would be willing to bet that if you really wanted to make a sign Police angry, probably tacking signs to a telephone pole, it would be, ah, way to do it. I can't get the things down, you know, even if they wanted to. Your list, you know, got a ladder or something. But, um, so, yeah, just, you know, it's faras locations, you know, high traffic areas, gas stations, malls, shopping centres such as that. Um, the other thing that will, uh, that is a good idea to do is wherever you put out your signs. But whether you're doing it or you're having somebody do it for you have them mapped out somehow. You know, whether it's just on a list, like on a piece of paper that, you know, I've got one at the corner of, you know, 14th Street and 16th Avenue. You know, you could just have a list like that. Or if you have a map printed off where you could just put a little dot on the map where you know, you have a each sign. Uh, you know, that's just kind of good insurance. I mean, you know, it's it's good to know, just could you can kind of look at the map and see what your ah exposure area is for the signs, But then again, not trying to be all negative about it. But in a worst case scenario, if you do get a call from the sign police and they tell you to take down your salinger, they're gonna find you $1000. That way, you have that map that you can refer back to and go pick up all your signs. Um, again, in my experience, I have I have never had an issue to get. My market is is Atlanta. Um, you know, I lied and quite honestly, a lot of the places that my signs are out there. They're in some areas where, uh uh you know, it's kind of higher in nicer areas, some of them and I know they don't take kindly to the ugly little signs that I put out, but, you know, I never had a problem. Anyways, when you're planning on putting out your signs, just trying to think of those areas that are going to generate a lot of traffic I like, um, stop signs and red lights, for instance, because you know, most of the people that are looking at your signs they're gonna be in your car. And if you're there at a stop sign or red light, that gives them the opportunity to come to a complete stop. Yeah, look around, you know, they spot your side and they see the message, and I want to get in touch with you. That gives him a few seconds toe. You know, see the sign, jot down a number, that kind of thing, or pick up the phone and call you. So just another thing to think about, you know, stop signs. Um, four way stops are good um, stop signs where it's a three way stop, like a one road that comes into another road where it's a T. If you can put a sign, that's, uh, you know, right across from you know, let's say you're coming up to a stop sign Boom and you gotta turn either left or right If there's a sign right there across from you, man, that's a great place for a sign. So you gotta come in. You've got to kind of think strategically about that. There's there's not like a There's not like this formula of, you know, how you can do it kind of kind of just have to be strategic as faras. You know, the factors are obviously, you know, getting a lot of exposure on your signs. Uh, putting around stop signs and red lights where people have more time to see them avoiding high foot traffic areas that people can kick him over. You have stopover pulling up. Um, you know, consider those factors Whenever you are laying out your plan and, you know, map it out and record everywhere. You're putting out a sign that's gonna really be handy for you so that you understand kind of the your exposure area. So I hope that gives you some good tips on where to put out the bandit signs. And lastly, I'm just gonna I'm gonna finish this up with just one more little supplementary video, and we're gonna get to that in just a moment. 19. Bandit Signs | Part 5: So are bandits. Signs for you. I can't answer that question for you. I mean, you have to, you know, kind of analyze yourself and your market and such as that, and see if it's something that would work well for you are you know, if it's a risk worth tanking, I think, you know, just by the nature of bandits signs I mean, they're called bandit signs. Uh, you know, there is some risk involved. In my opinion, I think that even if you are, even if you get in trouble and they ask you to take down your signs, I kind of feel like that's kind of a worst case scenario. Um, I'm sure their stories out there of people actually getting fined for bandits signs and I definitely don't down it. Um, it's just from my experience, I've never gotten in trouble, man, and I've put out thousands of bandits signs, never even got a phone call about him. Um, I know other markets are probably much more picky than Atlanta. Maybe, um, so you can't completely fly off of my experience about that, But, you know, they're a very effective way to help build your buyer's list. People are going to see the sign and they're gonna want to know about the cheap house that you have for sale and they're gonna call you up and you guys can talk about the houses you have for sale. I mean, a Sfar is getting exposure with right people. In my mind, it's a risk that is worth taking. Now, what I would recommend if you don't have any feeling of how tolerant, um, your your neighborhood or your market would be for you putting out band signs. Here's what I would suggest you do. Um, I would drive around and find some bandit signs that basically called the numbers that around those bandits signs it could be for anything, you know, house for sale yard sale. You know, tax service, whatever. It doesn't really matter. What you're trying to do is get in touch with those people that have the signs and just ask them, you know, what is their experience been like? I mean, ask him how many signs they put out And have they ever got in trouble or gotten any phone calls from the authorities about it? Um, and in my mind, that's probably going to be a pretty good indicator of if you're gonna be safe putting out signs. Of course, if there's any doubt in your mind, you know, don't do it. You know there's other ways to find ah, to find buyers for your list. We'll just focus on those. But if it's something that you want to do, it's a great way to add another, you know, exposure channel to get people coming into your database and call on your phone number. So, uh, that's really yeah, I just wanted to kind of give my thoughts on, you know, weighing the risk worth the risk versus the reward of bandits science Because, you know, you can't really you can't really call a pure county and ask them how they feel about Bannon science because I guarantee you, you know, you're not gonna talk with ah, anybody in your local government that's gonna have positive things to say about bandits signs They're all going to, you know, say they don't recommend you doing it, or they're gonna find you and this and that all over. We're going to say that So it's really a matter of figure figuring out your comfort level and maybe getting a feeling from other people that are actively putting out bandit signs. So that's what I recommend. Band signs were great thing. Um, I personally recommend them, but it's a choice that you have to make for yourself. All right, So moving on for bandits signs we're going to get into some other ways to add exposure and continue building out that buyer database. 20. ListSource | Part 1: So let's talk about a very effective way to get a lot of buyers into your database. Now it's gonna take some work. In fact, it's gonna cost you a little money to do this particular method to. But this is highly effective. Okay, now what this is, it's It's basically putting together a list of buyers that we can get a message in front of , usually via via direct mail. There's there's some other ways to do it, too, but typically use direct mail, sent him a letter or a postcard, and then the ones that want to get in touch with you and by your houses are going. Teoh contact you back either through your Google voice number. Uh oh. Are they gonna go directly and sign up into your database through your four? So here is what we're going to use to get that list. Just go ahead and log onto Google or a search engine and plug in list source without spaces and where you wanna go is list source dot com. All right, this is it. This is what the website looks like this website, and I'm sure there's a lot of other websites like this that you can use to generate mailing list. But this is the website that I have used the most, and it works really, really well. Now, I will tell you what I use the site for the most is actually building lists that I can mail to try to find motivated sellers. Okay, but I do use this website from time to time to build out my buyer's list. I don't use it as often because, uh, you know the leads I need for sellers that that, um you know that that need is really, really own going. I got to really keep that cranking out, whereas the buyer's list I don't have toe, you know, build that out so often, you know, because once the buyers air in your database, for the most part they stay in your database. I don't have to continually, you know, put a message in front of those guys. But yeah, this source is great. Um, it's basically a big website that runs off of the county records all over the country, so you can set up all kinds of different mailing list through this, and there's lots of different criteria that you can search against to create your mailing list. But I gotta tell you, I think that most people that want to build out there there are buyers list quickly. I don't think they do this. It takes a little bit of know how to be able to pull this list together in the first place and then, you know, to be quite honest with you, most people want to leverage the free methods to build their list. And they kind of, you know, they kind of shy away from the methods that cost some money. Now, when I say it costs in money, I'm not talking about thousands of dollars. I'm talking about to pull your list together. You're probably talking somewhere in the range of 50 to $100 to build a list, and that's going to get you. You know, I would say somewhere between 1000 and 3000 buyer records, the price depends just a little bit. And then you're gonna have cost and sending out the mail pieces if you decide. Teoh male versus, you know, trying to look at their information online. Anyways, this is just kind of a quick interview introductory video on list source. What we're going to do in the next video is I'm gonna show you how to get in here, set up an account and actually pull the data that you need from the county records so that you have a really good list of people that are actively buying houses. So we're gonna get onto that in the next lesson. 