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How To Analyze Your Market With Facebook Audience Insights

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome to our training!

    • 2. Meet & Greet

    • 3. Self-Reported Facebook Data vs. Third-Party Data

    • 4. Three Audiences You Can Analyze

    • 5. Types Of Audience Data

    • 6. How To Access Facebook Audience Insights

    • 7. Basics Of Facebook Audience Insights

    • 8. How To Research Your Market

    • 9. How To Analyze Your Fans And Custom Audiences

    • 10. 6 Ways To Make Sense Of Data

    • 11. Hack #1 - One Trick To Find Sharable Content

    • 12. Hack #2 - How To Find Paying Customers

    • 13. Hack #3 - How To Determine The Income Level Of Your Audience

    • 14. Hack #4 - Developing A Strong Social Media Strategy With Audience Insights

    • 15. Hack #5 - Getting Ready For Mobile Campaigns

    • 16. Hack #6 - Determine Your Bidding Model Easily

    • 17. Congratualations!

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About This Class

This course will reveal to you the power of a little known tool: Facebook Audience Insights.

You’ll learn how to use a 100% free tool that provides a large amount of behavioral and demographic data about a highly segmented audience of your choice.

It was created to enable advertisers to target their ads more effectively, but you can also use this tool to learn about your audience, even if you are not advertising to them. 

