How To Be Awesome At Building Confidence ● Creativity ● Habits ● Waking Up Early ● Change | Derek Franklin | Skillshare

How To Be Awesome At Building Confidence ● Creativity ● Habits ● Waking Up Early ● Change

Derek Franklin, Teaches Crazy Good Courses You Will Love!

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7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introducing... The School Of Awesome

    • 2. CHANGE: Clarity And Emotion Drive Your Behavior

    • 3. COMMUNICATION: Use People's Names

    • 4. CREATIVITY: Write Down 10 Ideas A Day

    • 5. HABITS: Don't Just Avoid Bad Habits Replace Them

    • 6. HEALTHY LIVING: Wake Up Early

    • 7. Remember...Download, Review, and Connect - Thanks!


About This Class

The School Of Awesome is:

  • Awesome (it had be said)
  • Designed to reveal to you tons of cools ways to live, think, and be...well, Awesome!
  • Unique - You'll not find personal development training like this anywhere else - if you do, it's because I published it in more places than Skillshare
  • Visual - You brain loves pictures - that means your brain will love this class (see images below)
  • Fun - If boring was a calorie, this would be a 0-calorie class
  • Valuable - Each class contains high-quality ideas, strategies, and tools compiled from more than 30 years of learning, collecting, experimenting, crying, eating, and sleeping
  • Practical - When you learn something valuable, you want to know how to use it - this feature is included at no extra cost!
  • Ongoing - Each class contains a series of 5-7 mini classes (or lessons) which is a just a small portion of the overall world of awesomeness that will be progressively released over time 


In this session (#1) of The School Of Awesome, you're going to discover:

  1. Change Behaviors - How to change any behavior by harnessing the 2 forces of change
  2. Build Confidence - A simple way to interact with others to not only instantly connect with them, but build your confidence
  3. Think Bigger - A daily practice that will help you think bigger, think better, and overall supercharge your brain for awesomeness
  4. Replace Bad Habits - How to eliminate a bad habit by overpowering it with something better
  5. Wake Up Early - 3 non-irritating ways to wake up early that really work