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35 Videos (3h 11m)
    • Why Take This Class

    • Your Burning Questions About The Copywriter's Brain, Answered

    • What Makes The Copywriter's Brain So Unique?

    • The Spark: A Visual Map Of The Art Of Copywriting

    • The Spark: Why It Matters

    • The Library: 100's Of The Best Copywriting Strategies Know To Man

    • The Library: Why It Matters

    • The Library Overview: An Exploration Into The Best Copywriting Ideas

    • The Library: Doing Research, Knowing Your Prospect

    • The Library: Involving Your Client, Knowing Your Purpose

    • The Library: Developing Your USP, Preparing

    • The Library: Emotion, 1 BIG Idea, AIDI, WIIFM, Honesty, Choosing Your Words

    • The Library: Stories, Connecting W/Reader, Timeliness, Being Secific, Benefits

    • The Library: Sentences, Free Line, Mistakes, Repetition, Metaphors, Resistance

    • The Library: Objections, Showing, Questions, Length, Active Voice, Simplicity

    • The Library: Headlines, Opening/Lead, Subheadlines, Bullets, Johnson Boxes

    • The Library: General Style, Graphics/Images, Proof, Bonuses, Guarantee

    • The Library: Call To Action, Signature, P.S., Contact/Support, Disclaimers

    • The Library: Media (Audio/Video)

    • The Library: SEO

    • The Library: Personal Review, Client Review, Testing

    • The Library: Google, YouTube

    • The Library: Marketing

    • The Library: Improving Your Skills

    • The Library: Getting Clients

    • The Teacher: A Unique Way Of Mastering The Art Of Copywriting

    • The Teacher: Why It Matters

    • Doing An Initial Review Of The Entire Copywriter's Brain

    • Review Strategy #1: Do A Quick Review Of The Spark

    • Review Strategy #2: Go Around The Spark

    • Review Strategy #3: Go Deep Within The Spark

    • Review Strategy #4: Read And Express A Library Section Out Loud

    • Review Strategy #5: Be A Teacher

    • Ideas For When To Do A Review

    • Thank You!


About This Class

The Best Copywriting Strategies Known To Man,  Plus 1 Powerful System For Putting Them Into Action!

I'm Going To Teach You To BE A Crazy Good Copywriter

As a copywriter, I'm pretty sure I understand these two things about you as you review this course:

  • Your time is limited
  • You want me to get right to the point in this course description

With that in mind, let me use some simple bullet points to tell you exactly what I'm going to do to teach you to BE a great copywriter.

I'm going to:

  • Dig into 54 unique elements of copywriting
  • Keep things simple and concise
  • Show you how to use and act on ideas, not just learn them
  • Stimulate your brain during the learning process using color and graphics
  • Give you only the best ideas and strategies I know - I've removed any fluff
  • Be excited to teach you this valuable and versatile skill
  • Teach you a simple system for mastering the art of copywriting
  • Give you a professionally designed 100-page guide for you to reference
  • Give you a professionally designed course review tool that I call The Spark (you're going to love this!)


Q: What makes The Copywriter's Brain unique from other copywriting courses?

A: There are several elements to this course that make it very unique and different than most copywriting courses, but the core difference is that it's learning system. Instead of simply teaching you a laundry list of ideas and strategies related to copywriting, The Copywriter's Brain uses visuals, simplicity, and a concept I call expression, in order to help you develop the mind of a copywriter. You learn the elements of the art of copywriting, see how they work, understand how they all fit together, and you drill them deep into your brain using some simple but powerful techniques that I'll teach you.

Q: Will I find value in this course, even if I don't want copywriting to be my profession?

A: Absolutely! Your ability to use words to excite, influence, and motivate others is a valuable skill that you can use in virtually any area of your life where your words have a huge impact on your results. Understanding how to harness the power of words (which I will teach you to do) will improve your ability to:

  • Promote and sell anything - including yourself
  • Drive loads of traffic to your blog
  • Be a more effective and memorable teacher
  • Create awesome videos for your product or service
  • Give unforgettable presentations
  • Communicate better with others

Get Your Brain Transplant Today!

If you're ready to go beyond just learning about copywriting, but you want to think and write like a world-class copywriter, then join us today!

Be amazing!






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Derek Franklin

Teaches Crazy Good Courses You Will Love!

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Derek Franklin is an instructor obsessed with not only teaching others great ideas, but also showing them how to put those great ideas into action!

He's also focused on making the entire learning process visual, simple, and fun - something that will be clear to you as you progress through his courses...

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