How To Boost Your Productivity and Stop Procrastinating | Dawid Tuminski | Skillshare

How To Boost Your Productivity and Stop Procrastinating

Dawid Tuminski,

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. How To Boost Your Productivity and Stop Procrastinating Promo Video

    • 2. 1 Get More Rest Than You Think You Should

    • 3. 2 The Power Of Natural Vibrations

    • 4. 3 The Productivity Costs of Multitasking

    • 5. 4 How To Stop Procrastinating Once And For All

    • 6. 5 In Conclusion

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About This Class

This is a really solid, thorough, well-made class that covers a lot. Nice visuals as well. Overall very inspiring!

So easy to understanding. Nice tips to stop procrastinating.

We live in times when we are supposed to do more and more in less and less time.

Being productive has become an essential skill, but trying to do everything we are expected to can be real stressful and cause procrastination.

Here’s how psychology can help you to boost your productivity and stop procrastinating once and for all.

Inside you will find science-based tactics on:

  • How to be productive and not overtired so you don’t feel exhausted, even if the work day has just begun
  • How to focus on one thing only to maximize your productivity and escape the trap of multitasking
  • How to stop procrastinating once and for all

Don’t miss the opportunity to understand how to use psychology to boost your productivity and stop procrastinating.

Enroll in the class and I will see you inside.


PS If you like the class, please submit your review and class project.  It will help other students, just like you interested in topic I teach, in finding my classes. Thanks!





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