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How To Build A Pro Makeup Kit

Mira Metzler, Mixed Media Artist

How To Build A Pro Makeup Kit

Mira Metzler, Mixed Media Artist

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9 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Makeup Kit Overview

    • 3. Face

    • 4. Eyes and Lips

    • 5. Tools

    • 6. False Eyelashes

    • 7. Extras

    • 8. Makeup Chair

    • 9. Take Action!

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About This Class

How do you put together a professional makeup kit? When you start your career this question comes up way more often than you'd think. My first attempt was a total clash of drugstore and high-end cosmetics. As far as I could see, makeup cases should be huge and stuffed with lots of products from famous brands. Right?

This class will be a super easy introduction to getting started in the makeup business, specifically what are the basics in the professional makeup kit and other essential tools. Clients will always appreciate someone who is professional.

This is information that is often overlooked by aspiring and novice makeup artists so my goal here is to give you an inside look into my professional kit and help you buy only what you actually need to execute your makeup job.

There’s a few categories of products you really must have and then there are some you want to have, but can do without.

I am definitely an adept of quality loyalty over brand loyalty and for my job I only rely on true and tested products, edited and curated along the years.

I hope this serves you as a guide and as a checklist when you are putting together your professional kit and helps you be a better makeup artist for that. Makeup artistry is a wonderful career and I’m excited to get you on the right path to do this properly so you can take matters into your own hands.

Meet Your Teacher

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Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist


I am a professional Makeup Artist passionate about sharing my knowledge of makeup and love of illustrations. I love teaching women how to make themselves more naturally beautiful with strategically placed makeup to flatter and sculpt natural features.



Watch my beginner's makeup class class using this link !