21. ListSource | Part 2: All right, So in this video, we'll show you how to get signed up with list source, and I'm always I'm also going Teoh kind of explain why I think this is a very good method to use. Okay, first of all, how to get signed up? Go to list source dot com. You'll see this. This is the list source home page. And all you do is you will you will go to this button here that says register. Now click that and then plug in your contact. You mailing information and such as that, that's that's all there is to it. You're gonna get a confirmation email sent to whatever email account you tie to this account. You click the link within that email and you're going to be registered. Um, the source again. It's it's completely free to build the lists where you were. It will cost you money is where you actually, at the end of the process, were you by the list and the cost that you'll pay will depend on how big your list ISS. So ah, you know, a list of you know 10,000 records is going to cost twice as much as a list with 5000 records. But that makes sense. So go ahead. Headless source. Click this register. Now, link and plug in all your information to set yourself up with a list source account. Go ahead and do that because you're gonna need this account to walk through me, walk through the steps with me in the following video. Okay, so get that done now. Ah, while you're doing that, let me talk about one more thing real quick. I'm gonna tell you why. This is a very effective strategy, Okay? Just as a refresher. My primary market is Atlanta, Georgia. Okay, Now, here's how I know this is a very underutilized method of building out your buyer database. Now, there are five primary counties that I mail to inside Atlanta. Now, I pull all of the records inside those counties, and the criteria I use is very simple. It's people that have paid cash for a house within the last 90 days, and they do not live at the house. What that means is I'm mailing the people that they don't live at the house because they have ah, you know, a secondary residents. So that is the indicator that, you know, obviously somebody that pays cash for a house that they don't live in, who else is gonna do that other than, you know, a real estate investor. So that's why we mailed to that list. Now, here's the thing I mailed everybody that pays cash in Atlanta, Georgia, for a house that doesn't live in the house. I am in that list because I pay cash for houses in Atlanta and I don't live in the house. Okay, so I'm in that list. So when I do this big mailing out to everybody, I actually get my own postcard. Okay, Does that make sense? Because I'm in the list now. The only postcard that I get is from me. I don't have I don't receive postcards from anybody else in Atlanta that is using this method. I mean, it's it's just crazy. I don't I don't understand why it's like that. But the only piece of mail that I receive basically, uh, asking me to sign up on somebody's buyer list or asking me if I'm interested in Atlanta investment properties. The only person I get a postcard from is me. So, uh, and also I mean, I every time I send out a batch of postcards to build or Teoh, you know, grow my buyer's list. There's always a flurry of sign ups. There's a flurry of phone calls that come in. There's a flurry of people that sign up through my form, and, ah, again, the only postcard I get in the mail is my own. So two things. For one, I definitely know this method works, and to I definitely know this method is underutilized. So those are two very good things that are working in your favor and in my favor when we send out these mailers to build your list using this method. So anyways, I just wanted to mention that it's a great way to build out your buyer's list now again in this video. Just be sure before you move on in the next video that you've got yourself set up with the list source account, and then I'm gonna show you exactly how to pull the records that were looking for okay and more on that in the next video 22. ListSource | Part 3: All right, So now I want to show you how to actually create your list using list source dot com. So, again, what we're doing is where we're going to sift and sort the data around so that we can create a list of people who have paid cash for a house within the last 30 days. And they do not live at the house. Basically, they are a absentee owner. That's what they're called so long into list source dot com and then put in your user name and password. Click log in. That's gonna bring you to the dashboard. What you do from the dashboard is you click this link right here that says, create your own, and that's gonna take you to the list builder. All right, Now, here's how this works. List sources huge. The amount of data here is just just incredible on the way. The way it works is you have to narrow down all of this data until we can get to, you know, the list that we're looking for. And you do that by putting in particular criteria and what I do. I start off by putting in the county that I want to focus on. Basically, I want to focus on the people who bought houses for cash inside of a specific county in Atlanta. And again, your market is gonna be different. But I'm I'm using my, um, the counties in my market for an example. So go to the Tampa says geography, and then go down. This will drop down menu that says select criteria and scroll down to County. From there, you're gonna go to the next drop down menu, and she is a state. In my case, my status, Georgia and the county that I'm gonna focus on in Georgia is Clayton. All right. Now, if you want, you can put more than one county in here. But for the sake of this video, I'm just gonna put this one County Clayton. All right. Next, we want to choose what kind of property types within this county researching for because we don't want to be male into people that, um, they they paid cash for, you know, Ah, hotel or a ah commercial space, you know, such as that we want people that are buying residential single family homes. And here's how we do it. We go to the property tab. Click that go to this drop down menu and then scroll down to property type and click that. Now What you're gonna dio is you're gonna go down and you're gonna choose the one says residential SF R and S F R stands for single family residence and then you're gonna click, add, and you can see for every adjustment we make this count number over here on the top left is going to go down and down and down until eventually we get to a smaller number somewhere around, you know, 1000 or 3000 something like that. All right, so we have the property type plugged in. Now what I want to do is I am going to change some criteria here so I can focus on the people that are on Lee buying houses that are three bedrooms or greater and two bathrooms or greater. And the reason I want to do that is because most people in my market one houses that are three twos or bigger. And there's not as many people that are buying houses that are two bedrooms and one bath or less. Okay, so I'm gonna go to the same drop down menu. I'm gonna go to bathrooms and again. I only want the people that are buying, you know, two bathrooms or greater. So I'm going to say, from 2 to 3, I'm a click, add, and then I'm gonna go to bedrooms and I'm gonna click from 3 to 4, and I'm gonna click, Add And again, what I just did there is I am ruling out the people that are buying two bedrooms or less, and basically one bathrooms. There's not really less than one bathroom. But I don't want messed around with people that are buying one bathroom houses. Okay, so we have that plugged in. Now, the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna go to the tab. It says options. It's all the way on the right Click Options tab, and we're going to choose absentee owned under this top status here that says owner occupied status. So click absentee owned. Now you can see this number dropped way down here. It's tau 9000. Now, let me explain the reason we did this because this is very important. Um, we're looking for real estate investors who were cash buyers that could buy our house, buy houses from us, and we want Adam to our database. Now, um, to screen out the people that live in their house because they're not real estate investors . They just paid cash for a house. We don't We don't want that. We don't want the owner occupants. We want the absentee owners because the people that own a house but they don't live at the house. Those are real estate investors in the way we choose those people specifically is in this option right here. We want the absentee owners, so we choose absentee owned properties, not owner occupied properties. Okay, next thing we want to do is down here where it says corporate owned properties. We want to choose the ones that are only corporate own, so choose that option. It's OK. Now, the reason we do that again, this is part of the criteria that suggests that these people are real estate investors. Because real estate investors, they don't buy houses in their own name. They buy it under a corporate entity. Like, for instance, my loc that I buy houses with his anchor house LLC. I don't buy it under my name been clarity because it's it's risky. Ah, you use a corporation or ah in L L C. Because it's there's tax benefits and it's kind of a level of protection. So real estate investors, they they buy with the corporation, and therefore we want to only choose the ones they're corporate owned properties. Now the list is still pretty big. It's, ah, 3956 right now, which that's a That's a reasonably good sized list that's probably gonna cost somewhere around, you know, three or $400. There's nothing at all wrong with that. In fact, you know, this is the kind of list that I would mail to for probably maybe somewhere in the range of 2 to 4 months, I would mail out about 1000 a month. So there's nothing at all wrong with Buying all these at once is just a matter of what your you know, your budget and such as that, um, one thing I'm gonna do to tune this list of just a little bit more is under the same heading here. Owner occupied status. I am going to de select the ones that are owned by out of state owners, and that's gonna drop that number down a little bit more now. The reason I did that is because there's nothing wrong with adding out of state owners to your buyers list. But if you want to drop your list, count a little bit more, Um, that is a way to do it. You can exclude the people that have bought houses from out of state and focus on the ones that are buying houses in ST. One reason that's good is because usually the end state people kind of have a more intimate idea of the kind of houses they're buying. Plus, if they want Tokyo, you know, walk through a house. It's usually just driving across town for them versus somebody who lives out of state, which they have toe coordinate with a realtor, somebody in town. So it's It's a little a little less convenient to work with the out of state guys, but you know, that's just one way to get the list count down lower. So you know that essentially, is how to build your mailing list, and the most important stuff happens on this page right here. The options page because, you know, we want the absentee own ones and we want the ones they're corporate owned. That's the primary indicator that these people are real estate investors and cash buyers. Now, depending on the county's you're searching in and how large of an area where people are buying houses in that county, your number could be way bigger than this or could be way smaller than this. Um, if you want to get your list bigger, then you can add counties you know, kind of kind of expand your search area a little bit. You know, plug in some counties that air kind of around your core county. That's a way to make your list bigger. To make your list smaller, you can change things usually kind of around the property type. You can add like a year range in there. If you only want the people that have bought houses built from like, you know, 1980 to 1990 that's gonna really shrink that number down. So a lot of this is kind of up to you and your preference and uh, kind of your budget, and whether you want a really big list or really small list. But the main thing is, um, you know, this is how the process works. You use this list builder and you basically add in criteria or take away criteria until you arrive at the kind of list that you want. But again, the thing that you really gotta remember here is the most important thing happens on this options page. Definitely choose absentee owned and definitely choose corporate owned properties. That's that's the most important thing. So once you have your list put together, you are going to move on to buying that list. Or if you don't want to buy it right now, you would just click this button down here on the bottom. Right? That says save criteria and it's going to save the search for you, and you can come back to it any time. And if you want to modify a little bit, you can. Or if you just want to go ahead and pick up where you left off and buy it, you can. So next thing from here is you go to this purchase list button, cook that, and then two little things you want to do on this page. Uh, I'm sorry. Actually, just one thing you want to do on this page. You want to go down to this little button here that says, Remove duplicates. I'm sorry. Removed. Duplicate property mailing addresses. And you want to click that button and you're going to see you're going to see your count. Get reduced a little bit. You're going to see your list price go down a little bit. So click that button and the system is gonna work through and basically remove any duplicates that air in there. Now you can see the The count went way down and the total list price went way down. That's a very important step, because that could save you bunch of money again. All of this data is pulled from county Records. Sometimes here's sometimes there's duplicate data, and that can happen for a lot of reasons. Let's say you know, let's say me, let's say I bought a house that was in two different counties. You know, Fulton County in Clayton County. Well, that's gonna come. That's going to create a duplicate listing, you know, even though I bought houses in multiple counties, only one Teoh only want the record once you know I don't I don't need the contact information twice. So that's just the an example of why there could be duplicate data. So this is a decent sized list as we have it. Right now, there's 790 the total list prices 63 21. Little thing to take note of is your, uh your purchase price here has to be at least $50 in order for bliss source to process it . Um, if you're list price ends up being less than $50 then you need to expand your criteria a little bit to make it more than $50. Or if you're already over $50 by default than you know, you're good to go from this point. There's nothing left to do other than to buy your list. If you were now, you don't necessarily have to do this right now if you're not quite ready. But when you want to buy your list, you just click this red button here, continue to check out you put in ah, papal address or a credit card number, and then the list is going to basically download and you can export it to process it from there. And that is the process of building a list using list source, Uh, a list that is comprised of cash buyers that you can target and get into your database. That's how it works. Now, from here, I'm gonna show you how to export it and some other things that we could do to process that data more on that in the next lesson. 