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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons ()
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. All you need is....

    • 3. Building the Sock-Snowman

    • 4. Inspirations and Project

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About This Class

Winter is here and therefore it is nice to have a cuddly companion on your side :-)
In this class you will learn about required materials and I will lead you step by step
towards building that non-melting, but heart-melting sock-snowman.

Beyond that you will see some inspirations and ideas concerning decorating the snowman with
further details.

A nice give-away, christmas present, craft-idea for your kids,...

Thanks for joining!
...and again I have a little assistant on my side :-) out!

Music: Jack in the Box - Silent Partner (Youtube Audiolibrary)

Meet Your Teacher

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Melanie Mezera

"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." (Einstein)


I work as a psychologist and art therapist in Vienna (Austria).

What I do: Art therapy with kids and adolescents, painting classes for kids, bookbinding workshops and I teach kindergarten teachers, school teachers, creative techniques.

Click here to find out more about my work.

In my spare time I love crafting, painting, bookbinding, scrap-booking, art-journaling, reading, writing, land-art, sewing, yoga, travelling, languages, ... .

See full profile

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1. Introduction: on one off those cold winter days, nothing beats of warm place, a cup of hot chocolate, some cookies and a cuddly companion. Yes, funny, you're right. And if you want to join us and start creating your own non melting but ethnically hard melting companion than feel featuring rule in my class and we're looking forward to creating Mawr companions and more Kelly Snow men, see you. 2. All you need is....: 3. Building the Sock-Snowman: Okay, let's get started making our cuddly companion. First of all, we want to make the body, and for that we need a white sock. If you want to create a snowman, if you want to create any other extraterrestrial minion whenever whimsical creature, you feel free to use any sock off your lost and found box or an old stick tight or even this leave of an old T shirt, for example. Okay, first of all, I cut my socket, the hate of the hell approximately, and it's easier to use the part with the closed toe part. So I use that, and I turned it around before feeling it because it looks more snow like and more cozy and cuddly. Okay, And then I prepared my rice on Boyle, of course, and I prepared about 500 grams off rice. If you have a smaller sock, you mind need less, and if you have a larger one, you might need more, so it depends on the size of your suck. But I think for mine, about 500 gram is perfect. Then I put over the suck top of my my my cup. I fix it well and Then I turned it around. Remove it carefully and ready is my bumpy and cuddly body and then cut off some threat and tie up the loose part and cut it ready? You could leave it like that and hiding underneath the cap. Or you could also cut it into small stripes and you could use it as a haircut. That's what as well, if you want to. Or you could cut it off like that. Okay? And of course, you could also use the second party of your sock, especially if it's without any pattern or any stripes. But I didn't care about that for that. You simply Chuy. One of the loose parts together. Maybe bottom print. He's here. Fix it really well again. Turn it around and then you feel that part tied together and through the same steps as we're gonna do now. OK, so you get to snowmen out of one. Huge. Um, suck. Ok, well, now we're done with the body and of course, there's no man need some some code or hat or some dress. Okay for that, I use any kind of sucks. I love using those two socks. I get them from my local store. They're so fun you. But as I told you for the body, you could also use any kind of suck or sick tights or a sleeve of a T shirt for that and off again. Be sure that it's close like that. All right for them. The hat I love using the two parts and you need about 10 to 15 centimetres of hate. So it's about 1/3 of that one. It's easy with the stripes and a 2nd 1 for the coat. And for that, I I prefer using the clean and smooth edge for the top part Nick that keep this. Keep this craps because you can use that as his car off or an extra hat for further for the upcoming snowmen you want to make. Okay, first of all, I start pulling over them coat part, and you could hide the edges underneath like that Kids. It's a kind of shapewear for, uh, snowmen. Okay? And you see, it's so, um, tight that you don't have to tie together on the part, Okay, It's really quite shaping, and for the heads, you pull over the second part, bring it into shape if you want, you could sue it up on the edge, but it's not necessary. And you It's easy to change the hats, and it's fun for the kids. Okay? And I love tying up of the loose ends again with a yarn or some threat I'm gonna use. Make that. Okay. And of course, now he needs some eyes on the nose and probably some extra details. And for the the eyes, I simply choose to fatten. Or beef. Yeah, I think I'll take some lighter ones for that. Okay, keep that must some extra details. And then I threat up my Neil. You could double it up. So help to speeding up the suing process. If you don't want to see, you could also fix it with a hot glue gun or something like that. But I recommend suing it because it's more stable. Then I start suing first button. Then I directly stitch underneath to fix my second. No, it around. Then I fix it like that because you won't see afterwards, okay? And my eyes already okay. And for the nose, you could either add some small bead or I'll show you another quick and easy absent. For that. You need the half of Q tip and you coloring with an orange pin course and what colors and I poke it into the suck and ready is my carrot look like those. Be careful with that with toddlers or small kids, because it's easy to remove it on and swallow it, so be careful with that, but it's in a que tops, um, start nos que and it's them. And now I had some extra details. For example, buttons the war, some decoration for the hat. - Of course, you could also add some extra beats on top of the head as simply put some wooden beads or other beads. I talked to the stream you for sure to fix it with some extra stitches and ready, and I'll show you how to make some hair like a dated with the 1st 1 For that, I simply remove my hat, and I think I'll choose some off the purple three and then a loop it around my fingers a few times, depending on how many hairs your snowmen should have in a cut off him an extra threat, loop it underneath and fix it with a not And then I cottage on the opposite part, all right. And then you made use one of those hairs or at some extra string, threatening tricky. And then I sue it to them. Tough part with a few stitches. It doesn't have to be that accurate because it's gonna be hiding underneath the hat anyway . Be sure that it's quite stable stitches, and then you put on the half and rhythm. Cute, isn't she? And there are many other variations how to decorate the snowman with hair or hats or s car off. That's what I wanted to make. At least that's use one of the one of the scraps I got over here, kind of some of the stripe simply tied around his neck. And there are many variations how to decorate your snowman, and it doesn't have to be a snowman. It also could be an alien or some whimsical creature or a minion or whatever. And as an inspiration, I prepared some pictures in this light show, and you can see them in the next. Did you okay? And of course, I'm looking forward to your protects and your cuddly companions 4. Inspirations and Project: