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How To Be A Transformational Leader: The Top 13 Must-Haves Traits For "Superhero" Leaders

teacher avatar Andre Fortune, THE LIVE TO TRANSFORM CLASS

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Let's go!

    • 2. Let's interact class project

    • 3. W-Word question 1

    • 4. W-Word question 2

    • 5. W-Word question 3

    • 6. The dot!

    • 7. The L L verbs

    • 8. The sparkle in your eyes

    • 9. Talk is cheap

    • 10. The road to recognition

    • 11. The lid idea

    • 12. A 129 lunches

    • 13. Desire

    • 14. The big O

    • 15. Let it explode!

    • 16. Let's Connect

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About This Class

My mission in life is to LIVE TO TRANSFORM by assisting others to TRANSFORM into their BETTER SELVES.

During the years of working with people from all walks of life and helping various organisations to grow and develop, I've come to realise that many people don't and cannot see themselves as leaders due to one of the biggest myths out there which is "great leaders are born".

The primary purpose of this class is to help set the record straight that great leaders are TRANSFORMED over time and to answer that big question: How can I become a leader - a great one that is?

Through this visual stimulating, interactive and easy to follow class I step you through the 13 must-have traits in becoming a transformational "superhero" leader. Our case study leaders will be Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela.

This class is for anyone who

  • really wants to learn the important must-haves for any leader
  • really wants to be a true leader
  • really has the desire to improve their leadership skills as a parent, teacher, manager, leader, community worker etc.
  • needs some leadership inspiration and motivation
  • wants to win over followers the true and real way

In this introduction class I make use of the framework that I've created to help you remember these 13 must-have leadership traits that will supercharge your role as an influencer from whichever area of life you choose you lead from.

I look forward to connecting and transforming the world with you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andre Fortune



He is an awesome guy with a lovable personality. He is always positive and always has unique perspectives which others have not thought of. He is unbelievably creative and has a progressive outlook. He will be a positive influence on any person’s or team’s life.

Randall Abrahams

Andre is an amazing person he has the ability to motivate you to do things you fear of doing he has the motivation and the drive to get things done, he is a lovable and down-to-earth person. I would recommend him any day as he is an inspiration to anybody that meets him. Believe me, if you meet him you will be inspired.

