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How To Boost Your Business With Excellent Customer Service

teacher avatar Sherique Dill, Personal Growth and Development Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Importance Of Quality Customer Service

    • 3. Without Customers Your Business Don't Exist

    • 4. Set Your Business Apart From Others

    • 5. Small Businesses Most Be Better In Customer Service Than Large Businesses

    • 6. 10 Customer Service Techniques For Lasting Customers

    • 7. Getting Feedback From Your Customers

    • 8. Being A Great Leader

    • 9. Professional Dress Code

    • 10. Bonus: Skills Reps Need To Effectively Serve Customers

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About This Class

In this class, small business owners will learn exceptional customer service skills and abilities that will increase the level of sales, productivity, and efficiency in their business. 

Students in this class will learn:

  • How good customer service has a direct impact on the sales and profits of their business
  • Customer service techniques and skills
  • How to choose the right team to create a good customer experience for your customers
  • The importance of dress code and appearance in your business
  • How small businesses can compete with large businesses and be successful through customer service
  •  How to be unique and creative as a small business owner
  • How to keep your customers coming back to you, because of your unique experience
  • And more

After taking this course students will be able to:

  • Increase their sales by turning customers into repeat buyers
  • serve their customers with confidence
  • Increase in professionalism
  • Grow their business by using the techniques in this class
  • Attract new customers
  • Compete with large companies and be successful

Why should I take this class:

You should take this class because if you are a small business owner, in order to survive you need customer service skills.  You need to know how to attract and keep your customers. As your instructor, I have over 20 years of experience in customer service. In addition, as a small business owner, I use these same skills and have seen the benefits of them.  I have the ability to see what businesses are doing wrong and how they turn customers away from them. I want to teach you these skills so that you can also prosper. 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sherique Dill

