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How To Be More Productive Working From Home

teacher avatar Melanie Greenwood, Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Trailer: How To Be More Productive Working From Home

    • 2. 2. Knowing Your "WHY" For Working From Home

    • 3. 3. Get Proper Sleep At Night

    • 4. 4. Fueling Your Body With The Right Foods

    • 5. 5. Dress For Success

    • 6. 6. Create an Environment For Productivity

    • 7. 7. Getting Your Home Based Office Setup

    • 8. 8. Batching Your Week

    • 9. 9. Write A List For Tomorrow

    • 10. 10. The Power Of Block Time

    • 11. 11. Online Tools For Increasing Productivity

    • 12. 12. Leaving Margin In Your Schedule For The Unexpected

    • 13. 13. 10x Your Productivity by planning your 12 Month Calendar

    • 14. 14. How To Work With Your Spouse Without Killing Each Other!

    • 15. 15. Working From Home With Young Children

    • 16. 16. Take Breaks To Increase Productivity

    • 17. 17. The Power Of Consistency

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About This Class

My Husband Chris and I have been working from home for over 10 years and love the freedom it brings into our lives.

Chris is a rock music artist ( who has sold hundreds of thousands of albums and performed in 22 countries worldwide. I am a graphic designer and illustrator and founder of a full service design studio called Vision City. We love working from home because we can choose our own schedules, avoid traffic, design our own creative environments and while still getting all of our imperative work completed.

Maybe you are working for yourself or for another company, working from home is a great option that can create a great freedom of lifestyle. In this course, we will give you the key tools to consider when working from home to ensure your are crushing your to do lists each day!

This course is all about using your time effectively and being super productive while working from your home. 

In this course we will:

- encourage you to establish your "Why" for working from home

- discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how that will promote productivity

- dressing for success and creating a great work environment

- How to batch your tasks and your time

- the power of list building

- How to work productively with your spouse without killing each other

- How to work with young children at home

+ MORE....

We hope you enjoy this course and that it really helps you build towards your goal!

Melanie and Chris

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melanie Greenwood

Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio


Welcome to the Print On Demand Course for Beginners!

In this course I am going to teach you how to create your own Print On Demand Products using Printify.

"Print On Demand" is when you add your own art or words to a product (shirts, hats, aprons, mugs etc...) and add that product to your online shop. When a customer buys the product, your print provider prints it, packages it and ships it directly to the customer for you. This eliminates the need to carry large amounts of stock and spend the money up front. Hence the name "Print On Demand". It's a wonderful thing!

In this course, you will learn:

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2. How It Works! (5 Steps)