Deonicioj Van De Merwe

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1. Let's go!: my God is welcome to the live transform corner. My name is under a fortune in my mission in life is simply to left to transform now off many years off off being different leadership positions for various organizations. There's one line I came to this like the most and that lying simply on a you are a natural born leader. You're You see, I believe that we were being born to lead in some way or another with it as a apparent, whether it's as a sibling, you know, community, atyour workplace or just in life. You have been born to leave. How ever I believe that correctly, this no necessarily born, but that directly this transform over time. So in this transformational leadership, plus, you're going to discover two things. One really that greatly this Because, like I said, I believe that they are transformed over time and to I'm going to step you through those two hours plus one my staff from daesh inal skills in order to to jump start to progress your conscious leadership get here and how we need to do that by following a judicial framework called don't you now who is this glass for this Nice is for anyone that place we thought that they can be needed second. Maybe if you ever bosses have the question, What do you want me to become? A greatly What? What skills? What must I in this class? We will wanted a question. And certainly maybe you're already this close. Who is engage? Do you do that chick? If you that I think so. Allow me to do states do a I like the fact that this class is not about teaching you how to be posse or how to manipulate on is in order to further your own agenda. In fact, this transformation clothes is about helping you to become a transformational leader with the hope of making a difference in this world. Bye bye influencing and by changing lives from which ever leadership row you choose to leave from No, that is you. Let's go. Or these guys just something to keep in mind while you're going through this transformational leadership. Plus, is that this framework that needed that you is based on the quote off Eugene Bell Jr. Which is find it before you expire. It come on. And also yes, there won't be a full of plus, which will be explaining each skill in more detail. However, for now, we are only introducing the foundational framework off that leader, don't you? Okay, so without any further do, let's go. 2. Let's interact class project: Okay, so your class project isn't is as follows Number what? You're going to create your own that w dot Lead it that you think work. How are you going to do that? Before I mentioned what each later stains who you're going to get so much two days into a myself. What? You see? Listen represents Could present a word, a phrase, or even a question. Okay, so then at the end, we will have to that you think words and peculiar to see which letters we got the same or are completely different. They are, but way will have to fantastic gonna wait to see what to come or put along with that your old So for those of you, they do not know me you're going to have to try to figure out which leadership roles I've had in the past or which leadership rose I can't we have on naturally I will let you know if your undermine your not and who knows with the conversation will lead from the you get it leading from the and finally from the w dot dot you framework that I'm going to give you You're going to have to let me know which three skills you're going to work on and how you're going to implement so that you're being you. Take it. Enjoy Mento people. 3. W-Word question 1: Okay, so you guys are ready. You ready to aspire to inspire before you expire? Your right. Okay, so let's get over to the w w dot Lead it that you framework and the flesh w he's I'll give you a clue. It's a question, and your chickens starts now. What are you that's not your McKay. What type of funding or you I can see some of you putting your face. Like I thought, this is about leadership and not about being a father. I admit that this was probably one of the most important keys that I came across as this key became that stream boy to my successful leadership area, you're seeing only to be a superhero leader. You need to be a superhero follower. In fact, you know wasn't the practice, but I came across something that Aristotle C. He said that he who can be a good follower can be a good leader. Think about it. If you think about it nowadays in the social media, uh, world, you can become a great influence. It without first being a follower. Your first decide. Who are you going to find out then you always committing on the person liking whatever the person says until the people that are part of a group start realizing that you've got something to offer and they start following you ends from becoming a good follower, you became a good leader. Well, uh, so you see a good way to a siege when you are going to be this great super leader used to assist. What type of follow are you? You see a good follower lens to be loyal to those that he's working with and those that he is working for. A good follow the lens to be courageous, you know, to challenge ideas, to stand up for what is right. A good father were leads to be supportive off those that he's working for. But for those that he's working with and good follow the altar legs to giving West we needed, but also to accept it. A good follower leads to complete, does successfully and competently. You see these? Yeah, you do you key leadership skills. How, by being a super, you know, for the world. In fact, it was great, Apostle Paul says. Follow me as I follow. One of the greatest superhero leaders received full understood. You have to suit that in order to be a super you know, leader, you need it to be a superhero. Father would. So the question is, what type are follower or you number one way. 4. W-Word question 2: OK, moving on to the second W and the second memory stands for I do it. It's