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How To Be Happy Reaping What You Sow - Set Goals That Matters In Life

teacher avatar Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. You Reap What You Sow - Part 1

    • 3. You Reap What You Sow - Part 2

    • 4. Being Grateful Bring More Success

    • 5. Your Experiences Determine Your Success

    • 6. Helping Others Brings More Success

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About This Class

What Do You Benefit & Learn From This Course

  • I will show you how the world has deceive you from being happy in your life that you must know.
  • Discover practical exercise to experience REAL success
  • Expert great results after you have taken action
  • Included 3 powerful printable worksheets ( worth $27 )
  • and so much more...

What Is This Course About

This course is about helping you to find your purpose in life . Using proven exercise worksheets that had helped many others just like you to find your purpose in your life.

At the end of this course, you will experience more joy, success & freedom!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alvin Phang

Servant of God Since 2011


My name is Alvin Phang and I live in Singapore, I got baptized on the 31st Aug 2011 and since than I had a desire to serve God and have completed my studies at ACTS College Bible School holding a BTH degree in Theology :)

Since 2011, I have been preaching and evanglize in various countries and I am glad God is using me in various ways to reach out to people. God had placed in my heart to start up an online community on Facebook call GatherFaith that currently has over 37,000 likes and activity running to share Jesus online using this video here .

