How To Brush Letter The Alphabet | Amanda Howell | Skillshare

How To Brush Letter The Alphabet

Amanda Howell, Artist & Pinterest Strategist

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9 Videos (26m)
    • Welcome to Brush Lettering!

    • Let's Warm Up Your Brush

    • Letters A - C

    • Letters D - H

    • Letters I - M

    • Letters N - R

    • Letters S - W

    • Letters X - Z

    • Let's Wrap This Up!


About This Class


In this class, I'll be teaching how to write the entire alphabet, using a brush marker. Never picked up a brush pen before? Don't worry, I've got your back! We'll start with some simple exercises to begin building muscle memory, and then we'll start learning the letters. Each segment is only a few letters, so it's also only a few minutes long. So you can practice one segment over and over until you feel like you've got it, or you can give it a shot, and then move on to the next group. Completely up to you!





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Amanda Howell

Artist & Pinterest Strategist

Hi! I'm Amanda Howell, and I'm always looking for new things to add to my artist toolbox. :) At the end of 2016, I chose 3 new things to focus on for the next year - doodling, watercolors, and hand lettering. I wanted to give myself ample time to explore, learn, and practice.

It completely changed my world.... I went from tentatively sharing my lettering at the beginning of the year, with apologies for it's shaky quality, to hosting a 30 day LIVE hand lettering challenge in September.<...

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