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How To Be Hyper Productive When Working From Home

teacher avatar Dave Espino, Digital Marketing Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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19 Lessons (1h 2m)
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About This Class

Do you struggle with being productive when working from home?

Wonder why you are so easily distracted and then end up wasting lots of valuable time when you should be focused on the things that matter?

Ever get so frustrated with your lack of productivity that you end up being LESS productive for the rest of the day, or even for the rest of the week?

Hey, it happens to everyone, but you know what?

It doesn't have to!

When you know the secrets to being highly productive and highly profitable in your own home based business or job, then you will be unstoppable!

Learn these strategies, build them into your daily discipline and you will begin to see a new you emerge, a home based business owner who gets a LOT more done, and faster and more profitably.

You see, one of the biggest reasons many people fail at their own home business is because they have not yet developed the key disciplines, the key elements of working from home that are known only to those who have lived it and have grown to thrive while working from home.

I've been there! And it was no fun!

But over the years, I've developed simple, easy to follow habits and disciplines (over 30 years) that lead to success in being hyper productive in your home based business. I am here to give you the secrets to home based success - on a silver platter!

You will be learning from an instructor who has actually made millions while working from home; someone who has achieved some of the highest levels of work-from-home achievement. 

Enroll in this course, buckle up, and get ready to be the hyper-productive, hyper-profitable entrepreneur you KNOW you can be!

Meet Your Teacher

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Dave Espino

Digital Marketing Trainer


Hello, I'm Dave.