With your support, I be able to purse my passion of serving God and every cent you support will go towards serving God's people. I thank you so much for believing in this movement and thank you again for Loving Jesus. M... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hollow. They and welcome to this course I to ask you a question. Well, you want to be happy if your answer is Yes. I have good news for you because I'm gonna show you how to be happy by reaping what you sow . My name is Alan Pong and then Curry, International Speaker and pieces Coast training thousands of people. Just that you on how to achieve success in their life. This what you will learn in this program, you learn, first of all, how to get real success. They only the top 3% of the people actually know. You also learn how the world has deceive you from being happy. And it's something you don't want to miss. O. Okay, you will discover tree powerful steps. All right, that you're definitely will achieve happiness before this tree. Powerful steps and so much more included in this program are printable worksheets. Wolf, $27 taken is reprinting out right toe. Have a hands on experience in this entire program. This is what you will benefit throughout. This costs you be guaranteed to be much happier than before because you will finally get to understand what's a real purpose in your life and you be able to achieve your goals more effectively and so much more that you'll learn in this program. So, Sam, now and I'll see you in the next year the shave you more about how to be happy today. 2. You Reap What You Sow - Part 1: a My name's Elvin and welcome to this special cause. And congratulations for thinking this step to learn how to get more success by reaping what you sow. It is very, very important to understand this because the more you reap, the more you saw in success before we begin in this special cause, I too share view some wise words for Napoleon Hugh himself. He said the starting point off all achievement is desire. So before even talk about success, do you have a desire to be successful? If you do, then you must have the desire to do it so they can chief everything in life. So what is really success that so many different definitions off success in all the books that you read all over the world? And today I'm going to share view. What is the rial rials assess that you should be aiming for. All right. You be surprised it I'm gonna show you what it really is. Okay. My name is Elvin, and welcome to this program. You can check also my website at the laying in front of you. Even the file more what I do. So if you go to Oxford dictionary. The definition offs assess is the accomplishment off and aim or purpose. So it is very, very different from how we look at success from most people because they may be taking off something else in the money or some material gain. But actually the definition is very clear. Is the commission off purpose is very amazing to find out when I share students with this concept, a lot of people who set goes do not have purpose. All right. And I was shocked, all right, because the books all day don't tissue there. All right. So generally there are two groups of people in this world. We have the poor that want to be rich, right? And we have the reach who are very rich, but one to be happy for some strange reason Saw the countries that I go, the poor tend to be more happier and the rich because they are somehow more contentedly what they have sometimes but off course. They also be rule people who want to be extreme. You lt. And where the other side of coin we have the reach. You have a lot of money, but they like happiness, and we do see that right now in this century off this world. So for the poor, right, many people are including myself. When I first started my own online business, I always thought that more money leads to more happiness. And that's what I read in all the self help books that I read in my life and all said the same thing. You to attend a lot of wealth to be happy. Okay, And the more stuff you get them, it makes you more happy, like a nice car in a nice house. And that's what we see in the movies as well. All right, any influence our way off thinking, How about the reach? Well, money does not make you happier, actually, relationships thus, and that's what is lacking in most reach people. You'll be surprised, okay? And when people start to die, they become less proud off their well. And this is very, very true because they there's only so much money can do in our lives. You come by cures to certain disease. I can. So all right, on this all really, really stuff and people don't actually appreciate life on you, and they're about to die right, So that's what the reasons. There are many other reasons as well, so I can t o them. But this says some of the common ones I have seen throughout these years all right and being reach. Sometimes you make life more meaning meaningless. Because imagine, you have no worries about money. All right? You actually have no really sense of purpose to leave because every day you are just spending your money on buying things on. You think these things when you create joy, But that's not really true. So let's find out more later on in a shame you. So when I was very young, I really, really wanted to be rich, like, really, really wished by the off. When I said my goal, I was only about 23 years old and I read lots off self help books that you said. You said, if you really I want to be financially free, you need to be rich. A meteo attained a low wealth in cash and all those nice things that you see in Whoa! OK, so I made a choice and I made a choice and all right, and I decide the model. What works, all right. And I even created a vision board. I didn't attend any special cause, but I know that vision boats help at that time. I think so. So I even washed the movie the secret. All right, So call that you say, if you want to get something you need to create vision bought. So I created one, and it's my real vision bought. I create that many, many, many, many years ago. Okay. I put the things that I wanted. I wanted to buy a Volkswagen Beetle car. I leave in Singapore where costs are really very expensive, I think like 34 times more expensive than any other country. I want a $1,000,000. I wanted to buy a P S p the time I didn't have one, all right. And I want to buy Ah 18. Where that I loved a lot, a lot and I wanted by Nokia phone. All right. That was many, many years ago. Okay, So I created this war paper and it became my vision bought for the future. During that time, I didn't understand how to run businesses, but most of the self help books that I read when I was very young. Told me that if I want to be happy, I need to have all these things that I have put up on the vision bought and ideologue crazy things. I joined a lot of programs here and there. Ah, and also the city things about, like go charts and go tables to remind myself and wash movies like the secret in Syria, my duties, you know, our 10 Audis and will be very, very happy. So I decided to start my very first business in 2000 and five. I was very young back then and I didn't know how the run business. So I just simply decided sell close and some decision areas you can see that it struck was actually at Boogie Street in ah, Singapore, right? It was located in a very, very isolated area. Watch the biggest mistake that I did with my partner and we didn't three months that business close down because in people there wasn't any cells. It was just that bad, OK, and it was a learning experience today. So from their own, I didn't give up. I started explore many other business. I'd explore our multilevel marketing business very state in also insurance. I didn't really the insurance arrested much because I'd really enjoy being a chauffeur for people and meeting people talk. So I wonder business that allow me the way home. So I found some online multilevel marketing programs and during that programme are introduced about blocking. And then I started a blocked call. Gathers assess. So get is and stop. Com is one of our real block. I'm still blogging that blocks to our life today. It started in tools usual six way back in October, and biscuits are blocked, basically talking about how I make money in my multi level marketing program. And that's what I write about, uh, at that time and during that time also, it's a price a lot of people actually want to learn about how to make money online. And I was getting a lof people asking me a lot of questions about what to do, what, the