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1. Introduction: everyone. My name is my left. Another professional makeup artist. This last will be a super easy introduction into the makeup business. Specifically, what are the makeup essentials in a professional makeup kit and other tools that you might meet? This information is often overlooked by Aspiring, a novice makeup artist. So my goal here is to give you an inside look into my professional makeup kit so that you can have a tool to help you buy only what you actually need in order to get the job done. The added off quality over brand. So I have loyalty toe whatever has quality and value to my kids. That's why you won't see many big labor's in my professional pick up artistry is a wonderful career, and I'm really excited to get you on the path to building your own professional makeup. I hope to see you class 2. Makeup Kit Overview: So this is my makeup station. This is where I get to do all the makeup when I work from my studio. Before we talk about what's in the bag, I want us to discuss a bit about the back. Now you can see mine. This this holds all of my make up and you can see it's not that big. It's just the right size. You can take it in one hand. You can strap it on your shoulder. It's very sturdy. I had it for a long time and it has not failed me. I will. I don't think I would change it unless I actually break it somehow. So let me just open it, all right? You can see it's not even full to the brim. Actually, I will take out everything that's in it. I just haven't overview for you. And then we can actually go. And this costs each off the products that I have here. So you can see here. I have some eyelashes and stuff for the eyes. My brushes are here. I will tell you about this later on. Then I have one poach for I make up and leap makeup and then the other pouch is for the face. Yeah. So basically, this is it. This is all I carry with me. And I can do any makeup that is actually required. Or one more thing. Though. I have this, um, extra products that I carry with me when I go and do cost you make up for the theater this year is my secret weapon, so to speak. It's a hand cream that is, um, rich in honey and love and their extract. It smells delicious. And I used this on my clients to give them a relaxing moment while I do their makeup. We will go now and discuss each of the products what contains in every bag and see why I actually chose those. So looking forward to seeing you in the next video. 3. Face: come back now We're gonna start with the first pouch that I showed you. This is the part that contains all over my face products. And we will go over them each individually. Okay, I will start foundation Just because it's easier like this to present the products do now, they all of the same you like? Yes, but on the back, I can see this is foundation palette to on this is foundation. Okay, So as a professional, I need to have easy access to all the colors at once. And I love this parents. I've been using them for five years and I keep keep replenishing. Whatever. Well is use out. And I tell you, I can tell you for sure. These goes beautifully and this photographs very well. And even though this class is not sponsored anyway, by become decided, they do have my endorse every skin tone in the world fitted these They're amazing. And because they're crane blocks, I can use them like this. They have high ground pigment in them. I can face them. Then I can make them even more liquidity if I have this column This primer. So basically, with this now, I can do this street, I can do every face. And then there's There's the highlight and shadow palette again, I can do any skin told with these, have the correct er's so thistle the face and I really, really travel light with these. Now I have three a Lash Palace again. I love it because I can have many products and I don't have to take much space. There are from sleek. So they're saying my professional, so to speak, but into the job. You know that I have friends and uh, then the pinks because this was sort any skin color. And again, this is a cream product that works very well and plans very nicely into the foundation that I just And then I have, you know, again, a cooler pink and some ethical color so I can do and he skin tone with these. Then that's going to this blushes dehumanizing that acts like a blush and depending on how heavy you are when applying it, you can actually use it. Even as a child on the same category. I haven't immunized that can go and be applied on the whole skin. That's just very, very subtle. It won't be sparking it'll. And fourth, the darker skin tones you have this terracotta one has some she wanted actually only used this for summer makeup and, you know, times and Dr Kindles for probably contouring because I showed you my highlighter. I have this. It's I like this color because it's just one color TV. But if I apply lightly enough, it looks going on. Pale skins, too, because, as you can see, it doesn't have much work. And she's a very neutral brown. So it goes well for many kingdoms and course under which is suited for any skin tones just to set the makeup. And if I have this, I don't need to buy separate individuals. Call our founders. So are prepping. The skin is a very light moisturizing and reorganizing face cream. But I apply this before and and I've tested this and it actually works very well on any schemes on a special treat. This is something that I I've been doing lately, every time, because also my clients or dehydrated, I used this vile off hieratic asset, and I apply. It is a serum in a violent and I apply it on the face before I put the cream. And then I go into the makeup. So it's like a quick fix. I won't solve the problem, but I will definitely improve the quality of the makeup. So I command something like this. This is everything I carry with me. And this is everything I think makeup artist needs in order to do a makeup look, any makeup look so you can see how small my kid is. But I generally don't need anything else. And sometimes I add stuff to the kid, and sometimes you know, I end up caring war. But at