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1. Pro 1: This is Davis Pino and welcome to productivity. How to be hugely productive when working from home. Use thes proven success strategies to massively grow your home based business. In this course, you're about to learn the proven home business habits that have allowed me to build a home based business that earns millions build on ongoing passive income, spend more time with my family, live the life I was meant to live a life of freedom from a boss and much more. I've been a home based business owner for almost 30 years, and working from home was not always easy for me. In fact, I remember the days when I was just starting out when I didn't have the habits you're about to learn in this course. Those were rough days, and it was a struggle. I didn't have any discipline. I didn't have good habits, and as a result, I floundered in my first home based business, getting more and more desperate as I wondered what was wrong with me. In fact, I pretty much went broke in my very first home business because I didn't know the strategies you're about to learn in this course. It was only through a combination of determination, study and desperation that I eventually gained the habits and disciplines of a successful home based business owner. And today these success habits are burned into me and continue to help me succeed. And I want this for you. And I'm so glad I did learn these habits, though. Had I not gone through that painful experience, I would not have achieved the massive success that I have achieved. But more importantly, I wouldn't be here to teach you how to achieve the success you want to achieve. So here's some good advice. Take these strategies seriously. Take this course extremely seriously. It can change your life. You will win if you take these strategies seriously, take notes, implement the strategies and don't lose focus and enthusiasm. You can do it. You need to know that the success habits you're about to learn our RIA world proven success habits that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. As I said before, these habits, combined with some hard work, have allowed me to earn millions and build on ongoing passive income and a lifestyle that most people would envy. Take the success habits seriously. They can change your life 2. Pro 2: Now let's take a look at what you're going to get inside this course. These air proven strategies that are going to help you not only be much more productive but leverage your time so that you get much more accomplished for the time that you invest in your business. First, we're going to talk about mindset because it's so important to how we work from home. The most important thing you'll learn in this course is the mindset you must have in order to win in your home based business. The successful work from home mindset is very different than the work for a boss mindset. The 9 to 5 mindset is all about processing the work that's given to you. But the work from home mindset is all about creating the most profitable work you can do and then doing it. You'll learn the key differences and how to use the right habits for work from home success in this section of the course. Then we'll move on to focus. Another critical habit that you'll learn is how to focus. This, in my opinion, is one of the hardest things to do, but I'll show you how you can learn to get and stay focused so that you achieve your goals . Focus is critical to success in anything you want to achieve, and this section will give you my proven strategies for achieving focus in your home based business. Next, we're gonna cover time management When you work from home. The way you use your time is critical to your success. In this section, you'll learn some pretty exciting habits for managing your time so that you get more done every day while also feeling like you're actually working less. Next, we're going to talk about how to be your own boss. Now this takes training because very few people know how to actually be their own boss. Everybody tells you how great it is to be your own boss, but nobody tells you how to actually do it right. So in this section you'll learn the mentality and the psychology behind being your own boss so that you win in business and in life. Being your own boss sounds amazing, and it is, and now you'll don't know how to do it so that you get right to success as soon as possible . Next, we'll talk about how to actually be your own boss. You know, very few people actually tell you how to do it. Everybody tells you how great it is to be your own boss, but nobody tells you the specific things you need to do to be your own boss. So in this section, and you'll learn the mentality and the psychology behind being your own boss so that you win in business and in life, being your own boss sounds amazing. And it is. And now you'll know how to do it so that you get right to success as soon as possible and you don't flounder around. Then we'll talk about family and your home business. Having a family and a home business is awesome, but sometimes these two great things will clash. So knowing how to incorporate your home based business with your family life is huge if you want to be productive and at the same time not lose out on valuable family. Moments in this section will talk about the work family balance as well as how to be productive in the situation that requires discipline and focus. Next, we'll talk about your home business office space working from home can be a huge blessing, especially when you have a setting that lends itself to high productivity and focus. So in this section you'll learn about the variety of settings that work for having ah, highly productive home business. And you'll also learn about destructive settings that you should avoid. And we'll talk about leverage. And that is, what do you do when you're ready to really grow your business? You've started and gotten successful at your home based business. How do you grow it now? How do you grow it massively without huge expense, and then leverage other assets so that you ensure that you achieve your goals? In this section, you'll learn several strategies for growing your home base business while keeping expenses low. Are you ready? I hope you are, cause this is going to change your life. Let's get started. 3. Pro 3: in this section. I want to talk about developing the mindset for home based business success. I can sum up the mindset for home business success in one sentence. Be a tougher boss on yourself than a real boss would be on you. This means that you expect more out of yourself than a traditional boss would. You are now the boss, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. You're responsible to build a successful business and make money. Sure, but you're also responsible toe work effectively so that your work time does not take up your entire day, leaving you with no time for your family. So focused work is the key to success, and that's what a lot of this course is going to be about is how you do focused work, eliminate distractions and become a super highly productive business person. Also, you need to have a stingy mindset when it comes to your time. You need to be so stingy with your time, so careful with your time, so that every minute that you spend on your business is focused and is effective and is leveraged. You need to believe and know that every minute counts now at the same time, you don't want to be a slave to your business either. You want to be able to enjoy life, enjoy friends, family fun things and free time. I've seen way too many people who become slaves to their business. Heck, I've been there myself, and you don't want that. So you want to build a business and a balanced life so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now, now that we've determined the right mindset, let's look at the actual strategies to get there. 