cell, how to set up and all those things. And I was documenting everything that I was doing and telling people how, what I said, how I saw it. Oh, my block s well, and he became a very popular block. So I thought, Why not? Right? Ah, guy about how I make money from my block. And that's how I started writing a guy called Tommy blogging. And in that guy I was teaching people how, actually make cells from my block. What I do was the traffic traditions on sources of Complete Guy. This guy is no longer available for sale, but since I launched that guy make my name in the Internet marketing industry to be known as the go to guy for blocking, and that actually helped almost triple core trooper my income to a smash justice. Okay, And I was making really, really lost sales, all right, just doing online. And it was one of those experiences that I will never forget. OK, so it's a very wonderful experience to make a lot money from certainly e books and from my block, a swell from selling people's products as well. And it's a little chart that I create that way. Mental 09 You see someone that makes 7000 is high and studied out in a month. So every man I was talking five figures 4 to 5 figures most of the time, so there was what I waas experiencing and still doing it even today. And aside from home in, that's why I enjoy about doing Internet business. All right, because of my great success. I was featured on local papers on me. Singapore in paper, in Chinese. Alright, telling me. But I make money from blogging. This about article on me having cigars to make money off the trainer and trainer as well. A teach others on how I actually make money from blocking as well. And it's not a big just from my students in the pass in Singapore and other countries said I teach as well have you teaching you in today? Ah, this. Ah Minister, In one of my events, I created a charity event in a pass and I write a him. It's on my speakers even guess all right, it's me and you speaking nothing of 400 people. This is Singapore talking about my experience off teaching on lying on making money online as well, all right, and also selling products on my block myself. So I'm a race speeders, training and speaker around the world teaching about this topic. So in my life, all the while I thought success equal to more money. Okay, Mr More I have, the more happy I will be. That's my definition of success at the time. And there are also all the self apples. Always seems to say the same thing. OK, so my career actually hit my first meeting revenue Asian 39 which I waas quite happy with. All right, But however, uh, my characters had to change. I actually grown more proud and had a very high eagle and was a what? I'll be very honest, I d really came much about other people. Oh, I can't was about myself, me, me and always me. I don't know if getting related this, but if maybe so you guys are listening. You are one off them as well. Where every day when you were you always thinking only about what I can gain or what can I get? I don't think about what you can help out this fall. So that wants me many years ago, all right. And the inside me, actually, I was that she wasn't really have, even though I got all those well, I wasn't really happy because I was working even harder to live the life start. I thought I would be happier with we all the nice car, nice house and everything. All the expenses really went up a lot. And my money expenses were not really a lot. So I had to ready pressure myself. What you would holler just to keep their lifestyle. So what happened is I actually allow the world to define what success Waas for me. And that was something that no book actually told me. Are you and I far too late and I'm gonna show you what happened after that. 3. You Reap What You Sow - Part 2: if you were in my shoes, you would think I would have had a great life. Actually got Mary after that when I got so much wealth. But I got a wake up call when? One fine day. I was around 30 years old, all right. And my father in law give me a call and told me that he was pretty, not very well and home. We here knows fencer at the time off, I even though I have a love wealth in cash any more time. There was anything I can't really do to help him because there wasn't any cure for that cancer. And I was pretty desperate at that time, all right? And looking for ways. All right. So whatever someone injures to me about Jesus on healing. So we went to a church and my whole family went to church to pray for my father in law and praise God after six months off prayer, right? Somehow she just hear him. And that's how I became a very devoted Christian today. All right. Somehow after I became a Christian, I waas my life Really? Waas changed in the sense that I was start to realize I was missing my purpose in life All the while, before I wasa Christian. I always stop that my purpose in life is to attain more money, more wealth, so I can be more happy. All right, that's what all the South Hubble space. All right. So I think it must be right. That's all the meaning is Say so. I guess that should be correct. So what happened was that I decided to do something different for change. Is that off? Aiming to earn something or whatever when I try to help other people instead. So I took a leap of faith and told some cash flew all the way the Philippines and find the poorest people I can find and give them some rice for free. So when the feeling is a picture of me in Philippines, I can sleep is a very dirty some area that I went to is ready very poor. And I went there on started donating. Rice is a lady carrying a pet or five. He'll off rice. And I remember when I was there, there was this little go there, even on you. Today is to touch me because that girl holding the brothers. You can see there's a brother. I also where's your parents? And she said, I have no parents. My parents has possibly. And now my only job is a lot after my brother. And there I waas located small girl. You know, she she still have a great smile, as you see, if on the photo and I also encouraged because I decimating for granted. I have my parents were still alive today and I know appreciate them, you know, And I could cry when I saw her, how how much help she really needed and how much love she give to her younger brother. So during a time, for every $50 that I don't think that I was able to help 10 families for two weeks. So I was having a lot of families and doing this experience off, giving all right, you taught me something No self help book has ever taught me, which is. Actually it's more blessed to give than to receive, and I suddenly became more aware off a lot of things I never seen before because I was able to see beyond the money that I can. A chief for myself So why am I telling you all these things for Well, the world has that you tricked us into thinking that we need money. We need gadgets. When he knew I fall So our android devices on nine spots cars on nice condos, All right to be happy And a lot. A lot, a lot off self help books that I've read all tell the same thing. You need to audience for things to be very, very happy. And I was treating the thing in there. Yeah, I think so too. Because it seems that all the movies or the 1,000,000 as who all these things seems to be really happy Seems alright. Seems all right. But once you experience it, you went with the stage like me. All right, you started realized that money cannot really by happiness writes that he choose something else. You shave later on. What it is is even more important than money. Okay, so imagine this. You just got a brand new Ferrari car sports car. And on the first day, you felt good. No doubt everyone love to drive a sports car but after a month, or driving it the ready or pay money to maintain it kicks in and then you started realized you're not as a sighted s you once Watts before Why all right is because many other things in life owning a few temporal pleasures and happiness That is the reason why. So if you bang your life or getting all this material things, you won't be happy forever. You be happy to drive the car the first day, that's for sure. But you will not be happy as well as you were on the first day after Like the ladies are driving it. Okay, This you definitely won't be okay. And you won't make you happy forever or satisfy our life forever. Your enemy You happy for? Ah wow oni Okay, so it's not a permanent thing. So seize that some of the issues off the current go systems or current books that about setting goals and success for the money. It's all train you to inform more Stop. And