By the time you complete the course, you’ll be able to run profitable paid traffic campaigns, reach out to the right people and generate more revenue almost instantly!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Welcome to our training!: Hey there, Patrick. You're and I like to welcome you on behalf of my partner center Kiss to our brand new training called Facebook Audience Insides Mastery. And this training will discover a 100% free tool that provides a large amount of behavioral and demographic data about your audience. How cool is that? So Facebook created it to enable advertisers to target their ads more effectively. But you can also use it to learn more about your audience, even if you're not advertising to them. So with Facebook ideas inside, you can do things like age in every market research. You can learn more about your fans, your website, visitors, email subscribers and hey, even your customers. So you can learn about their age, their gender, the location, interest purchase behaviour, their income level, even their relationship status, their education level and much, much more. It's really just a fantastic tool that will take your marketing to the next level. You really have to work with it. So by the time you complete this class, you'll be able to run more profitable P traffic campaigns. You'll reach out to the right people, your Kraft batter constant and generate more revenue almost instantly. If that's something that you want enjoying this class, I'll see you on the other side. 2. Meet & Greet: Hey guys, Patrick here, and I'd like to welcome you on behalf of my partners Andrew Kiss to our brand new training , the so called Facebook audience Insights mastery. So Facebook audience insights is one of the most powerful analytical tools at your disposal , if you know how to use it. It's a 100% free tool that provides a large amount of behavioral and demographic data for a highly segmented audience of your choice. And hey, it's really free. It's 100% free. How cool is that? So this tool was created to enable advertisers to target their ads more effectively. But you can also use this tool to learn more about your audience, even if you're not advertising to them. So audience insights can help you to build stronger buyer personas, create more compelling content batter content and take your marketing to the next level. In this training will cover the basics of audience insights and also some advanced strategies that you can deploy instantly. It will help you to learn more about who your customers are, he website. Visitors have fans and email subscribers, and if you run paid traffic campaigns and it's probably the best tool to reach out to the right people and not wasting a single dollar a single cent on advertising by reaching out to Facebook users who are not relevant to your business, right? And hey, besides said, I'll show you how to analyze day than how to improve your marketing based on the audience inside you get. That's what I have to offer. That's what you will discover in this training. So hey, I'll see you in the next video. 3. Self-Reported Facebook Data vs. Third-Party Data: s we figured out before Facebook. Audience insights is an analytical tool to learn more about specific groups of people like your friends, your current customers, website, visitors or the people in your market. But here's the big question. Where does that data come from? Well, the day that comes from two main sources. The first main source is self reported Facebook data. This is the information given by Facebook users when the filling their profile information including their location, their gender age, relationship, status, job, title page, just alike and much more. Okay. And the second part of the data comes from third Party Data partners thes partners, our so called data mining companies who have only one purpose and that is gathering, segmenting and structuring as much information as they can. These companies provide data such as household income, purchasing behavior, home value and much more. And the great thing is that it's really easy to access this information for us, and then the next training modules, you will discover how to do it 4. Three Audiences You Can Analyze: The next question is, Which audiences can you analyze in total? There three different audiences. The first option is to analyze everyone on Facebook. This gives you an overview of specific groups of people who are active on Facebook. It's a great option if you want to do a generic market analysis, because you can take a look at the audiences of your competitors or the people who are interested in a certain topic. It's really insane how detail inaccurate results you can get with just a few clicks. We'll take a look at that audience later. The second option is people connected to your page. Select this feature If you want to understand your existing audience better if you have a fan page in place. Eight. That's great. Use this feature then the last battle needs. You can select a custom audience if you are already using Facebook. Custom audiences, which put you absolutely should. Then you can select an existing audience here. It's a powerful tool to analyze your website visitors. An email list, phone numbers, Facebook user, ID's or APP users so you can just analyze your internal data. The data that you have from your customers if you have a lot of customer Dina than this is a fantastic feature of death and able to you to understand the demographics and the behavior of people you already know batter through this training bro. Focusing old three options Don't worry about that, but as you can see, there's lots of stuff you can do with Facebook audience insights. And that's why I love this tool so much. 5. Types Of Audience Data: before I show you how to use Facebook audience insights. I just want to give you a brief overview of what you can learn about your target audience by using this terrific tool so you can learn about the location of your target audience, their age and gender. Their lives stun their relationship status, their education level job title, the pages they like, the languages they speak. Their activity on Facebook, the devices they used to access Facebook than their household income. Home ownership, household size, home market values, spending methods, the retail spending, online purchases, purchase behaviour and Ethan, the type of car that they drive. How awesome is that? So that's a lot of valuable data. And in the next, with you will take a look at how to access this information and which audiences he should analyze. Using audience insights 6. How To Access Facebook Audience Insights: This will be a pretty short video, and it has only one purpose, and that is showing you how you can access Facebook. Audience insights also created a brand new Facebook account because I didn't want to confuse you with, like, no account of thousands of campaigns and stuff that would just confuse you. So I wanted to keep things simple in the case. Who didn't advertise on Facebook It This is how things will look like. Okay, so logging into her Facebook ads account, then click on this little arrow of a here. Can you see that? Just click here, then you want to select manage ads from the drop down. Then you will get automatically redirected to your Facebook ATS manager. That's a place where you typically set up ads and then you want to click on tools here. Can you see that? Just