Personal Growth and Development Trainer


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1. Introduction: Are you a small business owner looking to increase your customer service skills? Are you ready to stand out from your competitors? Many small business owners go out of business because they don't have customer service skills. They don't know how to treat their customers. They don't know how to develop long-lasting relationships. Our customers, and because they lacked customer service skills, they go on a business and they struggling to keep firm in the market. Clips. As a small business owner, you must work harder on yourself than ever did on your job. You must work harder in your business because it's part of when you have a business is not easy. No one is going to pay you a salary. You have to do the things that is going to cause you to be successful in the marketplace. So if you lack customer service skills, no worries, I am here to teach you this. And the strategies that you need, the techniques that you need that will help you in your small business and puts you above the rest. It will help you to stand out and be different. When you treat your customers, they will come running to you. They will not go anywhere else because why you are the best, they feel important, they feel valuable, they feel appreciated. And these are the things that you will learn here in this class. So who am I and what qualifies me to teach you about customer service? Well, I am sure I have been working in the customer service area for over 20 years to when it comes to office procedures, an office room. I'm taking care of customers. You are looking at an expert. And so what I have done is taken all of my resources, all of my skills and my techniques, and put it together and made this amazing class for you so that you can learn the same skills and strategies that took me 20 years to learn. And so also I am a small business owner. I am an International Trina coach and I am the owner of STD belt, build it up where I teach personal finances. So when it comes to teaching classes, I am not a stranger. No worries. I am going to take care of you here today. So go ahead and check out the description page of this course so that you can get more details on which you will be learning in this amazing courses. Costs going to be powerful. And I can tell you that you won't develop and you will learn the customer service skills you need to take care of your customers. If you haven't already, please follow me here on this platform and please be interrupted. Don't be shy. If you need help, if you have any questions, please reach out to me and asks me your questions. Also, I would love for you to leave a rating or review of this class. Let me know how it has helped you to grow and which you have learned. As students. See you on the inside of this amazing class and see you at the top. 2. The Importance Of Quality Customer Service: The importance of quality, customer service. In this lesson, you will learn why it's important to have customer service. So that is what we are discussing here. So the objective is for you to understand Clery, why you must pay attention on the customer service in your business. So here is a brief template I put here for you because as a small business owner, you should have a mission. What is your mission? So here on the screen I have our mission is simple and impactful. We aim to be recognized as the top provider of high quality customer service, products and services. And so you can go ahead and put your own mission together. For your business, you must know what your vision is, business and what your mission is. Also when knowing these things, why, why do you have that mission? Why did you said that mission and why does your vision exits? And so I have here, we want to increase sales in our business by creating last thing, relationships with our customers that will turn into repeat buyers, hence, a profitable and successful business. And so that is an example of which you can use as your y. So how do we get there? By understanding the importance of quality, customer service. So this is how we get there. So what is customer service? Customer service is the ability to serve a customer, saw the problem and meet their needs. Quality customer service is more than just meeting our customers needs. It's being able to exceed the expectations. It means to go the extra mile and beyond the call of duty. For example, valuing the customer's time, having a good, pleasant attitude, being humble, fulfilling promises, being knowledgeable about the business, and being resourceful. Ease of doing business, you know, making it simple for the customer. Some businesses are so complex and so many things that you have to do guest do business with them. So good customer services is having strategies in place that allows the customer to do business with you in a simpler, easier way. Also, creating a friendly and warm environment. So that's a brief explanation of what exceptional customer service is. And so come back with the next lesson. We will be discussing. With our customers, your business don't exist. 3. Without Customers Your Business Don't Exist: Without customers, your business don't exist. In this lesson, you learned why your business cannot exist without customers and you'll get some tips and strategies on how to take care of your customers. And so if you know that your business does not exist without your customers, then you must, as a business owner, have a plan in place telling you exactly how you are going to take care of your customers and maintain our last thing relationship with your customers. So your business is an entity that provides solutions to problems. You are problem solver who asked problems, your customers. Also, they don't only have problems, but they have the money that you need to validate and keep your business going. Your customers, the kings and queens of your business. So they should get the red carpet treatment? Yes, you should roll out the red carpet treatment for anyone that walks into your establishment that gives you a call, and that gives you the hot earning cash that comes out of their pockets. You must be able to cater to your customers and make them feel special and appreciated. Okay? And so these are the things that you must do. Your customers are your bread and butter. It is not the machines that you have in the business. It is not join employees. It is not the building or the money in your bank account. It is your customers. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. If you take care of them, they will be repeat buyers and you won't have to ever worry about cash-flow. You will have to worry about your business being successful and lasting for generations and generations. Once you develop good customer service skills, you will how away and amines and a method to have long lasting customers who will be loyal to you. So find ways to keep them coming back. Make them feel like they can't go any. Where else? As a customer myself, there are some businesses that I love that I don't want to go nowhere else spend a cons to then solving my problems. Not that they are the only business that does it, but I just want to deal with them. I like how they treat me, how they approach me, how they make me feel appreciated and valued. And so I don't go anywhere else. I don't want to deal with anybody else when it comes to that particular problem. They have my business, they have my attention as a customer, and this is what you want in your business. You want to set your business apart from the others. So in the next lesson, we will discuss how to set your business apart from others. 