that's really true. Okay, I read all the boats out there and tell you, you know what goes on morning small things. You make you more happy. There's no ethical accountably to achieve the stain that sometimes you get. It means you're right. There's no right or wrong. Just do it right. There's no ethical and even do it and created as resting. But more money good, more happiness. That's what many books say. Okay, they don't say that lightly, but indirectly, if you trust, are selling toe never ending Spiral off, getting more stuff. All right. Actually, you do not really meet, okay? And you realize you really you stand back away at your own life. You realize there's no purpose. But just to consume more stuff in the Western has influenced a lot of people on this aspect off getting more star muses Good. You get busy and tired chasing those dreams that you don't know what you're chasing in the air today and you after you got them. You just want more staff or more dreams that you think you will never end and you start to be more proud with more pride. And lastly, what will happen is friends who used to be our friends you started feel insecure and get Why do you feel that way? Because you are very afraid that would they will steal away or dreams or your business or whatever the actual you know anything about. Okay, you suddenly become very God over your money because if you think everyone wants your money but it's not really true or you allow money to control your life, that's what happened. Money was actually good if you actually achieve it with the right manner and achieve with the right are ethical means. I'm really amazed that actually, not many Salha both read today actually talk about Antico. We hate to actually achieve goals, basically just focus on how to achieve it, but it never really say what is the right way and wrong. I know in today's context is rather say what is right is wrong, but certain things are pretty off years so that you shouldn't do bad things. So I'm very surprised. Not many people start about debt and money is good if you used to grow once character, true helping artists and I'm surprised not any books or how did anybody actually thought about that about helping other people than yourself? All right, and money is good if you grow wealth toe help other people or it yourself and others as well. The Cuba is in others as well, not Jess yourself. A lot off self help bulls. I think that's the reason why is called self help books. You got the union. Help yourself by actually the secret to success. It's not just helping yourself, but you should also consider helping other people as well. And I explained why by helping more I helping others more will give you even more. So I said, I'll explain it on why you should do that. Okay, so the new proven go plainly, I'd be nearly all this year's looks like this. You re actually what you saw. Whatever you gain, it's based on what you saw. The others. So two others, anything you tend to really not very good benefits. The more you give and she the more you will receive. And I practice for all the years off my business. And this has proven very well in all respects on my life and also by giving and thankfulness first in our lives right. You actually has to achieve your angles by thinking off others first. There's a lot of some of those out there. Not many people actually mentioned about this, but actually the secret off, able to attain great success is my first understanding. All right, What you be should be grateful for and what you should be thankful for in your life. All right. So that you can use that as a basis to achieve angles, right by thinking off others first. Because once you start to realize what you're grateful for, thankful for you can use that as any months to actually encourage issue the push your true whatever thing that you want to achieve in your life. And you have a purpose for doing those goals as well. And this was very important to understand about gratefulness and others s well, so I designed this tree. Easy steps all right to help you before you even started. Go painting. And it goes like this. The first step is to understand what you are grateful for. The second step. It's about what experiences will make you happy, right? And what can I do to help others? There's a tree, Simple says, and I exercise. She is for you to do right to help you in this tree areas. So it looks something like this. Our show where to get him later on, And the dollar holdings as well. So the goal for this size is off. How you define your purpose and meaning in life. And that's really bother. I realized, Ah, lot of people who set up goals or resembles have never really identify. Why are they doing what I'm doing today? It'll just money, money, at least two more happiness. It's not true. Who? It's not true. There's a bigger meaning than that. Okay, you have been deceived by a lot of folks out there, all right? And the go is not the six security in money, but to use money, toe, benefit others and also help toe grow your character. That should be your motive in life is to use money to benefit others and also to grow your character. And I spend while it on OK, And you will help you. This is a leaf more fruitful and happy life. Think about it. All right. Why do you want to get on those money that you think all those nice car because you want You want to be happy in your life, right there is the Anglo by The problem is no all the time money will lead to more happiness on our money lead, more troubles, more expenses. And if you're not careful, so there is the reason why is the right way of thinking is that to be more thankful and so thinking are happy? Honest? I'll explain more as you do the exercises in the next couple videos explain. 4. Being Grateful Bring More Success: I'm looking forward to the future and feeling great Full for the pass by Mike. And it's a very interesting court because all right, we should look at our future by every feeling grateful for the things that happened in the past. And it's something that not many people do in planning for success. Okay? And is one of the reasons why I implemented this into this size to understand about what am I grateful for now or today? Why should we be grateful? All right, that will be a questions. Are you with me? I'll be asked me. Okay. It's red Common that. In fact, I think hardly any self helpful talks about this. All right, is that she wanted last things we should also think about. About why, or what can we be grateful about in our lives? Okay, I find it amazing. Don't talk about it. And they tell you, as I share you anything, you don't understand why you need this, Okay? Because you have to realize what other important things in your life If you don't realize what's important in your life, how can eat motivate you to push you to do the goals that you set in your life or in the future? All right. So you have to realize what you're grateful for so they can move TV. You right for your goals. Thank you. For example, are you one example? All right, I said a gold. I need to find a job and pay abuse. Why? Because my I'm grateful that I have a wife that I love a lot, and I want to give her the best. Okay, that's one example. So my motivational hot? It's not because I wonder what Hart are gonna make money is because I am grateful for loving wife and on the make her happy. That's one people for all. Maybe I'm grateful for my Children. I want them to have a very good education. And your Children Sunday will become your motivating factor. Why you should work so hard or why are you working so hard for that particular go? So you know where I'm going for right now? All right? That's the reason why you might understand what you are grateful for today and it is inside is gonna help you that any if I thes things. So I created this work Shit Candelo adviser dot com slash gs Worksheet one Totally free. Are all parties program. All right. Once you download, you will have it like this, and I recommend you to create this out. All right. On a simple printer game. Prim blowhard. This is fine. So there's only two columns here. Any the few in findings you're grateful for. It doesn't matter how big or small and five people who makes you happy in your life that can be are friends. Family pastas are human strangers. You put a bus, his name here and state. Why that person you think for, for All right, then the five things you just lease you in case you don't know how the food is up. So I'm going to show you you some ideas what you can write down there. All right, so these are some things