23. ListSource | Part 4: Okay, So once you have your list source list purchased, I'm gonna show you how to export that list onto your computer. Clean up the data so that you can use it whether you're sending out ah, mailing campaign or whether you're looking up that information in some other way. I'm just going to show you how to clean the data and then get it to a point where you can actually use it. So first again, got a list worse dot com and log in. And then the list that you purchase are going to be on this dashboard area. You're gonna have a saved list area and a purchased list area. The purchase list are gonna be right down here on the right hand side beneath recently purchased lists. OK, now this is a list that I purchased. I'm just going to use this one, for example, sake. So your list is gonna be the same area, so click your list, and then it's gonna bring you to this purchase list Page. What you want to do is export this list, so find your list and click this export button. It's gonna bring up this little sub menu you could use the file type basically, that you wanted exported. As for may I use a C S V. Side of CSP has already selected something to click next, and I'm gonna click Alesci select the letter case upper and lower case include field name Hetero. Okay, so I like it to be upper and lower case. I'm gonna keep that selected and then the field name in the hetero means, you know, Do you want to say, you know, have that role at the top? It says name, email, address, mailing address, property address, purchase price, all that stuff, those fields at the top. And I do like that. So I'm gonna leave both of these options selected and then on the click submit, and you can see your list downloading right here. Now, depending on your computer type, it may download, you know, somewhere different from mine. But, ah, you know, at this point, I do have the list downloaded. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open that less now and again. Your process might be a little different from mine, but I'm on a Mac, so I'm gonna go to my downloads area and then click the list and it's gonna open up in on my computer. I'm using open office. So it's opening up in open office. Okay. And then once you have your list downloaded and opened up into either, you know, excel or open office, something like that, you're gonna be looking at a screen that looks a lot like what I'm looking at here. You've got, you know, rows and columns and lots and lots of data here and honestly, this is probably about three times as much data as what you actually need. And what you'll see is a lot of it is redundant, you see, like, for instance, in this first column here, it's got the owner's name. His name is Alan Friedman. And then in the 2nd 3rd and fourth column, it has his first name, middle name and last name. So, you know, we don't need all of this stuff. So what I do is I just clean up a lot of this, so I'm gonna keep his name, but I'm gonna get rid of, you know, the first name. The middle name. The last name. The Suffolk's got owner to hear. Sometimes people buy a house, You know, a za partnership or whatever will be two people's names. I only used the first owner's name, so I'm just grabbing all this stuff. I don't need, uh, selecting it and delete those columns. And now I just have the owners first name. I'm gonna keep the mailing address. The male city, the male state, the male zip code. But I do not need the, you know, the four digit code and the mail carrier around the male county. So I'm gonna I'm gonna select those columns and get rid of those. Now, the next bit over here, I want I want Explain this on what's usually have you have a mailing address and you have the property address, and it kind of sounds like the same thing, but they're very different what they are. The mailing address is where the owner lives. Okay, The property address is the property that they bought. Okay, so those air those those those are very different, but they're both very important. So we want to keep all that information. But there's ah again, I just like to get rid of a lot of the redundant information. So they were left with a good clean list when that's again. That's exactly what I'm doing here. I don't need whatever this property pre direction is. I don't need the street name because I have it already over here in column F I don't need the suspects already got it already got it. So I'm just getting rid of all this redundant information that we don't need. I'm gonna keep the property, city, the state, the zip code. But I don't need the four digit code. I don't need the county. I don't need the property type. And I don't need to know whether its owner occupied or not because we know that it's not toner occupy. All right? And so just just like that, you know, two or three minutes I just went through those columns and I took it down from, you know, about 30 columns down to 123456 nine Come. So I took it down from, like, 30 columns to nine columns. Now we have a list that is good and clean. It's easy to read. I've got all the information right here in front of me. And now this is something we can work with. So that is how to export your data from list source out to upload it into either open office or excel something like that. And then how to kind of clean up that data? And now you have it where it's, you know, much more pleasing to the eye and depending on what you do with it in the next steps, whether you do a mailer or whether you look up the information manually, this is going to be much, much easier to work with because there's less columns and rows toe sort around and get lost in. All right, so that's how that works. That stuff works. Now, next, we're gonna be moving on to how to actually turn these records into listings inside your buyer database. More on that coming up. 24. ListSource | Part 5: So now, once you have your list exported and cleaned up, the next step is basically to get a message in front of those people that are on your list . Now the options boiled down to two. Main to main big options that you have. You can either have somebody else do it or you can do it. Ultimately, it's gonna end up costing about the same the cost for a piece of mail in the postage and you know the envelope and such as that it's usually kind of in the range of about 75 cents to a dollar apiece. The difference is, if you have somebody else do it, you're gonna have to pay for all that mail it wants. So I mean, if you send out 1000 pieces of mail, it's going to cost you somewhere between $750,000. The upside to that is that, uh, you don't have to invest your time in it. You're having somebody else do it for you. Now, on the other hand, you can do it yourself. You just you go to the store and you buy envelopes. You go to the post office and you buy stamps and you put together your mail piece. Whether it's, you know, a letter that you want to print off on your printer or you want toe. You know, hand write letters on just a piece of notebook notebook paper. It's up to you. Um, the difference there is that, you know, you do have to invest your time into that, but a benefit is that you don't have to spend that big chunk of money at once. So instead of spending you know, $750,000 to send out 1000 mail pieces, you can kind of drip them out over time. So, you know, you could send out a letter a day or five letters a day, and then, you know, it's kind of easier on your budget because instead of, you know, having toe write a check or charge your credit card for 1000 bucks, um, you know, you could just pay $20 a week or however many letters you want to send out. Okay, so that's the two main options. Now, if you want to have it done by somebody else, who I recommend is a company called Yellow Letters dot com. And again, this is a male house, and they'll do all this stuff for you. Basically, sign up. You upload your list, you design your mail piece, and they do everything for you from that point forward. So it's, you know, if you have other things going on in your business, which you know, if you don't already, you're going to be focusing on bigger picture stuff, and it's better to have somebody else do it. And, uh, you know, in my opinion, it's probably the best thing to do. Go ahead and bite the bullet, and you know you're spending the money anyways. It's better to save your time so you can focus it on. You know, other things such as, you know, finding houses to buy. Um, so anyways, yellow letters dot com is a great male house to use, their very cost effective. Their system is set up in a really intuitive way, and you can you can pretty much sign up for an account and design everything right here on your computer. And ah, it just works Great. I This is who I used yellow letters dot com now on the other end. If you prefer to do this yourself and again, there's there's nothing wrong with that. You just have to make the decision based on the amount of time you have in your budget and whatever. I mean, it's it's fine. Teoh, create your own letters if you want to do it yourself, uh, again, go grab. You know, a big box of envelopes. Go to the post office and pick up a pile of stamps, and then you need to get a male piece together. What I would recommend, if you're doing it yourself is to just, you know, get a big old stack of, ah, you know, 500 sheets, printer paper or 1000 sheets. If you want to packs. And, you know, just put him off of your printer. I have a letter already laid out. Let me see if I find it right here. This, uh, when I have sent out letters, you know, just Ah, I've had basically like this. I've mailed out to some really small lists before. Just some really niche stuff. Like, you know, probate is usually a pretty small list. Ah, a lot of times it just makes sense. If I'm mailing out to really small list is just toe handle these letters myself instead of sending, you know, 20 or 50 letters to a male house. So in those cases, I have a letter like this Print enough. It's just ah, created this in open office. You can use Microsoft Word to create a letter just like this, and you turn it into a pdf and then you just print him off from your computer and you fold them up, throw him in an envelope, put a stamp on there and write the mailing address for everybody on your list and just pop them in the mailbox. Um, you know, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to actually attach this letter within the lesson that city can represent. You can use my, uh, you know, my verb it here if you want to or, you know, I actually recommend that you kind of put your own spin on it and make it your own. But the bottom line is in your mail piece, you know, give him him invitation. You want to tell them who you are Ah, and what you can do for them. And then the other thing is you want to give them multiple ways to get in touch with you, and you can see on my letter. I've got I've got an email address. I'm sorry, I've got a website. I have my email address and I have my phone number. So, you know, it gives them multiple options to get in touch with me. You want? If you're sitting out these letters, you're spending money on them. You want to get the most bang for your buck. And I found that given the multiple options to contact, he was a really good way to ensure that you get those those people calling in and calling you and getting into your database. And that is Ah, that is really it. So decide whether you're gonna handle, let yourself over time and be, you know, kind of be easier on your budget or if you're just gonna bite the bullet, you know, write a check and have somebody else handle the whole thing for you. Make that decision and work on your mail piece like this. You can use a black and white letter. You can handwrite it on notebook paper, or you can send a postcard. Uh, you know, I don't really have a recommendation. It all works. The main thing is just pick one and do it. And don't don't. Ah, procrastinate. Trying to think that you have to have the perfect male piece before you will send it out. That's the biggest mistake you can make is just, you know, not doing anything. So create your mail piece. Um, and you get get the letters out there Sending letters to your list source list is an excellent, excellent way to build out your buyer's list. I have found that the highest quality buyers, the real heavy hitters, the real professionals that have a lot of money to spend, and they have a big appetite for houses. I have had the most luck in, uh, connecting with those guys by using this strategy, get the list from list stores and send them a male piece. It's not that complicated, but you know it is going to cost you a little bit. So where the timing is right for you to employ this strategy is up to you. But, ah, this is here, and it's ready for you when the time is right for you. So it works and it's awesome. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson. This concludes the section on how to build your buyer's list with less source, and we're gonna be moving on from here. 25. Is GREAT: so I'm gonna keep this one pretty quick. This mayor may not be for you, but for what it's worth of wanted to mention it. Uh, there's a website, the woman Right now it's called my house deals dot com and ah, it's an investor website. There is a lot of different things you can do on it. But the particular feature I'm gonna call your attention to is that they basically have a cash buyer list that you can have immediate access to. The catch is that there is a membership cost to it, and I want to just go over some details with you just so you can kind of size this up and see if it's something you want to do. But again, the website is my house deals dot com. You go on there and you will go up here to Well, I'm already logged in, but there will be an option right here that says, Sign up or log in or something and you just go on there. You create a free account and you get access to most of the side just with the free account . But, uh, once you are signed up, is a free member. What you do is you would go over here where it says resource is, and then you can scroll down here to where says cash buyers. You click that and then there's a couple options here. Uh, there's these recently added cash buyers and what this is thes air. This is basically all their records for the past six months, and then the sex and second option here is the archive of cash buyers, and the archive is everybody basically from six months and older, and you can't have access to those two. But you have to buy those individual lists. Here's the main thing I want to show you. If you go to this top option that says, view these buyers, it's gonna bring you into this. Ah, this cash buyer, you know, section here. It's kind of like a spreadsheet, but what you can do in here is there's these options at the top. I'm going to use Atlanta as the example cause that's my market. In this 1st 1 for the city, I'm gonna choose Atlanta, and it says, show buyers in Atlanta who have what amount of money I'm gonna say, any amount and you consort them. You know however you want, I'm just gonna leave it on the date and I'm just gonna click submit, and that's gonna find Tune this search here just for the people that they have on file for Atlanta. Okay, so it's pulled up the Atlanta list and you can see it starts with that. Let's see, I think, uh, two days ago, 11. 18. So it's the most recent people, and I'm just going to scroll down here slowly just so you can kind of see the size of this list. And these are all people that you can access with a membership with my house deals dot com , I'm not affiliated with them or anything. I don't get any kind of, you know, kick back for you signing up for anything like that. And, ah, basically, the way this is organized, it has, ah, date thes people gave their information. My house deals, their name, their email address or phone number, the amount they have to spend the areas they're buying end and the property types they're buying. So there's a good bit of information here, so I'm still scrolling down and the moments to the bottom right? Right here. So that is the current list for the past six months that you can have immediate access to If you sign up for my house deals dot com account and what you would do if you had the account, you would just go over here where it says download A C S V and you obeyed. Download this list directly t your computer. You have all of their names, email addresses, all that stuff. Now, to get this again, you have to get an account. So I'm gonna click this link where it says upgrade to premium elite, and it's going to show you kind of the pricing information here. Now, this is the price chart. And as you can see that you know, the current membership here is ah, red. And then it goes over and it gets more expensive. Um and, um, you actually, you can pay for a year at a time or three months at a time, and it kind of gives you a bit of a discount, but I want to scroll down and show you the specific option that I'm referring to. And that is this one here. Cash buyers for wholesalers. And in order to get access to all that information in that chart from that screen we were just looking at, you have to have this account of one all the way on the right hand side. Let me go back up to the pricing information. It's $18 a month if you pre pay for 12 months. So basically, it's gonna cost you $216. So here's kind of how I look at it. Okay? $216 for a year. You already you know, the the meat, the time you sign up, you're gonna go ahead and get the previous six months of cash buyers. Okay, so that's six months. That's from this point back. And then, you know, if you sign up for a year, you're gonna get from this point and 12 months forward to okay, So you basically got 18 months of cash buyers that you're gonna have access to if you pay Suitt $216 to me. You know, that's ah, it's kind of a no brainer to me. I mean, you know, there's a lot of different ways you can spend money building your buyer's list and to be able to pay $216 for that. That volume of people men, I mean to me, it's Ah, it's very well worth it. Now I know you're your budget and everything. You know, this may or may not be an option for you, but for what it's worth, I wanted to show you that this is here, um, for to be able to just, you know, build a buyer's list quick and dirty. This is a great way if you're starting from square one and you're just now starting to build out your buyer's list. Uh, you know, I mean this this is Ah, this is kind of a hard thing to turn down. Um, I have gotten I mean, I know that I've closed houses from, ah, the records that I've gotten off of my house deals dot com. And the thing is, I know it's easy to kind of get sticker shock when you start thinking of the expenses that go into some of these ways that you could build buyers less like this one, for instance, my house deals or, you know, building a website or sending out direct mail. You know, it is easy to kind of get hung up on those costs. But what you have to think about is all it takes is one good buyer and one good deal for you to make, you know, five grand, 10 grand, 15 grand. And, ah, you know, it's all very much worth it. But sometimes it takes Ah, you know, taking a little jump and investing in yourself and your business to be able to, uh, unlock your ability to close those deals by getting access to some of those really heavy hitter cash buyers. So that's really it. This is a really short one, just kind of wanted to show you this a little section of my house deals dot com Uh, and so you could have immediate access to these buyer records. And the main thing I wanted to point out, there is a cost involved. So just decide if this is something that's right for you. And if it is, you know, leverage this resource because it is a good one. I can vouch for closing deals from the people I've gotten from my house deals, so it could be really good for you. That's really all for this lesson, and we're moving on to the next one from here. 26. Is A "BUYER Website" For You?: building a website can be a great way to attract cash buyers. Um, now it is not a a method that will give you immediate results. It's a method that you have to. I mean, it's Ah, it's a long game. It's a long strategy. Um, you know, it's It's Ah, it's good because once it's built and it's working, it's completely hands off. You got a website out there that's giving you exposure that people confined that can learn about you. They can sign up and they get into your database that way. It can be tough, though, because it's that span of time. While the website is, you know, it's it's not ranking in the search engines, and it's just kind of sitting there. That's that's what could be tough about a website. But again, it's not. It's not an immediate solution for cash buyers, but over the long term, it's excellent. Uh, let me kind of show you what I'm talking about. So, uh, if you don't already have a website, uh, you know, don't worry too much, because I'm not a I'm not a website building expert either. I've kind of struggled through setting up a couple blog's in a couple websites, but I'm not on expert by any means. But the way website works is somebody will go on to the search engines. Whether you know, Yahoo being Google in this case, Google. I'm gonna give you a little example and type in something such as, um, cheap Atlanta houses. My market is Atlanta because they're looking for houses to buy in Atlanta. So the type and cheap Atlanta houses and the scroll through the search results, and they find something that jumps out at him, such as this one Cheap Atlanta deals. This is my website. And as you could see, you know, it's just a Z Z. Is that for somebody to find your website? They type in a search term that go through the search results, and they're gonna find something like this. They're gonna be like, Oh, man, this is exactly what I'm looking for. They're gonna check out your website. They're gonna learn about you and what what you could do for them. And if everything is interesting to him, they're gonna put in their name and their email address, and they're gonna be in your database just like that The beauty of a website is that it's out there working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you don't even have to think about it now. Obviously, there's a lot of work that goes into building it and setting it up, but that's why I say it's Ah, it's a long term investment in your business, but a website is an excellent way to continuously pump cash buyers into your database. So again, this is my Atlanta website that I used to attract buyers. It's called cheap Atlanta deals dot com, and this is it. It's Ah, it's simple is probably only 10 pages in size. But as you can see from that example, it's easy to find. And Google there's, ah, it's ranked for quite a few search terms, and it does really well. This website is maybe, uh, maybe nine months old. So you know it, Really? In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't take that long to get a website to rank. Uh, now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you the service. I used to to ah, purchase and build and design this website and again I'm not. I'm not affiliated with these people whatsoever. I don't get any kind of kickback from this. I'm just using this for an example. If you look at the bottom of my website here, it says Real estate investor website powered by lead propeller. I'm gonna click that link right there is going to take me to a website called lead propeller dot com, and this is the service that I used to put this website together. Basically, you you sign up and ah, the website is kind