4. Set Your Business Apart From Others: Set your business as our part from others. So what can you do as a small business owner to make your business unique and creative, different from what other people are doing? Why should I come to you as a customer? What can you offer me that other people are not offering me? And so the first thing I would want to emphasize is, are you easily assessable or is it hard for your customers define new to call you to you how VR yourself, visible as a business? Oh, can I find a number in the directory? Can I find you? And so social media, do you have a page setup where it's easy for me to do business with you. That is very important. Is it easy for me to give feedback and contact you and let you know how I feel as a customer. These are very important. Most businesses do not have certain things in place. So as a small business owner, you must think on your feet, thank potently and make sure that these things are in place so you can be creative and unique. I like to call it Bean original. Hey, there's no one doing what you are doing, you are original and unique. And when a customer think of us particular problem, they think of you, okay? Because only you are doing what you are doing in that special and creative way. And so what are some things you can offer your customers? You have bonuses or for your customer, bonuses, okay, rewards, loyalty programs. These are things that keep your customer coming back for more because they feel like you appreciate them as a customer, that they are getting value for their money. So these are things that you can put in place, of course, reasonable prices to not go overboard with your pricing. What are the most ways to attract a customer is a half reasonable prices, okay? So they can afford the price that you put on your service or your product. So pay attention to the pricing. Also celebrate Jon, long time customers. Now, I have been doing business with a company for about 10 years. And when I go there, I don't get any special treatment. I don't feel as if they even know who I am. Okay. And this is pore. Sometimes I don't even want to do business. Now they have some good attributes. There are some good things that I like about them and why I continue to use them. But I don't like the fact that I've been doing business for them for so long. And there's nothing special that I get from the company, you know, call the offer me any bonus or any rewards, any discount on using them. And so that is very important. Make sure that you have things in place. Remember, we talk about the treatment. Makes sure that you have these things in place so that you are keeping your customers. So just brainstorm and take a minute and think, what can I do to make my business unique? Think about that special thing, okay, and so also delivery didn't mention that. But if you have the means to do so, offer delivery and mobile services, this is going to put you one step ahead of the brick and mortar businesses that do not have these type of things. And then you can offer extended business hours, okay. Some people have the 24, 7, okay, where they are open nonstop. Customers love these type of things. Being able to assess your business when they need to and when they want to because people have problems anytime of the day. Okay. And so you want to make sure that you have some good business hours where you are not limiting yourself or your customers and then digital payments, okay, we need to get out of this thing where if I wanted to do business with you, the only thing I could use it cash, come on, open up this service. Okay. You have the PayPal going on. You have credit cards, you have your debit card. And also there are some people accepting crypto payments because crypto on the increase and the rise or a lot of people are getting them now. And so then you have goal and then you have selma, okay, So some diverse ways that your customers can use to do business with you and not only cash, okay? This is going to set you apart from your competitors and this is what you want. So acquiring new customers is 67 times more expensive than retaining your long-time loyal customers. So this is budget friendly. So it is definitely would pamper them. So a gas, it cause a lot of money to be able to purchase up in a position to continuously attract new people. It's very expensive, okay, so you want them in T and the customers that you already have pamper them. Okay? Think of yourself as a male, trying to pursue a female, okay, This males doing everything in his power to make himself look attractive so that he can get a tension of this female and so that he could keep this in his life. Think of yourself as a compare yourself to off our relationship, okay? Whatever relationship where you are trying to appease the other person and keep this person in your life, okay? Loyalty and faithfulness is the key, okay, so you want to have repeat bias. Some ways that you can cater to your long-time customers are you can offer exclusive discounts for new products or services. Celebrate milestones, which are customers like honoring the first day they did business with your company by giving them special offers, birthdays and anniversaries. Or I just love the birthday e-mails, right? I just love when my birthday comes and accompany that I've been doing business with, sends me an email and say, happy birthday, Ms. deal. Okay. I hope you have a wonderful day to day. And because it's your birthday via offering new 10 percent discount, or you have some restaurants who know that you are a customer of theirs and they offer you 50% off of your lunch or your breathless or HER new if it's your birthday today, you could eat all of us free today. A great way to celebrate customers. These are great ways to show gratitude to, on or on to respect the people that keep your business going, the people that contribute to your bread and butter. 5. Small Businesses Most Be Better In Customer Service Than Large Businesses: Small business owners, how to be better and customer service than large businesses. Okay, so this is back. Now. There is a difference between employment and self employment. So as a small business owner, you are not employed anymore. So it really isn't a big factor to you when you work for somebody else, okay? Whether the business that you work for and make money, you are going to be paid. Okay. Most people and animals, some employees that work on commission. So we're still based on their sales. But as a small business owner, you are the business, okay. You have to work harder on yourself and you have to work harder on your business because you are in charge of your income, of your bread, okay, your daily bread, your weekly bread, your monthly break. You are in charge, and so you have to work harder than you would have ever worked when you worked for some one else. So large businesses have the resources. They have more employees than you. They have products and services probably at a bigger scale than you. They have better price most times because they buy in bulk. And so they're able to put their products and services are a better rate. They have investors and they are partners who come and invest into the business. They have more incentives from the government because they are doing it on a bigger scale. They are large and so they employ more people. So of course, the government is going to fund them and give them the things that they need more, they have more capital. And so as small business owners, you have to stand out and be able to survive and thrive among the larger businesses. So having better customer service and knowing your customers and their needs will keep your customers coming back to you. This is the key as a small business owner, so don't try to compete with a large business, just try to house some things. We spoke about creativity and being unique. That will keep you ahead of the large business owners. We'll put in the customer's mind, okay? I, small business person, they might be a little bit more costlier than this large business, but I like the way they treat me, I like the way they make me feel. Always remember that people will always remember how you made them feel. Most customers will flock to the business that values them the most, that makes them feel special and that appreciates them. The environment is warm and friendly. Okay. Even if it cost them a few extra dollars, less than done some work with some business. And I was like, You know what, even though they might have the best price, I am not doing business with this place anymore because I didn't appreciate how they interacted with me. Had I dealt with my mom and my problem, and I accepted my feedback. It wasn't nice and it wasn't pleasant. So I decided, listen, I'm not given this business my money anymore. I'm going to take my money and give it to somebody else who's going to appreciate me and value what I am doing and the role that I play has been a part of their business. And so people really don't care about jug, good pricing or your reasonable price as how you make them feel. Okay? So personalized interaction and extensive knowledge of the customer's needs. Also personalized recommendation when people are looking for advice, these are the things that are important, okay? And so make sure you are the relevant softwares and the machines and systems to be able to help you to make accurate recommendations when doing so. So, customers look for recommendations and abuse of employees that can recommend and give advice. These are the things that people like. They like personal interactions. These are somethings that big business donor the ability to do because the building is so large, the staff is so large. So you have a great and awesome advantage as a small business owner to meet the needs of the customer. So doing these things will put you in a good place to be able to keep your customers and to have repeat bias and to develop long time relationships with your customers. 