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How To Build A Real Estate Investor Buyers List

Ben Clardy, Real Estate Coach

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31 Videos (3h 40m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Building Your Database | Part 1

    • Building Your Database | Part 2

    • Building Your Database | Part 3

    • Building Your Database | Part 4

    • Building Your Database | Part 5

    • Craigslist | Part 1

    • Craigslist | Part 2

    • Craigslist | Part 3

    • Craigslist | Part 4

    • LinkedIn | Part 1

    • LinkedIn | Part 2

    • LinkedIn | Part 3

    • LinkedIn | Part 4

    • Bandit Signs | Part 1

    • Bandit Signs | Part 2

    • Bandit Signs | Part 3

    • Bandit Signs | Part 4

    • Bandit Signs | Part 5

    • ListSource | Part 1

    • ListSource | Part 2

    • ListSource | Part 3

    • ListSource | Part 4

    • ListSource | Part 5

    • Is GREAT

    • Is A "BUYER Website" For You?

    • Get Involved In Your REIA

    • The Newspaper Can Be Very Handy

    • The Simple Google Search

    • Utilizing "Canned Responses"

    • Course Conclusion


About This Class

How To Build A Real Estate Cash Buyers List

I talk to a lot of people who are struggling with their Real Estate businesses. The frustrating part is that there is a common theme that tends to repeat itself over and over in these conversations.


"I've got house deals, but I just can't get the deals successfully closed".

... or perhaps ...

"I'm scared to make offers because what if I don't have a Buyer lined up".


The reason most people struggle to close Real Estate deals, ESPECIALLY wholesale deals, is because they don't have a strong list of cash buyers. simple as that.

Now, there are people that think they have a strong buyers list, but I've found that people often confuse SIZE with QUALITY. You see, you need both to really make things happen.

You can have a tiny list of capable buyers... and still struggle.

You can have a HUGE list of garbage buyers... and still struggle.



The magic happens when you have a MONSTER list of SERIOUS buyers. Is that you? Do you have a rock star buyers list? If not, then I'm positive that you can benefit greatly from my course. Let me tell you a little bit more about it...



  • Learn from an active investor who is closing 10+ deals a month.
  • The methods for growing your buyers list are tested and proven.
  • There's no prior experience required for you to benefit from the course.
  • The course is delivered in a series of short, to-the-point, instructional videos.
  • Even when the course is completed, you can refer back as a handy resource.
  • Both experienced and new investors alike will benefit from the course.
  • Build your list using both automatic and manual methods of adding buyers.
  • Discover unique methods of finding the most serious buyers in your market.
  • Everything you need for building and growing your buyers list is right here.



The course is largely build around the tried-and-true methods that I utilize in my own Real Estate wholesaling business. Every method can be implemented in any market.

Making easy money by flipping deals to your buyers list is easy - but the benefits of having a KILLER buyers list goes even deeper than that! The opportunities that will come your way by connecting with the serious players in your market are vast and unknown - but some of the best deals I've been a part of have come about through the connections I've made through building my buyer database.



My buyers list is EASILY the most valuable asset that I have in my Real Estate investing business. The quality and value of a strong Buyer List is priceless.

For anyone interested in quickly and effectively building out a SERIOUS buyers list - this is the course for you.





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Ben Clardy

Real Estate Coach

My name is Ben Clardy.

I'm a Real Estate Entrepreneur, but I'm a teacher at heart.

I create HIGH-QUALITY / LOW-COST Real Estate courses for my students.

I've made MANY of mistakes in my investing career. One of them that I will always remember is the day that I wrote a $25,000 check to a "Real Estate Guru" that promised to teach me everything I needed to know to succeed in Real Estate. That was a BIG mistake.

I lost an i...

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