How To Backup And Restore Your Website In 10 Minutes - No Technical Skills Required | David Cheng | Skillshare

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How To Backup And Restore Your Website In 10 Minutes - No Technical Skills Required

teacher avatar David Cheng, Proven success in coaching,mentoring & motivation

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating Your Backup In Wordpress

    • 3. Creating Your Database

    • 4. Restoring Your Website

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to backup and restore your website easily with the use of a WORDPRESS plug in. This backup technique is also very useful if you want to migrate the contents of one website to another.

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David Cheng

Proven success in coaching,mentoring & motivation


I am a coach, mentor and motivator that is committed to share with my students the knowledge and skills to implement cutting-edge solutions for success in the online world. My courses are tailored to help students gain an added advantage through simple and straightforward instructions. I hope that you will find my courses helpful for your success.

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Dave Itching and welcome to my class. Before you take this class, I want to ask you a question. Have you ever been in a situation where you wake up one morning? Discovered that some of the websites is inaccessible when you check photo you were shocked that somehow your website has crashed during the night in panic. You quickly contacted your hosting provider and it's a pope that you do not have a backup copy of your website to enter your frustrations. You also do not have a backup copy of the website too Well, the situation is all too familiar with many websites owners who do not take any action to backup their websites. Julie hits them. So today this class, you will learn how to back up and restore your website easily with the use off. What press for? In coal backup, buddy, this backup technique is also very useful. If you want to migrate contents off one web site to another, the process is to see, for example, if your soul your website to somebody else, you may want to My great contents to the are hosting is provided. This process works as well. Okay, so without further ado, let's start 2. Creating Your Backup In Wordpress: Hi. Welcome back. Ah, okay. Lets go into any website of yours that you want to back up. In this case, I'm going to go into mine. Okay? This'll wordpress website really lock in. Okay, So you're gonna install the backup body blocking right in this case, I already have that, uh, downloaded onto my PC. I'm gonna choose follow from my PC. Okay. Back up, buddy. Skin. See here. Click on it. I'm gonna click Install. Okay. Just to let you know that you can by Rebecca, Buddy Ah from its website. I themes not come. And, you know, it's just actually really with it because it would give you the peace of mind so that, you know, any time that your website crash or you want to migrate your website to another hosting civil, you can do it in a couple of minutes. All right, so now the blocking stalling. Okay. After its installed X activated blocking. Okay. So he can see Becca bodies here on the left hand side panel. Okay, So you want to create your foot back up before I proceed? I want toe that you know that you'll be asked to keep a password before you do any bad couple, right? Since I've already installed this much earlier. All right, so I have You didn't ask me for it. So now you're gonna press on the complete back up button. All right, So now it's now downloading everything, and it's backing up automatically for you since the website's very small faster, pretty. The false are very small. You can actually, uh, do just a database pick up as well if you want. But in this case, I'm gonna do a full backup, including all the website files, databases, WordPress themes and everything. All right, 100% off the work site. Back it up. Okay, lets wait for it to to complete backing up. Ok, Do know that if your websites rather lunch is gonna take probably about 10 15 minutes to back up. Okay, so now you have this backup fall. All right? You can. I just tended to an offsite, that destination, like Dropbox or anything, but in this case, we're going to download it into our local server. All right, so as you can see on the left hand side, bottom panel, the website is deluding now falls. It's, uh, close the 14 megabytes, which is very small. OK, do remember that sometimes, you know, when you back up, especially for last files or last websites in me hang or me stall. So what you do is that you're going toe click, cancel and then, uh, redo the whole thing again. This is inevitable sometimes because of the foul, you know, structure. All right, so you see, I have already back it up and save it in tow. My, uh, PC here. Right. Remember the location off your backup fall. Okay, so that's voted. That's the first portion off how you're gonna back up your files using backup, buddy. 