4. Pro 4: strategy Number one, the key to developing focus, you know, really, to be successful in working from home focus is the absolute key, and pretty much everything we cover in the rest of this course is going to be about how to be more focused and how to be focused on the right things, so that when you're working, you're getting the maximum leverage out of your work. And when you're playing, you can completely disconnect from what you were doing at work. That's the key, and this is what we're going to talk about. Here is the key to developing focus. Now the number one tool that helps me with focus is my daily prioritized list. Now this might sound overly simplistic, but the truth is, working from a list is critical to success. The key is to develop the habit of working from a list daily every single day. You start with your list, and every single day you prioritize it according to what I'm going to show you here. Now, if you don't develop the habit, you will flounder and you won't get much done. So it's really critical that you focus on developing this habit every day. Here's how to do it first thing in the morning, right out your list on a yellow pad or on a piece of paper. Now, by the way, I strongly recommend pen and paper for this. Ah, I am not a big fan of typing it out on a word document or no pad, or even any of these more recent developments where you know they're designed to help you focus. I'm a big fan of writing out your list that there's something about writing your list out with your hand that develops a connection between your brain. And when you're writing that stuff out, it actually locks into your brain, and it's very different from when you type it out. So that's why I'm making the point year. You know, I'm not just being some old school guy up saying there is a subconscious link between hand writing a list and versus typing a list out. Now when you first write your list out, don't number it. Don't start by prioritizing your list and say OK, number one. I have to do this. Number two. I have to do this. Just brain. Dump all of it onto the paper brained up everything that you know you need to do that day onto the paper. Then, after you've done that, that's what we're going to start prioritizing. So reined up the most important money generating action items you need to do onto the sheet . That's step one and then step to his Begin prioritizing your list by placing a number score next to each action item. Now usually use 12 or three with number one obviously being the most important action items . Now you might have two or three number one items. In other words, you might have two or three items that you say. Okay, this is a number one priority, and that's fine because you're gonna be able to choose from those number one priorities and then work your way down to the number two priority items. Finally, begin numbering your list, starting with the items numbered one and then going to two and so on. So let's say you have three number one items. Put another order right next to those numbers, maybe to the left of those numbers where you actually do have a 123456789 10 Okay, so this way you're giving your mind complete clarity as to what comes first, what comes next and how you should do it. This is really important because part of what we're doing here is we're retraining our brain to focus on the most productive thing possible at any given moment in time. And at first you have to manually train yourself to do this. But over time, this will all come very naturally. Few once you've done this, begin taking action on number 1-1 and then to dash one and then 3-1 etcetera, all the way down your list. Now you have to be committed to taking action. You need to have a commitment to actually take action on any item on your list in the order that you've numbered it. No matter how difficult sounding or how stressful you think it might be. This is the key, By the way to developing. Focus is knowing that when you make that list, you're committing to do everything on that list and then when you number it, you're committing to doing it in that order and you are not balking at it. You're not shying away from it. You're going after it often. We don't succeed in our home business because we put off doing the difficult things, the stressful things, the things we know we need to do in order to succeed. But we just don't feel like doing it. You know, I used to be in a business a long time ago where I used to do cold calls, and I used to call people out of the out of the white pages and out of the old pages. But I used to literally cook, call people cold people I did not know and I used to do three or four hours of cold calls every day. Now, did I want to do those calls? Absolutely not. I hated doing those calls. In fact, I was a shy, introverted person when I was doing these calls. You know what it did for me? Number one. It gave me the discipline to do something I knew I didn't want to do but do it because I knew the results. We're gonna be great. And they were, by the way, all those cold calls paid off. Really, really well. So in the same way you've got to do the same thing mentally is retrain your brain to say, You know what? I know I don't feel like doing this 1-1 item. I know it's probably one of the hardest things on my whole list, and I know that I'd rather probably do the 3-2 items where the 5-1 item. But Dave told me, I've got to do the 1-1 item, no matter how hard it seems, no matter how difficult it might be, or no matter how much I don't want to do it. And I know that if I do that 1-1 item, I will be so much further ahead in my business than I am now. So I am going to commit and do the 1-1 item. Do you see? At first you might have to talk yourself into it, but over time it will just be natural. It'll come naturally, you'll say. Okay, this is 1-1 Let's do it. This is 1-2 Let's get it done. This is one dash tree that's next. You'll be like a machine and you'll be doing the things that you know will bring you the most success, that things that bring you the most leverage and the things that bring you the most profit . So that is a key, a big key, by the way, toe home based business success. Doing these hard things first develops the discipline muscle for achieving success. Now it's not always that the most profitable or the most productive thing is a hard thing to do. But it is very common that the most profitable thing is usually, ah, hard thing to do. Key point. You might not get your whole list done, and that's OK. You've got to be okay with this. In fact, some of my best days my most profitable most productive days have been when I get just a few of the items on my list done. But I realize that those were difficult, focus consuming mind tasks that needed to be done. In other words, they take a lot of mine work. They take a lot of energy mentally to do, but I got it done and it was on my list in the right priority order, and I knew that it was gonna be a profitable result. Learn to feel accomplishment whenever you get some of your action items done. And don't be too legalistic and think, you know what? I have to do all of these on my list in order to feel accomplishment. This is key because one of the big keys to being successful working from home is not beating yourself up. There's plenty of opportunities to beat yourself up, and there's plenty of opportunities for other people to beat you up. But what you want to do is do not beat yourself up. You wanna work in a relaxed mental environment, you want to say, You know what? Today I only got three items on my list. Done. But, man, look at the results that are gonna come from these top three prioritized items. You have to be OK with that. And don't be too hard on yourself. Don't be too legalistic, because when you do that, you end up putting yourself into a negative frame loop, and that can have really bad consequences for your business. So you have to keep yourself mentally healthy and mentally relaxed at everything you do as you're building your home based business. No, the reason it's important to celebrate your daily accomplishments is because this allows you to build a positive feedback loop where you write a list, do some of the items on the list and feel accomplishment. You've got to feel that accomplishment because that's going to carry you through the next day and the next day in the next day. That feeling of accomplishment is gold to you. If you break any part of that loop, it's like you're starting all over again. So don't do that. Don't get yourself into a negative loop. And don't break any part of the positive loop. You need to complete the loop often and consistently in order to build this success habit and developed a discipline necessary for success. Now there's much more to talk about in the area of building the right focus for success. Like I said, most of this course is going to be about getting yourself in the right environment to focus , to stay focused and a hyper focus, so have incorporated those in upcoming videos 5. Pro 5: strategy. Number two is how to accurately see time and the role that time plays in your business. Now there's an old saying. Time is money, right? And many people accept that