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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Happy intro

    • 2. Happy 2

    • 3. Happy 3

    • 4. Happy a

    • 5. Happy b

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About This Class

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” – Buddha

 A practical program designed to help you to achieve total happiness in your life! Happiness and Success are often seen as complex, but in this course, it is broken down into easily manageable steps. learn mindfulness exercises to explore what really matters in life and find new ways of looking at things. master a step by step formula for creating happiness!

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Chantelle Fashion

freelance marketer and designer


Hello, I'm Chantelle. A freelance social media marketer, designer and fashion blogger/ vlogger. London based designer graduated from University for the creative arts with a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion. Inspired by travel, sewing, textile art, London fashion week and Fashion trends. I decided to make my skills not only my business but my personal brand. I share my passion here on Skillshare! 

Art and Design

I have an extensive background in different forms of art and design. I have a BA (Hons) Fashion degree. 

I also have a history in video and online presence, specifically youtube. My passion for youtube has helped me become a master in understanding lighting, video editing, and confidence with a presence on camer... See full profile

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1. Happy intro: when you're bursting with happiness, it radiates off you and inspires all the people around you in the world. Happiness is contagious, and it's really great to feel good every single day. But how do you find how to be happy? It's something that a lot of people struggle with in everyday life, with modern technology and everything that makes it so hard for us to focus because we get really stressed out with our digital iPads. Our phones gets really stressed that with the job in this school's, I give you a little tips of how to be happy to brighten up your day, and they inspire you to be the best. You. If you learn to be happy, you can conquer anything in your life. Nothing can make you feel sad, and you can always rely on yourself confidence to be happy. This course will keep you the boost to make your life shine brighter. 2. Happy 2: By choosing this course, you've made a positive step towards your life. Happiness. Say hello to joy. Happy Learn tips on harmony, happiness on lifestyle so that you could balance your life. Feel more happy every single day. And it's the constant effort to do that, because it can be very difficult to do that at first. That is a long journey to Jenna, me or happiness. You can find your pop happiness from falling some simple meditation and relax ation tips by simplifying your living environment and your luck environment. So I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that happiness is a one size fits all because it's not. Everyone's form of happiness is different and what you're happiness looks like from your friends. Happiness from someone else's happiness is completely different. So we're gonna focus on creating the positive attitude, creating the right mindset and get in your head space in the right place so that you can feel the best that you want to feel. Some people are naturally happy, and some people struggle with depression. Uh, it will come, sounds choice, and you can choose to be happy or not to be happy, and I have your positive person because you've chosen to be here with me and to learn and to grow. Did you know the best things in life are free? Happiness is not a one size fits all, and there's many reasons why people struggle to be happy in there. Every single day lives. We look at the reasons why people get stressed. We can have an insight from why people have depression and the reason why some people are more naturally happy. The pursuit of happiness starts when you start to believe that you can choose to be happy us yourself in happy forts and believe that you can attain the level of happiness that you wish to have. Recent has shown that simple experiences, like walking barefoot on the grass on the sunny day or having a cup of tea in the sunshine can have greater pleasure than attaining material or money goods. So Robert, in the going to go shopping or spending lots of money taking a step outside when you need ah happiness hit head outside for some mood lifting entertainment that could be walking to the park. It could be laying the park barefoot, creating a really good book. It could be spending time counting flowers and taking time to slow down and really focus and be present in the now and really have a feeling and emotion for what's happening to you right now. And this can never be bought by money. It's something that you can feel and be happy going to the beach. If you live by the beach or visiting the seaside, dipping your toes into the sea can have a great effect on your overall health. So we're going to take off for meditation. I mean this meditation with phone simply creating generating police within ourselves. Unhappiness. I want you to stop name in a comfortable position. Shoulders relax like take a deep in him. Hold for three counts to free. Breathe out one to freeze. Breathe in. Prove out. One Teoh free. I want you to continue to me. I am in control. My are flowing. I control I I I think take a deep breath in Teoh. 12 breathe In 23 12 I'd like you to imagine and just completely relaxed covering. I'm going to start taking some crossed Rex in 16 Fost out with your stomach like this. I'm expelled. Get rid of old and with you 17 invincibles. 