How To Become a Graphic Designer - A Quick Start Guide | Lindsay Marsh | Skillshare

How To Become a Graphic Designer - A Quick Start Guide

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

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7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. How Much Can I Make?

    • 3. Before You Get Started - Let's Talk About Software

    • 4. Learn The Designer Triad

    • 5. A Day in The Life Of A Designer

    • 6. Where to Start Learning

    • 7. Where to Find the Best Design Resources

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About This Class

READ FIRST! This class has been totally updated. To see the latest version of this class visit the following class link:

Do you want to know how to become a Graphic Designer? Where do you start? This class gives you a good jumpstart and helps point you to the right places to get started. We will discuss how much you can make, what programs to learn, where to find them, the best resources for design elements and we will go over the designer triad (illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign), and why we need to learn each.

This is not a technical class, I do offer technical classes in design, if you are interested. I designed this class for people wanting to explore the possibility of this as a career option and how to get started exploring that curiosity. 

If you are interested in learning the designer triad (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) I have several technical classes, just check out my skillshare profile. 

As always, feel free to ask questions of all types in the community section of this class!