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How To Become a Professional Graphical Designer

teacher avatar Walter Serdville, Certified Sales Coach & Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro: Become a Graphical Designer

    • 2. 1 Tools To Become a GFX Designer

    • 3. 2 Starting Ground Learning Resources

    • 4. 3 How To Create a Portfolio The Clever Way

    • 5. 4 How To Find Clients And Get Paid

    • 6. 5 Summary

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About This Class


Ever dreamed of becoming a graphical designer?

Let me tell you a short story: my best friend got a graphical designer degree from a respectable university which took him 4 years to finish. He ended up with huge debt and is hardly getting any clientele.

I have no degree whatsoever, but completely taught myself with the same methods I show in this video. I get more clients than I can handle and I'm here to pass this knowledge onto you how you can learn a new trade.

This is a perfect course for beginners and it lays out the whole fundamental system on how to get you started already today.

We will be covering on where to get the skills, portfolio and clients from and all that in as short time as possible. I provide practical examples and show you my personal profiles and done work.

I also cover the technical aspects on how to get paid, create invoices and how much to charge. Let's learn a new trade! Enroll already today!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Walter Serdville

Certified Sales Coach & Marketer


*A wild European accent appears*

Hey! I'm Walter and I like dogs, cats, humans and food. I sleep a lot. When I'm not busy sleeping you can find me coaching other people on a plethora of subjects. I specialise in marketing and sales, but I'm obsessed with technology, literature and design on top of that. I've been told I'm a great teach, but recording things online is pretty new for me. So have some patience with me!

Street credentials:

Founder and the head Sales Trainer in MK Sales Agency Founder of Sales & Psychology Co-Partner in WSMP International Ltd. Top SEO freelancer on Upwork Moderator at private internet marketing forum Imnovative Blogger at Graphical design expert I'm also Google certified on AdWords Search Engines I'm also HubSpot certified o... See full profile