is true for a long time. I live by that motto is a way to focus in and do the work necessary for me to make money after giving it some thought, though I think we need to make a more refined distinction in that slogan. Time is actually potential money, because how you use your time can determine if you make $1 ah, $100.1000 dollars or a $1,000,000. So my point is, the time you invest in your business varies in value, and that value completely depends on how you use your time. So time is only potential Money and time could be either small amount of money or a big amount of money, depending on how you use time, For example, let's say you sell on eBay. Selling on eBay was one of my earliest home businesses. In fact, I've sold just about anything you could imagine on eBay. Now it takes about the same amount of time to list and sell a $50 item as it does to list and sell a $50,000 item on eBay. So which would be the better use of my time? Now, pay careful attention to this because this is a wealth strategy right here. What if you knew how to find, buy and sell $50 items on eBay and those same exact eBay skills? We're transferrable to a $50,000 item. And what if you didn't have the 25,000 or so to invest in the $50,000 item so you could do that flip? Couldn't you sell the $50,000 items on consignment for someone, in other words, in exchange for a commission and perhaps make $500 on that transaction instead of $50 for the exact same amount of time? Couldn't you find an investor to invest the $25,000 so you could turn around and flip that item to 50,000 make a $25,000 profit and maybe split the profit? You see, it's how you use your time. That's so important. And this is a new way of looking at time for most people. So you want to always be asking yourself these questions. What is the most productive thing I could do at any given moment? That's one question, and the next question you need to always be asking yourself is what is the most profitable thing I could do in my business at this moment? And how can I increase the profitability of this investment of my time? In other words, how can I leverage this time that I'm investing right now in my business? How can I make that the maximum results for myself? How can I leverage what I'm doing here in another industry or in another business model? How can I scale or grow this by using low cost outsourcers, these air all critical questions You want to be asking yourself all the time? These are the questions that can help you grow your home based business income massively by always looking at how you can leverage and how you can use time and how you can maximize your results, you're going to grow your business that much faster. Hopefully, you're beginning to see time differently. Time is your friend if use it wisely, but it can also be a bitter enemy when you don't 6. Pro 6: strategy. Number three is be your own boss. And as I mentioned earlier, everybody wants to be their own boss. But nobody teaches people how to be their own boss. And in this lecture, I'm gonna show you how to be your own boss. Be your own boss. It sounds so exciting, right in this video. I want to shift your mindset a bit about being your own boss. Here's my slogan. Be a tougher boss on yourself than any traditional boss would be on you. That one's not as fun, is it? But it's what you need to do. If you want to succeed in your own home business Now, why is it so difficult to be your own boss? Well, our school system was developed for the industrial age. This was the age of factory work with a heavy emphasis on assembly lines. So everything was set up to teach the average child how to work on assembly lines and how to work in factories. As a result, the school system was developed as a work in workout system. Your teacher gives you work to do you complete the work and you turn it in, and then your teacher gives you more work to do, and that's what happens in the traditional working world. Your boss gives you work to do. You process it and you get it done and you move on to your next task. So when you went to your first job, it was a similar system your boss gave you work to do. You did the work, and then you turned it in. But running your own business is not a work in workout system. In fact, running your own home based businesses more of a create the work, do the work, get paid for the work process. And in fact, if I can add one more step to this, it's at the beginning of it. And that is, think up the work that you need to do and prioritize it as we just talked about, then create the work, then do the work and then get paid for the work process. So you're now in the work creation world. You not only have to be a tougher boss on yourself than a boss would be, but you also have to create. You have to be creative and I don't think entrepreneurs air given enough credit for being the creative people that they are now creating container on many different forms, depending on the business you're in. In some cases, you have to prospect for sales, clients or accounts. In other words, you either have to get on the phone or go out and meet people or go to chamber of commerce meetings or whatever. In other cases, you have to advertise or create content, which will drive traffic to your Web based business. In still other cases, you have to recruit team members, make calls or send out brochures as a precursor to doing the work and then getting paid. It's this work creating process that can often trip people up because they have never been involved in the work, creating or marketing part of any business. So you've got to be extra tough on yourself and develop a high level of discipline in the area of getting the business in order to succeed at your home based business, you can't just expect to put up a shingle, put up a sign and have people come to you. You've got to get good at getting the business Now. This brings to mind a great saying that a good friend often says, and that is you're not in the blank business. You're in the business of marketing your blank services. How? Let me give you an example. Let's say that you design websites for a living right, and that is your home based business. Then you would fill in the blank like this. You're not in the Web design business. You're in the business of marketing your Web design services. So very often people think of themselves as, Oh, I'm a Web designer or oh, I'm a plumber or oh, I'm an electrician's but really what they are as a marketer of those services because if that if that electrician's doesn't market his or her electrical services, he's not gonna have any business. If that Web designer doesn't market their Web design business, they're not gonna have any business. So you're really business is in the marketing of the service that you provide, or in the marketing of whatever it is that you're trying to sell, So the focus of your home business must be on marketing, study the greats in your particular business and learn how they market. In fact, I have quite a few courses about online marketing myself. Read the books. Take the courses of those who have already been successful in your business or a similar business because you know what it's all about. The marketing. This is one of the most important things you could do to ensure the short term. And the long term success of your business is learning, marketing and learning how to do it effectively and profitably so that for every dollar you invest in marketing, you're getting at least 234 or $5 back in sales. Lastly, when it comes to being your own boss, you must place a high value on your time. Imagine that your time is worth hundreds of dollars an hour because at some point it will be. Are you gonna let something inconsequential steel several $100 from you? Don't let anyone or anything steal your time. Schedule everything and be stingy with your time. And by the way, this also includes family things. You've got to be careful and cautious with how much you use your time. I'm not saying don't spend time with your family, but what I am saying is always be conscious and aware of your time usage. Now you'll find something very interesting begin to happen. When you place an extremely high value on your time, others will begin to notice that, and they will begin to place Ah, high value on your time as well. Now you've created a positive reinforcement loop around this new definition of time for yourself, and you'll begin to see visible rewards as a result. 7. Pro 7: strategy. Number four is eliminate distractions. Now, this is going to be one of the biggest sections of the course because we live in a very distracted society. I mean, everywhere you go, you see distraction. And even within our homes, it's easy to get distracted. So we're going to cover a wide variety of different ways that you could potentially be distracted. And then I'm gonna show you how to fight those distractions so that you stay in a highly focused flow state of mind. As you look around the world today, distraction seems to be the norm rather than the exception. Everywhere you go, you see people looking at their phones. Everywhere you go. You see people not engaging with each other in real life. And technology is mainly to blame for this when we all have a really cool many TV, a really cool mini computer and a really cool Internet device, not to mention a really cool video recorder and audio recorder in our pockets. It is so easy to be distracted, but you've got to fight this natural tendency toward distraction. Write this down somewhere, or print this out and put it up on your wall right in front of your computer. Distracted equals, broke and focused equals rich. That is so true, all of the top successful people that I know have figured out a way to remove and eliminate distractions and to stay completely focused on the task at hand. And more importantly, they stay focused on the highest profit and the highest productivity things they can do at any given moment. So use this as a helpful reminder of how you want to be as you're growing in your home based business. Now let's get specific on how to eliminate distractions first, how to view distractions. I view distractions as time sucks, and anything that sucks. My time leads to less income, less freedom, less time with my family and less happiness. So therefore, in my mind, distractions are a big negative. Your goal should be to develop a similar attitude over time. Now it takes time to bend, tweak and mold your thinking to believe this way, but it is so worth it. This is a key life skill, in my opinion, and you want to make a serious effort to take on this mindset. Now let's look at some of the common distractions you might face, and then we'll talk about how to properly deal with them one by one. TV is a major distraction when you work from home. I know when I first started out working from home, one of the biggest reasons I struggled and really went broke in my very first business working from home was because of TV. Social media is huge, and it's a huge distraction in a huge way to spend endless hours looking at basically nothing. YouTube is another huge distraction because, depending on what era you grew up in and what generation you're part of, YouTube is like TV For you. Family can be a distraction, although family is great and we want to love our families. Ah, they can also be a distraction. Phone calls are huge in terms of distraction as well. Meal breaks can be distraction. I know in my earliest days, when I was in my twenties and I was first starting to work from home, I would turn the TV on during my lunch break, But then I would get excited about the next show that came on after I finished eating lunch and then the next show, and pretty soon I had lost all motivation for working, so meal breaks can actually be a distraction. House work can be a distraction as well. So let's look at these one by one. Let's talk about each one of these and how we can avoid distractions, how we can lessen or distractions and how we can keep our focus at a really high level. 8. Pro 8: Let's talk about how to deal with the TV distraction. You know, when I first started working from home in my early twenties, the TV was my escape drug of choice. I would make breakfast, and then I would turn the TV on while I ate breakfast. Next thing I knew, I had watched a couple of hours of TV and it was getting close to lunchtime. And then often I would repeat the same process at lunchtime so my whole day would be gone. Now this is a great recipe for being broke. Don't ask me how I know over time and as a result of a lot of financial suffering, I developed the discipline and the habit of not turning the TV on when I ate and actually not turning the TV on at all. During the day, I had to go cold turkey in order to create a new habit. But it worked. The problem with TV is there's always something new and exciting toe watch. But even if there isn't, it just becomes a great excuse to waste time and put yourself into that negative feedback loop that we talked about earlier. It gets you away from the positive feedback and positive response loop that we're trying to create now. Today I'm at a whole different level of discipline. I've trained myself to see my lunch break as a reward time. Now this is when I allow myself to watch YouTube videos or TV, but I only allow myself about 30 minutes to eat, and then I promptly turn off any media. Once I'm done and I get right back to my list and right back to work. This way, you limit the amount of daytime distraction to just 30 minutes, and it's being done while you're eating anyway, so it doesn't affect your work time. 9. Pro 9: Let's talk about how to deal with social media distraction. Social media has to be one of the biggest potential time sucks ever invented. Now social media can include things like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube is considered social media. And who knows what else is gonna come down the line? Studies have shown that getting likes on your social media posts releases dopamine in your system, which creates sort of an addictive process. Now the same is true when you receive a text message. There's something about that process that gives you kind of like social approval, and it gives you a little hit of dopamine in your system. So not only do you have an endless number of things to look at with social media, but there's also an addictive quality to it that very few other distractions actually have . So let's talk about the social media time suck loop. In fact, if you haven't developed the proper social media habits, you can actually get stuck in what I call a death spiral or a time suck loop with social media. Let's take a look at how the Social Media time suck Loop Works number one you innocently go on social media to see what's new. Why? Because you have a fear of missing out on what's new. Right Number two. You find some interesting things, whether it's about celebrities, politics, sports news or just funny cat videos. Number 31 thing leads to another, and suddenly you're stuck in the loop with very little motivation to get back to work, because that is more interesting. It's giving you little hits of dopamine, and it's a lot more interesting to do that and live other people's lives. And it is to get to work on your life. Number four. Once you're in this loop, it's extremely difficult to get out of it. Now again, this depends on your discipline level. If you've developed a really good discipline for getting in and out of social media quickly , then you're gonna be OK in this area. Number five. Pretty soon it's the end of your work day and you move on to evening activities, and number six, the social media time suck loop has done its job. It has kept you broke for another day. So how do we deal with the social media time suck loop? The key is to fight it up front by either staying off social media completely or by drastically limiting your use of it. First, do not post anything to social media during your work day. Save any posting activity till after work hours. Now, when you make a post on social media, what you're doing is you're obligating yourself to come back and see what people said. Answered what they posted. See how many people like your post, add replies, etcetera. You're actually obligating yourself, so don't do that. Don't obligate yourself to anything that's not gonna make you money. Second, if you must be on social media. In other words, if you have a business that relies on social media, decide on one or two times during the day that you'll be on it and then give yourself a limited amount of time to actually be on it like 15 or 20 minutes. Set an alarm on your phone if you have to, and consider using social media Onley when you take a bathroom break. Special warning. Often as online marketers, we run Facebook pages or Facebook groups or have other followings on social media. I know I have several Facebook pages, and I have several Facebook groups so that I can build my audience. The bigger your fan base, the more time you will spend on social media. So be careful to differentiate your business social media activities from personal social media activities and be especially careful to not allow yourself to spiral into the loop by blurring the lines. This is so critical. You see, it's so much easier when you run a Facebook group or several Facebook groups or Facebook pages. It's so easy to go from Facebook and doing something that's business oriented to doing something that's just social. You've got to guard yourself against this and be very, very conscious of your time and how you're using your time. Third, if you discipline yourself to think of social media as after work hours entertainment, then you'll be on the right track. You can think of it as a reward for working hard all day, and then you'll have the right mindset. You'll have the right way of looking at social media because then it will be seen as a reward and not something you were allowing yourself to do during the day. Now, when dealing with YouTube. A lot of the same social media principles apply here. Since YouTube is a form of social media, I'll typically only watch YouTube during my lunch break, and I keep that to just 30 minutes. So use the same strategies that I mentioned before about TV and about social media, and you'll be good when it comes to YouTube. 