6. 10 Customer Service Techniques For Lasting Customers: Congratulations on making it. This far. I hope that you have been inspired by this class and that you are getting the skills that you need that is necessary to have excellent quality customer service. So the objective of this lesson is to give you 10 customer service techniques. For last thing, customers, though, these skills will help you to develop long time relationship with your clients and how loyal customers. So first on the list, take the time out to greet your customers. That means to say, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. Thanks them. How was your day? This makes the customer feel good and that they are important to the business. Good to remember faces also, okay, so you'll want to remember your faces, remember your clients. If I'm a customer of yours, a longtime customer of yours, you should know my face, you should know my name, you should know what I like and what I don't like. Come on. I'm doing business with you for ten years. You don't know my name. Know your customer. Be pleasant and nice to the customer when they walk into your extinguishment, or they call you on the telephone, or you go to their houses to perform a service or whatever they are hiring you to do. Next on the list, always meet the need of a customer if you can help them, let them know from the beginning to not turn the customer around. This is a no-no. If you cannot perform the service, let the customer know straight up that, Hey, I cannot do I'm not able to do it. I don't have the skills necessary or the knowledge necessary to help you with this model. So I'm going to pass all. I'm going to refer you to someone that I know can help you don't take on the job or sell the product at a person. And you know that you can help the person, that is the septum. The next point to whatever you can to resolve the issues to avoid having your customer was feeling frustrated. Let them see that you are going over and beyond, solve their issues. So whatever the issue is resolved, the matter resolved the problem. You are a problem-solver as the business owner. They came to you because they have a problem and they want you to solve it. So do that. Okay, Do not turn a customer around and around and around, making them feel frustrated and not being able to resolve the issues, please solve the customer's problem. The next point. As the owner, it is your responsibility to train your staff. If you have any all staff dilemma customer should be required to do a customer service cost to ensure that they have the necessary skills to serve customers highest dots that helped people skills. This is very important to not hire people and your business don't do pete of face of your business. And they do not have people skills, they don't have good communication skills. Okay. They had these unpleasant expression on them, on their faces. They don't know what to say. They don't know how to act when they are dealing with your customers. This is going to be devastating to your business. Make sure hire people that are good, customer service, that have good people, skills, love, people that loved to serve. Customer service is about serving others. So these people who work for you must have the ability to communicate properly and to serve others and to be humble. So that is key. And it is your responsibility as the business owner to make sure that you train your staff if they lack any customer service skills, make sure train them and give them the skills that they need because they are going to eat, make your business, or break the business they are going to build or destroy. So it is your responsibility, shaw, that they hub where they need when you put them in the position to deal with your kings and queens. Next on the list, take data or data on all customers, okay, you should have telephone numbers, emails with the customer name is, and all of these things so that you can develop a relationship with the customer and better be able to solve their needs, okay? Know your customer, that is what that is about, okay, so you want to have information. Be a business that is good at collecting in nation. Also be appropriately and professionally traps. We will discuss this later here in the class. But another point is to be professionally dress when you approach the customer, you won't get a second chance to impress your customers. The first impression is not the last impression, it is the only impression. And we are customer walk into your establishment and you don't look proper. They are going to judge you based on how you look, based on your parents. And so you want to take note of this and do what you need to do. The hub, a professional look, and the parents also make sure that your employees are properly dressed and ready to serve your customers. Don't overcharge the customer for products or services. We spoke about reasonable prices already. Okay. So make sure that you are not over charging the customer for products and services. Make sure that your fee or charge is appropriate so that they don't feel as if you are robbing them. Sometimes idea with some some self-employed business known as on small business owners. And I feel because, you know, ammo, because I'm a woman. For example, if I go to a mechanic, he has a mechanic shop, right? And I go there, I would my car. Sometimes you'll feel as if these mechanics charge you so much money and give you this ridiculous price just because you are female. And a figure with an MI is that you don't know the value of it. Okay. Now if a male were to go to them, they wouldn't charge them so much. Okay. And these are the type of things that actually happen. So make sure that you do not do this to your customers. Be fail, okay? Whatever your price is. Thus what your prices, you don't go up on your price, dependent on which customer is in front of you, okay? It's going to make you look as if you are disingenuous and that you're not fail and you cannot be trusted. The customer will not trust you. So be very careful with that. Also. Be on time for appointments. If you set an appointment at two o'clock, you told the customer that you are coming to O'clock to to deal with the motto, okay, be there on time. Be there on time. If something comes up and happens, call the customer and say, listen, I know we have an appointment for two PM, but I'm so sorry. I'm going to be about 15 minutes late. Okay. Let them know that so that they are not baiting, they are on view. This is very important, okay, As a small business owner, you do not want to aggravate and upset your customer. So if you're going to be later, something happened and it kinda throw you off your schedule and make sure that the customer knows, okay. If not, be there on time, you are dealing with people's time. Okay. It makes it seems as if you are not valuing their time and you tell them you come into a clock and you come three o'clock and makes it look as if you don't care about the time. Time is not valuable. This is a last impression that you want to give to your customers. Also, answer the telephone pleasantly and before the fourth ring. Now, if I am a customer calling up, your phone should not be ring. And 678 times before you answer. This is unappropriate and unprofessional. Okay. There is a three time ring schedule. When it comes to businesses, you should pick up that board on a fought ring. Okay. Right after the third ring. Okay. It's an appropriate time. Now, anything more than that is really unprofessional. Yeah. Having the customer waiting too long, just the top. Do you remember we spoke about easy access being easily available to your customers if your customers calling you on the phone, I was writing ten times, that's frustrating. It is not a good luck on your business. So you want to be careful and you want to answer the phone on time. Also, if you have a building where your business is in an office or something like that, make sure that the staff picks up the phone