you can be grateful for in your car. In life, you can be thankful for good health. All right. Why must be we tankful for go. Help! Because there are people who are don't have go help. We have me in. Ants are treating very rich people who got cancer, right? They are not as fortunate as us who have would have something for them. Still life and good health. I'm thankful for fresh air. Some countries don't have fresh air for information, all right. And some people don't have both off their eyes. So I'm very thankful that I have good eyesight. I'm thankful that I have a job, some people, no jobs for many years. So I should be thankful and grateful that I have a job you can write down. So be thankful for the money they have in your bank account. Why? Because the people who really do have money, their band comes. I also grateful to have in love what is love, love, love with a Y know for sure love. Your parents can be anything also thankful or grateful for clean water. Their countries that I've been to internal countries. The water cannot be drink Alright. So is brow in colors. I'm thankful for clean water. I'm thankful for pants, even a dog or cat. Some people don't have the luxury of buying pets, right? I think I have a home or have countries that I went to. They have no rooftops, no home homeless on the street. There's something you should be thankful for, should be grateful also for holidays that can go to oversee. So explore, I So it can be grateful for my family, my father, my mother or my best friends or your Children. These things that you can be grateful for as well and these things here will help you to motivate you. All right. Give it a purpose in life. Off the goals that you set for for the Anglo is to police these things they are thankful for. Okay, that's the purpose off these. That's a Seiss, so people they can be thankful for you can be damaging for your bosses people for a cool workers. At what? People who help you. Ever especially or your boss maybe have a good boss. Okay, Obviously that good bars and you won't put boss. Okay? Will you ever go bust for your boss? Ah, group of all good parents or good friends that I have in my life? I think for pastors are doctors are church. My doctors will kill me, grateful for them and stay the reason why they were my cousins or lt's Yungas antes. All right, you can be table grandmother. Maybe also s we always possible? You understand the reason why you are grateful for these? Pure. So write down their names and the reason why you're thankful for these people. All right, put it this five. You got money and fighting right on the the European. And she and right now she's fine. All right, the more you write about the okay. So make sure you take at least 15 minutes to complete this simple exercise to write down the things here. Print out. All right, all right. And complete this step first before you proceed to the seconds. That is very important. You have to finish this first before you go to the next step. Okay? So that you can understand what you gonna do, Knicks. Okay, but it's actually all linked to one another. 5. Your Experiences Determine Your Success: be brave. Take Reese. Nothing can substitute experiences by this guy here. All right. And this is very, very true. Um, that actually I read many, many self help books, and many of them actually mentioned a Paul getting good experiences, infinitely focused, more on the set and finance and other stuff, but very suddenly hear that about experience. So in this tutorial, we'll talk more about what experiences makes you happy. And that is very, very important. Because experiences last forever already him you remember forever, but not material things again. Let me shave your wife. So before you begin, make sure you have very completed step one before you go this step to because it's related to one another. All right. So you can fully benefit from all this tree exercises that sharing if you so why I experience us and not material things. Well, there was a research done in this article. University and research found at purchasing experience tend to improve well being more than buying a possession. In fact, objects 10 to the terrorist interest with time, but experiences can create lasting memories. So this is Arabian province, in universities and by researchers who do this research. And then she found that, actually, by buying experiences, resident things alright tend to, uh, keep you lasting memories. All right. It is very true. I mean, especially when the last video that I shot earlier the experiences off going toe the country to have the full is doing my head in the anti today. I cannot forget about that. But the experience or driving the car and all this is like just not there anymore, all right? Because it doesn't interest me anymore, Okay. And, uh, experiences all right, can, uh, make you happier. In fact, compared to material things and more likely to become part off identity later on, whatever experience you go through in your life were actually more and create your identity in the future. For example, let's say if I am problem in a very nasty environment, were not so good. Parents already escorting me and Kenny me. So if I grow up, I thought that should be the way life should be. Right? So most off, our childhood character will more upto adulthood. And there were actually position how our identity in the future will be based on our experiences in the puss. So you under some off your experiences, but not your possession. The cars you drive always doing determine. Uh, you actually. But your experiences will give you all right. The characteristics are full, you will be in the future. And that what you lead you to become more happy as well. So it's more wiser by experience. Instead, by mirror, though thinks so. Small pledges as she came. He's better than and she big once and going to share view some interesting things that I did s o t show other students as well. So, for example, most people out there that say we love to have a wonderful sports car like this Mustang picture were here is all those card I love to have to drive. All right, As I see it, if you can drive it because it's just a very expensive I'll be OK. But comparing to this, too coffee? I love coffee or tea. All right. And I love, uh, going for many Call sometime for massage on my wife. Go from here. I will go for handling such sometimes okay. And and studies have shown all right that if you actually made a lof small pleasures on a weekly basis on a daily basis. Right off experiences. It tend to give you the same amount of pleasure as it is the first day. You drive a very expensive, uh, spots, all right. And the difference is that this, too, is she's very affordable, but this is not fallible. And this one And she gave me a set. The only maybe for wow after driving for a while, maybe you're few s i s You were on the first day. It's quite Kansi s just to have the dem borough pressure. Okay, because there'll be people who enjoy driving every day. But I'm saying that in terms of cost wise, this is definitely more expensive than these two. Okay, so that's why small pleasures are better than beat once. So these are some of the ideas are healthy indulgence taken to under Ah, $15. You can see by a chocolate either chocolate just to end out yourself to enjoy yourself. You can't cheat by can does or bile a vendor sense to put your home to me, an environment smell better and few better a more peaceful in your environment or in your office You can also just kiss your wife or kiss your Children. That's free Off charge that definitely you do. Everyday it will make your life much happier. S fell. You can see Ah, spoil yourself. You know once a week you know nine state or nice mule Alright with love ones to indulge yourself to me. So happy. Oh, maybe just like my former wife of love to do. She didn't go for medical, right? Just relax. More key ideas you can also daily Indulge yourself with nice coffee or tea, as I mentioned earlier. All right, you can also indulge yourself. You're a nice massage. I hate massage, Right To indulge yourself on a weekly basis just to relax to me so happy as well. Oh, you can even just be arresting voting like five minutes a day. Who the stretch yourself to relax the muscles to ease your stress at work or at the office ? Oh, maybe who can Maybe once a week or maybe twice a week. Just go to the park to enjoy the quiet environment and get yourself out The busy working environment All right with the audience Russian, Russian rushing you goto parties sit down and enjoy the open garden. All