How To Avoid Fraud On eBay As A Seller | Adwin Ang ❾ | Skillshare
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2 Videos (13m)
    • Introduction To How to Avoid Fraud on eBay

    • How To Avoid Fraud on eBay As a Seller


About This Class

It's extremely important for new eBay sellers to be aware of the danger and scammer out there. Most new sellers are potential target for scammer.

Learn to protect your business from fraud buyer.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to spot a scammer
  • How to avoid getting fraud on eBay
  • As a seller, what should you do?

This class is for anyone interested to become a eBay seller or drop shipper. Learn how to spot, avoid and protect yourself when building your online business.





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Adwin Ang ❾

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My journey:

⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠Started off my career in 1998 as an IT engineer with IBM. Later on started my own blog on men's accessories and became an online retailer since 2006.

Fast forward, I have published a book on Amazon "App Flipping: Amazing App Flipping Tactics that Work." And started my own company Appnews Network in 2013.

Online teaching was what I d...

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