at an appropriate time. The CMB rule applies. It's devastating. And and and just gets on your nerves when you are calling a business as a customer on the phone is just ringing, ringing, ringing. It's distasteful. Please make sure that your staff knows that the form must be picked up on time. Remember, you have a small business and you have to do some extra days and you have to go that extra mile, okay, to compete with the bigger businesses. So these things that are very important, they may seem small, but they are very important. Okay, last on the list, either doing business with you, smooth and hassle free. Now we spoke a little bit about this already. So make the make sure that doing business with you is a smooth transition. And it's hard to not have these things in place, these rules and place these policies in place, that is a hazard to the customer, make things easier for the customer. When you put a website together, makes sure that the website is flowing and easy to use. Okay, that goes with everything in your business. Okay. Easy is the word but the date. Easy. Make sure that the customers can access things easily and they are not getting frustrated to win business with you. 7. Getting Feedback From Your Customers: Get feedback from your customers about your service. Now, of course, you know, as a business owner, it is very important to get feedback from your customers about your products and services because you want to know what you need to do to improve. You want to get inside the customer's hand hygiene and nobody's thinking what they would like the doo-doo or hope that you do. You want to know that? Because the more and the closer you can get to solving then needs and meeting their needs, the higher your chances will be to keep them as loyal and faithful customers. So whether it's negative or positive, Listen, listen to their concerns, brainstorm to come up with a viable solution to their problems, is important that you hear from the customer what you might be doing wrong and what new services they were like for you to offer. Okay, so you want to know this and you want to get this information from them. But also when you get this information from them, listen to them and implement the things that they asked you to implement. Some businesses asks you what you think about this or asks you for a rating or a review. And then you'll give it to them and you tell them what you are not satisfied with and they don't change anything. So what is the reason? What is the purpose of you asking me a question? Asking me about my dissatisfactions and you're not willing to make any changes. So the reason why you want feedback is so you can make changes so that you can meet the customer's expectations of you. Okay? And so alert customer of new changes and reach out to them about two weeks later to see how changes are working for them. Okay, So what this means is let the customer know that you've heard them, that you've listened to them, and let them know what changes you are going to make in regards to solving their problem so that the customer knows that you appreciate them. You value the inputs and their feedback. So don't just make the change and then you don't let the customer know what you did. Let the customer know that, Hey, we heard you, we are implementing this new thing or doing this or doing that. Keep the communication going between you and the customer. Okay? And then after you implement the changes, you let them know that you implement it about two weeks laid off, reach old back to them through email. Remember now you should have the email, you should have the telephone number or whatever so that you can tag them, reach out to them, and find out how the new services going. And if there are problems are being solved. Put boxes and the office. If you have an office, a box inside there where the customer can insert foams with complaints and reviews. I I know that you've seen this already, so this isn't a stranger to you. Sometimes you go into an establishment and you see they have the little comment box or something like that on the counter and the papers provided for the customer and the client and they can ride but how they feel about the product and the service and they can put it into that box. This makes, you know, was the business owner, what is going on with your establishment, what is happening with your business? You get to know that, Hey, do you have the right staff? Sometime you think you have the right staff and your staff is acting a particular way around you. But when they are in the front of the customer, they are not being what you think they are. And so you want to know that you have to hear it from the horse's mouth. You must listen to the customer and make it easy for your customer to tell you how they are feeling so that you can make the right decisions and choices, okay? If you have an employee that's not being nice to the customer, then you know, you need to move that employee from the counter. You don't want that employee dealing with your customers, okay, so you'll know that buy these things that you are implementing. Okay? So for queries and the saw problems, use technology like live chat, 24 hour services and etc. Reviews on social media, on things like this. Also, surveys, ask questions. Okay? These are ways that you can use to get feedback from the customer. Don't be biased. Treat every customer the cecum. Remember this very important thing, do not be biased. Every customer is important to you. Treat all of them the same. A member in business, you have no favorites. Us give them the same level of service. So you don't listen to one customer and don't listen to the next. Or maybe one customer feel as if okay, you wanna do business with me three or four times, or you you are not in a position to tell me what to do or to give me any feedback. But this person who had been doing business with me for 10 years, I'm going to listen to them because there's ten years or service now, every customer is important and you are not to be biased with any customer, okay? Listen to each customer, all of them of valuable to you and they are potential clients, potential bias until customers. Okay, So that is the end of this section. Make sure you understand that feedback is very critical. It is very critical. Some business owners shy away from it, but that is the wrongness thing that you can do. You do not want to shy away from getting feedback from your customers. You want to be an efficient and effective problem solver. So you must have problem solving skills. 8. Being A Great Leader: In this lesson, we will be discussing loyalty and commitment and how to treat your employees as a business owner. And so you are not only expecting loyalty from your customers, but you want to be a loyal and faithful, committed business owner. You are loyal and you are committed to serving the customers with dignity and respect and to meeting the expectations are of you on the expectations of your business. So you must meet the expectations, everything that they want you to be, you should be loyal. I commit it to be that to your customers. Treat your employees. Good. Happy employees equals happy customers. The better they're treated, the better they work towards success for the organization. Now, many business owners miss this very important step. They are not nice to the people that work for them. You must be nice to you 30 employees and treat them well because how they feel about you and how they feel about the business is going to play a significant role on how they treat your customers are not a rapper zed your business. If they feel good, they feel as if they are part of something greater than that, energy will show and it will shine in the front of the customers. But have you speak to them by God and you are abusive as a leader, they won't be motivated and have the energy to deal with the customers. And so it has a trickle down effect. So treat your employees the same way you want your employees to treat your customers. You must respect them and show appreciation. Remember, it's a team effort as the business owner, It's not about you, it's about your team. And so make them feel appreciated, reward them, recognize their hard work, and you will see how effortless it as then to serve your customers. Coming to work with a bad attitude, but just being bright and just being happy and joyful that they are part of your organization. So you want to create an atmosphere of family, of togetherness because that's what it is. It is a family. Your employees are working hard to help you to grow your business so that it can be develop, unsuccessful. So you all them the respect and appreciation and, and you owe them to be transparent with them. Don't hide anything from them. Let them know, communicate, which has to be an effective and an efficient leader, PLL leader who's admirable. You know, your team admires you. They want to one day do what you are doing when you are not around them. They speak well of you, not only in the front of your face, but behind your back, they can say good things about you as a leader because you are crates. Okay? And so that is important. Trajan employees, how you would want to be treated as well. Because when you worked for someone, when you add a job, you knew how you want it to be treated. And so you must make sure that you are doing the same thing for the people that under your guidance. And there wouldn't be any big or major problems from the customer because it will show, it will show in their action. These are the small things that we often overlook, but are so important to success as business owners. I'm as Giants and the customer service realm. 