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1. Trailer: How To Be More Productive Working From Home: I guys welcome to our course on how to be productive while working from home. We have been working from home successfully for over nine years were a married couple. We have a little girl who is two years old. So we know the challenges that are presented when you work from home, whether you're running your own business, whether you're building your own brand, whether you're working remotely for another company, there are lots of different challenges that we experience a working from home. And we've got lots of tips and tricks on how to be effective and productive while using our time effectively working from home. Exactly. We know what it's like to come from corporate world and is working in the office every day . And it's a big change on getting and starting working at home because you got to really encourage yourself. You really need to learn how to block time, have a creative environment, how toe work with kids and how to work together without killing each other. We definitely talked to you about that and give you some tips with that and just how have an environment at home to be successful and get is much work done as possible. How to get the proper amount of sleep, how to get the proper foods in you. So you're fueled and you have the energy and excitement to really crush it when to work together and when to come apart. So we're not always in each other space and how to encourage each other. When you're working together, whether you're married or not, you're gonna find the tips, the tricks, the hacks and all the productivity lessons that we've learned for. Doing this for over nine years will really help you. We want to see you win once you crush it in your online business and also so you're gonna have a freedom lifestyle. So hey, we look forward to seeing you in this course. If you have any questions, comments, you can leave them in there. And, of course, there's a 30 day money back guarantee and we will see you on the other side. 2. 2. Knowing Your "WHY" For Working From Home: Hi, guys. Thanks again for taking this course in this lecture. We want to talk about your Why? Why are you wanting to work from home for everybody? It's going to be different for some. It may be people who want to work closer to their family. They want to see their Children more. Maybe it's for health reasons. Maybe they wanna have a bit more of a slow paced, um, lifestyle where they can actually work out during the day. They don't have to be in traffic all day getting to and from work. Maybe they just want to have the freedom of lifestyle to set their own schedule. You know, your reason is gonna be different than mine. And you know what? Everyone's reason is valuable. So to discover your why is gonna motivate you to be successful while you work from home. This is even something you can actually write down and put in front of use that you will always see it every day. And it will encourage you to keep going on days or too challenging. Yes, because there are days that are definitely challenging. But I'll never forget. When we quit our jobs when we sent in our resignation letters, we took the leap of faith and we started working from home. It's totally changed our lives, allowing us to work together, have a freedom lifestyle and actually make even more money. And it also cut down our expenses with traveling to and from work. It allowed us to b'more home with our daughter and spend more time with our family and do things that you know regular families just can't do because they're having to go back and forth with the 9 to 5. So I want to encourage you to write down. What is it your wise and be with family. More is the have that freedom lifestyle to kind of go where you want to go when you want to go? Is it to make more money in it with a more online business? Whatever it is, it's a personal thing. But write it down and really have it focused, cause that will totally encourage you when you do feel like giving up and when you do feel like quitting and we're here to encourage you because we know what impact it's had on our lives to be productive toe work at home and also be together and be with family, so let's keep going on the rest of this course. 3. 3. Get Proper Sleep At Night: Hey, guys, in this lecture, I want to talk about getting proper sleep. I used to travel 150 to 200 days. Every single year. We'd be in hotel rooms, we'd be driving through the night and I wouldn't get proper sleep. And then I'd come home and my wife would look at me like what happened to you. You look like you've aged five years. Well, when we started working from home and working from our home based business, now we get eight hours of sleep every night. And if we don't, we try and take a little bit of rest. Oring the days and this is while raising a daughter because we understand that you can't cheat sleep. Yes, there's some nights. There's sometimes where you only get your six hours of sleep. You only get your seven, but you cannot prolong that schedule for a long term time, and at the end it will have consequences. And I don't know what you but when I have a good night's rest, I feel a lot better. I feel mawr energized, and I'm ready to handle the task that's at hand, and that's in front of me. So I really want to encourage you Take the time to get your sleep because when you think you're cheating it, you're only cheating yourself. You're not actually getting any farther, but you're hurting yourself. You're hurting your productivity. And let's be honest, this isn't Isn't this why we work from home so that we can have our own hours work when we wanna work, sleep when we wanna work? So I encourage you to take advantage of that. I'm not telling you not to work hard. I'm not telling the work less. I'm just trying to tell you to get that sleep a little bit more so that you can be in your optimum level so that when you are working, your crushing it and that's what we want for you is to be as productive as possible. 4. 