How To Be More Calm (free mini-course) | Michael Hetherington | Skillshare
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3 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. How To Be More Calm - Part 1

    • 2. How To Be More Calm - Part 2

    • 3. How To Be More Calm - Part 3


About This Class

A quick, 3-part video series on How To be More Calm (and dissolve stress, anxiety, worry & insomnia)

Each video lesson goes for only 10 minutes.


Video Lesson 1 - How to prepare the body

Video Lesson 2 - The KEY to calming the mind

Video Lesson 3 - How to create space between you and your mind

If you are looking for quick yet profound ways to generate more calm and relaxation in your daily life, than this course is for you!

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