of already Tim plated. It's, you know, it's it's ah, you know, it's it's got basically areas where you need to plug in information that's relevant to your market in your business. But it's all kind of set up in a way where you can build a really pretty and effective looking website without without a lot of, you know, knowledge and experience about website building. I want to go to the pricing page and just kind of show you what it costs. Um, it is ah, it's $49 a month. It is, Ah, $49 a month gets you. Actually, there's three websites for $49 a month. The one I just showed you again is the one to attract buyers or depending on how your business is set up, you might want a website to kind of, um ah, attract motivated seller leads. And such as that you can do the exact same thing with the lead propeller website. So, yeah, um, you know, I haven't been on with this service. Ah, really, really long time again. Probably about nine months. But, I mean, it's amazing. Um, I can tell me. Let me run another example for you. Com Let's see, uh, see, cheaper than houses. Let's say, um, gonna keep Atlanta house deals. And there is this This is a these these top three or the paid search results. And here's here's mine right here. Number one, uh And again, it's it's not very old side or anything, but I get, um you know, I don't know where you're at in your business. You may already have some experience. You may have already closed a lot of deals. You may already have a website. Who knows? But if you don't already have a website, I would recommend you look into possibly one of these lead propeller websites. You can go to my website cheap Atlanta deals dot com and kind of, you know, check it out. You know, go through all the pages and see how everything works. Um, I mean it. It works really great. The website again. Um, there's a cost involved. If your brand new starting out, it may not be the best time to build a website. Instead of putting those dollars into ah into building website, I would suggest putting those dollars into things like, you know, attracting leads from motivated sellers or possibly building your buyer's list by sending out some direct mail or something like that, something that will give you a more immediate response. But once you have a little bit of capital to work with, investing in your business for the long term is an excellent thing to do. So this is it. Ah, again, Yeah, this is this is my website. Check it out if you want to check out lead propeller Aziz. Well, if you if you want to um but yeah. Consider setting up a website to attract buyer leads into your business. That's all for this lesson. And we're moving on to the next one 27. Get Involved In Your REIA: So let's talk about Rhea groups. You may or may not have heard of. That RIA Group is basically an acronym. It's R E I A. And that stands for real estate Investment Association. If you were in any kind of metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth or Colorado Springs, just you know, they're just really any kind of, ah area of significance. There's probably a real estate investment group, Uh, just, for example, to find out if there is one in your area, you know, for me about my market. Is Atlanta having type in Atlanta area R E groups? A. Just like that, and the first search result here for me is the Atlanta RIA Um, yeah, this is a A re a group or a real estate investors association. It's basically it's a gathering place for real estate investors, and they all get together and talk and network and ah, there seminars and courses and, uh, all kinds of good stuff. But the main thing is, if you're wanting to connect with real estate investors, go where the real estate investors are. This is basically ah, the gathering place of real estate investors, so find out where the real estate investment associations are in your area or in your market. Run a search on Google and you know, just just kind of figure out where they are and when the events occur. Ah, a lot of times there is a cost involved. For example, the the subscription costs to the Atlanta area is 100 bucks a year. Um, you know, it's it's a steel. There's there's all kinds of even aside from just building your buyers less, there's all kinds of benefits that you can get from being involved in a Rhea. I mean, just look at the, you know, the top bar of this page. Um, I mean, there's there's a calendar of events. There's all kinds of meetings. There's workshops. We can learn new stuff. In Atlanta, the prophet is called Ah, it's basically a newspaper where they write about, you know, the real estate market in Atlanta, and such as that So you can educate yourself. Webcast Blog's that there's houses you can by cops. You know, there's all kinds of good that you can get out of Arria or being involved in a remaining, so I suggest you go to these RIA meetings. But before you do, I think it's a good idea to arm yourself with some business cards because you're gonna be, you know, face to face communicating with people there and you want a hand out a ton of business cards, everybody you talk to give him a business card. Now, talking about business cards, you can actually get some business cards for free. Just type in free business cards into a Google search. And there's probably, Ah, there's all kinds of options where you can get free business cards. Uh, usually, what it is is you pay the shipping, you know, they're trying toe kind of get the word out about their cards and, you know they will give you free business cards if you just pay shipping. So, for instance, here on parental tastic dot com, this option right here you can get 253 business cards. Uh, you gotta pay the shipping. Of course. Which shipping is 5 99 So, uh oh, yeah. You know, get yourself set up with some free business cards. Find out where the Rio groups are occurring and go to those groups, and I mean If you take 100 business cards before you leave the group, you should not have a business card left over. You gotta give those things away. Get rid of those business cards. They don't do you any good. If they're sitting in your pocket or on your desk or in your car. You know you got to get rid of those things. Um, one more thing I'll mention is about the cost of these RIA associations and stuff. Usually about $100 a year is about what it costs to be a member of a re a group. Now, most of them. If you don't want to pay $100 you don't plan on going, you know, once a month or whatever, you just want to go a time or two a year. Usually you can do like a guest pass, and it's like five or 10 bucks to just go once. So, you know, just let you know that that option is out there as well. So there's no way of knowing the the the possibilities of the connections. You can make it a re a group. There's all some of the best connections I have made have occurred in Rio groups. I mean, that's where a lot of the heavy hitter real estate investors hang out. And don't feel, um uh, you know, embarrassed or discouraged or anything like that, Even if you're a little guy, Um, I mean, it means a lot to go up to some of these big players and talk to him and hand him a business card and tell him who you are, what you do. I mean, everybody's real laid back at these things. So it's an excellent opportunity to network and rub elbows with some of the heavy hitter guys and ultimately build out your buyer's list, so get plugged into our area. Uh, when you go there, go with a fist full of business cards and go with the intent of getting rid of all those business cards before you leave the RIA meeting. So do that, and I know you're going to get some good contacts from that. So, yeah, check out the RIA meetings and, uh, yeah, that's ah, that's really all for this lesson. We're gonna move on from here 28. The Newspaper Can Be Very Handy: next, let's talk about finding buyers by using printed advertisements, and I'm talking about things like basically like newspapers or magazines or the little pamphlets that you see at gas stations and such as that those were called Thrifty Nickel or the Pennysaver. But there's a lot of ways you can find buyers. You confined them to waste. Basically, one way is just by looking through the newspaper and through the ads and finding people that are real estate investors or the other way to do it is to run an advertisement yourself. So there's a few different ways to find, Um, you know, newspapers and such where you can put your advertisements. And, you know, the easiest way is toe. You know, just go to Google and type in, basically, you know, the name of your market and the word newspaper. So in my case, I'm gonna type Atlanta newspaper in the top. Search result for me is the main newspaper in Atlanta, so dependent on what the newspapers are in your area, you can get on their website and basically find where you can advertise ah and put an ad into their newspaper. They're gonna have basically costs and such as that? Ah, breakdown. That's usually you typically pay by, You know, the size of the ad and how many words air in there. But, you know, that could be a really good way to get eyes on what you are offering. So you just run a little ad that says basically, you know, uh, like, handyman special for sale, and then your phone number, Or in my case, I can say cheap Atlanta houses on then maybe, Ah, you know my website. You are l on the phone number. You want to be really, really short and simple on these things. And for an example of the kind of Adam talking about running, I have one written up here. Something like this is what you want again. You want to just, uh, focus on putting an ad out there that's really short and simple. You wanna have At the very least, your phone number is a way for them to get in touch with you. Or in my case, I would try to steer him to my website as well. So something like this. Cheap Atlanta houses for sale 50 cent below market value. See them a cheap Atlanta deals dot com or call. Been at my Google voice number. So something like this is the kind of ad that you want to run in these papers, and the prices are going to vary. You know a lot, depending on the size, your paper like a My market is in Atlanta, but I live outside of Atlanta, the Atlanta newspaper. The cost of those abs you're probably gonna be, you know, maybe 203 100 bucks, whereas running an ad and just my little local newspapers, Probably something like, you know, 20 or 30 bucks. So depending on basically the level of exposure that you're gonna get on the ad, the prices going, Teoh, you know, very, quite a bit. But, you know, this is a way to get a lot of eyes on your message. You just want to be sure that your messages, you know, short and in tuned and it has those really important elements in there, but mainly away. They could get in touch with you and just some sort of really short pitch, such as cheap Atlanta houses for sale. That's all it really takes. So yes, a running that search is a way that you can find the newspapers that are available in your area. Now, aside from the newspapers that are specific to your market, let me show you a way that you can that you can advertise nationally or focus in specifically in your market, using the PennySaver or Thrifty Nickel. Now what you do to find those guys and to see what the pricing is again, go to Google and the parent company for Thrifty Nickel or the PennySaver. It's called advertising results, so type in advert for sorry adv er Advertising results in the top result, there's going to be advertising results dot com so head to that website and this is the website that you're going to use if you want to put an ad in the Thrifty Nickel or the Pennysaver. Most people probably know what those are. The thrifty nickel and the Pennysaver there too little, you know, maybe 50 to 100 page little books and they're usually found. Ah, you know, kind of downtown and the little plastic, uh, you know, containers that you put a dollar and you open it up and you pull out the newspaper or a lot of times there in places like grocery stores or gas stations, places like that. So again, Ah, lot of people will see these ads if you put him out there so to get into the PennySaver and Thrifty Nickel what you do again Goto advertising results dot com And then there's too little links over here on the upper right hand side. One says thrifty nickel. The other says penny savers. Um, depending on where your market is, sometimes they may not have a lot of exposure in your area, but what you want to do is just click on them and kind of see what the