4. Fueling Your Body With The Right Foods: Hey, guys, in this lecture, I want to talk about eating, energizing foods that you have the fuel you need when working at home. When I traveled on the road, I found myself eating at restaurants that I shouldn't of fast food restaurants that I shouldn't have ensure. It gave me a little bit of boost, a little bit of sugar boost, but at the end I found myself dragging, especially when it came to lunch time. When I started working from home, I found when I eat something light, not something super heavy just to get me started into the day. And then I snack on some nuts or some fruit. I find it keeps me light and it doesn't bog down my body. I'll never forget going out for lunches, and I'll have like a big, passable or big pizza thing because I was so long, Gree. But then I felt like dragging, and I felt all bogged down in my body, and I didn't have the same energy I had before I even ate. And this is the thing when I started eating lighter lunches and food that fueled my body like salads and greens and and and lean meats. I found what a difference it made in my overall feeling. And so I felt charged I didn't feel bogged down. So I really want to encourage you first. When you're eating your breakfast or deciding what to eat, eat some fruit. Eat something like that's not gonna, you know, weigh you down in the morning. Sure, have your coffee, have your water and then start your work. But then, when it comes down to lunch, don't eat this massive plate of pastor or carbs. That's just gonna make it harder for your body to process and overeat. So you have that full feeling, and then so your body is just like, uh, there's so many times where I've eaten lunch and then gone back to work, and I was just like, Where did my energy go? I feel like I need to take a nap or I need to go to sleep. That's not what me and Melanie want for you. We want you to have a nice and light energizing breakfast and lunch that you have the fuel and the energy to kick butt at your task, because that's really what it comes down to. a success. You need tohave energy. We talked about earlier. In the other lecture about sleep, that's number one. And then number two is what you're feeding your body. Okay, so your body needs rest, and it also needs fuel and putting the right fuels. You wouldn't put water and sugar in your gas tank. What's the same thing with this body? We need to fuel with the right ingredients in the things that are going to give us optimal energy? Trust me, I like my cookies. I like my sweets. I like junk food. Sometimes it's all in moderation, not telling you not to have it. But I want you to have the most energy is possible. Hey, look forward to seeing you in this course. You can always leave a comment or question. Let's keep going. 5. 5. Dress For Success: Hi guys. In this course, I'm excited to talk to you all about dressing for success. As you get dressed every single day as you're working from home, I want you to dress for success, meaning, dressed the way that you want to feel as though you're leaving for work. Ladies, maybe that means putting on makeup in your hair, putting on elephant. That makes you feel beautiful and confident. Guys, maybe that's a clean shave. Maybe it's really nicely done hair. I don't know what your style is, but really celebrate it. What's the clothing? The hair and makeup, the accessories that are gonna make you feel confident and make you feel like you want to go and kick butt? In that day, we might think that the idea of working from home means that we are allowed to just, you know, hang out in our PJs and just walk around her house in a house code and all that kind of stuff, and maybe that is a luxury of working from home. But let me tell you, there is so much proven evidence that when we get dressed every day and we look our best and feel are best. It will absolutely affect our productivity. It'll internalize the importance of our of our day While we're working, it'll actually make us feel more confident it'll actually help us to take our job or our work much more seriously, as if we're leaving for work every day. Maybe leaving for work means walking down the hallway to your, you know, studio or your workspace. Or maybe it's your dining table. But the idea of leaving for work still needs toe happen, meaning getting dressed, getting ready, doing the things that you do as though you're going to work. Let me tell you, this is a major breakthrough. This might be the one thing that people get hung up on that will really affect them in a negative way. So I want to really encourage you guys take that extra 5 10 20 minutes to get ready and to feel your best put on your favorite cologne. Guys, ladies put on that really beautiful perfume that makes you feel gorgeous and really approach the day with a successful attitude. And let me tell you, getting dressed for success will only benefit you in the end, so get dressed for success. 6. 6. Create an Environment For Productivity: Hi guys. In this section, I want to talk to you all about creating an environment that you can thrive in without distractions. Now, one of the biggest challenges of working from home is distractions. So you need to create a space in your home that you can go to every single day. That is your designated workspace. Now, for some, it might be a section of a room and others. It might be an actual space that you have a door that you can close. I want to encourage you to really think about this. Where can I work every single day? I'm not gonna be distracted by family by friends, by phones ringing by all the different things by people coming to the door. And like trying to sell you stuff. Like all the things that happened at home, we're trying to work. We need to avoid those things if we're going to be effective and productive. So here are the things that I want you to start thinking about. Now, where do you need to work in your home? Is it going to be on the same level off everyone who's in the house? Is it going to be on the main floor is going in the basement. Is it going to be on the top floor in the spare bedroom? Start to think about where works for you. You can convert any space really into a workspace. Um, it's really depends on the type of work you do. Sometimes people actually like toe have people around while they're working. They don't wanna be so isolated in the home. So think about what works for you. Say, for example, if you're in a creative type of work and you need a space where you go in and even close the door, turn on music puts him art up on the wall, that inspires you. Um, and really just get cracking on creative work. I'm that kind of person. So I relate to that. But not everyone's that way. Maybe you're Maurin an analytical job in a in a little creative work type of environment where you need to solve problems and you don't want anything on the walls. You want maybe just a clean, very, very clean environment that's very modern and fresh. Nothing on the wall to distract you too. Take your mind off what you're working on. So you have to think about what's gonna work for you to create an environment that's gonna work. What kind of music do you want to play? What kind of things stimulate you to think clearly? Maybe this certain color paint on the walls, maybe just research. You know, even different types of paint colors actually really affect us. You know, a cool color is actually bring us into more of a calm, serene environment which may or may not work for you. Maybe you want more warm, hot, bright colors because those acts year, you know, shown to create energy and to create us our reminds to think creatively, these things that we can look up and discover to find out how to have an environment that's really gonna work for us. So everyone's different again. Find out where it works for you, but take the time to really create an environment that will be without distractions and that will cultivate creativity and productivity in your business. 