10. Pro 10: Now let's talk about a subject that might be a little controversial if you're not careful. And that is how toe work at home, when you have family at home as well. Now I believe that family is important and should be treated that way at the same time. When you work from home, you need to establish clear boundaries within the home and clear limits as to the use of your time during work hours when you work from home, loved ones and friends tend to think that your time freedom means that you have an unlimited amount of time to spend with them. You've got to let them know when your work hours are and asked to not be interrupted during those times. Now it can be tempting for you to allow your spouse or your kids to innocently take up your time, especially because you love them so much. However, you must develop the mindset that because you love them, you must limit the amount of time you can spend with them during work hours so you can build a lifetime of freedom for them and a high income to better support them. Soon you'll be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with working from home. Such is going on field trips with your kids or taking them to the beach or hiking or similar activities during the day. But always be sure that you don't take up too much of your valuable work time until you have your business styled in. One of the best ways to do this is to have a separate work area or office that allows you to close the door and work in peace. Restrict interruptions toe on Lee, the most important ones so as to condition your family to respect the time boundaries that you've set. This will set the stage for success and will also allow you to eventually spend a lot of time with your family as well. 11. Pro 11: How do we deal with phone calls when we have, ah, home based business? Well, depending on the type of business you run, you may or may not use the phone a lot in your business. Since my business is almost entirely done online and I have very little need to use the phone, I schedule almost every call that comes in. I see random calls as potential time sucks. That can also affect my focus and my flow, so I don't typically answer random phone calls as they come in. I just let them go to voice mail, and then I determine whether they're worth my time. Now if I need to have a call with a potential partner, you know, a business call or someone I want to do business with, then I schedule a call according to a suitable schedule for both of us. I also tend to schedule my calls for later in the day after I feel that I've gotten a lot of my main work out of the way this way calls or secondary on my list and not primary and unscheduled calls. In other words, calls that come in randomly. Those air third on my priority list. Now if your business is phone intensive, in other words, you really depend a lot on the phone to generate business. Then you would want to make your own rules so as to limit the length and the amount of calls necessary to conduct your business. The whole goal here is to try to be as efficient as possible with your phone calls now, even though today I'm not in a business where I use the phone a lot. I used to be in a business where the phone was the primary tool, the primary way of generating business. So my whole focus at that point was the call was king. My phone time took the main priority of my day, and everything else was secondary. So if you happen to be in a business that requires phone sales, then things changed dramatically with regard to phone calls. Now, phone calls become your number one priority. So in this case, I would do the opposite of what I just said, and I would make email and other forms of communications secondary and make phone calls your primary focus. So here's the rule of thumb. The main rule of thumb is, what is it that brings you the most revenue on any given day? What is it that brings you the most income? What is it that leverages your business to the highest levels? That's what you want to make as your number one priority. So as we're going through this course, if you see anything that doesn't seem to make sense regarding your business, then just maybe turn it around and make sure that that rule always rules. In other words, the highest priority items are going to be the ones that make you the most money or that move your business forward, the fastest or that leverage or time the most. 12. Pro 12: Let's talk about how to handle meal breaks when you work from home. I recommend using meal breaks as reward time. This is not only when you have a chance to refuel physically, but also mentally. You can kind of refresh your mind. Now. I typically will reward myself by either catching up on the YouTube channels that I follow checking social media or by watching the news while I eat. Now that's just me. Of course, you want to do something that refreshes your mind while you're having a meal break or something that takes you away from the work a day world. Maybe that means going out to eat. Maybe that means going to a fast food place or a Starbucks or Panera or somewhere where you can just have a change of environment. That's one of the things that we need When we work from home is a change of environment. It's very easy to get cabin fever when you work from home because you're stuck at home all day and sometimes sometimes I don't get out during the day, all day and even all night, so you have to kind of plan those times when you're going to get out of the house and take a little breather. Maybe it means, Ah, picking up something to eat and going to a local park, you know, and relaxing in nature and something like that. It's really important that you, whatever you do, that it's something that suits you and that helps you to relax and refresh your mind as you go. Now, I've gotten this discipline down to where my breakfast or my lunch break is only about 30 minutes or so. Now you might require an hour or 45 minutes to eat or to relax or whatnot. That's totally fine. This is just what I've been able to develop over time has been able to get my meal breaks down to about 30 minutes. But those quick 30 minutes are enough to be able to eat my meal and enjoy a mental break from work. Do something that I enjoy. Do something that is a reward to me mentally. Now it feels like a reward because I'm always looking forward to it when I'm in the complete focus mode. This also helps you to build the discipline to stay off of social media or TV during your work time. You know that you'll be rewarding yourself during your meal break, so this allows you the freedom to bear down and focus during your focus time. 13. Pro 13: now, house work can be a distraction as well. So let's talk about how to handle house work. House work is one of those important necessities that must get done. If this falls on you, then you need to see if there are any ways you can hand this work off to someone else. This is critical because if you're building your business correctly, then your time is worth a lot more than it would cost to hire a housekeeper. One of the rules of home businesses. If you can pay someone else less to do the work you need done, then that time is worth to you. Then it makes more sense to pay someone to do it. This may be a family member, or it may be an outside housekeeping service, but either way, you're