9. Professional Dress Code: Welcome to dress code for business owners. The objective of this lesson is to teach you the importance of dress go with and why you must pay attention to your dress code. As a business owner, you must be able to understand the importance of your parents. So that is what this lesson is all about. Now. God pays attention to the heart. But mine, of course, will judge you based on your parents. As you've heard before here in this class, the first impression is the only impression. So you must dress to impress where, especially when you have a new customer. If you are a plumber on electrician, when you show up to the customers door, how are you presenting yourself to the customer? What do they see? So you must be appropriate, of course, as a plumber or an electrician, you're now going to show up. Are the customers door in a suit and tie because of the type of work that you're doing. So you must keep everything in its perspective places. So the key is to wear proper attire that suits your business model. So definitely as a plumber electrician, which you want is the hub a uniform? Okay. A sharp which are business name on it, a nice proper logo that displays who you are. It makes the customer trust you when they see you, they know that you're not someone who's trying to develop something or some rookie, it makes you look like a professional and not an armature. This is why it's important to pay attention to your attire and your parents. You want to form, gives a professional look and a good professional brand, an image of the business, okay, So when you have customers see you in a nice shirt and a logo on, it makes them feel as if you're trustworthy and that you are serious about your business, you are committed, okay? And you take good pride in your brand. It also shows consistency. When you wear a uniform, you are consistent with what you are wearing basis. If you don't have a uniform that every day you hub on different clothes or whatever like that, it could confuse the customer. So you want to have a nice uniform with your business name on a gel logo advertising who you are, your motto on the shirt and all of these things. These are things that you must do as a business owner because I'm Kim across a lot of small business owners that do things such as plumbers and electricians and they don't have on the proper attire and clothing. Okay. You should also have on your car, the name of your business and all of these things. It makes you look professional. You obviously the name of your business or in your car, you are advertising yourself. It makes you, it makes the customer see that you are more than just a part-time worker. Okay. And so be properly groomed, smelling, good, looking nice, and fresh. That's very important. Some business owners go to their clients homes smelling funky and not smelling nice. No, you must take good care of your hygiene. Make sure that if you were at a customer, if you are a person that works on the outside in the sun and after working or performing a particular service such as a mechanic. Before you go to the next customer, makes sure that you freshen up yourself and that you smell good and you're not sweating, you're not dirty looking. Okay, Take good care and good pride of how you look. Take care of your tea. You know, the first thing we often see is a smile and the teeth in a person's MOOC. So make sure you go to a dentist, catch a TPP, nice and clean. These are the things that are going to attract the customer to you. Okay? We're talking about exceptional customer service, okay? These are things that you must do and you must plan these things on your action plan and your action steps on what you are going to do so that you can be one step ahead of the competition, okay? And so this will play a role and whether people will want to do business with you. Okay, then you see a businessman properly attired, properly dressed. You can see that, hey, he means business. And you begin to trust them. You begin to trust his expertise and what is offering to you. It makes you feel at ease and that you are in good hands. And so we said about branding, yes, dress code is a part of branding. What do you want your business to be known for? Do you want your customers to say, or this person every time he comes to me is appropriately dread or this female when she comes to me, she doesn't look appropriate. She's a salesperson, but how her skirt is above her knee and she have on sleeveless shirts and all of these inappropriate clothing that you meet your customers in, it is unacceptable. Take pride and how you look because it plays a big role and whether your customers will want to continue to win business with you. And so as men, make sure you have your, your hair neatly groomed and make the cut your bad as neatly cut on shape, you look fresh and you look clean. That is very important, not because you work for yourself means that you shouldn't take pride in how you look. You must take more pride in how you look when you work for yourself, because you are representing your passion and your love. This is your true work. Okay? And so as females that's touching the females now, make sure that you have appropriate hast that Alex, for the type of business that you work in, if you work for office or whatever your clothing should betray our office. Look. If you work for a restaurant, you have a restaurant, then I would expect you to dress in such a way as the rules of the restaurant? Or would you want to be known for? For example, if you are a lawyer, you have to make sure that you wear the appropriate clothing for office work and office attire. Make sure you wear the proper shoes and the proper leggings and stuff like that. Okay. You're not exposing body parts that should not be shown if you work in an office area. So that is very potent. As a female business owner, depending on the type of service that you have, do not put things on you that is going to make it hard for you to do your job of performing a service. For example, if you are here, address them. Okay. You know that if you put nails on yeah, Haan, it is going to affect the way you affectively fix your customers or your clients here. So do not put the nails on. You must make sure that the things as a part of your power from it, it doesn't hold you back or keep you from being productive in your working area. Also, take note of perfumes and sense. Some customers are allergic to certain perfumes and cents. So make sure you don't use perfumes that the sand is so strong that it can cause your clients to have an allergic reaction. So you can take note of those type of things. Okay. And so this is just a touch on dress code, but I want you to understand how important it is that you look your best. Sometimes when a business owner comes to your place or you go into the establishment, you can see that they are having a rough day because of how they look, this is unacceptable and your customer should never know when you are having a bad day. All of you are having some trials and tribulations. Some business owners are so inconsistent. You can walk into the establishment or they come to your house to perform a particular service. You can tell that they are having a bad day because of how they look when you saw them last week, there was so Bell put together and everything looking happy and joyful, Looking good, smelling good, very neat and