7. 7. Getting Your Home Based Office Setup: Hey, guys, One of the things that's really important for being effective and being as productive as possible on your home business is toe have the right office set up. I'm talking about having high speed Internet, not just the low speed and depending on what you do. Maybe you don't need Internet that much, but I find for me transferring files up, loading videos, downloading audio, doing different things, sending stuff, the people I find I need. Tohave is fast. His connection is possible. So they've got the content because you know what time is money in? The quicker I can get something uploaded, edited, done or if I need to something downloaded. I just want it done. I don't want to be waiting because I don't want my waiting time to be wasted time. I'm going to get it done and moved over. Same thing for having a printer are really suggest you have a really good printer. If you have a wireless one, that's the best that you could just print from wherever you are. Go pick up those papers. Same thing for a scanner. I like the multipurpose ones. We have a brother. I think it is, which is a scanner, a printer and a fax machine. I know it's crazy. Some people still use a fax machine. Most of the times, though I have been able to just, uh, what is it? Scanning the documents is a pdf and send those to people and all the software tools you can that you could possibly need are all online. I just want to encourage you. Just buy what you need or hire out the work that you need. Don't just try and figure out everything yourself all the time. Don't allow waiting time to be wasted time Get the highest speed Internet get a good printer said I've, you know, good workspace set up so you can just really focus and do what it is you need to do. I find when I'm all of a sudden something that I don't have or that they need. If I gotta go to Staples or Office Depot or whatever it is, it just waste time. Set up your office right the first time, make the investment, get it done so that you can just focus on what you do best in your business. 8. 8. Batching Your Week: Hi guys. In this lecture, I want to talk to you all about batch in your week and scheduling out each day. Batch ing is an awesome tool that is absolutely revolutionized the way that I work in my business at home. Matching is when you take all of the same type of work and you gather it all together and you work on it all at the same time. For example, maybe you have a certain amount of time within the week that you want to do creative work. So maybe you designate Wednesday's to be your creative crush. It day, when all you do all day long is you work on creative projects, you produce products, you create design for your clients. You are. That's your creative problem solving day, maybe another day. Maybe Mondays is the day that you reach out to your clients, and that's your connected, connected data clients. You have your, ah, your meetings, your updates with them and that's your just love on your client's day. For example, this is the power of matching so that every single day is accounted for and that that specific short amount of time you just get a ton of work done. That's the whole point of matching your time. So you never want to wake up on it on a Seo Tuesday morning and not know what you're doing that day and not have a sense that you're going to just get a ton of work done that day. So Batch Ing is really about sectioning off your week so that every single day is a powerful, productive ity day. So creating those windows of time, it's really important to find what what day is going to be your best day to be productive in creativity. What's going to be your best window of time within your your week or day, that you can answer questions to clients. Or maybe one is the best time to make phone calls. You know things like that. Figure out those windows of time within your weak and batch, all of that type of work altogether, and I guarantee you that you up your productivity while working from home 9. 9. Write A List For Tomorrow: Hi guys in this lecture, I want to talk to all about the idea of writing a list at the end of today for tomorrow. Now I don't about you, but I'm a huge fan of lists. Lists keep me on track. Keep me focused, and they eliminate that window of time of me trying to figure out what it is I'm working on . So at the end of every single day, I will write a list, whether it's on my computer, on a piece of paper or on my laptop on my iPad, iPhone or whatever kind of device you use. And this way, it really just create just that, a surety within myself. I know what I'm working on tomorrow, and even more than that, it's in the morning. Tomorrow when I wake up, I don't have to kind of spend that, you know, kind of foggy moment, especially for us people who are not morning people trying to figure out what it is we're actually working on that day. Wait, where My starting again. All those kind of thoughts. You don't want to really have that time. It just waste time and actually kind of makes you feel little discouraged. I don't know about you, but working at home, I have to keep myself motivated. I have to create my own sense of, you know, purpose and, uh, energy every single morning. And you can't just go by how you feel at that exact moment. So by doing a list the night before your establishing kind of like a platform from where you're gonna work in the following day. This some major key guys, if I could tell you anything about your timing and about using your time effectively, I would absolutely encourage you to create lists. Maybe you're not somebody who's You use lists before I want encourage you to try it out and just see how much more effective you feel. How much more confident you feel as you start the following day as you continue on in your work from home. 10. 