How To Become An Outstanding Chief Technical Officer | Mark Farragher | Skillshare

How To Become An Outstanding Chief Technical Officer

Mark Farragher, Microsoft Certified Trainer

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17 Videos (1h 54m)
    • Course introduction

    • Hack #1: don't underestimate the job

    • Hack #2: onboard yourself

    • Hack #3: get to know your team

    • Hack #4: pick your Agile method

    • Hack #5: is anything on fire?

    • Hack #6: who are your stakeholders?

    • Hack #7: find out what matters to your stakeholders

    • Hack #8: how does your team create value?

    • Hack #9: what does your team have to prove?

    • Hack #10: what do you have to prove?

    • Hack #11: check out the backlog

    • Hack #12: sprint with the team

    • Hack #13: review the build process

    • Hack #14: hold a fire drill

    • Hack #15: test the QA department

    • Course recap


About This Class

Not so long ago I worked for a technology company in the USA. I had loads of fun and I learned a lot about how American companies do business. But it wasn't an easy job.

My predecessor had implemented everything in Salesforce with layer upon layer of customizations. The entire IT system was complicated, disorganized, and extremely unstable. The system would fail almost daily, and years of this had turned the entire organization against the IT department.

I arrived in a hostile environment and had to defend myself daily from contemptuous and condescending stakeholders. 

This course is what I wish I had back then to fully prepare me for the job. In this course, I will share 15 great leadership hacks with you to make you succeed as CTO.

I will start by helping you get into the right mindset for the role. You will learn how to onboard yourself, how to connect with your team, and how to show up for work asking the right questions.

Then I'll teach you how to gain situational awareness. You will learn how to identify your stakeholders and find out what they expect. We will also look at how your team creates value, and what the stakeholders expect from you and your team This will help you become aware of the political environment you've landed in.

Finally, I'll help you sort out your agile process. I will show you an idealized agile development cycle that you can compare with your reality. This will help you find and address weaknesses quickly and get your team to a higher level.

By the end of the course, you'll be well on your way to becoming an outstanding CTO.





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Mark Farragher

Microsoft Certified Trainer

Mark Farragher is a blogger, investor, serial entrepreneur, and the author of 11 successful Udemy courses. He has been a Founder and CTO, and has launched two startups in the Netherlands. Mark became a Microsoft Certified Trainer in 2005. Today he uses his extensive knowledge to help tech professionals with their leadership, communication, and technical skills.

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