1234 3. Happy 3: one of the easiest ways to be happy is to talk. Talk with people. Talking to a good friend or talking to your friends about your problems really helps you to get your life into perspective. You can really talk to friends, and they can help you of your worries and with all the good things happening with your life , it's really wonderful to boost your energy and your happiness when you speak to a friend when you're start. Couldn't feeling very negative and not feeling positive. All. It's really nice to get some help from friends if they make you laugh, and if limit you feel better at the same time is really, really good because it gets you out of that negative rut and happiness makes have positivity when you share it with others. So speaking toe a friend when you're feeling down can really help you get back into a positive mode. Can really minimize your problems by discussing them off a friend with someone who you really trust. You can give your pain and your discomfort and your negativity of voice, and you can let them listen to you and you'll be so amazed with how much freedom it gives you and lifts the burden that you're carrying. Don't let anyone make you feel bad. It's very important to take control of your own emotions. Make sure that you recognize who the people are in your life that are negative and who are thinking negatively or belittle in. You. Don't feel that you have to spend time of these people. Your life is meant for you to live to the happiest. So don't waste your time on people who don't have you in their heart. Don't waste your time on people who belittle you and don't make you feel good. You don't want to be spending your energy or your time with these peoples that make sure you surround yourself with positive and happy people as well, because when you spend your time with positive, happy people, they radiate their happiness onto you and you're able to absorb the happy energias well 4. Happy a: This course is designed to enable you to act on your own and utilize the skills to help you move forward with your objectives. So let's write down a list of objectives that you would like to achieve, so I'm not used to start off the list, get a piece of paper or a note pad and then just write down. By the time I finish working on this course, I will. And then you write down any of those goals that you want to achieve, so it could be few in control of my own destiny. Have a better time management skills? I feel less stressed. Have more confidence, have more energy except true Whatever your goal is to change by the end of this course. So let's decide where your opportunities are and put these changes into action today. Let's see if we can plan to help you to eat more healthfully or to buy a healthy lunch on the weight work. Highlight your opportunities. Today. Perhaps you can behave more confidently when you're at work or when you're in having a good time. You couldn't be more generous. What can you do to ensure that you can experience a period of happiness right today. So I want you to write down what opportunity you are going to take to change right now. Water changes that you want to make, decide what's the most important and tackle what is on your priority list. We can start by achieving happiness. Why? Having this list, you need to say yes to everything that will help you achieve what you want to achieve. So do something right now that supports your objective. If this action scares you, then that is good, because it means that you're getting out of your conflict zone and you will be able to find great challenges in your life that you'll be able to conquer. And it's also important to say no to things as well. Say no to things that get in the way of your happiness and be quick to make changes that do not serve you and do not prioritise what you want to do. You to make a decision right now. How will your life be better and happier by the end off this course? If you're diligent about what you want to do, if you make changes that you'd like to make. What does it mean to your every day to day existence? Start thinking about that right now. How you feel, what other people think about you. What will you will you be wearing? What will we be thinking? How will you be acting? Create a new mental picture of how you want to be in the future and focus and define how you want to be imagining sitting down at the end of this course and feeling content with happiness. What changes would you have to make to make? You can feel completely satisfied and have complete satisfaction and have all your desires achieved. I want you to write down a list, going to write down what your greatest achievement will be. Well, your biggest change will be on what your greatest benefit off this course will be. 5. Happy b: since the beginning of time, people have always searched What is the meaning of life? And most of all, people have tried to figure out how to be happy. And we all know that life is sure the world goes on without you when you're just gone. So what you gonna do right now to make a difference? We're going to do to make your individual experience on Earth the happiest postal experience and taking care of family and being the best person by helping others creating the legacy that will outlive you even if you're just having fun. And happiness is what you feel. And when you're happy, you know you're happy and you know when you're not happy. People experience happiness in different ways, and it's up to you to uncover how you experience happiness. So I want you to take a moment right now to think about what makes you truly happy. And I don't want to think of material things and things that don't really mean anything of any importance. I want you to think about when did you last feel truly happy? Where was you? What was you doing? Who is you with what makes you happy on a regular basis? What activities make you feel amazing and write these down? I want you to think about how many times you felt so happy and highlight at least three different things that guarantees that you'll feel happy every single time. Just take a piece of paper right down and just make no things that make you feel extremely happy. Now that we understand what makes you happy, I want you to make sure you make time to do these things. Don't need to take a look at the list that you've written down each one of those things on your list. You need to schedule into your life to do on a daily basis if no, every single week, and we're going to make sure that we actually do it is easy enough saying, Yeah, I'll do more of what I want Makes me happy we are going to create a schedule. So I want you to take out your diary and have a look at your diary. Look at the days that you're free and what days you can pencilling specific time for these activities or for use things that make you extremely happy.