right, we love ones. Or just alone or with friends will be great, all right. And these are things you can do to make yourself have small little things you can do every week just to make yourself happy. So it's better off with frequent doses off Luffy Ah, things right that he research has shown happiness is closely aligned with the frequency off pleasures. And that's the reason why I recommend those precious early on. Because ah, yes, sure that you frequently may also happy you do small either gestures. You make your life happier in general, obviously, the experiences. So what's the reason why I'm telling you this? Because this is a really seen arrow. A lot of people today are spending more than they can afford, so don't spend more than you can forgive. Example. Let's say your current salary is 2000. Firing all the U. S. A month sounds not too bad. Our consider quite high p. So he's had to buy this car. All right, it's this far are re cars $240,000. Okay, that's very expensive. Alright, The a 10 year alone that stood out and that have include petro and every ages Morning that . But this doesn't example. So you 11 finals for mine. Just because off your pride that you want to drive in on this nice for a re car, no doubt is nice. No doubt is fast. No doubt you people start looking at you differently and know that people think you are very, very reached because of the status and the brain off the car that portrays to other people . Ndld You may look very rich. You may feel that you are superior to other people, but you actually working much harder to pay the bills that no one sees. Can you relate to that? All right, I know a lot of friends who have decent and the re spot drive a very expensive car are looking so hot just because they want to maintain a very nice car so that they can show or have high price. Is that really worth it? To be honest? Okay, so let me show you are not a senior are much more wiser way to do this. Okay, Is there are investing in media row things that what I call expenses invest on things that you grow your wealth like housing or investments. Right? So the same thing. I have a current century off. 2005. All right. I took a loan. A Zamboni. The house is also this price. And because I bought a house, it's an investment. I ready off for 2 11 5 It's an example. Okay, So I've still left your balance off a profit off $5 plus to the Fife. This example or it is best in there. Oh, okay. So you can see you're comparing to the previous example I got. I don't got more money to spend. By the end off the 10 year loan, I still have $240,000 off cash sitting there for me to sell to gain more wealth, right? For my own. So is a strong advocate or buying investments, and not by larger re cars. You only buy all those things if you can afford it. We kind of for it. Please don't date laws. Just leave those kind of lifestyles. It's not worthy is really not well, because Indiana Day, you're just starting yourself just to maintain those lifestyle. For what reasons is to show off. Is it really what you want to do in your life? All right, So if you really insist you want on a nice card is what you can do. You can render those off happiness. Let me Sherry. What? This concept is very interesting. All right. So she more wisely photo then on something you cannot fought, then to show off. Okay. Five zambo. Some people really want toe have nice KB highways or true or driving a luxury car. What you can do is to rent one occasionally. Why not? It's very cheap to rent luxury car or caving hideaway in any country. And you can indulge yourself. Just ran for one or two days. It will be expensive in Singapore. Writings about for 300 for us, just for one day. Rental for sports car. For Ari. It's much more than 1000 plus for this one day. All right? I mean, you really where you want toe enjoy that kind off truth. And why not? Just raining? Don't own it. But rain it. Okay, no one will know. Anyway, I set yourself so there's no hustle and there's no high maintenance or repairs and actually did what I just tell you. I rented this most of these comfortable. I always wanted to write a sports car, so I rented this car singable. Just fall one day. I just have a feel how you feel slight to drive a nice car and with the top open. And I drove it with my wife and what I realized when I did this is a size because I enjoy the moment on driving it. I posted on Facebook people. You don't thought I owned the car, but I told her I didn't own a car, just rented the car was right on this, okay? And I didn't want people have the impression they're trying to show off. I don't try to show. I just want to enjoy the car, that's all. How enjoy the feeling or driving this car. So what happened is I drove it, and for the first hour, it was really exciting. You know, the feeling is very nice to smell. The letters write nice things nice, but after I drove about three hours a day, I start to realize it's just a car and there's nothing just a car you move from point a to point B, that's all. How much can you really enjoy? Yeah, you will see people looking you. That's all about this call Price. And, uh, it's a nice feeling, but it's not really nice, you know, sense that people get jealous off you also as well that you don't you don't tell you. All right, so I realize that in it I really don't go. I didn't buy this car In the end, I just rented the car just with experience. Do I read this today? Yes, I do. Sometimes it's to make myself indulgent with happiness, just for one. But it's better than owning it, all right? And I ready occasionally, just for special occasions. So there's a real example that I'm doing it on myself to show you that I'm really doing what I'm teaching you right now. So experiences as she brings you lots off, joy by your spirit don't have to be expensive, right? Neither do your purpose and passion as well. You need to remember the ally experiences to be in tune with what makes you happy. At the end of the day, if you're doing something for the sick off gaining it. It's no movie because and, you know they realize after you got it, you pay the bills more expensive, like own expensive car. You get more miserable because of the high BYU's rather than making yourself happy. And it's something that not maybe, look at, you know, many looking at getting a lot of, Ah, nice cars and nice how they don't know what that means, Keenan's and the cause off. It s well in terms, off experiences or buying experiences. You should always remember to make sure they are affordable or emission. They are fallible, so that experiences, I say. For example, you can think about it's like travel overseas off a shot, affordable wrote tree adventure with your friends and family. Spend time in nature that's free. But chase tickets to sympathy, opera or sporting events. Maybe always wanted to go toe NFL match washing a premium movie, the premium place or concert, or maybe even be avoided. This free or less need time. I Maybe you'll learn something out there. You cancel London use cube. Do you never learn before? All right, that can be learned. A new language. You are learning new school cooking, cycling or whatever that you always wanted to do. But I never got a chance to for geography and those of your life photography. Some people like to run a marathon, never run before they got a chance to run one. So you can maybe plan for that. If the skydiving is your thing, you can go skydiving or try something adventures and you never try before all UK even if I would encourage you came enjoying a Christian mission treatment. We never go one before. I'm definitely sure you will change. Uh, they are prospects, thief off life as well. So I did. I did the last one, which is Christian mission treat and really eyes experience That really, really transformed me a lot in the way I look at the world and the things that I, uh, more once in a bus, this another picture of me in the stormy Really, I showed earlier, right? This is there were more pictures off them. They can see how poor the country wants. More pictures off from the slum area shopping in my previous reuses felt. So when I went through this experience, it really, really change my dimension off looking other people, all right, and made me realize how fortunate I am to have a rooftop, clean roads, clean water, clean everything once you go through the experience. All right? It's a different thing. You know, some people say, you know, you don't, uh you can just give your money today. Many doors. Actually, I bet to differ. You need to experience it yourself to be transformed. You cannot