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How To Become A Lyric-Writing Machine

Adam Sweeney, Metaphysics Specialist /Songwriter

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16 Videos (46m)
    • To Start: Who are you writing for?

    • Anyone Can Write Meaningful and Clever Lyrics - NO LIMITS!

    • Three Golden Rules (Create, Relate, & Communicate)

    • Golden Key #1: Set It In Stone

    • Golden Key #2: Goals Are Garbage

    • Golden Key #3: Abundantly More

    • Golden Key #4: Lyrical Admiration

    • Golden Key #5: Give Me 10!

    • Golden Key #6: The Writing Muscle

    • Golden Key #7: Lyric Warm Ups

    • Golden Key #8: Bating Your Lyrics

    • Golden Key #9: Escape To Focus

    • Golden Key #10: E-Motion (Energy In Motion)

    • Platinum Keys Introduction

    • Platinum Key #1: The Waterslide Method

    • Platinum Key #2: Using Key Words

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About This Class


Update: New Lectures (Platinum Keys) just added!

This is a purely lyric-focused songwriting course based on my research and experiences in the combined fields of songwriting, psychology, and metaphysics. 

This course is a sharing of my personal process that I use for my own songwriting practice. It is my hope that you will know the beautiful feeling and personal satisfaction of bringing a piece, a representation of who you are, into external reality so it may be appreciated by yourself and others. 

You can find references to my personal work over the years at SoundCloud under AdamSweeneyMusic.

A Lyric-Writing Machine (defined): is one who is able to easily connect with him/herself and write lyrics for the sake of its own practice and enjoyment, while validating everything that comes through. In this way, the well will never run dry even if dirty water comes first before the clean water when the spigot is first turned on. 

The course focuses primarily on these 2 simple principles:

  1. Your lyrics do not come from your brain. They come from an unlimited source within which then gives you the potential to write unlimited meaningful lyrics.
  2. You must honor a daily practice of writing with no goals in mind. This is your process instead.

I am 100% involved in my course. All materials are created by me and I am present in every lecture-presentation. There is no redirection to 3rd party articles or materials.

Additional lectures are created and uploaded periodically.

Whether writing songs is your hobby or your professional career you will find this course to be different from any other with unique and original ideas and upon completion I hope you feel a sense of excitement and enthusiasm as well as enlightenment.





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Adam Sweeney

Metaphysics Specialist /Songwriter

Hello! I have been writing lyrics for 14 years and teaching music and songwriting for 12 years. For the last few years I have been helping songwriters all over the world write lyrics more effectively and helping them create a daily practice of connecting with their inner creativity and inspiration while writing tons of clever lyrics. I look forward to connecting with you in my course!

If you are interested to see the lyric and songwriting work I have done here is my SoundCloud.


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