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How To Brand Your Company 101

Sylvie De Gil, Fashion Consultant

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4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Company Image 0FErJxtfmI3M beta (1)

    • 2. Class 3 Company Image Overview

    • 3. Class 3 Building Company Image

    • 4. Class 3 Branding Project current


About This Class

Branding Your Company 101: How To Design Your Image is going to show you build a strong company image for your business. 

We built this course for people who need help branding this company. The purpose of building your company image is to give an identity to your brand! An identifiable brand is a strong brand. Learn how to build a personality for your business this course through our three step process. In addition, you will learn how you can carefully craft your company's brand to make your business stand out amongst competition! You are going to brand your company's products and find out how to have a successful photoshoot! We give you a checklist to ensure a smooth shoot that will ultimately showcase your company!

Are you ready!?

Here we go!





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Sylvie De Gil

Fashion Consultant

Sylvie is a French businesswoman who has parlayed fashion expertise and life-long visual arts experience into an innovative fashion industry business.

She started Jomsy Fashion Consultant in 2010 with the goal of coaching emerging designers towards building a solid foundation for clothing line production. A foundation that clients can apply again and again no matter the type of clothing collection.

Jomsy is a unique and different concept as we support our clients th...

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