just give money to people to do the work. The child that Bo will go experience it for yourself, right? I know. Asking that you had to go. Such poor areas. Biking do simple things, like in your neighborhood and other things show you later on. So you can download the, uh, worksheet that I already have prepared for you. Okay. And it looks something like this You can pretty and out. Okay. It's needless. Five things in your life experience that you never got to try. We need this year there will grow you and get happier experiences. So you're right now the thing and was the date you on experience? Five things you can write. So, in case you have never done this before, you know it at this late by the time stash years. Well, she too are in the description. You find the length and, uh, just some possible experiences for you to explore Mind You can learn a new skew to explore new places often just you never. Bean always wondered ago, but never got a chance to go. You can plan for one. Ah, a river on you tell seeing this guy who travel around the world with no money staying in people's house. That's something that's quite interesting. Okay. Ah Cheeseman Physical. What do I mean by that? Means you want to achieve something physically but not mandatory. Okay, You need to be physically doing it. Warranted to be helper to help artists. Very sure you do that you would change your life. I think you see some TV programs off Miers reading to be poor and within their own office. The sunny become writing full from experiencing on the ground to be a layman. Alright, And those are the shows. All right, so I hope you enjoy the consul far. Please do it as a science is because it will help you a lot. Make sure you complete this step to take 50 minutes of fuel up. Alright, complete that. What? She read out. All right. If you in what the fire experiences, You want to experience us in your life within this year and put a date to it so that you company to it. All right, please convinced that do before you proceed to step tree in the next couple of years and I'll see you in the next video. 6. Helping Others Brings More Success: money has never made men happy, nor will eat. There is nothing in its nature to produce heaviness. The more one Hess, the More One Ones by Benjamin Franklin. Very, very interesting, called Very true that money cannot make men happy. But why? It's Harry one chasing money. Okay, that's what the world is telling us. So this the reason why in order to shape our thinking that we shouldn't chase just money, we should also think about what can I do to help Otto people? And if you understand and can understand this logic, you start to realize that more people you have, the more you will gain. It's a seat in life, not just money, but a lot of other things as well. Here's a Keating spent on others and not Jess on yourself. Most most South. How books. Actually, in fact, about seven yourself already. This would call self help book. I kiss all right, but they never thought much about serving. Are the people helping other people? So there was this group of students and you will see off British Columbia. We'll give each fight all us all $20 okay? And the students were randomly assigned to spend the cash on either themselves or other people party. And so some will give money to themselves. Some will be assigned to give to someone else. Okay, that wants the experiment. So those who have been told to spend others people report actually feeling happier. Okay, The reason is the emotional reward off social spending can actually even be the data on a memory skin being skin, it has proven that every time and we help someone true physical means all time on money reward. We tend to feel ah, happier. Okay, Almost anything that we do to hurt others. 10 to improve our happiness. So the true formula are being more happy in life is not by getting more money by. It's actually by helping others for us. If you learned a master this I can guarantee you will be much happier in your life. The reason why you're not happy today because you have never, ever consider off helping others first before. Happy yourself. That's the reason why. OK, try doing it and then you will realise Nice expert. And you you agree? Me? What? I just tell you. So this was the was trying to tell us or tricked us into thinking right that the order books every really in a lot of education touts us when we were young, all right, to be happy, right? That she the whole wall right, programs us to always think for ourself first. I don't know why, but it's very true. I read a lot of self Hubble's. I think they should not change the calories are you should be. How audible or something All right, the true true true meaning our successes not by helping yourself us actually is actually but happy. Others first, because in that way, when you have others, you start to be more happy in your life, and it's something everybody wants. Everybody wants to be a who doesn't want to be happy in your life, all right, But upon the whole world, all the books are telling us that the more we help ourselves in achieving Southern things are the more happy we are. But it's not really true, all right. Helping others is something most developed countries do not think about often because we live in a society where we're so busy working were also bothered by paying BYU's all we can just walk and we'll we'll jazz to pay those views or credit card fees. And then you just been one day on a Sunday on your savings and indulge yourself. We've catches and you thought that would be you happy or whatever cars Are you on the drive ? We thought they would be happy, but you need me happy for wow. All right doesn't last forever, because those are not lasting experiences. Songs and cultures today also discourage us to help artists by actually promotes hate instead. I mean, if you are actually study the worse or cultures that are helping around us today. There are a lot of songs that promote hit. I remember in the nineties there are low love songs. Okay, I love love songs, Okay, but unfortunately, today we have a lot of songs that promote head and promote. I don't want to mention them, but it's a lot off hatred out there, and I think it somehow has make us for gotten about the meaning oflife okay out there. It's very sad because the world for bringing us in the way that we think that we should hit me, but just to be cool or dressing, so the way to be cool But it's not really cool idea today. Everything about it. Okay, so these are things you need to be a way off. So what I'm trying to encourage issue is to help others for us. Okay. When you give, you are likely to get back sometimes immediately, sometimes is true. Others. And this is very, very, very true. I remember when I waas ah, practicing this in my own business. All right. Always trying to find ways to help out of businesses or other clients first before you asking about one. So, for example, I have cases where I was very new in my business. That time in blogging, no one know me. So what I did waas that I went to other bloggers and asked who are residents? Who asked him, Can I help you in getting more awareness for your business by doing an interview? And they also yes, already asked anything. I just wanted the interview day, that's all. And I did that same person size. Suddenly his audience got the new me as well because he published a view on his website as well and actually benefited from it indirectly. So that's one example off. How helping on this came in. If it's you more and she when you help out this, you do help yourself eventually. Just that you don't realize it. He may not be monetary. Sometimes it can be true referrals and other things as well. E g. Also, by having other give others the impression that you are generous and you are helpful. And normally, anyone who is portrayed as being these two things tend to get more our responsibilities and more business as well. Keep a simple. You don't have to be complicated and make sure when you have others it should be sincere and not for agenda to gain something it does not always. I need to involve money. When I first under my basis, I had no money, no much money, only all time. That's how I have got. I wasn't working so full time at home doing my block. I have so much time, OK, I have no money. All right, so why I told me. But it's accepted so much time. I know I find time to help others in areas than any help, so some people need programming. Some people need help in graphics, which I am very tired that with. So I have them in those two areas. Right? And I got