How To Be A Much Better Online Marketer By Doing Video Review | Adwin Ang ❾ | Skillshare

How To Be A Much Better Online Marketer By Doing Video Review

Adwin Ang ❾, ◕ ◡ ◕How To Have a Profitable Drop Shipping Biz

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9 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction How to Promote Any Digital Products Online Using Video Review

    • Tools You Already Have

    • Where To Get Products To Promote

    • How To Pick Products

    • The Setup Plan

    • Video Review Page Pre Launch

    • Before Launch

    • After Launched

    • Class Project


About This Class

As we know affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business. Many people jump into it without knowing the most important part is to presell your target audience. 

To get a high conversion for any product you are going to promote, you need to be creative and give more value than the actual product you're promoting.

As we know, currency is exchanged when the right value is deliver. You job is to find the sweet spot and offer it to this hungry audience.

What you will learn:

  • How to presell potential customer
  • How to pick digital products to promote
  • How to properly do a promotional video

This class is for anyone who is interested to make a commission promoting digital products using self made video. 





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Adwin Ang ❾

◕ ◡ ◕How To Have a Profitable Drop Shipping Biz

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My journey:

⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠Started off my career in 1998 as an IT engineer with IBM. Later on started my own blog on men's accessories and became an online retailer since 2006.

Fast forward, I have published a book on Amazon "App Flipping: Amazing App Flipping Tactics that Work." And started my own company Appnews Network in 2013.

Online teaching was what I d...

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