3. Creating Your Database: Okay. Welcome back. If it's part of video, you learn how to back up your falls right now, we teach you how to restore them. And then, first of all, you're gonna make a Ah, the lobby's right. So you're gonna go to your hosting and look into your hosting in order to create a database . All right, so now you're in your hosting. Okay? We're gonna do is we're gonna go down to database, and you can see the second option there. My SQL databases click on the All right, You come here and then give your database and name. All right, so this game is gonna call it coffee. Created it obvious. Okay, It's created. You go back, you're gonna get another user. All right? Come right down there and click coffee again And putting apostle it. Remember, you're possible. Always remember your passport. Ready alone somewhere. Keep it safe. All right. Creed issues a create the user. Okay. All right. You're successfully created a my SQL. Use the name coffee. All right. Go back so good at this user for the date. Obvious coffee that you just created. Okay, that users did obviously school right down there you gonna look it? Coffee did obvious as well as the user data and user name. Okay. Sorry. The use of force and energy. Darby said you edit in this case, you give all privileges to this user. They did lock our lock tables. Everything you can do. So it make changes. All right. You're successful. All right. You have already given privileges on the database. Coffee to coffee. All right. So I'm going to see you in the next video and teach you more help to restore your website. 4. Restoring Your Website: Welcome back in this video. Teach you how you can back up your backside. Sorry. How you can restore your website toe a new website photo a new hosting. Right. So you gonna, first of all, don't know the program called Fell Zillah, which is a hefty piece. Clients ever. All right, after downloading it, Okay, you're going to, ah, set up your hosting, you know, here. So in this case, minus stable host, click on it. You know, you're gonna put in your C panel user name and your password here. You need Maura information about how to set up for Zillah. You can always searching on the Internet and, you know, see the tutorial on how to set up for All right, So what? We are in a facility right now, and I was just looking into my remote site. This is my remote. On the right hand panel is my remote site. Wishes my hosting, so I'm going toe. Copy. What? I will get back up just now in the back from backup body, the falls into a new website. All right. I made a sub domain call. Coffee dot coffee brewed dot com. Okay, so this is the This is the domain name. And this is the all right on the left panel is your local PC. I'm gonna locate where I kept my become body falls. Just know. Okay, I've kept you this. And other followers included inside the backup body. When you download, it is called import body. Okay, these two fouls are very important, but these are the only two fouls that you need. All right, So you're gonna uploaded to your remote hosting If you don't mean the right hand panel, is your remote hosting, uh, remote domain hosting? So I'm gonna drag it over on the right hand side, and we read a book. So if you need any, you know, to Toro's on how to set up for Zillah, which is very easy. You can always search it online and, uh, you know, install Fossella easily. I'm going with positive. You know, both the falls are at the right hand panel, which is already at your hosting right off your domain. All right, so you go to import body, we import body here. Hope story on the right hand side. Good input body right? Click and copy The u R l Okay. To the clipboard. Open number. No pet. Copy the whole you're out onto it. All right. And remove all the FTP and everything else in front except your domain name. Putting the GDP. Colon slash. Slash. All right. Okay. Copy the holding. Whole domain name again. The whole you are else or did not do mean who you are. L and go to any web, Rosa. Okay. And peace, the holdings. Once you've feasted it, you would take it to this panel. All right. And here's all the on screen instructions on how you can actually transfer or restore Bangor whips like Okay, So you remember the password I ask you that I told you about in the beginning? When you do Ah, back up for the first time. You ask you for a possible that he key that in. You must remember it and keep it somewhere safe earlier. All right. Authentic it. Okay, so you come to the second panel and you can see everything is inside, and you want to press the button, restore backup. Okay, so now it's restoring. Like I say, if you're falls are big, you will take probably a good 10 15 minutes. But if you're falls a small problem distinct. You're a couple of minutes. So remember the date obvious that you created this novelty. You should keep the information somewhere safe and because he will take you to step tree. Right. So step tree is for you to put in your database name. You're gonna transfer everything into your new database. So for local horse, you copy back and put us local horse and did this