10. The Power Of Block Time: Hey, guys, I hope you loving this course so far. One of the keys that 10 X, my business and my wife's business at home is blocked. Time What gets calendar gets done. What gets scheduled gets done. Maybe you've heard that phrase before, but when you put into your calendar your to do list or something that you need to do, whether it's right book it's, um, interview, podcast or start podcaster scheduled time to write or whatever it is that you need to do when you put it on your calendar, you say, Hey, on Wednesday from one till four, I'm working on this and I'm not doing anything else. I am blocking the time to get it done when I'm trying to write my book or I'm trying to write music or I'm trying to record courses like this. I blocked the time off all my calendar. I'll put it on my phone and on my computer so nothing else interrupts me. Nothing else gets in the way. I've got my phone right now on airplane mode so nobody can reach me. Call me. My email is turned off. I have blocked a scheduled time, an appointment I made an appointment with myself to get my work done. And you wouldn't believe how my productivity has shot through the roof. Same with my wife when we block it off and just put it on as opposed it is going into the day and just kind of saying, Hey, whatever happens, happens. No, we strategically planned with block time. I know authors do this. I know successful business do this. And multi millionaires do this. They schedule their calendar out with block times so nothing else can get in the way. This one key alone will be worth the whole tuition. You paid for this course. And if you apply it to your life, I promise you your work and productivity will 10 X for sure. So I encourage you go through your calendar right now, and I want you to grab your most important task and block it on your calendar block time. Maybe you're doing it three times a week. Maybe you're blocking that task for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe you're doing it every single day. Maybe it's from one till four. You blocked the time. Maybe you're a super early bird from six till 10. You've blocked that timeto write that book or toe work on that whatever work activity is that you need to do. But when you've blocked it off, you get it done, and that's what we want for you guys. We want you guys to be more successful and feel like you're growing your business. You're accomplishing mawr and you have more freedom in your life. 11. 11. Online Tools For Increasing Productivity: Hey, guys, I want to talk to you guys about some online tools you can use to increase your productivity's the first thing you need to know, though you want to use your cell phone or your computer toe help you not hurt you. When you're working on a specific task, I encourage you to shut off social media, put it on airplane modes and nobody can call you nobody context. You shut down your Internet browser if you don't use the Internet to do the work that we just turn off the WiFi, unless you are typing online and you need to use it will shut off Facebook. Shut off your emails. You're not seeing those email notifications pop up so that you can actually focus on your work. Now, if you actually happen to use social media for your work, I encourage you to use something like Meet Edgar. So where you post one time it goes toe all platforms to your twitter, to your Facebook to your instagram, or connect your instagram to your Facebook in your Twitter account. So you're only posting once and it goes to multiple places. OK, that's a really great way to kind of multiply your efforts. So you create one piece of content and you posted everywhere. If you don't use those at all, that's totally fine. Another great online tool I love to use for writing into getting my ideas out is Google docks, so it's saved. So if I'm logged in somewhere at a cafe and I'm not actually on my laptop, I'm somewhere else that I can log in anywhere I am and continue working on it, and it's also saved. I love using that. Of course, I love to sink my phone with my calendar, so everything is updated. Everything is good to go. I like to use my tasks in here on my phone to keep me reminded so I can see what it is that I'm actually working on. Another really cool app there just started using is called Wonder List. Another one is called Evernote for keeping track of your tasks. Go check those APS out that will really help you and increase your productivity again. We want to use these online tools to help us not hinder us in The best way to do that is to shut him off so that we don't have distractions. Distractions is killing our productivity in the workplace. Did you know every single time you look up to look at your phone because you got an email notification You want to check Instagram? It takes at least another 11 minutes to get back and focused on what it is you're doing again. So I encourage you get rid of the distractions. Use these online tools to help you to create, to take photos, toe look up stuff when you need it to help get your task done, not to hinder you. I hope that gives you some great advice and some tips to use to increase your productivity . 12. 12. Leaving Margin In Your Schedule For The Unexpected: Hey, guys, I want to talk to you guys about margin and leaving room for the unexpected. Whether that's an opportunity, an emergency, something do with family that you actually have room to expand or contract. What's the point of making your schedule down to the minute to the second? You know, some people book in our block. Some people book to the point that it's every 30 minute blocks. They're doing something. I want to challenge you to leave a little bit of margin. Because you know what? Sometimes conversations go a little longer. Sometimes meeting goes a little longer. Interviews. What you thought was going to take 30 minutes ended up taking an hour and 1/2. I know for me all the time. I schedule my day and sometimes just things take a little bit more to get done. Stuff happens, things go wrong. That's why you wanna have a little bit of margin for the unexpected. So that way, if something happens with your family, you need to go out. You need to do something. You have the margin to do it. Ah, friend is in town. Sometimes I'll have a friend common that their visit like, Hey, you want to go for lunch and you want to go meet here at this coffee shop Quick, I've got a little bit of margin and I've got a little bit of flexibility. And again, that's one of the most amazing things about running and home based business. Because you have that freedom. You have that flexibility to go hang out with your friend for coffee or for lunch. You have that ability to go pick up your son or daughter from school, or maybe take your wife out and go out for lunch and hang out because you're working from home. You own your hours, but you're not gonna be able to do that unless you leave a little bit of margin in your schedule. So hey, go through your schedule right now. See where you can leave a little bit of gaps that you can have a little bit of breathing room. We want to enjoy our life while doing and working on what it is we love 13. 13. 