pricing is and what kind of exposure there is. So I just clicked on the thrifty nickel link over here on the top right hand side, and I'm gonna scroll down. And as you could see, they haven't divided up a couple different ways, depending on the kind of ad you're putting out there and what kind of exposure you want to what your budget is. So, just for instance, if you want national advertising, you could see that that adds gonna cost you $305 nationally. So I mean that is a lot of Ah, that's a lot of circulation and a lot of exposure. And the price really is not that bad. When you think about how many people are going to see it and then you go down the next level and you look at it from this state level if you want to cover, for instance. You know, if I want to cover all of Georgia, the ad is gonna cost me 43 bucks. But as you can see, they don't have all the states here. There's only you know, uh, 47 There's only 10 results here, so your your state might not be here. And you see, in some cases they kind of have a combined Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, for instance. So you just kind of have to look, look through here and see if they have a good, you know, package for your target market and then moving on from the state. They have individual cities. So again, for May, I would just go down here to the Georgia Atlanta paper and you see, that ad cost you 19 bucks. So not bad at all. Uh, and all you have to do to get an ad set up. You know, just go to the link of your choice, depending on you know, if you want a national or regional or by city, and then you just go through here, you pick the size of your ad depending on how many words it's gonna be and you just it's a really basic process you added to your cart, and then you go to the next screen, which is basically where you type in your ad on kind of lay it out for him. Then you just click basically the buy button and you give them your credit card information . And then the ad's gonna be sent out, usually kind of within the next week, depending on when the last issue was out. That's really all there is to it. Now. Let's just go through the PennySaver link to just to see what they have there. This one's It's a little bit different process because it's a different publication. But again, for May, I would just look for the one for Atlanta, Georgia. So I'm gonna go down here to Georgia Penny Savers and this one's It's a little it's a little more broadly you can see up here in the this this text here says, in my case, it kind of says the counties that is gonna go out and Bullock, Cheetham, effing ham, Liberty, Hlongwane and Brian Counties and Georgia. So again, you don't you want to kind of see if there is a good package for your market within the thrifty nickel or penny savers? And they may have something for both or they may have Ah, you know, just something you can use in one of them. Or, you know, if your market ah isn't something that you know is kind of a big metropolitan area, which is kind of where these air focused around. Then you know, there may be some other options you wanna looked into and you might not want to spend the money for room, you know, some kind of print publication like this, but again, Ah, the thrifty nickel and the PennySaver is, and also your local newspapers are a great way to get your ad out there, get eyes on your ad and to get people either calling into your your phone number or to send them straight to your website. If you have a website. Usually I wouldn't advise putting in just a email address on there. So if you have a website set up, you know you can put in your website URL and all indefinitely a phone number inside your ads and again going back to just this example added, put together something along these lines, you know, you want to put your own spin on it and make it your own. But, you know, just be really direct and the kind of message you're putting across. Tell him you know, basically what you're offering and how they can get in touch with you doesn't have to be all fancy and sales or anything like that. It's gonna be a lot of eyes on these, and people will call you on this. Okay, so that's basically how to, uh, you know, get your ad out there in front of the right people. Now the other thing I want Teoh, you know, explain is you can also find people using these newspapers and these advertising magazines and such without putting an ad in there. What you want to do. You want to get your hands on either the newspaper or the Thrifty nickel or PennySaver in your area and just comb through the ads in the classified section of the newspaper or in the real estate section of the Thrifty Nichols and stuff. And just look for the ads that say either you know, kind of little catchphrases like I buy houses or, you know, uh uh, houses for rent section is another good area because I mean, the people that are renting out houses are real estate investors. They own the houses, and they're looking for tenants to put in their houses to bring in rent. So you confined those ads in those papers and just put calls out there to these people just say Hang, you know, tell him who you are, what you're doing. Tell him you have houses available in their area and just, um, learn a little bit about them and what they're looking for. And add those people to your database. There's loads of people that you can find in there, you know, aside from looking for those, I buy houses as and such, you know, again looking for those the going to the for rent section, those, um, I would say at least half of those are people that would be happy to be added into your database. And people just ah, that's kind of thinking outside the box a little bit by going to those four rent ads. Most people don't think about doing those kind of things, and those are your buyers. Just put a call in to tell them who you are, what you're doing and get those people into your database. So, yeah, print ads can be a great way to get a lot of exposure on that Google photo, that Google phone number and send people over into your database. And by and large, the cost of those ads are very, very cheap. You can get a lot of eyes on those ads for only, you know, $30 an ad or $50 in an and again kind of the key. If you're gonna have the abs out there, it's just kind of schedule it. I would recommend maybe running one at a month. Something like that. You really don't have to have constant exposure, but I mean, the more exposure to your business is better if you have the budget for it. So print ads were definitely something to consider, or depending on your budget. If you just want to pull people from those newspapers, just go out and get yourself a couple of newspapers and penny savers coming through those ads and get in touch with those buyers manually by calling him. So that's it for this lesson. Definitely something you want to add into your business and kind of diversify yourself. This is a great way to market your business and continue to add people into your buyer database. That's it for this lesson moving on. 29. The Simple Google Search: Okay, So now let's talk about how you can find buyers just by running a an Internet search organically through the search engines. And, uh, what we're doing here is we're basically gonna target investor websites. We're going to try to find people that are active in your market so that you can connect with them and get them into your buyer database. So just as an example on this, uh, I'm gonna put a search into Google and we're gonna find my website. I'm gonna tie, keep Atlanta House deals. And then, as you can see, the 1st 3 year adds 123 and the next one down here is my website. So it's really just a Z Z is that to find these people? You just got to kind of think what kind of search terms, uh, home sellers would type in in order to try to sell their houses, and you find those websites and get connected with these people and get them into your database. Now, in doing this, one thing that will probably make this easier so that you don't try to connect with same people over and over is just set up some kind of tracking spreadsheet, Just something really basic that has, You know, the website. You are l It may be a status next to it of, you know, maybe you tried to call him and you left a message, and then you talk to him, you know, just any kind of little system like that so you can keep track of these websites that you're reaching out to, because, ah, a lot of the websites you'll be able to find with multiple search terms. So again, I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and head back to Google and let's just ah, let's just put in. I'm gonna put in a couple just example search terms here. I'm going to continue to use the market. Atlanta Because again, that's my real estate market. So what you want to do is substance. Substitute your market in place of Atlanta, such as if I type in, I find Atlanta houses. You know, you type in, I buy, you know, Memphis houses or I by Chicago houses such as that. So let's see what comes up for I by Atlanta houses again. The top three are basically the paid slots for advertisements, and I see the next one down is Craigslist. That's not really what we want. Truly a Zillow Zillow realtor. I'm kind of going down through here now. This this one down here is kind of what we're looking for. Um, I'm gonna read like the little, um The text beneath that says, Do you want to sell your house fast In the Atlanta metro area? We buy houses in Atlanta, Georgia. So this is the kind of people that I'm looking for and what you would do is just head to their website and you're gonna try to find some way to connect with them, either through a phone number and email address or a lot of times. Their website will have, like, a little message form where you can plug in your email address and send them a message. But one way or another, we were going to kind of explore this website and try to figure out how we can connect with them. This this form we're looking at here is kind of what a home seller would put into the form . You can use this form if you want to. You would just kind of explain to them you know? Hey, I don't have a house for sale, but I'm trying to connect with you because, you know, I think there's a networking opportunity, something like that. So let me get down here all the way to the bottom. Let's see. Okay, so we've got a couple different options. One is I see here, here's an email address in this case, that's it. Says info, What we pay cash Georgia dot com. And there's also a phone number right there. So what you would do is just inside your spreadsheet. You know, you would log this website we pay cash, g a dot com So that, you know, you know, you've reached out to this website and then either put a call into these people or email. And don't don't get too locked in on what you're gonna say to him. Just keep it friendly and just be straight to the boys. Say, Hey, you know, I often have great deals on house for sale in Atlanta. I came across your website and I was wondering, Maybe if there's a business opportunity between this, um, you know, if you know people that are buying houses, maybe they would be interested in buying my house is and we can put some deals together. Just anything like that is what you want to say to him. And it's probably gonna be very rare that you don't come across somebody who is going to be open to networking with you. So this this is a really easy way to add very serious people to your buyer database. I mean, they they have toe have to have some kind of presence in the industry, and they're obviously investing in themselves because they have this website they have to work on and keep up and running. So, you know, it's kind of kind of an indicator that this is a good person to add to your database. So let me go back to Google and let's see if we can find something else. Let's see, I by Atlanta houses. Um, I'm gonna type sell my Atlanta house, and again, you have to kind of think, um, what would a home seller type in if they wanted to sell their house? Because that's the kind of person that these buyer websites are set up to attract. So you kind of want to put yourself in the shoes of the seller. So I'm gonna type in cell my Atlanta house. I'm gonna run the search and see what we can pull up here. I mean, here's a lot of different options. You know, this kind of brought up some contact information for a few different groups here and where their locations are. I've got a phone number. The phone number of