click here and select audience insights from the drop down. Well, that's the way to get started with Facebook. Audience insights 7. Basics Of Facebook Audience Insights: Okay, great. In this video, I want to walk you through the very basic and core function off Facebook audience insights . So let's get started. Do your Remember. We talked about the three different categories here that we can analyze everyone on Facebook, people connected to your page and the custom audience. Right? Well, to get started, we'll select everyone on Facebook. Don't worry, we'll talk about these two options later, but I don't want to confuse you right at the beginning, right? Let's keep things simple. Let's slow down a little bit. So let's get started by clicking on this. Tap your everyone on Facebook. Well, welcome to Facebook. Audience insights. We want to remove the United States for a second from this. Tap your so as you can see tons of data, right? Maybe it's a little bit confusing for you at the beginning, but it's actually pretty simple. So first of all, let's take a look at what data you have access to. First of all, you have access to the age and gender off a certain audience of a specific group of people , right? So you can see the gender distribution in this case, 44%. Our our female, 56% are male, and you can also see the age off your target audience. Then, if you scroll down a little bit, you can see the lifestyle well. There's something a typically, never take a look at that. Still, you have some lifestyle information, right? Then. Pretty interesting. Real relationship status. You see, if there are single in a relationship, engaged or married, you have access to the educational level. So you see whether people are in high school, college or grad school. Then you have information about the job title. So if you click here, you can sort the data. So you see the majority of the audiences and management. Then we've got sales and other types of jobs. Pretty, pretty interesting, right Then, if we click at Page likes, we see the top categories in a specific industry, right? So you're different categories and some pages that these people like here. We've got top wines, humans of New York, best lines and the website category, Target and the retail and consumer merchandise, and so on then also pretty cool pages. A target audience likes eso thes. All the pages are broken down here, you can click on Seymour to even have access to more relevant pages. So there's really great, because you can really dive deep into the core demographics and style graphics off your target audience. You can really see what do they like? What do they talk about? Whether they interested in and this is such a valuable section, you can get the they here for, you know, for the targeting off your ads and also for crafting content. I can just understand that your target audience band that there there's one of my favorites . Actions. In fact, then location. You can see if you click on tap countries. And again if we sort this one here. Yeah, we see where our target audience lives, right? We've got, like, access to all the countries than we can even click a top cities and while sorted by the biggest cities, Bangkok, etcetera. So there's also pretty interesting here if you want to get super laser targeted. If you just want to analyze the you know, the core demographics off your target audience within the country are within the specific region. Then we have the activity. We see how active these people are on Facebook, then also the devices that they use. And while here's something that's only available for people in the United States, right, that's household and purchase. Um, we have to enter the United States here to get access to that data, we take a look at the household income. Well, you can't even see how much those people earn is pretty pretty crazy. So we have the entire income distribution. We'll talk about that leader, how we can use that data. Teoh. Define your business a little bit more right. We have information about home ownership, household size, the number of adults and Children who live in the single US home and the homework and value off your target audience. We have information about spending methods, right? How do they pay any card, Bank heart, ex cetera. This is also pretty pretty interesting, right? And then last but not least, purchase behaviour. We have the retail spending online purchases. This is really valuable information. If you're running an e commerce shop, right, if you have an online store. If you want to find out more about your target, the onions in terms of how they pay for products how the purchase product. We've got the purchase behaviour so information about purchase activity and then even information about the cars that they drive right? So it's pretty crazy. These are the core demographics that you have access to. So we have the demographic information pages they like location activity and for people in the United States, household income and purchase behaviour. 8. How To Research Your Market: Now that you understood how Facebook audience insights is structured, I'll show you how to take a look at the first audience that we discussed everyone on Facebook. So if you want to do a generic market research, then here's what you should do. First of all, try to identify the biggest competitors in your market, then pick the biggest competitors, any company, any business that is doing something similar than what you were trying to do. I can't so grab that competitors, er, to be a very basic research, I don't know, maybe know that competitors other otherwise, look out for him and Google or ask in some relevant groups who the biggest company is the best company in your in your market ISS. Then grab the capacitor and an dream in the interests action. So let's see and want to build up a social media marketing block, right? And I know that social media examiner is the biggest competitors and the social media marketing space. Well, I want to take a look at the audience of social media examiner. Who are these people who are interested in social media marketing? Well, let's see the following social media examiner perfect. Now, the data that I'm getting and we wanna keep this year blanks who don't want to enter any country here at the very beginning. So always make sure to remove the default option, which is the United States. Well, now I have very basic picture about the Facebook users who are interest in social media. Examiner. Right? We have information about their age, gender relationship, status, education, 11. Everything we discussed in the previous video, right? We know about the pages that these people like, right? So this is just fantastic location. Let's take a look at the top countries We know that hate the people interested in social media, marketing lift and the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Brazil and so on. And we have also information about the general activity on Facebook. Right? How cool is that? So this is a very basic research you should do in the first step. Now it's time to take the next step. You want to niche down and get more specific, and to get more specific is to take a look at a very specific market, a very specific country. Now, if you know that you want to reach out to the people in the United States anyways, Um, and if you know that that to target onions, then well, I would just I would just grab that one here. If it's