10x Your Productivity by planning your 12 Month Calendar: Hey, guys, I want to share with you a tip that totally changed my life. My productivity's increased my income and made a huge difference in the way I do business. And I can't believe that Mawr entrepreneurs don't do this. Small businesses don't do it. Even some bigger businesses do not do this, and they wonder why they're struggling. They wonder why they don't or can't predict their income. It's because they don't have a 12 month calendar planning out there year. Okay, when me and my wife look at our years 2016 we know what promotions air happening in June, July, August, all the way through September are sorry to December because we're planning that far ahead. If you look at any big retailers like J. C. Penney or Macy's or Nordstroms there know what they're already selling next spring. While spring is here, December's was done months ago. They already knew all the promo, everything, the designs, everything way ahead. And guess what? They're not broke because they're planning ahead and not just letting what happens, Whatever happens. And this is what most entrepreneurs door they create, all for the month of June, they create something, and then they sell it in July and they promote, promote, promote. And then they take, like, a month or two off, like, Oh, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? And then they're broken October like, Oh, I guess I better create something. They spend all their month, October creating again, and then they get stuck in this cycle as opposed to always planning and know what you're promoting in June. Know what you're creating in July? I know what you're promoting in August and you set up automation and you set up your calendar so you know what is going on and you're not just leaving it by chance with Second thing I do is I have a spreadsheet that has just use something like excel. Okay, something as simple as Excel. And I calculate all the income that's coming in for each month. So I know what money is coming in June. What's on the books, what's on the books for July and I try to make sure I hit my number. I don't know what your number is. Maybe you need to hit 5000 month. Maybe it's 10. Maybe it's 20 but I make sure I get on my books when I hit that goal way ahead of time again. So I'm not scrambling. Winning. Oh, shoot. Uh, I'm not. Don't have any money coming in in June. I don't have any money coming in July. No, I've already planted. I'm looking way ahead so that I'm not stressing out. And so I can be the most effective I can be when working from home. So what I want to challenge you to do if you do not have a 12 month calendar, what you can do is you can take a blank piece of paper and you can write boxes and you can write 12 different boxes and right in what's going on to happen in June. What's gonna happen in July? August, September, October. What is the plan? What are you releasing? What are you working on scheduled time? Like I talked about that block time and really plan out your calendar so that you know what you're doing, planet where your vacations they're gonna be. And then that way, you know what a hustle. Really hard to make sure things are set up there automated. They're working. Plan out your income so that you know what is coming in. And you're not worrying if you need to get you gnome or, ah, jobs. There are more speaking gigs or whatever it is you do in your line of business. More things set up, set it up, make those phone calls, send those emails. But I really encourage you to start planning out your 12 month calendar. My November is already spoken for. Book may be filling in one date for something like that, but we know exactly what we're doing, what we're working on and what I want to encourage you to. You are a creator, so just keep creating, keep marketing and don't quit. 14. 14. How To Work With Your Spouse Without Killing Each Other!: how to work with your spouse without killing each other. Well, me and my wife have been married together again for amazing 13 years. We actually dated for five years. We've been together for 18 years, and we started creating stuff together and working on stuff when we were really young. And we've just got I got this really unique relationship where we work well together, but it's not always easy. And so I want to give you guys some productivity tips and how to work together. So you're not killing each other, not fighting, because it can be done. But the first thing you need to know and you need to set up is boundaries. You need toe, have different separate working offices, and it's not even just about the workspaces. But it's the times. And when you approach each other, if my wife is working on a really important task, I can't just go barge in there with an idea and totally like, just messed her up like that. So, like her running in Milan recording this video announcing acres, I got a really great idea. It's gonna totally throw me off. It's disrupting and it interrupts my brain patterns and again, just like the phone going off. It pulls me from my task. So you want to make sure you really set boundaries for when she's working on stuff. I don't interrupt her when I'm working on stuff. I'm not getting interrupted because again it throws you off and it really slows you down from being more productive. Second is when I'm showing my wife a new idea or she's showing me a new idea or just something she's been working on, and maybe I don't totally love it. Maybe she doesn't fully love it. I don't just tear it apart. I don't just tear it down. But I critique positively and I start from an angle of positivity and encouragement because it's so easy to tear somebody else down with your words. And it's really hard being artists working for ourselves. We're already trying to overcome enough fear. We're always trying to overcome enough discouragement and ourselves just to get going. I don't need my spouse telling me that what I just worked on is garbage, but it's one way to say Hey, I really like that, But why don't you try this idea? I think that would really help, and you just give honest, encouraging feedback. Another thing you guys want to really think about is blocking off time where you're not working together in the same room. There's times where, yes, you work together, whether you're working together in the living room or you've got the studio or the basement wherever your home offices set, there's times with me. My wife worked together, and then there's times when we work apart. We love coming together to talk about stuff, work on stuff. But then she goes her way and I go my way because when we are working together in the same room or she's making a coffee or something like that, Shellfish didn't say something. Hey, baby, you want something like this or What were you doing right now and just kind of talk to me and it pulls me out of my zone? Or maybe I'll do the same thing to her, were working side by side and