another question. And I'm sure you're going to get this one on your things against starts now. And the question is, where are you? 80. You see, being a leader equals being a vision ity. You can leave people if you don't. No way you are going. I used to tell you that I was working with that. When they tell someone, go with me to the to the toilet, you know, because they always need it. For some reason they were leading. The only difference to us was that they were leaving the person to the toilet. So the question is waiting for you. Great direction in life. But they you wish she as usual. So if someone with the Austrian now, what is the vision for your life? Would you be able to answer them, not Redick in the next 10 seconds? Or do you have to first go on somebody to try to figure out what is your vision for your life? According to be a leader, you need to have. You need to have that action. You cannot leave people in places you don't know where you're going. What is the vision for the company? What is your vision for your family? What is your reason for your business? But before you can in trying on this father, you you need to know way you are going received. People are attracted to this vision. Keep your mind. It said that greatly might have know exactly how they are going to get to the destination. But one thing is for sure. They know exactly way they are going to see super, You know, transformational leaders. They are main and really with vision. If you get one of our case studies not other than Mr Nelson Mandela. These vision during the hearing was for the company here. Education on Racism, Vision, a South African in which all citizens have equal rights with every adult, their their right to vote for government off he's or Joyce. So the question is, what is your vision? So listen up with two. Get visiting. In other words, have a region for your life. In fact, have a vision for every part off your life. Normally, I am a deuce off the three C's win, creating a vision statement and the three C's at the follow is that it must be clear, concise and courageous. But anyway, more that in the next class, remember? For now, we are only introducing the w w dot Don't you, framework? Okay, so let's get ready for their next that you. 5. W-Word question 3: I'm sure you guys already trying to figure out what the next w? Same true. Well, the next w is also a w would question and your 10 seconds starts. No, and they don't. You will. Question is, what price are you prepared to pay? You see if you're going to be a transformational superhero leader, This is a very important question to ask yourself. You see, if being a confirmation of super, you know, lead It was easy. Everyone would be one. We need to keep in mind that the greatest leaders, the greater the price. If you need to be a transformational, you're going to pay the best you're gonna have to be paid to give of yourself. You're gonna have to be paid to keep of your sources. In fact, I'm reminded of a quote that goes something like that. Everybody wants to go, Damon, But nobody wants to die. And I think that the blinds to being a days everybody wants to be split even not to pay the price that goes with it. You re think of my thing Left home, Gene. Good famine and hostility. She lived a minimal wage. We think of him and before you could see his vision. Yet you spend 27 years off his life. You prison. There were according to monetary and ultimate, that and so many other leaders. Listen up with three is none other. Then be prepared to pay a price. 6. The dot!: Okay, The next one. He's okay. We had W W W The next time you start when anything with that you see your mind you to pause to fish and take stock regularly. So why is taking regular time out so important for a leader while to prevent one of the biggest leadership killers from striking, which is not under there but out? You see, according to the health guide, dark or burn out is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, which is caused by excessive and prolonged straits. You see, burn out also reduces productivity and seps your energy. You can also make you vulnerable to illnesses like colds and the flu. And keep in mind that the negative effects off burn things to school over into every area of your life. Need I say more? You see it. It's the very same sweet leaders having to stick down because off burn out. And this is the truth. You never know what burnout east until you opened out. Therefore, real superhero leaders prevents burn out in themselves on and those that they are leading. So lesson number four. Although you are a leader, remember, you are still human and so on the one you are leading. Yes, leadership is an active alot Lead is a verb, but the leader who tries to do it all is headed for burn out and they probably awful. Honey, make sure that that is not you. Okay, so they remember to every time out. Okay, So that you can avoid that leadership killer burn out and the 20 Yes, I'm going to ever fall a class in which I will explain or give you some good practices in order to avoid but anyway. 7. The L L verbs: OK, moving on to the l off w w dot leader that you framework. Now the gallery present to Alvear. Words. Okay, so which means for this one, I'm going to give you 15 seconds to guess what that Allah represent. Okay, so you're putting taking starts now. I just know you guys got this one first stands for my other van, Love. Now I'm not talking about that area was kind of love or even the Phileo love. But I'm talking about genuine leader, aka Pray, Love that love that that is patient, that it's kind that love does not envy or both. That isn't rude or self seeking. Well, the elastic isn't easily handed or trying to keep no record of wrongs And that love that never fails. Matt, come on. Now that in itself would be superhero leadership in action my disease a ghost To make this point very clear. No, She advocates that good superior leadership is no good without love. She goes on to say it is not how much we do but how much love we put into the doing. It is not how much we give but how much love we put into the giving. Now this one is my favorite, she says. Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. The second Alvear is also one of the most fundamental keys to being a superior leader, and this Alvear he's then to listen. Good leaders know that it is not just about articulating your ideas well, but also just as important. Eastern Man to Listen This is what the day means that to say, but announcing Mandela's now Steve Demings respond of the economic meetings, That was how, with ultimate data, you know, a Z Waas stepping into his presidency now this is what they say. Most of the credit for the transition in the economic thinking must go to announce a Mandela for being willing to listen and learn that the economic believes that your health for much of his life did not make sense a mark over to Vida. Did you know that people with good listening skills are said to be more productive? Bit of problems. Office better communicators, big head bowling trust, waiting to live and work with better at building relationships? No wonder the great leader Nelson Mandela made it a happy to man to listen well, so listen number fine. Good super leaders infused everything they do with love and always working on developing the listening skills. Okay. You know, just before we moved to one of my favorite leadership skills, allow me just do you mind you. Then this loss is just an introduction to the W that you, doc leading that you framework in close to weigh going to more death. Okay, so without any further ado, 8. The sparkle in your eyes: Okay, my friend. Recipe lead is the w w dot leading that you framework continues. And we're now at the lady. And I'm sure by now you know what you need to do. So your second starts now, I really do think that nothing great was achieved with enthusiasm. The free this week with a way over the mark of a truly great leader. Is that you? She is also a super do what? Come on, Fellowship here. This that's literally on this year which you do for love the one that is always looking like they lost at life. And that is always complaining. Well, the one that isn't they enthusiasm for life, you know, the one that this that literally makes you they just by simply being the company because they always ready business, cheerful demeanor and come on, who doesn't make someone that is constantly changing Your that enthusiasm is the yeast that makes you hope. Shine to the stars Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes The screen, your gate, the grip of your hand and the irresistible sense off will an energy to execute your ideas. Now remember, as leaders we are called upon to be Semo sets rather than to be someone with this. We just tells you the temperature. We are they to regulate the temperature, which better way than to infuse beat with enthusiasm. Personally, I believe that parents and teachers will get more from the Children and the students. They should adopt a more enthusiastic approach to what they to what they do. Being enthusiastic, I believe, is a win win situation. You will and the people into a leading, very weak. Some of the wings off being existing. He's that is how you to fight against planned out it make you more approachable. Activate your motivation and your oppression. It's simulate your confidence that helps you to create a better working vitamin and its signs of you charisma. So I ask you a game. If we are going to be this great super, then how can we not include enthusiasm as part of our leadership lifestyle? So listen number six great leaders on not dead people walking. You mean we are called to be thermostats rather, then being a moment is let's go 9. Talk is cheap: Okay, this is that is super yearly. I can't wait to see what you came up with for the for the damage done needed that you think would. Anyway, I decided for the A to save for them. Um, articulate with action. That's that particular with action. You see, great leaders, they are not bossy people. They boss people that I am. But what did they do? The insulin people through action. Now, if we think about our leaders, that question which is Mother's Day visa and now someone better. They didn't just preach love, peace and forgiveness. But what do they do? The action If we are going to be too superior leaders and we need to take this poem off gays to heart And the name of the poem is sermon to receive. I draw the sea a sermon. Then year one any day. I'd rather one should walk with me then merely tell me the way the eyes, a better people and more willing than the ear find counter is confusing. But examples always clear and the best off All the preachers are the men who lived the pleads for to see good put in action is what everybody needs. I soon can learn to do it. If you let me see done, I can watch your hands in action. But you're talking too fast, Miran and the letter you deliver may be very wise and true. But under all the get my lessons by observing what you do for I might must understand you and the high advice you give. But there's no most understanding how you act and how you live. When I see a deed of kindness, I'm eager to be kind. When a week your brother stumbles and the strong man stays behind, just receive he can help him. Then the wish grow strong in me to become his big and thoughtful as I know that friend to be and allow. Travelers can witness that the based off guys today is not the one who tells them, but the one who shows the way one good man teaches. Many men believe what they behold. One day of kindness noticed is worth 40 that are told. Who stands with men of honor learns to hold is on a deal for right living speaks a language which, to everyone is clear, though an able speaking charms me with his eloquence. I say I draw the sea a sermon than year one any day, So there's always keeping in mind that follow is see Photo is Do Children see? Children do So let's say if you