the end of the day, this is why I use every time, every day. This is true, untested, and I wouldn't change this. It's very light. It's very light to carry something most makeup artist at the beginning, But at least the one don't think about that. You have to actually carry on your shoulder in your hand. So I'm really excited to show you what I have in the other Dutch 4. Eyes and Lips: right. So now let's move on to the eyes and lips. This second pouch we start with some disposable like cotton body. But you can see this is a special shape. Yeah, it's tapered at one hand and is very flat and the other, and it's very easy to use this. Like like the inner corner off I This side is very useful for down there. I here I have a powder puff. I use this on my pinky finger, you know, so I can hold it against someone's face and work, you know, on the lips or on the eyes. If I have to do touch ups. And this way I won't get my hand directly on the skin. This puff here, this is a part of off. I actually can't with me as a backup, but I don't use your loaded with father. And then you can apply powder with with a path, but I usually use a brush moving on. Doesn't I had it? One of my favorite. It's from the bomb, which is not professional makeup, Brad, but I I think they hold very well. Very nice. They're very spoon pigmented and they work with, says Dick Wise as well, then my most. My most reliable eyeshadow palette is this one, which has some basic neutrals for defining the I. And you can see the shaving or various on this actually, again. Just works beautifully on most skin domes that I have a blush in a pink shade and then a darker shade for pay, a skin tones and dr skin tones as well. What? I want to get a bit extra suri. I have these. I think everyone should have some sugary eye shadow in a few classical colors because then you can mix and match. You can play with the neutral color that I showed you before. You can get some very playful and interesting looks. Four eyes. There's also this which is actually broken out. This is from a professional cosmetic brands. You can see how saturated all the colors are. I don't really use Use this for beauty makeup, but it's definitely coming in hand for costume on theater makeup. Giving the I P. This is one eyelash cover. I think it's very important to have one in your kid. Oh, Brown jail. Just simple, transparent about Brown Joe. This is an eye Primor. And I don't always use this because you can actually use foundations set with powder, and you have the same effect. But its sometimes easier for me to apply this, especially when I'm doing very fast theater makeup because I don't have time to actually be the agreement. On the second, I have a selection off my pencils and the pencils you'll see here. It's on the shop. I don't have many of them, and I don't feel like I need to have more than I have here. This is the high liner, and it's of course it's creamy and your bite the brush and I also have a liquid one. Actually, this is a callback eyeliner. It's not what proof this'll one is, but I can have a thinner line more control. We just add water to it, and it becomes elected, of course, in this care, which I don't use the wonder of it. Of course, I applied with special brush fam rush, but this is the mascara. It's whether proven just what I use my guns and still make up remover are its departed here for easy access. This is something I recently added because it works beautifully as a base. I mean, it's meant to be a glass that lasts long, but in truth it's just a good base. So I can apply a bright color and not necessarily discovered, but the bright color on top. This is a setting spray. And I've just recently added this to my collection. So I wouldn't say I'm trying in our because I tested it on myself. Everything that's in my kid, I've already tested for myself. I know it works. This is trying, tested, just didn't have the opportunity to use it as much. And to be honest, I don't consider this to be a makeup session in the professional kid and the star of the show. This is my You can see here. This is what I departed All my name sticks and I have with me everything that I need and I can have more, of course, if necessary. But this saves me so much space, and I highly recommend anyone that wants to be professional too. Investigate what options they have. Are you having compact containers like this? You have everything in one place because not always will have so much room to spread everything, and also you have to be able to travel with your your products. So this is a good investment. Last but not least, I have water, and I support clinic alcohol for cleaning the brushes and actually have a class of skin show where I show you how exactly. I use alcohol to clean the brushes, the tools and the makeup. So go ahead and watch that if you want to find out more and you'll also find on my profile , there's a video linking to how I depart my lipsticks into something like this, and that's available for 24 people that access that big through my scarcer profile. And you can always go and check that and find out more. So this is for this pouch and we still have. The rush is on the eyelashes, so see you next video 5. Tools: Welcome back in this video, we will discuss the brushes that I think a makeup artist should have in his horse, kid and some of the tools. First of all, this'll is about the best way to start your brushes. They will always stay flat like this. They would keep their shape. Just let me move this cause it's so shiny. And, um, yeah, it's a good way to have access to all of them. You can just laid on the table like this before you can say belt, you can actually use it on strap it around your waist. I've actually seen makeup artists that use the belt, but just hanging on the shoulder, some somewhat like a cross body. I always fine, but this is perfect for storing them, traveling with them. You see, there are many brushes, and I do recognize some people. I find I have two little and some would say this is definitely too much. So I would just say I use a lot of brushes on a lot of people in racial time, and I don't have time to always wash