say, Hey, I just want to tell you about this. This person just sent me that and she's like all that. That's great, but I'm just focused on this right now. So there's times when you work together, in times when you work apart and you want to schedule those, another really important one is celebrating the winds. This is something me and my wife wish we did Maurin the earlier days and we're really getting good at it now is when something good happens. You have a good sale. A good launch would be a really good month or something like that. You just really crushed something. We go and celebrate. We go for a coffee move to go for an ice cream or go for dinner with the family and just released celebrating, encourage each other and just give us that high five and you crushed it because you can't always live with your head down and just going for it, Okay, I so that's really, really important. The last thing I just want to share with you guys is to divide in, conquer and work on each other's strengths. You know, there's certain things that my wife's really good at. That I'm just not good at. She's really good at design. I don't handle any of the graphic design or the art for things like that or Web banners. Okay, she's really good at video editing as well, too. So sometimes I let her handle that. And then there's other aspects of the business that I'm really strong at. So I focus on those. So we just like a You handle this, All handle this, You handle that, That that that divide and conquer, Let's go and we move forward. So I hope that really encourages you. And seriously, you might want to sit down with your your significant other your spouse and just say, Hey, you're gonna work on this. I'm gonna work on that and I'm gonna work on that because there's no point and my wife working on something that she's not that strong in or me working on something, that I'm not strong and that she's a lot better at. So I really excited about this one. And another thing I just want to say to just with closing is this is have mercy. Have grace, have patients turn up the love really encourage one another. It's a real blessing to be able to work with your spouse on your home based business. But if you put these principles into place, it'll leave room for boundaries and know when to shut the business down and not even talk about it at all. Even though you're so passionate about it, you want to make sure that you have time for just Utah, just together. Time and fun time and not always about the business. Hope that helps. Of course, you can post any questions you have about that morning, you know, problems you're having. And we'd love to give you input on how we overcame stuff. 15. 15. Working From Home With Young Children : Hi guys in this lecture, I want to talk to you all about working from home while you have young Children at the house with you. Now Chris and I have a two year old little rambunctious girl who was full of energy and who is a light of our lives now. We absolutely love to be able to work from home to able to see her all throughout the day. Teoh run up to her and give her hugs and kisses at any moment. But there's definitely challenges having ah, young child or Children in the home while you're trying to work on your own business, whether you're working remotely for another company or brand, or whether you're building your own brand your own business from home. Now there are some solutions that I want to discuss and share with you that we've I found really work for us. That may help you as well. Number one. The obvious thing is to get help. So maybe you have a baby sitter, a nanny, a grand parent on Auntie and uncle, you know, family that could come in or hired baby sitter nannies that can come in to really help you to have somebody who can watch your child or Children while you're working in the home. The luxury of this is that at any moment you can also just say there are like playing on the main floor, and your office is upstairs or downstairs, or your remote area that you work in the house is in a specific designated area. You can always kind of come in and just check in on your child, and you also just know that they're safe. They're nearby and they looked after. But you're able to still focus because although we don't want to call our Children distractions and they're not distractions, but at the same time it is distracting when we're trying to work on something. And we, you know, we can't always work on things when we know that our Children need us. Obviously, our Children come first, right? So all the moms air, probably asking these kinds of questions there. So many moms, for example, that I working from home building businesses and all kinds of different things. I think this can really be a challenge. It also creates a bit of mom guilt. I find two or dad Gil, depending on who it is to kind of feel like you're working and you know that you're not with your child, even other in the home. So having a somebody else come in on work looking after your child and even if you're paying them or not paying them, if their family, if they want to do it for free. Amazing Andi Or if you want to, you know, contribute to that, then that's your choice. But basically knowing that your child looked after while you're being effective, working is key. The other thing that you could do is to, um, work while that child's young child or Children are having naps. Now this is really a challenge, obviously, and I have had to do this a lot with our little girl. Say, if Chris is working and I am sort of like on duty that day with her and I'm looking after her and she's having a great day together while she's having her nap, especially for Children who are like infant age young, even toddler age. They'd still have naps throughout the day, so I would actually just make that my crush it time. And although I would be tired. I maybe had not a lot of sleep the night before. I would make that, you know, two hour window, my time to get as much done as humanly possible on my business. So I absolutely think that's effective. It's obviously not going to give you the whole data work. But say, if you're a stay at home mom and you are building a business or you're working remotely, maybe you're a writer and you write for magazines or something. Maybe you could make that you're writing time your creative time or what have you? What? It depends on what you're working on. Obviously. So, um, those air sort of some of my suggestions as well for that the other one, which is also obvious, is well, is to kind of partner with your husband, wife, your partner, basically the person who is, you know, sharing your home with you and who is the co parent of your of your child. So obviously, if one person's working, the other could be watching the child or Children. Chris, I