fatherless for your Children, we're taking your actions. What would they be doing? Remember, great leaders are action. They're not just talking good door, but they walk. They talk. So listen up. Receiving these man everything become an action figure. Remained great leaders articulate with action to Let's go. 10. The road to recognition: okay. Really? Is we hopefully through or just about anything? And we are now at the little D and almost sitting. You're probably gonna get the same with you and to think seconds starts now. BC It is commonly said that a mark of a truly greatly realizing the ability to discipline themselves more than disciplining others. My favorite keep me in check leadership statement is true, Leadership begins. Not when you gain position, but when you gain control of yourself and can grow beyond the reputation of this have given you now that is, keep leadership in check to my fellow superhero leading. If you want to be a recognized is one. Then you need to start with your spirit of self discipline because, as we know that when people demonstrates great self discipline, they think toe automatically win the respect off others. So I'm sure it goes without saying that every successful leaders come to realize that discipline is key to great leadership. As not um, and jealousy. One of the most difficult things to change is not society back to yourself. So there you have it. My fellow superhero leaders Lesson number eight great leaders lend to lead themselves list . Let's go 11. The lid idea: does that door lead it that you think would continues? And we are now at the little e another e. Now I say that this e is related to one of my favorite words trance for so what could be your date. Seconds starts now fall into a you. He falls into a big you. John C. Actual says that the heart on the skill of a leader will always tremendously fake the lives of people under the direction that's introducing us to John C. Maxwell. First off leadership, which is the law off the lead and this law let dictates that the leaderships ability determined a person's level of effectiveness. So what is John match are telling us is telling us that as a leader you lead, which is your maximum ability to lead, will determine the potential off your team. So my fellow supreme unity, now that you know that you're the lid, my question you ease, What do you think will happen is those that you are leaving? If they leadership abilities starts evolving and a much faster pace than you, what do you think will happen? Yep, that's right. They will start eating against lit and once you start eating against way, no. Therefore, if you want, you need to be constantly evolving and growing your leadership ability by developing a growth mindset and openess to be determined to go explain and value that you can. So my father, street leaders missing nothing. Raise your a growth mindset and you'll be well on your way to evolve into a baiting you, which means let's go for it. Let's go. 12. A 129 lunches: can we always think we are now in the lost letter off leader, Which is and what do you think? It's Central? No, Doesn't stand for leader. Maybe it should. Anyway, you're being second starts now. Little represent resourcefulness. Yes, every super hero leader needs the baby source. Full man. I just love this image of Spider Man. He taking not really social means to be skilled at solving problems and making decisions on your own, along with being imaginative and receptive. Now there is no way that monetary is a great boat, the Missionaries of Charity, into a World wide organization without being resourceful. There's a very interesting story. Mother Theories is 100 and 29 lunches, and this is a story of how she erased $129 got 100 and 29 a line branches and got the lunches delivered simply by asking the flight of thinking. How much does this meal cost? So before we continue, I've got a quick exercise for you. This is what I want you to do. I want you to pause this listen, go to your Web browser and typing monetary XYZ 129 lunches, read the story and then Jordan. Three things that stood out for you. Okay, bores this. Listen, go to your Web browser. Typing monetary, XYZ 129 lunches. Read the story and enjoy them. Three things that stood out for you in the context off being resourceful. OK, you got it. So Prince, pause. I'm really looking forward to seeing those three points that you go after that story of monetary XYZ 129. Lunch is not just in case. You tell yourself that you are not resourceful in the least. But I'm getting remind you that being a social is a skill. They still they can be lent and a skill that can be maust it through continual practice. You know, the one question that helped me to and that won't out me to become resourceful without was being a good superhero follower or whether I was placed in a judicial position was asking the question. How can I make things better? Simple. How can I make things a bit and second Waas? What do I need the owner to make things better? What do I need to accomplish this project and then doing any thanks to make it happen. It would mean that needed to wake up alien. And there is some guys you would make that I needed to drive further than the rest of the guys with it made that I needed to do whatever it took to make it happen. That's what I would do. And what that lanced was was that the more that I got into the habit off doing this kind off off thinking, I said my ability to become resourceful became second nature. You start learning how to live image your team's talents and ideas in order to make things happen. Fellowship either leader. Being resourceful doesn't only mean thinking big or thinking differently or thinking after the box being creative. But it also means thinking on your feet. So lesson number 10 is man. Other than then, do you think on your feet and be a problem solving not a problem. Create it, got it. Be a problem solved, not a problem created. Okay, let's go 13. Desire: offensively leaders. We're