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8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Lettering Words | Intro

    • 2. Apples to Cucumbers

    • 3. Dragon Fruit to Honeydew

    • 4. Indian Fig to Mango

    • 5. Naval Orange to Rambutan

    • 6. Star Fruit to Watermelon

    • 7. Xigua to Zucchini

    • 8. Lettering Words | Class Project


About This Class


In this class, I'll be teaching how to write one word per letter of the alphabet. In a future class, we'll deep dive and do a few words per letter, but I wanted this first word-class to be short and sweet. :) If you've never picked up a brush pen before, don't worry, I've got your back! I also taught a class on brush lettering the alphabet. 

I've broken this class up into several segments, so they're each only a few minutes long. So you can practice one segment over and over until you feel like you've got it, or you can give it a shot, and then move on to the next group. Completely up to you!

Who This Class Is For:

  • People who can form lettered words, and want to join them into words
  • People who've taken my class on brush lettering the alphabet and want more
  • People who really like vegetables

Who This Class Not For: