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How To Backup, Clone, Transfer And Restore Your Wordpress Website Manually

Jayadeep Rath, Digital Marketer | Google Adwords Certified

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11 Videos (45m)
    • Introduction

    • What And Why Of Cloning ?

    • Step 1: Download The Files

    • Step 2: Export The Database

    • Step 3: Upload The Files

    • Step 4: Create A New Database

    • Step 5: Edit The Config File

    • Step 6: Edit The Database File

    • Step 7: Import The Database

    • Step 8: Final Customizations

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to backup, clone, transfer and restore your wordpress website manually in a 45 minute learning path in 8 clearly laid down steps. You will watch me over my shoulders as I take you by the hand through an actual walk-through of the process - step by step with live examples of a source website and a destination website.

Here is the class outline with the learning path with 8 short steps culminating with the expected outcome.


What And Why Of Cloning ?

Step 1: Download The Files

Step 2: Export The Database

Step 3: Upload The Files

Step 4: Create A New Database

Step 5: Edit The Config File

Step 6: Edit The Database File

Step 7: Import The Database

Step 8: Final Customizations

Final Thoughts

This class is for beginners who have taken my earlier class or intermediate users who know how to create a wordpress website.

If you have not watched my earlier class on how to create a wordpress website, you may enroll here :

If you combine both the classes, the power of wordpress from website creation to website cloning will be in your hands and you will be ready to make a splash in the world wide web.

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. ~ Herbert Spencer





Jayadeep Rath

Digital Marketer | Google Adwords Certified

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I have been a digital marketing practitioner for the past 14 years and a google adwords certified professional. I have worked across verticals in agency as well as in-house environments across multiple functions of digital marketing and hold 6 certifications including Google Adwords Search, Google Adwords Display, Google Analytics, Adwords Mobile, Adwords Shopping and Adwords Video.

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