a phone number for the top three in the top two. Here each have a website that we can explore. Um, let me just click on this top search result here. It says I buy homes dot com. I'm gonna click on that. And again, what you want to do here, You know, don't get don't get too caught up in the website. What you want to do is just simply find a way to reach out to him without doing anything. I see right here. Here. Ah, here. Two different phone numbers that you could use. Let's see what other options There are CIA contact. So let me see what this does. Okay, Here's one of these forms I was talking about. And, uh, just for examples sake, if there was not a phone number like there is here. Or an email address like there is here. If there were neither of those, what you would do is you would just, uh you just, you know, fill out this form And then just kind of just kind of say, you know, in the in the little comment section again, just kind of say, Hey, I have houses for sale in Atlanta. I came across your website. I was wondering if we might connect and discuss a business opportunity. That's it. And then just logged that in your spreadsheet that you reached out to them and then just carry on down the spreadsheet, depending on, um, how big your market is, you're probably gonna find several 100 of these websites. Easy. I know. In Atlanta. I mean, let me go back to this search just for sell my Atlanta house. I mean, you're gonna be able to find people easily. I mean, I'm going down the search results. I mean, I I see one to I'm gonna skip this YouTube video, and then I buy a TL houses sell the home fast tail home search. We buy houses. Atlanta, we buy ugly houses. Atlanta I mean, every single one of these are people that you can reach out to and they're going to be pages and pages of these people. So again, this is an easy way toe build out that buyers list just, you know, get the spreadsheet set up. So you kind of keep track so you don't send multiple messages or multiple phone calls out to the same people and then just, you know, it's it's a little bit manual cause you gotta go out and find them. But these are gonna be some some serious players that you can add into your database. Now, the one other thing I'm going to say to you is this a lot of these people that had these websites set up You want to kind of keep in your back in the back? Your mind this these air, some serious investors and thes investors usually have their own networks. OK, so you know, if you reach out toe, you know 20 of these people and add those 20 people to your investor database. Realistically, you're tapping into a much larger pool that you can leverage to put your deals together because again, a lot of these people have their own networks. And just imagine if if each of these people that you reached out to had a network of 100 people and you reach out to 20 of them, that's actually getting you connected to 2000 people, OK, and if each of those 20 have a network of 1000 that's 20,000 people that you're actually getting connected with now, of course, it's not a direct connection to their network, but you are gonna be able to, uh, tap into that network. If you build that relationship with these people, and you guys can cooperate in putting some deals together. Even though you're not gonna have a direct connection to their network, you are still going to be able to leverage that network. So that again that some you know this method is a little bit manual. You're not just attracting them to your website or your buyer's list. You have to kind of go hunt them down and find them. But these could be some of the best connections you can make if you take the time to find them and you take the time to connect with them and you know, kind of build out that professional relationship with him. It's very, very powerful stuff. Okay, so that's really it. That's all there is to find on these people. That's all there is to this lesson, and we're gonna move on from here. 30. Utilizing "Canned Responses": Okay. Now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to convert just a regular old email address into a full data base line item inside your buyer's list. Um, another way to say that is, uh, sometimes you're only gonna have an email address for somebody. Now, there's reason for you to believe that that email address belongs to you know, somebody that is a serious buyer in your market. But you don't have any riel, you know, buying details for him. You don't know what they're buying and how much they're willing to spend on the kind of properties they're looking for and how fast they can close. You don't know any of that. All you have is an email address. Well, the point of this lesson is to show you how to convert that email address into a cash buyer record in your database. Okay, so we're gonna be doing a few different things in this lesson. We're gonna be using your email account. Um, we're gonna be using the Google form, and we're going to be using that spreadsheet that we created just to house those email addresses. So there's gonna be a few things going on. So, you know, we get lost, just kind of rewind this thing and pick up where he left off. But first, what we're gonna do is open up your Gmail account that we created lessons ago. In my case, mine is Ben's Atlanta buyer lists at gmail dot com. So log in to your Gmail account, and once you're there, you're going to be looking at this grain, which is the inside of your Gmail account. It's basically your in box. Now. What you want to do from here is we're going to, uh, we're going to get what's called a. I believe it's actually called a Google Labs. Add on there's Ah, there's a cool little feature where you can add on Ah, a little bit more functionality to your Gmail account. So we're gonna do you go from your your, ah Gmail account and go to the Settings tab right here and then go down to think we just go to settings, I think. Let me see if that's right. Yes, it is. So just go to the settings area and then we're going to go way over here to this tab here that's called labs. So click on them and you're gonna see you're going to see all these different things here. Now, all this all these things are it's it's little things that you can add all into your Gmail account. That kind of gives it this, you know, just different functionality. I actually haven't used a lot of these different things. But there is one particular one that is, that is ah, very handy. And is this one right here? It's called canned responses. What you want to do is you want to find canned responses and you want to click this little button that's gonna enable it for your account. So I'm going to enable that I go up to this button that says, Save changes. Now it doesn't look like anything has changed, but you've actually added the canned responses lab to your Gmail account. Now, before I show you that, here's what canned responses is what it is. It's basically a way that you can you can save a specific message and then easily access that message to send it over to. You know, whoever you want to send it to here is kind of an example. You know, Let's say, you know, inside your Gmail account, you end up getting asked the same question over and over. So instead of instead of having to manually type out the answer to that same question over and over and over, you could just write it up as a canned response. And then that way, whenever you get the same question, all you have to do is choose that response and send it. It's already saved for you. So we are going to use that canned response and save a pre template ID message that we're going to send to those email addresses and try to get them converted over into your buyer database. So here's how we do it. First, let's set up the canned response. You're going to go to the red button that says, compose, and that's gonna pop up this new little message window. I'm gonna excel. Whatever this little pop up is there now, it's kind of hard to find. What you do is you go to the bottom of this little email window to this little drop down arrow right here and you're gonna click it. Now you see a little area that says canned responses. And if you hover over that, you see where you can slide over here and save a new canned response. Okay, that's how you access it. But to send it up, what we do, we're gonna We're gonna go ahead and type the message that we want to save. Okay, so you get to the body of your email address, and this is where you're gonna type your message. Now, I already have one pre type, So I'm gonna slide over here to this message, and I'm going to, uh, copy all of this. I'm gonna drop it right here into the email body. Okay, I think that looks pretty good. Okay, so now what you want to do, You want to come up with your own message like this? You can kind of use my message. Here is a guide and put your own spin on it. But you want to do something kind of like this. You're the message you're trying to put out there to. This buyer is basically that you have access to great deals on houses in your market, and you want to connect with them s so that you can let them know whenever you have a ah house, that's a good fit for their bond criteria. And that's gonna be the motivation for them to send in that buying criteria to you. So here's the message. But what's missing is the actual link to the Google form. I mean, you know, we told him kind of why were reaching out to him. But, you know, there's no way for them to get in touch with you other than your phone number down here. Which, by the way, it's kind of up to you if you want to put a phone number in there or not. Personally, I would recommend it because it kind of gives you two chances to get in touch with him. Um, but you know, what we need to do next is we need to get the link to your Google form. So what we do there is. We go from your in box here and we go over to this little grid here. We're gonna access the Google form that we set up. So we click that and go to your Google drive, and then if you're dr looks anything like mine, you probably just have three things in there. You have your Google form, you have your buyer database and you have the spreadsheet that we set up just to collect emails. What you want to do is you want to open up your Google form, so open that up and what you want to grab it is you goto this little thing that says, if you live for and you can grab the Uriel from there, or you actually could have grabbed the same euro from this Google doc, So I'm gonna grab this year l up here, I'm gonna copy it, and I'm gonna go back to our email message and inside this email message, what I did is I typed out Here is the link to the Google forms. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna highlight that. First, I'm actually gonna make it bold, sort of kind of stand out a little bit more. So while it's highlighted, I'm gonna go down here to this little, uh, formatting options. Think I'm gonna click that? I'm gonna go to this big B So as you can see, that kind of makes it bold and jumps out a little bit more eso Now I'm gonna highlight in a second time, and I'm gonna go down to this link picture. I'm gonna click that and then inside this Ah, this box here where it says to what you're l should this link go to I'm going to paste the link to my form and I'm gonna click, OK? And that's gonna that has the link set up on that text. You could do a test if you want to. You can hover over the link and click it. And then this little second box pops up where you can click that link, and that's gonna take you to the form. And as you can see, you can, you know, you can fill out the form you put in your email address and such as that. So I'm gonna close that out. All right, so what we're looking at here is our email message that we have typed up. Now you can. There's a lot of stuff you can do here, but this is what I have set up here is all you really need to do. If you wanted to. You can. You can make this link tax bigger but large. You can, you know, make your contact information bold if you want to. You can even put a picture of yourself in there, which, you know, that would probably be a good thing if you wanted to. Kind of gives people ah, feeling of who you are, and they know that they're dealing with an actual person and not some, you know, just some weirdo off the Internet. So all right. So once you have your email typed up and it looks exactly the way that you would send it to somebody you want to save this and you're canned responses. What you do is you go down here to that arrow to the more options Aero, you click it, you go up and hover over canned responses and you slide over here where it says new canned response. You're gonna click that now you're going to give it a name. I would name it something like, uh, I'm gonna name it buyer invitation email, because that's exactly what it is. This is the email that you're gonna sin to this, uh, you know this buyer's email address and it's an invitation for them. Teoh, come into your database, so I'm gonna save it. is that? And that's it. From this point, you have that canned response saved. So you can actually close this email thing if you want to. Just to kind of give you a quick example. If you open up a new, completely blank email if you want to bring in that canned response, you just go down here to the options. You slide up to canned responses and you're gonna click this thing that says insert buyer invitation. It cut off where it said email against It was a little too long, but you click that and then, as you could see, it just pops right up into the the email body, just like that. Now you can You can fire it off to whoever you want to. Okay, so now let me close that new. What we want to do is you want to open up your spreadsheet that you set up to house Just the buyer emails. You're gonna open that up, Let me close out this other stuff that has to do with the form. Okay, so you should remember this spreadsheet. All this is is ah, it's a spreadsheet that we set up in a previous lesson and all it is, it's Ah, it's a spreadsheet. So we can house those email addresses. Sometimes you're gonna have an email address from somebody and again, you suspect that they are a buyer. But you might not have any other in the contact information for him. You might get him off of, you know, linked in Facebook or some kind of real estate website or um ah, In a previous lesson, we got, um, buyer contact information from the website. My house deals dot com. So those air all places where you might end up with just emailed dresses like this And I mean, the email addresses were handing all but where there really valuable to you is if you can collect that detailed criteria and get him into your database. So what you want to do here is you want to use your your Google account with those canned responses and reach out to these people inside your email list here. So what I would do inside this email list I would make a second column here just so we know if you email them or not. So I'm gonna I'm gonna make a second column. I'm just, you know, you can set this up however you want to, but I'm going to call this email to canned response because that's exactly what we're gonna do here and what you're gonna do. You're gonna go back and forth between these two tabs here. You're going to send him all that canned response, for instance, Let's go ahead and do the 1st 1 Now. I'm not I'm not actually going to send e mails to these people on my end, but I'm gonna I'm gonna do the same exact steps up to the point of actually clicking the send button. Um, but what you would do you would collect your first state your email address. Copy it, go into your Gmail account, go to compose, drop in the email address. Uh, go down and get your canned response. I was gonna drop it in there and then name your subject lines. Something like, you know, reaching out, uh, or, you know, networking or something like that. You can say, You know, the subject line could really be anything. Uh, for may, I could say, buying Atlanta real estate with a question mark. Anything like that. Just something that kind of, you know, gives them the sense of what this email is amount about that comes from you. So again, dropping their email address, uh, go to the canned response and fill out the email body with the canned response dropping a subject line. Click send. That's it. Move onto the next one. Go to the 2nd 1 Here, go to the Gmail account. Drop in the email address, bring up canned response. Right to subject line. Send. Just like that. I mean, it is gonna take you probably 10 seconds or less for every email address. And then what you want to do back here in your email sheet, I would just do something, like, you know, put an X on there for Ah, for the ones that you've emailed just so you can keep track. So what you're gonna end up with is again, you know, 10 seconds apiece going down here. You could do six a minute. You know, you're gonna end up with this whole list of people that you've sent these canned responses to. Now some of them are going to respond. Some of them are not going to respond. That's just the way it is. So you know, the ones that respond. I would just, you know, you can come through here and do a second X or you can You can change the X two responded. Whatever you need to do on your end to know that, you know, this person responded to your email and this person did not, because what you can do is eventually let's say you go down through your entire email list and you send them that canned response. Uh uh. Invitation email the ones that responded you obviously you won't follow up with those people. The ones that did not respond. You can send a second, even know to him, you know, you can create a second can response email and the tone is just going to change a little bit instead of, um, you know, just that initial invitation it's going to say something like, Hey, I reached out to you a month ago. I haven't heard back from you. I was just curious if you got my email and then from that point is gonna pick up kind of the same tone is the last email I was just interested on learning. If you wanted access to great deals in the Atlanta market. Let me know if I can collect some information from you. Click this link and I'll learn about your buying criteria. So, such as there. So, um, that is how you can convert these email addresses into buyer records inside your database just by sending them those simple canned responses and the canned responses again. They're very handy, because if you could just imagine, I mean, look at all this text. I mean, I don't I don't know what's here. There's probably, you know, 300 words or something there. I mean, the canned response to save you a ton of time. So, you know, when you come over here and you drop in their email address, do your canned response and, uh, right in the subject line, you know, it takes you 10 seconds apiece, whereas if you were typing out, you know a full message for each of those people. You know, it might take you, you know, three minutes apiece for five minutes apiece. So it's a huge time saver using those canned responses and yeah, just ah, you know, as your email address lists here continues to grow. Just continue adding people to the list. You're gonna probably end up with thousands of email addresses in here. That's OK. Just some kind of schedule yourself, you know, half an hour a week or half an hour every two weeks just to go down through this list and fire off. That can response to people. And that's another way that you're gonna channel people into your buyer database. You know, it's not Ah, you know, super technical or it's not really a very automated way to do it. But, you know, these are email addresses. They're going to convert into those buyer leads and you just have to process them. So this is another way to get people into your database. Definitely do it. And that's all for this lesson moving on from here. 31. Course Conclusion: All right, So now the course is a This is the conclusion. At this point you have your database and you have your feeder system, and you also have various methods of finding people and attracting people and processing them into your database. Now all there is to do is to work on the other side of your business, which is, you know, finding those deals those so that you can kind of bridge the gap and get those houses in front of the people in your database. Now your database will never be finished. You can never have enough people in the database. Uh, the fact of the matter is, as dynamic and changing as the real estate market is, people will actually leave your database. They'll get out of the business or, you know they'll go through some kind of financial hardship or their business will change. I mean, any number of things. So you want toe always be adding new fresh, you know, active, professional, hungry buyers into your database, and that will never stop in a real estate wholesaling operation, which is what I specialize in. Your buyer's list is your biggest asset. You can strip away all of the websites and branding and everything else you know, down to its very, very core. And what you'll be left with is your buyer database In real estate, that's one of the biggest assets you can have, because when you have a highly active, polished buyer database, you've basically got money on tap. Um, having that buyer database gives you options. You may not personally be able to buy a house at all, but if you know somebody who will buy that house, you can bring that deal together. You can put the house under contract. You can mark it up $10,000 put the deal together and monetize that opportunity. So having that buyer database gives you the keys to be able to unlocking different opportunities that you otherwise wouldn't be able to. So you come across some kind of amazing deal on apartment complex all you do, you go through your buyer database, locate the people that are interested in apartments and multi family units, and such as that and structure that deal with those people. You don't have to have the knowledge on. Ah, you know, working an investment at that kind of caliber. You know of an apartment building. It doesn't matter. You don't have to have the money. All you have to have is the network and the connections to be able to get it done. And that's what your buyer database gives you. It's not just well, I guess it can be a tool to just, you know, pitch properties at it and just, you know, make chunks of money. I mean, sure, there's nothing at all wrong with that. But in the bigger picture, it gives you the ability to close deals that you wouldn't otherwise even be able to, uh, for review. No, for financial reasons or knowledge or experience or whatever. I mean, all that stuff kind of takes a back seat because you don't actually have to have the ability and the money in the experience and the knowledge. You just have to know somebody that does have those things and those people are in your database. So the most important thing that you can do at this point is just understand that the buyer database is a never ending project. It will always be growing and improving, and in fact, you know, sometimes you might even want to cut it back. Let's say you have a lot of people in your database, that air, you know, non responders or they're just not an asset to you. Cut those people out. I mean, you want toe? Always be improving your database. That doesn't necessarily mean adding people into it. Sometimes improving your database can actually mean taking people away from it. So in those ways, your your buyer database is a never ending project. But never forget that buyer database, especially in a real estate wholesale operation, is your biggest asset. Continually build it guarded, protected because that buyer database is your business. Um, now everything in this course has given you the, uh, the tools that you need to bring those buyers in and the ways to find those buyers and how to process them. But it's not all inclusive. They're They're always other ways to find those buyers and talk to them and get a message in front of them and bring them into your database. So you just have to be open minded and kind of think outside the box of how you can get your message in front of the right people. And in fact, if you can be, you know, being creative in how you bring those buyers into your database is a benefit to you, because the more creative you could be, the less competition there is because you know you want to kind of set yourself apart as much as you can so that you will be, ah, unique. And you can take advantages of, Ah, you can take advantage of sections of the market that other people aren't, you know, targeting so much. So that's really it. I hope you got a ton of value out of taking this course. I congratulate you, and there's nothing but good things ahead of you. Just keep your eyes on the big picture goal. Never stopped building that database, and I wish you the best in your real estate investment success.