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1. Intro: Become a Graphical Designer: Welcome to this course How to become a graphical designer by Walter. I will show you how to start with a step by step model of a lot of pointed. All the resource is you need I will show you the used tools and how to build a professional portfolio. How do great on invoice get bait and how to find clients in this beginner friendly course? Let's learn by living fund. This course is easy to follow, and you can learn an interesting new trade working topic. Cool and make some additional money into this fun course and road already today in this killed share exclusive course on how to become a graphical designer. 2. 1 Tools To Become a GFX Designer: this lesson, Rickard discussed which tools were going leaves to become a graphical designer. One of water, and I'm going to introduce you to two tools. The industry standard number one is a photo shop. Our job, a fellowship it combined on a home bitch. It has a pretrial. I think it was for four weeks. But if you happen to be a student, you should ask for university. If they actually have free license for educational purposes, that's it for effective what I use intestine industry standard. You should move on the put us up as fast as you can. But if you don't want to spend any money on Photo Shop, the best free order native that have actually used for many years and it's really good his chimp g I MP don't work. You don't load it for free. And it does everything. The photo subtitles. But it's free releasing to use, and it's actually really, really similar. Ah, I actually managed to replicate all the works. I've done it for a shop. I managed to replicate it in chimp. So these are the tools were going to be using either force up a chimp to become a graphical designer. All right, Thank you for watching the short lesson, this water and let's move on on how to be a love portfolio. 3. 2 Starting Ground Learning Resources: first things first. If you wish to become a graphical designer, we sure did it to do. Learn some skills? Well, you're watching teas and skill share. So obviously the best place for learning new skiers is, well, skill share. For example, I could write in, Put a shop in search menu. True, it says, we have 4700 classes on Porter ship alone. We have if you have a premium membership on skill share than really, really good resource, let's get really specific. You can even check my profile for some photos, Of course, is But you can really have a variety of instructors. This will be our to number one for learning new skills. All right, I have skills, Sherm, to really, really a lot of options share a second main resource, but I became a designer skills. She really wasn't around back then, But a really popular platform is that's plus don't come right. Just a lot of tutorials and you and some courses. Now you can actually learn a lot of cool stuff here. I remember actually great in my first logos on. It really helped me out a lot out by being able to build a portfolio just really, really big selection. For example, if you check here on how to tutorials and on a bit put us up on, we can just keep scrolling, scrolling and scrolling on. We have over 200 pages of tutorials. That's plus that comes really good side. I really recommend it to everybody. For example, Distrito really will show you how to great this effect. Cool class effect, right? It's very easy to understand it in a written form. You can use a photo shop to navigate that. All right. That's in case if you are actually used photo shop and now and turd resource, which you might have not thought about actually, YouTube. If you actually want to learn how to become a graphical designer, YouTube is an amazing resource. There's really two tours about all sort of gangster. Hundreds, thousands of tutorials, a completely pre also were later going to use these that great our portfolio, right? So to summarize this lesson up three materials for actually learning to become a graphical designers are skills share. That's plus on YouTube. All right, 4. 3 How To Create a Portfolio The Clever Way: Hi. Vocal back on this sort blessing, we're going to discuss how to build a professional portfolio to become a professional graphical designer, right? So, for example, we really don't need a in a perfect ideal. First, if you have the opportunity, you should actually buy domain, Build your own website. Um, for example, go to a host later that come on, sign up for domain and build your own website. For example, I own this website. It's, you know, mature Teoh on. We could pay their own website to display or portfolio, but in case we don't want to see, uh, by our baby, frantic don't begin to use to pre Old Native. For example, I had my first prefer earlier back in 2000 and eight, and the use deviant or a lot of graphical designers used this platform. Us A portfolio. Just quit a user and you can upload older works here. Show it to other people. Every note is really, really popular amongst designers on or on creative people. Another popular option is ba hands. I'm not sure if Bruno's that properly, but we can actually sign, appear on also similar build up or portfolio built pro checks on just get inspired by other people. But now you must be thinking what kind of work you should put into your portfolios. Well, remember and past less when we talked about had a learned the skills to become a professional designer. Well, just like that ID obvious that's plus or skill share. Or you do they're coming to pull of days. The toils Andi were actually just going to add the store before Liam. That's right. We learn on display thes works in our portfolio because we have already obtained the knowledge and skills to replicate is, uh, just full of, um, of course, step by step related follow on. At end of it, we should have something to display on your portfolio. You can always have supplanted by group. For example, let's say that Baltar's design agency label it on, make sure to have professional worked up on your portfolio, and then you can display them on. I do TV indoor or be hands or both of them or on your personal website. A lot of the tourist go, and you can always pretend that you're already making it for a client you can over, she was a huge brand name, justice on example work in learning and educational purposes, right? It was her quick lesson on how great professional portfolio in case you want to become a graphical designer. 5. 4 How To Find Clients And Get Paid: All right. Hi. Welcome back to water. And now definitely were to learn excuse from and how to build a professional portfolio. Now the most crucial part is how to find clients and get paid, right? So not a P. It follows tutorials. I learned how to use for a shop. We shouldn't take you too much. Too much time. We actually need to find clients The easiest. The most popular way is using up work that come here. You can see my portfolio water and I charged $30 per hour. Bean signed us all right. Raising talent by up work. You can see my portfolio here. I've done some professional design work, so my potential customers clients can see what I've done. For example, this on and perhaps of empty sign Example. If it loads up something like this Justice player, don work. You're certifications, exempts Andi. You can apply different work. This is up work that come mainly the market in constant thing. But every now and then, I actually take graphically ST jobs for additional income. Now is it just one platform? It manages all the payments on our Gooch election. But there's also a lot of competition Now another good place. Just like up Brooke. That Tom is a freelance dot com. You can sign up here. I actually have any user, but I can't remember right now, but it's a really good platform also for promoting your work. Now me introduced out Berg and Freelance. Then there's a turban is group dot com also platform similar duties, which is pretty huge. A lot off members. 1.5 million members. But besides platforms like teas, a highly recommended warrior forum, it's a really big form consisting off inter marketers. And you could actually promote your services right here. Warriors for hire the people who really, really are targeted for you because they need often graphical design services. You can just make your trade on your country. Actually, people selling toe after here all sort of services ISS, io riding logos, haters and we're just going to provide quality graphical design services on. We just linked him to our poor. For them, there's also a fiver, which might sound bad because it ask you to sell herself for five years. But actually most designers make way more with up cells in town cells, and it's really regular, actually get $100 for one piece. And now how great invoices. I don't have a specific template because there simply so many to choose from. Just be typing into Google grating invoices, and we can have a generator or template or even 100 pre pdf templates to create our invoice . We can also generate on invoice to pay pill or pay, and there was a payment method so you shouldn't don't really have any problems with that. But if you want stability and security, I highly recommend you two years up work are Gruda, Tom or freelancers because thes platforms will handle collecting payments for you. So it's really easy to best way to get yourself out and get a lot of clients as soon as you can is just to do everything off this side upon up work applied as many shops. You can go to prove that going. Freelancer dot com Worry for the flavor. Just hustle on girl grind and just reading a matter of stations would have multiple clients right on asked. You get more clients, you get more portfolio websites, the more portfolio have the more credential to have higher you can charge on you make just clients gone to you. It's pretty easy and natural process. It just takes some persistence and patience, right? This waas on how to find clients and how to create an invoice. Thank you for watching this quick class on until water or skill. Sure, and let's more war. 6. 5 Summary: all right high. Welcome to this quick summary water skill share on how to become a professional graphical signer. Let's summarize everything. Just book. So the first thing is to actually learn skills we could large skills on skill share on that's plus that come or when you do. After that, we should actually build a portfolio, but too clever ways to learn and will before you at the same time. So, for example, we're going to follow a tutorial on that's Plus that Come we can't display are done. Work on a portfolio platform like be hand short Davian Dart going to sign up on poster board Forgione. The next step is actually going to get clients and creating invoice. I recommend up. Burke. I have really good experience it up. Work on also cool calm prelaunch dot com. Great to prayed. Um, more reform that com great and user of fiber dot com. And we can really there's a lot of a lot of waste grade invoices. You can get free templates organ generate from through the papal or paying their payment processors. You really can't go wrong with that. So this was Quick summer and how to become a graphical designer while I actually be doing graphical design for, say, eight years. It took me about only a few months. Director have begun any decent will. It doesn't take you much just because of the amount of good information we have available today. I wish everybody good luck. Andi, Don't forget to leave a review. Thank you so much for watching this course. Andi. I hope nobody's gonna have fantastic day and really good luck on becoming a professional graphical designer. It was Water are scarce. Shirt that come.