handing off this important responsibility to someone else who can do it while you focus in on your business. Now it would be a good thing to have a talk with your spouse or one of your kids about how important this is to you and how it will allow you to focus your time so that you all can enjoy life more I know For a while, my wife and I had a housekeeper that took care of all the household chores because my wife was home schooling our kids, and she needed that valuable time to be able to do school. And so that was a great blessing to be able tohave a housekeeper and have somebody come in and do the cleaning and everything that needed to be done in the house. And it was really, really a tremendous blessing. It allowed me to do my work and spend the focus time I needed to do on my business, and it allowed my wife to do the important things that she needed to do as well. So you might consider hiring either a part time housekeeper or somebody locally or even a teenager that can do decent work to clean up the house and keep things really neat and tidy . And, you know, there's a lot of mental peace that comes with working out of a clean home and not having too much clutter and not having too many distractions laying around, you know, calling out to you to clean them up or to tidy them up or to organize them. So be aware of this and be aware of how important it can be to actually pay somebody else less money than that time is worth to you. This can apply to many different things that can apply to car washes. I used to have somebody who detailed my cars for me, I can apply to any number of services that you might consider doing yourself. But if you think about it in terms of a balance or a scale, that time is better spent in your business and you're better off paying somebody a lesser amount of money than that time is worth to you. 14. Pro 14: strategy. Number five is your home based workspace. You know it's so critical where you work. The actual environment that you work in can make a huge difference to your focus and your flow as you're working from home. As in any work situation, the environment you work in can make a huge difference in your productivity. In this section will talk about your work space, and we'll also look at a variety of options that you may not have thought of. The key to a productive work environment is something we just finished talking about, making sure there are little to no distractions. Not only should you strive to create a distraction free environment, but you should also be sure your family sees it this way, too. So no matter where you decide to set up your workspace, you need to remove anything that might tempt you away from your work duties. It starts by being mindful of distractions as they happen, and then systematically removing those distractions or at least minimizing their influence . If you're being interrupted by family and they don't really notice that they're doing that and you don't want to be rude to them, it might be a good idea to wear a headset or ear buds and tell your family that you'll be on headset. This forms a sort of mental barrier that they must overcome before they decide to interrupt your work. Of course, it also minimizes outside sound, which can also help you focus. You know, it's really funny. This just happened to me yesterday. I was busy focusing in on something. I was in the living room, so I was in the family common area. I wasn't in my office and I kept getting little distractions. And, you know, I was asked questions and things like that often times when I'm working in the living room , the family doesn't realize I'm actually working. They think maybe I'm on social media or whatnot. And so what I did was I just calmly put my ear buds on. And I told my family, Hey, I'm gonna be listening to music. So, you know, don't interrupt. I'm gonna be busy and whatnot. Now, that's a really good, effective way to tell your family that you're gonna be busy and that you don't want to be interrupted or disturbed. It's really effective. It's a good way to do it, and you can still stay within at least physical closeness to your family until you're done with your work and you can spend actual family quality time. 15. Pro 15: Now let's talk about music and its place in home based business success. The proper place for music. Sometimes listening to music can put you in the zone and actually help you to focus for others. Music is a joyful distraction, but it is a distraction nonetheless. So you want to be sure that music has the right effect on you. And if it doesn't, don't use it for me. Sometimes music helps me focus and helps me get energized, especially when I'm kind of tired. And I listen to high energy music to get me going, while other times I sense that I just need simple peace and quiet in orderto work. Over time you're gonna learn what you need and what your preferences are when it comes to focus and when it comes to music. But remember, your highest priority is focused. So let me talk a little bit about music and how important it is to me. There are times when either maybe I lack sleep, all right, I'm really tired, and I know I need some energetic music to get me going. It's in those times that music serves a purpose, and the purpose it serves is to get me energized, get me pumped up and get me into the day. Now I don't want to do that all day long because the kind of music I listen to would be a little too noisy and a little too much. Um, you know, too much work to listen to, and it can actually kind of put a drain on your your thinking and your mindset, right? But as a jumpstart, it's fantastic. It's a great way to get started. On the other hand, there are other times when I listen to more quiet, contemplative music that helps me to focus and that you can usually listen to all day if you if you want. Uh, but I also like the quiet times when I don't have any music at all on, and I'm just honing in on what I need to get done. Typically, the times when I use complete silence is when I'm doing something very creative when I'm either writing a book, putting a course together or doing something in that area. Typically, when I, uh, used some music, maybe some contemplative music, some blues or even something just really quiet, mild music that's typically what I use for regular work hours when I'm actually doing the work on my priority list. And then the high energy music is what I use when I know I need to jump start, usually in the morning and usually to get going. But not for a long period of time, because too much of that can kind of clutter your mind and become a distraction in its own right. So determined how music works best for you and keep your self conscious of when you're using it in the wrong way and when you're using it in the right way so that you always use it in the right way to keep yourself focused and in the zone and in the flow. 16. Pro 16: in this video. I want to talk about a good alternative place that allows you to focus in. And then we're gonna talk about an even better place that allows you to focus in and these air places outside of your typical home office. A good place to work that allows you to focus is a coffee shop with WiFi, Of course, because you're gonna be using the Internet. Going to your local coffee shop allows you to get out of the house and be around others while also giving you a deeper focus because of the lack of distractions that you normally get at home. Since there isn't gonna be a whole lot of social interaction at a coffee shop, Ah, you're going to be able to focus in a lot more than you might working from home. Now, if you're listening to music through ear buds, this allows you to be focused but still take occasional mental breaks to look around and people watch. For me, working out of a coffee shop can be very effective because you end up becoming very focused on what you're doing. But yet you still have the ability to be around other people usually in kind of a bright setting, and it really helps you to get in and focus. Something about working at a coffee shop gives me additional focus. Now let's talk about an even better place that allows you to focus, and that is your local public library. This is one of the best places to really hunker down and focus. Not only is a library typically a very quiet place, which is very conducive to working hard, but most public libraries have excellent, high speed Internet WiFi, which is great if you need to do lots of uploading or downloading. Now. I discovered this tip from a good friend of mine, a friend of