do that a lot when we don't have help on days that it's just us with our daughter. We love it, too, because then we can tell each other what she did that day. The funny things that she did on, and we feel like we're having the luxury of being able to spend time with her, which is really part of one of the luxuries I love. But working from home is that I'm very close to her. Andi, I think that's a really a blessing for us. So I hope this has really helped you and encourage you because being a parent and having young Children, especially they're not at the age yet where they can, you know, go get a snack or they can, you know, do things on their own. And so we don't want to feel that, you know, like you're compromising your, um, your parenting style or anything like that. So think about what's gonna work for you. But there's absolutely is creative answers. There is play groups whose different ways that you can get your child involved. Maybe you have a neighbor even who's got a young child, and they can even play together for a couple hours and then you can swap it out and then you can help that pair neighbor when you know she may have to go get groceries or things like that like there's it was a ways of being creative. Teoh solve the challenge of working from home with young Children. I hope this has really encouraged you. 16. 16. Take Breaks To Increase Productivity: Hi, guys. In this lecture, I want to talk to you about taking breaks to increase productivity. Now, believe it or not, it will actually increase your energy and your productivity by taking breaks throughout the day. It's proven by many studies that if you take breaks in your workday, it actually resets your brain so that as you come back to your workspace you're in if you have a fresh set of eyes and your actual brain engages in a fresh way to solve problems now , maybe you're working on creative projects, analytical projects. Maybe you're working with people, and you're not sure how to handle situations and dynamics of working with those people. If you take a break and you walk away for a few minutes, even 10 15 20 minutes at the most, I would say it will absolutely give you a fresh set of eyes and you come back to your project. It will increase your energy. It'll reduce fatigue sometimes just by working hard throughout the whole day and not moving very much. It actually makes you more fatigued at the end of the day, and what we want to do is at the end of this day of working from home. We still want to have energy for our families, right? So I would encourage you take breaks. It will absolutely increase your energy and productivity. Even if you have a break for Say, you have a glass of water, you go outside for a few minutes, you stick your code on if it's cold outside, even if it is cool, Just quote side, get like five minutes of fresh air. Even they say, if you go outside and get a little bit of sunlight, a bit of vitamin D, they'll just gives you energy. And you're gonna be really amazing. Surprise how much energy you have, but of a pep in your step as you get back into your office, you will absolutely get much more done. Another thing I want to talk to boat is working throughout your lunch. Definitely. Don't eat your lunch at your desk. Uh, eat your lunch at a separate location. Maybe you go into more of the common area of your home on be a cool time to just see people working from home can also be kind of isolating. Right. So if we have a break and we go into the common area of the kitchen, the dining room, those kind of places. And we can, like, see the other members of our family if there's anybody there, or we can invite a friend over for lunch, you know, whatever it may be. But we want to give ourselves that window of time to kind of step away from work for a few minutes, eat our lunch, have a fresh glass of water or whatever it may be, and then get back into work. And then again in the afternoon, I encourage you to take one more break, a swell, so generally it's one break in the morning. Midmorning, one break in mid afternoon is usually what I would encourage you to do and obviously have ah, break for lunch as well. So please take breaks. It's gonna only affect you in a positive direction as you work from home. 17. 17. The Power Of Consistency: when it comes to working on your business. Consistency wins every time. Just showing up every day in putting in that work, scheduling that block time. Putting in that effort over the time it starts to add up will never forget that book by Darren Hardy. The compound effect, by little bits over time over time adds up to a big mound and adds up to a great, amazing impact. Just showing up every day, putting in that work, putting in that effort. Why do I love the story of the tortoise and the hare? Because the tortures, he just kept on with it. Yeah, he was slow, but he kept on shipping away at it. You know, sure, you can have your 10 10 day sprints where you're really gonna and then take breaks and then 10 minutes prints and then breaks. But I just find that slow and steady, just showing up every day, putting in a little work, putting a little work. I know some people that challenge themselves to write 1000 words a day just in the morning just to get that writing done. Or maybe you want to write, you write music or maybe you're just trying to create some video content. You're just saying, Hey, every day I'm gonna record my two videos every day. I'm just gonna work on this one thing and as you chip away at it and you just keep showing up, that's the difference between an amateur and a professional. The professional puts in the work and shows up every day, no matter what. The amateur just kind of shows up when he feels like it. There's times when I don't feel like it. There's times right. My wife doesn't feel like putting in the work. But we've learned to discipline ourselves and just stay consistent over years. And we're like, Wow, that's when the quantum leaps come in. That's when the 10 x of our business really starts toe happen when you stay consistent, consistent not just over a week, not just a month but months, half a year a year, and then years of being consistent. It's like, Whoa, look where we are and my wife are always blown away when we look back and say, Wow, you remember back then, like where we were and where we are now. It didn't happen overnight, but it came from being consistent and keep showing up and not quitting, And that's why it's really want to encourage you. There will be times when you feel like giving up. There's gonna be times when you just feel like you know what? I just can't do this anymore. I want to go back to the 9 to 5. Can I encourage you to stick with it? Push through those problems, pushed those things that just fall apart, keep working at it and keep showing up.