them. So that's why I have so many. I feel like I need to say this disclaimer at the beginning. So you understand why I have the same rush, like in a different brand? Maybe, And that's that is over them. First of all, with the first World. This is a brush I applied powder with. This is actually something I don't use much except for large areas like privilege are you know, the forehead, Maybe maybe the shoulders. Sometimes you have to apply make up there. And, um yeah, that's why I was used for this is again something I use for applying over there setting powder for smaller areas. And actually, I used this toe plowing, setting folder or even smaller areas like other I. Then I have the blush brush, which is actually I actually used before blush um, the other blush and country. This is something that gets used less and less lately because I actually found out that the fan brush can do a better job at countering north. Hugs the bones very well on its not as harsh as this one doesn't need to be blended much. So this is the flag brush. And I just love this four contrary again also for highlighter, this is a classic foundation brush. I use this to apply makeup, but actually used this one two Buffett in the skin because he's, you know, it has this dome shape and find Brazil. So this is my favorite, especially going on in a hurry, and this can be clean easily, and I find it gives the same result as if I would want to use a sponge. I have white vessel. I very rarely use this on the water line or the corner like to have on hand. Same purpose. It has this neutral shade off pencil. This has multiple purposes, and you can use on the water line when you don't want it to be so harsh like the white. But you can also correct small mistakes, like when you apply red lipstick and you have to crack afterwards. So this this is, does a great job because it has the color of the skin, and it's really, really like a correct are. But in a pencil shaped these are for painting the hair back for my model, and then I just take it off the face. This is my special, and I use this to mix and sort for the glare. I used this to mix and blend my cream foundation. My cream blush is you know, my eyeliner. Basically everything. This is where I work. And this is what I used to take the products from there. Whip So I don't cross contaminate off course. I have tweezers and scissors. Now the smaller brushes some of these or like multiples of the same kind. This is a fine eyeliner. This is an angled by liner. These two or for the I off course. A pencil. I lighter. Same. This in the crease. This is the mini fan brush that I told you. I used to apply mascara. Consider again for I r lift brush. I told you about this one. This is used for buffing concealer. This for the I shuttle. And then there are the same things. Like angled. I used this for consider. I used eyeliner again. Either you conceal I eyes get eyes on all of these four guys from this one. I used this to buff in the concealer under the eye, and yeah, this is all eyes here. Rice. I use a lot of brushes for the eyes. I mean, generally, I use about three before brushes for one person. But if I have to do the makeup for several person, you know, then I definitely don't have time to clean them, and I would just go to the other. So, yeah, they support the brushes and some of the tools that's coated the next video and see what's in the last pouch. 6. False Eyelashes: all right. Thing is the last from the make up kids. And this has basically just let me find the zipper are all my eyelash stuff. And when I say stop, it inevitably means I have stripped eyelashes, individual lashes, different size, different styles. And then I have I like to keep them away, tidy in one place and preferably something. Study like this. Because this way, they won't be like wish. They will be anyway damaged, and they will keep their shape. I don't always use them. I have planned still don't actually want them, But I want to give you a tip. If your clients are like that, you would have the option off. Use these like, literally the individual. Not even. I think this is definitely on the heavier side, and it's still like That's a good for you. Issue wants to put eyelashes on your model on your clients, but I don't want oh, except this more obvious. Once 7. Extras: we're gonna go over the extracts. And I called him on that because I don't actually use them. Except if I'm doing custom or theater makeup, Just think about okay. I have a glass which is sparking Andi. I literally use this on the lids when I need to be shiny. This is vastly. I haven't for different reasons, especially for guys. They don't like to have the steak on the lips. This is why I use on them thes or meant for special effects. Therefore, may come to sign areas well, and yeah, all the colors are very, very pigmented and their blood doble. And you can mix them with their foundation there prime, or actually had to do once an entire blue face and injustice and then some colored us primer and I actually have a foundation. And it it was just exactly what I needed. So I can make bruises and Barnes off course if necessary. And then I have glitter and legal groups. Sometimes you need some shine your life. And then I have dissidents punch that I used to meaning beards on guys or, you know, you can just correct if necessary. If there are gaps, but you can also, like, actually fake it. So with the right product that bland off my shadows Ah, black in the brow. You can actually get very realistic looking beers. That's another thing for you. That is it. On the product side. Stay tuned. In the next video, I will show you my makeup chair. 8. Makeup Chair: 9. Take Action!: Hello. So I'm very excited and grateful that you stayed through the videos with me. And I hope you learned something permit. And I would really appreciate to know in the project section if this helped you. And how would you build your kids? Now, I have other classes about make up here in Scripture, and I I invite you to see why teachers profile. There are also some exclusive links only for my skin share students. Thank you again for much of my class and helps you