mine named Daniel who films and uploads tons of stock video. He goes out and he just films stock video footage. And then he sells the stock video footage on stock video footage websites. One of the websites is called Pond Five, and so he told me about the blazing Internet speeds that are available at most public libraries, and I was kind of fascinated. So when I had to upload a lot of my courses to be able to offer them on other platforms. I decided to go to the library and check it out. And not only was I amazed at the high speed Internet that allowed me to upload my course videos very, very quickly, but I was also amazed at how much working in a library allowed me to focus. It is like the most perfect place to be able to really focus in. So nowadays, when I know that I need to get some very focused work done or some very creative work done , or something that requires my utmost mind space, I usually had to the public library, and it never fails me. I always get tons and tons of work done in a very focused way, So this is kind of a hot tip that I want to give you. Ah, go check out your library, go visit it, do some work there and you will be amazed at how good that work is. Your local public library is one of the most perfect places to work out of, because it's not only quiet to the years, but it's also quiet to the eyes, meaning, but there isn't a whole lot going on visually, either. This almost forces your mind into a quiet, meditative and focus state and can lead to high productivity. Even today, when I have a project that requires that I work at my highest or peak levels, I go to the library and I get busy. So if you have difficulty getting focused, try the library. You can thank me later. 17. Pro 17: strategy. Number six is building a team to multiply your results. As you grow your home based business and achieve more and more success, you'll want to reevaluate your use of time. Are there things you're doing that someone else can or should do for you? Is your time being used on the most productive things possible? Are you focusing your time on the most profitable parts of your business? At some point, you'll begin to see that it's time to begin looking at hiring people. Now let's talk about hiring a virtual assistant, a Web designer, a programmer, etcetera. For your team, hiring a virtual assistant or a V A or other employees can be one of the most freeing opportunities for a home business owner. You can have a V a do many of the tedious things that you need to have done, but that don't really make you money in getting them done. The key is toe. Have them do the lower priority things that take up time so you can focus on those action items that arm or directly money making activities now at the end of this section will recommend a great website where you can find qualified V A's programmers, designers, Web designers, app developers and virtually any type of help you can imagine, in fact, these air at salaries that are so low they will blow your mind. This is where I found my Web designer, and he's since become my V A. My virtual assistant. He's been with me for several years now, and it has worked out great. So the key is to let your business growth dictate when you need this person. Often you'll find that the projects you need to hand off to someone will actually make you more than that new person cost you so that new person ends up paying for themselves through the work they do. This is a great way to build a business, having your investment in people return a profit to you while you're actually supporting new employees. As you grow in income, you can also grow your team of outsourcers and multiply your income in the process. This is how you build a home based business into a giant. You do it organically by reinvesting the profits into more and more growth, and it's amazing the quality of people you confined when you visit the site, I'm about to recommend the first. Let me tell you all the advantages you're about to discover why hiring a V A from the Philippines is so great. My V A is from the Philippines, and he's been such an awesome help over the years. Initially, I hired him as a Web designer as I was consulting with lots of local businesses, and we were designing websites for local businesses as well as for my own affiliate websites. Over time, though, his role was changed to more of a virtual assistant, though he still does design work for me in another business now, no matter what the role you need, you can find it and you can find part time or full time workers for his little is 2 to $3 an hour. Remember that the standard of living is different in the Philippines. This allows you to get high quality help at a much lower quote unquote price than you would pay in the United States. This also allows you to build an outsource team that can work to grow your business to entirely new levels. This is the website I recommend. There's a link at Davis pino dot com. Forward slash online jobs You'll be able to find top quality workers and at rates so low you'll be shocked. This is a key outsourcing secret that many people have paid a lot of money, both in lost productivity and in high cost outsourcing to discover. So be on the lookout for ways to bring on a new outsourced worker into your business, making sure you can make a return on your investment and watch your business sore. 18. Pro 18: strategy Number seven. Why work longer and harder? You know the why behind why we do things and how we do things and how successful we are, his oftentimes much more important than the how we do it. But I wanted to say this to the end because I wanted to kick you off with some inspiration and really send you off on a great trip, understanding what it takes to win as a home based business owner. As we get close to wrapping this course up, I want to encourage you when things get tough and they always will when you feel like quitting and you will, when everything seems like it's skewed against you when your family seems to have stopped believing. Keep this in mind. There are many reasons why you need to work longer and harder than the average 9 to 5 worker or employees. One of the main reasons is because you want more than the average mediocre person you want to live, the freedom lifestyle that comes with having a home based business. You want the flexibility to do your own thing when you want, and with whom you want, you want to be in control of your own destiny to be your own boss. Bottom line. You're not satisfied with the traditional work world. Therefore, you cannot be satisfied with an average work ethic. You must rise above the maddening crowds, the average, the boring, and you must achieve greatness. This means you'll not be satisfied with mediocre results, mediocre income or a mediocre lifestyle. You are going for it and you'll achieve success when you follow this course. And so my other courses. Now, if you have a family, then look at your family every day and understand that your home business is about much more than what you want for your life. It is just a much about what they want from life and how you're going to provide it. You are soon going to be their hero. You're the one they depend on for an exciting new lifestyle. You are who they'll look at with pride as they see all the hard work you put in paying off with an amazing lifestyle for them. They will know how much you love them by how well you provide not only a good income but a great lifestyle that is above the norm and the ability to really spend quality time with them. So why work longer and harder? Well, put a picture of your family in front of your computer. Put your dreams up on a dream board near your computer. Put your big picture goals up there for you to see every day. Use these goals and dreams as a super fuel to drive you to massive success. You can do it. I believe you can. 19. Pro 19: Well, congratulations on completing this course. I'm so proud of you. You now know how to run your own successful home business, and you're equipped to grow your business massively. With these proven success habits, be sure to review this course often take notes and when you need some inspiration or have questions about what to do next. Remember, I'm always here for you here to answer your questions, to guide you and to give you direction. Just ask your question in the appropriate section and I'll be there to answer. Thanks for being my student. I appreciate that you trusted me enough to invest your time in this course, and I look forward to helping you in one of my other home business courses.