professional. The next time they come to you, their hair is not fixed. They have close with torn pieces in adults nice and it dirty clothes on Steins in their clothes. And you can just tell that something is off. This is unacceptable. Your customer should never know when you are having a bad day or if you are having an off day because of the way you look, No, You must always be presentable. Look the same. And this is why suggests a particular uniform or some type of code of how you want to look when you are around your customers. This is very important. Consistency is key. People will deal with you because of the brand, because of what you show them. So the first time they met you, you were looking professional, a good, great image. Then this is what they always want to see. This is what attracted you to them in the first place. So you want to keep that brand going for your self, okay, So small business owners are parents, if key, how fashionable dress code. 10. Bonus: Skills Reps Need To Effectively Serve Customers: Welcome to the section that we'll discuss the skills customer service reps need in order to carry out excellent customer service. So customer service reps are the face and the first impression of the organization. They represent the organization. The quality of service delivered is a direct reflection of the organization. Are it is a reflection of the reps, capabilities and skills. Here are the skills needed. Skill number one, always show the public the best that you have to offer. Your best is good enough as long as it is your pairs. If it is not just Chavez, then improve and do things that will help you to grow and develop and become the best you can be. When it comes to good, quality customer service. Persuasive speaking skills. Customer service reps should be persuasive like sales persons because that's what they are. Their goal is to sell the organization. Because it's their responsibility to sell the business. The customers ramps must be able to speak positively and confidently and offer compelling conversations that lead to conversions. So the better you are when it comes to speaking, you will be able to cause your customers to actually want to spend more and more money. Empathy. Empathy is crucial. This skill allows you to understand your customers emotions and feelings and to comprehend their point of view. Show compassion, CSF, and their situation. How would you like to be treated? These are the things you must think about when dealing with customers. 70% of customers buy based on how they were treated. It doesn't matter if you solve their problems, keep them a refund, or if the price was good, What was your approach to their needs? Definitely, you need to show compassion that they come in there with feelings and they are angry and upset. If they are offensive, then try to understand maybe something happened within their family. Maybe they are dealing with personal issues that caused them to come there and interact with you the way that they did. So just try to understand what is happening with the customer. Being able to adapt, adaptability. No two customers are alike. On your days as a customer service rep will not be the same. No matter what the situation is, you must be able to adapt to the changes. Means being flexible to your customers needs. For example, you may find that a customer might prefer to contact you through the email, then by telephone, social media, or like a live shot I run the other day is come directly in the store. So as a good customer service rep, you have to be adaptable and be able to flow with the changes. A good customer service manager is equipped to handle this through customer service information, which is data. So you should be keeping data on your customers within your establishment. A customer service rep must have good communication skills. The customer should not struggle to communicate with you. Please. Answer the questions truthfully and affectively. Be informative. If you don't know how to solve their problems, refer them to a colleague that you do not mumble. Use an appropriate words, lose focus, or use unclear language when you are speaking to the customer. These things reflect poorly on the customer's experience. Customer service reps must be able to communicate well with customers and the organization that they work for should commit to training everyone on the customer service team. So definitely if you lack good communication skills, you should take up some courses and do some training. In regards to good communication. Self-control. This is very important. Many times you will come into contact with some offensive and angry customers, but you must be able to control your emotions under control, those things that trigger you. You never know what you're going to get from a customer. You can experience an irritated customer or confused customer, customer that just doesn't know what they want. Customer who seems to be patient but bashes you on social media. And then after they bash you on social media, they come back into the business and you have to look them in the face and then you have to serve them. This is hurtful. Okay? You are the professional and you must maintain self-control and always stay calm, showing no emotions. When a customer is unprofessional, it has a really fit. But when a customer service rep loses control, it can have on calculated effects on the organization. So when you lose control and you talk to them in a tune that you shouldn't, or you shout at them, you get angry and you show all kind of body language. They go and social media and they talk bad about the company. And then they call your name and they talk bad about you. You don't want that because you are a professional. You work harder job and you don't want people taking their frustrations and speaking bad about you in these platforms. So you want to be careful. Sometimes you might be having a bad day and the customer can come right into the store and end up triggering you. But you have to be able to control that. You have to say, listen, this is not personal and I'm going to take this ONE, I'm going to control this because I know the disadvantages that was going to come if I react to this customer. Another skill that you need as a customer service rep is effective listening. Take the time to truly listen to the customers issues and assure them that you're paying attention. For reassurance, rephrase what they said to you in your own words, and ask the customer if what you said was right. This makes them feel as if you really understood what they said to you. And so you don't want after they speak to you, you keep asking them questions as if you did not listen, you must be able to listen affectively and understand what the customer is say so you can truly know how they fail and how you can assist them, or who you need to refer them to for help. So it's very important that you focus on what the customer is saying to you, and that is a part of good communications. So here is a chart that I did. And it speaks to the most important customer service quantities bar right? By customers. So this is what the customer thinks about, okay? Or would they value? So let's look at efficiency. 33 percent. Say that they efficiency is important to them. You know, being able to answer questions and deal with modest correctly. 29 percent said, Empowered, meaning that you handle issues but are transferring or widowed problems, you know how to deal with issues when they speak to you or communicate with you. 17 percent says courtesy and puffy and professional is important to them. And then 14 percent said empathy as an important quality. And then consultative meaning that you, every time they speak with you, you have the Revenant information about products and experiences. 