referrals. Alright. In return, I didn't also it okay. And as you spent, or you can simply spend time doing tasks. Then giving money helps impact your life more. Ah, lot off, people, uh, always think that, you know, uh, give money to the charity. It's a good thing I see is a bad thing, but it doesn't really transform your life. Or does is this plants sees and help people who are doing the if you really where we want to change your life or impair online. I would highly encourage you to be involved in the actions or task that you're doing to help others. Really? And it's getting money. So if I example that, say, your uncle's come to you, say I need help in my shop. All right? Can you give me some borrow me some cash? So reading and getting some cash for his business. Why? I know you offer your help for free to how a hist? All right to helping investors when I give money. All right, and by helped by doing that, you know, any show they uncle that you care by also how my uncle to make more money in the business and business skills at the same time. So, you see, that's where the benefit comes. Okay, True, The experiences and they were last a lifetime. All right, so they actually rewards for helping. All right? Actually, many rewards, all right. And one of the biggest reward is that by helping on this, he has proven more people's character are in ways that you would not imagine you more you to be a better person, more generous person. Eso more you to be more patient. But it s well, Jenna Nervy. You mean you're more happy? That's what should I know? That's a sure thing that I have helped so many people in my life. He made me so happy that I really enjoyed me. His prices from the from the tears and you see on people's eyes when you have other people , all right, it's a hobby proceedings. In other people's point of view, there's something that not many people are training. I remember when sometimes during arguments, Alright, Some people always look at the point of view and we will look at our point of view. And then it will be our human saying who is right, who is wrong. But you sit down and think about it. Always ask yourself this question. If I am in his position, how would I feel? All right? Also saw that question and then you will not get so angry so easily. Right? And I was able to live because because I have a hot off helping other people you don't have Ah, hot off helping people or mind set off helping other people yours only thing for yourself you will never, ever see out of people's point of view off you all right, and you only can learn that from practicing off, helping us first. Then you can actually see the other person's point of view, and it's really, really very powerful. I want so many hard humans because of the strategy alone. Okay, that's very powerful. People love toe of you more because people see you as a person wearing toe help, okay? And people will trust you more and trust it's something that is universal and useful in all aspects of life. or work for projects and everything else. People were for more business off task to you. And this is very, very true, because when people see you as a person, there's really in to help others where you build more trust, more business will definitely company away. And mum, people refer them to you because they know you are trustworthy person and your healthful s . Well, all right, I believe you know someone your life who is very helpful. Right? And if you're looking for help or you look for that person, yes, you will. Because you trust that person. So these are all the many, many great. We want to encourage you to help others. So the help you Teoh start your ball rolling on happy Hodess. I create it. Uh, well, she s well, all right. It's a very, very simple worksheet, Right to help you in your process, off helping others so you can actually donald it at the vice Other com slash gs workshop tree. That's the link. I can find a description Braille Sunday ideas. So he has 1 to 3 columns. So the first column is to discover the heat off the 1% that you want to help. So you just need to put the name there and the meat. You just right there. All right, And then create a plan right down. Something you can do to help that person and put a date and time to calm yourself. Do that, man. All right, after you have done this playing, all right, you need to write down the results. How did they respond? Your kindness. How do you feel after helping them out And what lessons you learn from giving, Right? This this plan that you do is a very, very simple but powerful us a size to teach you about why helping others will lead you to more success. Trialist says I Karen to you, you would thank me for it. Okay. And you lovely every time. Okay. In case you don't know how to do this suddenly got you true. How to discover the need So they actually anyone can have. You can have a family member. You get have a walking Clearly you have your best friend. I'm sure your tender is something right? Or maybe a particular subject can help you have the neighbors in cleaning the garden You can help cleaners to clean the floor. Why not? Cleanest are important too. You have weight. Us? Why not? Okay. Here, have a church. Your help. All four cell for homes. You can be ushers. You can be cooks. You can help the homeless. You help people on the street all right. Or happy. But a school yet or have a business partner or you have a crisis at work. There's so many people you can help. Just choose one. All right, That's truth. One that you are comfortable with. Okay? You already race. Kumo is truth Family First we were safe. Us. Okay, Uh, there after you choose the person you to create a plan. All right, So the plan, it must be tasked River with time, not just giving monetary it. You cannot just give them the money. And the This is the money for you. Go do it yourself. You cannot do that. You must be involved in the task and you must be involved in the plan. Keep a symbol will make it complicated. All right, All right. For example, uh, your neighbor ask you for help to guess create a grass, So just go and create a grass, that's all. How often you gonna clear and all that? You know, asking for any money return just to help, you know. All right. Make sure whoever you're helping the other party is willing to accept. How? Because there are people who are not willing to help. They are. Okay, So make sure they are willing Okay, to a seven. Help. All right, that's very important, All right? And there should not be any gain from this Means you should not be paid for doing this. All right? You shouldn't be asking for any money or whatever for doing this. Help, right? They already feet this exercise. So you must do it really Only with aiding in return. Okay, so right now, the results that you notice, right? No, down the response, how you felt after you helping out? Right now, The lessons learned from this experience at the end of the size. All right. So I want you to do is to print out the worksheet. Alright. I prepared for you. All right. You get firing in the description, right? Where to find it online. All you can rewind a video, see the link there the 15 minutes to complete this step. When you finish this'll staten, Demetrius a size. There's something I'm very sure you experience because you're coming in the angle where you don't ending in return the money or whatever. You just want to help someone. Okay? And you realize the person that you help wants to help you back normally. Normally, after when you have the person and you say you doing the pay me you didn't give me anything . I just want to help you. Okay? Because some people feel suspicious because they're not used to this right. But eventually, when he saw your sincerity and trust, the person will want to know you more and you realize they really, really want help your son that you when you money even, you know, ask for it or something. They will give your business there. Now ask form. Try it right. I guarantee you experience some of these things as you try this size. And is the reason why I encourage you to help artists. And it's how actually wanted secrets off. How I grow my business actually make an effort. The Misha I generally want to help artist s well So how does all this work she their share of you got to do with success. It's all design and she due to do one thing. You should help you to understand your purpose in life so that you got things that you can set for for your ghosts. So summary again day. You realize it's not just about money. Happiness can begin true experience, and not by having more money.