name okay, remember the database name earlier than you created. Okay. Mine. Waas Let's go back and check it. Okay. Waas a set Cal on this cold coffee. All right. Okay, okay. Go back here and key in the database. Name set. Coffee. Okay. Remember your database user using him. Okay, It's the same thing. A set sail on the score. Coffee. So putting the same thing again. Oops. Kill. Feel good to kill. Also something asset. Cal on the school coffee. Right. And now these people password that you created earlier. Ok, mine is this and I did a base prefix. You could put anything you like. Nobody's going to do this copy of peace. Okay, Click. Next step after you. Donald right now. Step voice. Restoring your data bees. It's pretty fuss. An easy step by step. Very clear. So everything has been transferred to the new site Themes. Black INS commands everything. Every single one of the falls database Restore successful. Okay, as you can see, that your or you are is my O yours. Coffee brewed dot com and my new U R L, which has just transferred to the new website is coffee, not coffee. Brutal. Com. This is a supplement. I discreet it for this class. Okay, it's gonna see. So you click next step. Okay. Say's OK. So you must verify that your important site function and before prison. Okay, just click on it and see whether everything is being restored correctly and ending its missing. So you just click on it. Okay? You can see the same website, which is coffee brewed now has been transferred to sorry. Copied over to coffee. That coffee brewed not come. So I'm doing comparison right now. This is coffee brute. Okay, let's see. Let's copy this one. Coffee brewed coffee brewed? Yeah. And the sub domain coffee. Their coffee brewed. You can compare these two identical right. So is successful. So in order to finish the set up and everything, you're gonna finish cleanup because it's going to delete everything back up files and everything. So click finish cleanup. Okay, that's it. So you have successfully copied the whole website coffee brewed in to another website. Call coffee dot coffee brewed dot com. Okay, so that's about it, Fossen. Easy. Pick up. Oh, for your website. 5. Conclusion: Okay. We have just completed our class on how to back up your Wordpress website as well as how to migrate or restore it to a new hosting or a new domain, you know, or anything that you want to do it. Or just for the purpose of backing up in case of any emergency or in case your website is down. You know NATO on. You want to back it up quickly without any, I don't think. Okay, so let's recap on what we have learned earlier in this class. Okay? First, before you go to buy and download the backup body parking, which I can assure you is really worth the price, Uh, that you can give you for peace of mind. Okay, that's the step one. Step two, you're gonna install the backup buddy on your WordPress website and activated. And the third step is to back up the current copy of your website immediately or schedule a regular website back up. You can actually do immediate back up if you want toe for a purpose off. Probably restoring it immediately to another domain on the web site or it's just sold oversight. And you want to transfer it to your clients hosting. Right. But in any case you wanted Louis, can you back up? You can do that. It's like the backup body packing itself. You can scale your time, the time or even the frequency off. How on rent. You want to do this backup? Okay, so it's entirely up to use very flexible display we're getting before. If you need to migrate, the backup intends to a new website. Or if you want to rest all your website that has crashed, you need to create a new DW on your hosting. All right, This has been taught earlier in a class on how to created leader Be smartest papers. Okay, Uh, in step five, let's see instead, five installed Brasilia on I upload the backup copier and the foul input body PHP into your new website. All right. Aside mentioned in the class earlier, you can actually look out for the FA zilla installation tutorial on Internet. It is very easy. It's free fossilized free. Just download it and learn how toe set up the your hosting, uh, locking into the Wasilla. And after that, you can just upload the backup copy and the fall in population import body, no PHP into the new website. All right. As shown in the class earlier steps six. Restore your new website by using the import body PHP file and following the on screen instructions, which was thought earlier in a class K 97 steps seven. The website Restoration or migration. You successful? All right. So, uh, you know that gives you, ah, peace of mind wherever you you know, whenever you want to do a backup or if your website crash any time, you can just do a backup. Sorry. A restoration off your website almost immediately using the steps above. Okay, s. So I hope that you have enjoyed the class and you can follow the instructions Clearly s so that you can start, you know, taking the necessary steps to secure your website. All right. Thank you and hope to see you in my next class.