How To Become A Better Presenter Series: The Presenter in Me Vol 2 | Julio Lara | Skillshare

How To Become A Better Presenter Series: The Presenter in Me Vol 2

Julio Lara, Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

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9 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Presenter In Me - Creating An Effective Elevator Speech

    • 2. Presenter In Me - What is an Elevator Speech?

    • 3. Presenter In Me - The Perfect Elevator Speech

    • 4. Presenter In Me - Perfect Speech Step One

    • 5. Presenter In Me - Perfect Speech Step Two

    • 6. Presenter In Me - Perfect Speech Step Three

    • 7. Presenter In Me - Perfect Speech Step Four

    • 8. Presenter In Me - Tips

    • 9. Presenter In Me - Summary


About This Class

Public speaking and making presentations are essential skills in today's society.  Whether you are presenting to a group of colleges or you are making a public speaking event, presenting skills are becoming more and more important.

You have probably been to a few presentations when you come out saying wow, that was a waste... great information but tough delivery, and I bet that you have been to some that you come out energetic, invigorated and even encouraged to take action.  Sometimes the difference between the two experiences can be very minimal.

So how about you, have you had to present or do a public speaking address and felt that you bombed it or that you could have done better?

Well honestly we all do... there is always room for improvement..

In this short but concise course I would like to discuss how to become a better presenter and public speaker.


This is Volume TWO of the series following the introduction: How To Become A Better Presenter: Top 5 Skills of a Great Presenter.


If you haven't taken that course feel free to enroll here it is a free course:

But on this Volume of the series we start looking at more specific skills to improve on.

This particular class will focus on the elevator speech….

We will discuss:

  • What is an elevator speech and its importance
  • We will look at elements of a good elevator speech
  • We will discuss the 4 steps to developing an effective elevator speech and some tips to improve on the development and delivery.

This class is really for anyone that wants to improve in their presentation and delivery skills, how to attract and determine if someone could be a potential customer. Or if you are looking for a way to describe yourself and network in your personal life.


The class should help you get more confidence by being more prepared and anticipate the conversation as well as help you attract like minded people.

Therefore do not wait, start your path towards becoming a better presenter.... enroll now!

Remember we get back what we put into things....

“Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent.”

Dionysius Of Halicarnassus