now entering the final part off W family family. Don't lead it that you framework. So we're now at the little why. So it is time for you to case what the little why stands for. I'll give you a clue. It's something to do with desire, and you think seconds starts now. Y stands for Jagan, for not each. That's right, Jamie. For knowledge, you see great leaders or constantly shortening the strings and strengthening them weaknesses and therefore the actors learning this desire for constantly improving two yen for means a sealing off intense longing, desire, one hunger, fancy inclination and evenness and forever for something. I'm sure they will freeze beedies our readers. So when you're going to be leaving as a manager, a pair in a teacher, a youth, read a parcel where the present owner it's going to be imperative that you keep your head in the books, watch video clips, listen to pour cost what ever it takes to be an effective leader as the this we yet to constantly improve ourselves. It was not a Mandela that see a good here and a good heart, always a formidable combination, and the John King BC Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. So if we are going to the we're going to have to love to, then in order to lead. So my fellowship. Listen, 11 he simply stay learning to stay on track. Stay. Let me to stay on track. Okay, Lids, go. 14. The big O: Okay, friend. Sabrina, this really lie at the big O off w w w dot leading that you fingered. Now, let me remind you that in order for you to succeed as a super, you don't leave it. You need this b o. So what? He's this Big o and your ticket starts now and the big allergy presents overcoming leaders are overcome is as a leader, you're going to let toe overcome adversity. You're going to have to learn to overcome challenges. You're going to have to learn to overcome obstacles. And most of all, you're going get to lend to overcome negativity. No, the negativity from inside and the negative from outside and on top of it, you're going to have to land to overcome your fears. Some words from the business general dot com website, which highlights this idea off. Leaders having to overcome Great leaders are loaded for the successes. But paradoxically, what makes could lead is great all the time in the tribulations off failure. Very often, the lessons from confronting fear and unsafe and from experiencing frustration transform good readers into great ones. Today, leaders were endure adversity almost like real wine resilience and resolve to succeed. So come on, fellow superhero leaders, That is who we are. Overcome this? Yes, very severely. This one thing is for sure. The story, along with my leadership experience, has shown me that this really is greatness lies in being and overcome. So, yes, we are going to lead to overcome inset. We have to live to be more they overcome This finished a bit early This if we are going to lend, overcome with fears of challenges those obstacles in that adversity and all those things that comes up against us like negativity We are going to have to devalue a strong, positive mental attitude. So listen, I was 12. Developed a strong, positive mental attitude to help you overcome. Let's go. 15. Let it explode!: Whoa. We had the last later off a w w w dot leading that you framework, which is the letter you now through the bush 12 lessons. You got some idea off my train of thought to be quite CTC if you can actually get school lately, Little phrase that a for the lady you No pressure. Anyway, you know what happens now? You're think chickens starts now, your central on a leash. Your potential while improbably others to do the same as the famous quote goes to people as if they were what they ought to be and your whole thing to become what they are capable off being remember. You can be a really gifted leader, but you will never be truly successful in leadership until you discover the ins and the outs that make you who you are and 10 your potential into a powerful driving force. Our deepest fear is not adequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our life, not a darkness that frightens us. We asked ourselves when I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented Sabulis actually. Were you not to be. You are a child of God. Your playing small does not sell the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as Children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is, with us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. Actually liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates this. What a beautiful, powerful problem, especially for us as leaders, as we are called to unlock. The potential we now follow is my family should be, you know, leaders. We've come to the final lesson off W w w dot that you framework. And the lesson is not other than find ways to unmentionable nature. While unlocking the potential off, your followers find ways to unleash a potential while unlocking the potential off your followers. Let's go 16. Let's Connect: okay, my friend. Superior lead is that's in from the left Transform class. It is really being a great pleasure to step you through the w w w dot leading that you think work, I trust. And I hope that now, more than ever, you are excited to a spy to inspire before you expire. Yes, there won't be a full hour. Plus that will take you through each off the 30 lessons in greater detail. So I'm really looking forward to to seeing your your framework. So send me your your framework along with that. No, I would like to know how the course has assisted you in any way. But more than that, I would like to see you in action as a leader. So feel feet too. Two d DME or that message me to not conform us on the school. Iran's former with messages, questions or if you just want to chip, you're more than you're more than welcome anyway. So fellowship for you to leave this. Don't forget a spy it to inspire it before you expire. That's it from the lefty Transform clubs. Let's go