7% of customers said that this is important. Attentiveness. Another customer service skill that is important. Customer service rep should engage their customers. Being helpful is not enough, but doing things and make them feel special will keep them. Show them attention on go the extra mile. Now for me, I've been supporting a particular shipping company for at least ten years. When I go into the establishment, they don't even know my name or as if I am just a new customer, right? And I've done business with them for 10 years. This is not good. I know not a shipping company. They had customer appreciation or watch show. This company gave their customers, they had the customer that ship the most items and all of these different awards just to show appreciation to their customers. This was so marvelous. It was so wonderful. And it makes the customers feel good and it makes the customers want to do business with you. You are recognizing them. And so this is important, must be attentive. You must go the extra mile and make them feel special when they have an issue, send them an e-mail, announce them as detailed. I know you had an issue the other day. Were you satisfied with the customer the customer service rep that dealt with you? Is there anything that you would like us to deal with, you know, do things like that, efforts. The customer's birthday, send them an email saying, happy birthday, Come on. These are extra things you should be doing as a customer service rep. I know for me when my son when I took them, I took him to a particular dentists. Okay. He's a customer of identity and every year when his birthday comes, they would send them an email telling him happy birthday. And this makes, makes him feel so good and makes them feel so special, right? That is going the extra mile. So you must be attentive. Time management. Another skill needed. Customer service reps must be able to effectively manage their schedules. When you get flustered, you may allow the phone to ring longer, take a longer time to answer an email from a customer. This is unacceptable because customers will be irritated if they are not getting the proper response. 83% of online customers said that they were abundant or purchase or take their business someplace else and they don't receive help in five minutes. I'm telling you this is the digital era. Okay, this is the social media era. And so the customers of the day on NADH going to just sit around and wait for you to take two to five days, give them help. They they want immediate happen. So you have to effectively manage your time and prioritize the things that are vital. As a read, you must make quick responses and organize yourself throughout the day so that you have enough time to deal with customer issues. So set schedules, make up the calendar, put reminders on your desk and do these type of things that you need to do to keep you on schedule. Another skill that is required is the follow through with your work, complete the task, and follow up with the customer. For example, if a customer had an issue with a product and it was returned for another, follow up with them to see how they feel about the new product and seek feedback. Many times you have an issue with businesses and your concern or your problem was never saw, nobody can tax you from the organization and asks you if you were satisfied, if your problem was resolved, nothing. There's no feedback, no follow up to see how things are progressing. This is not good customer service. You must stay in contact with your customers to make sure that they are getting within where they need. Remember customer service about meeting the customer's need. And I don't know any customer that doesn't want their needs met. Okay. When the customer cannot get their needs met, they will become frustrated and irritated and they will not want to do business with your organization. So you must follow up with them and make sure that they add, they are satisfied with your services. Another scale is willingness to improve. Customer service reps need this skill. This is a skill we all need in order to succeed in life. Life is about growth and change is inevitable. Raptured, stay up to date, but technology and constantly seek information about important issues. Also sinking new training on how to become a better customer service rep. And we gave an example of the constant change, such as moving from the traditional platforms are the traditional advertising and marketing now to the digital world. And so that means a customer service reps from 20 years ago are now introduced to a new world. And so they would need to learn new skills. I need to keep up with technology. They need to understand what is the 24 hour service, seven days of live chats and all of these new things at a digital era has created. So you need to be willing to improve so that you can be the best customer service rep, that there is knowledge. It's very annoying to speak with a customer service rep and they are unable to provide proper information when it comes to products. Rasmus stay up to date with company policies, product information, and all those other things, or they will not be able to answer questions, unexplained things. Nothing screams unprofessional more than Asking a customer service rep about a particular situation and they are not able to answer you, or they are transferring new hair and transferring you there. This is terrible. You must be knowledgeable about the business that you work in. The challenges of selling to an existing customer is 50 to 55 percent better than selling to a new customer. But only at the rep knows enough when communicating. So you must know your stuff. If I go into a restaurant and I asked the weight or the waitress, what is this dishes all about? They should be able to tell me how the dish tastes or by asked them. Okay. Dishes better between these two, they should be able to tell me something, give me some information. You are the professional, you work here. You are selling the business. So you're supposed to be able to give me some type of information. Okay. No. The environment that you work in not only know your customer, but no Yup business in and out, be able to answer questions. This is extremely important, so you need to take notes, you need to write things down every time the company has new policies and they gave up those pamphlets and those flies, you should be reading them. Okay. Not just given it to the customer, but you should be reading them so that you can know everything about the business there is to know. That's when an expert is and you want to be an expert when it comes to customer service. Another skill that is important is how thick skin now have you have thin skin or your easily offended, then customer service is probably not going to be the right thing. The right Jabal area that you want to be in, you must have thick skin. Customer service reps unfortunately, encounter a lot of abuse from time to time. We spoke about the n cells and the anger and no offensiveness and the frustration from customers. They are normal ref need to come to work with a solid armor on and don't take these things personal, just let it roll away like water under a bridge. So you must be able to deal with these insults and the anger and frustration from the customer and just know that, Hey, I don't like how this customers speaking to me. They should have more respect, but then you must understand that you are the professional. It is your job to keep. Everything can't give you everything cool. If it's between the two of you all you are the one who is going to most likely have to keep the cool and calm head because you represent a business. I am. You are there to provide servants service, and you are the servant of the people. And so you must be humble and must be compassionate, you must be understanding, and you must be able to have thick skin. And so now let's speak about a good mental state of mind. It's crucial to start your day off positively in the morning as a customer service rep, practice good mental health and spirituality. Keep your spirits high by listening to uplifting music and motivational messages before you go to work. In order to deal effectively with the tension you might experience. This side that no matter what happens, I will have a great day and I will not cause anyone else to have about the the side that you will keep calm and you will keep yourself on the subjection. Whatever you believe will become your reality. So tell yourself that your job is not personal. The customer doesn't hate you, are wanting to lose your job. The customer doesn't want to cause you any harm. The customer just wanted the organization and establishment that they support to meet their needs. So it was nothing personal. Okay. Don't take it like that. Just let it roll like water under a bridge. This wig, you would be in control of your emotions and your triggers. So make affirmations before you go to work. Say things like, I am calm, I am happy. I will have a great day. I am powerful, I am skillful. I am a great customer service rep, series type of things to yourself. I am beautiful, I am not angry. All of these things you need to say, these are affirmations and if you believe them and you put them into the atmosphere, they will become your reality.