a different country, then go for that, OK, But you want a niche down. In any case, you want to take a look at the very particular country, a market that you want to reach out you. So if I want to reach customers in the United States than I'll go ahead and specified here . So let's enter the United States and boom. It only takes like a second. And now I have information about all of Facebook users interested and sold for me, the Examiner and about all of them who live in the United States. Now I got way more specific. You can see the results that I'm getting are a little bit different because I'm also getting more information like the household size and household income and purchase behaviour, for example, I see while these folks have lots of cash, right, that you seem to be pretty rich. So this is the next step that you should always take, and the third and final step is, and that's a step that most people skip. But you want to focus on the most valuable part off each and every audience, each and every market. And don't forget about that. The most valuable segment off the audience are the ones who are typically older than 30 years. Why? Because they have money to spend. Typically, they have a job. Okay, they have some consistent income. However, if you would turn the ones who are between 18 and 24 years well, probably there in college or, you know, they just started to to work. They don't have so much money to spend, depending on what you try to sell, of course. But if you tried to sell some higher ticket items, you always want to niche down and get a little bit more specific. So in this case, if I know, I will sells them more expensive stuff of the end of the day. You you've got to know your product portfolio. Okay, You must know what you want to accomplish with your business. So if there are any items that their arm or expense if you have to reach to the people who have money to spend. You have money, a disposal, then you want to get a little bit more laser targeted here. So let's say I want to look for I want to analyze the audience that that is at least 30 years old. That's this third step you want to take. And then I would take notes on that target audience Bright. So I know. Okay, if I'm creating ads that are the key metrics, I have to take a look at this is the day they have to enter like that's the each that's ever gender. They live in New York. These are the pages that be like, OK, so this gives the aton of information. If you get one to get even more specific, you could say, Okay, screw the man. I just want to reach out to women than you just click in that tap. And, well, you have just information about the women inside that market. Okay? So, again, I don't care what your business is all about. If you're selling Doc food or if you're you know, if you have a dating service, I don't care what you do, how we want to earn money. But what? You should do it each and every time is researching your biggest competitors than entered that competitor here. First of all, you want to take a look at the market in general, so get a bigger picture off of that market. Then you want to select one country, and then you should Mitch down a little bit more. Specify the age end of necessary the gender. Okay, so this is how you do a very generic market research in how we extract valuable later. Hey, you can really get access to tons of cool and valuable information, right? If we take a look at the top cities here, you know exactly where those people have. 10% of them live in New York. So if you're if you're at budget is very limited and you want to run and say I just would breach of the people in New York, probably because I know for any reason they're they're particularly interested in social media marketing. Okay, so this is how to do the very basic market research, and this is how to discover more information about the first audience that you can analyze . And that's basically everyone on Facebook 9. How To Analyze Your Fans And Custom Audiences: the other two types of audiences that you can analyze are your fans and custom audiences. So if you want to analyze your fan page, just go through this action and selected here, okay? And if you want to analyze the custom audience, meaning your website visitors or your email subscribers or your buyers than just like the custom audience from this section here. Now, unfortunately, I cannot select a page or a custom audience, because what my clients and business partners would could pretty mad at me if I would show business ventures and also the data behind some of our biggest clients that Virgin A. Really cannot do that. But the steps are really the same. So you want to go here, you want to select a fan page, your fan page or a custom audience, and then you will get a general impression off your audience. Okay, off your existing audience. So if you would enter your fan page here first of all, just seriously go through the very same steps that you've gone through it in the previous lesson, Okay, so first of all, you want to get the very general idea of who your audience is. So you want to go through these action, then you want to niche down a little bit and take a look at your audience inside a very specific country or a region, or maybe even city, depending how specific you want to get. But the bare minimum is to enter a country here. If you're operating in multiple market segments, and then you want to niche down even further and then specify the age and the gender and take a look at your most valuable customer segments. So when the learn more about them, so Facebook audience insights is really, really powerful tool to analyze your custom audience and your fans. It's really important that you gap to know your existing fans better your existing audience better your website. Visitors here email subscribers your buyers. This will help you to craft better content to craft better products, and you will also benefit from this research because he will just have more data to create better ATS. So go ahead and take a look at your internal in data and learn more about your existing audience 10. 6 Ways To Make Sense Of Data: great. At this point, you have discovered how to use Facebook audience insights to learn more about your target audience, take action and start working with this terrific tool. And in the falling videos, I want to show you a few cool tricks to extract valuable data from your research so you can take your marketing to the next level virtually instantly. I don't see you in the next lesson. 11. Hack #1 - One Trick To Find Sharable Content: Let me ask you something. Have you ever struggled to find great and relevant content for your block or for you fan page? I'm sure you did. At least 95% of all content marketers, old business at businesses out there, struggled to find great, relevant and compelling content that they can share with their target audience. Okay, with their offense with their followers. So here's another great thing you can do with Facebook onions, insides. That will help you solving that big issue. You can check out which pages your fans like, Right. You can take a look at that section here and you'll see hate my fans like, for example, social media examiner, social media today. Amy Porterfield, Matchable Digital marketer Mary Smith and Salon. Okay, so you can take a look at these pages here, and this will help you crafting better content. Versatile, you will understand better. What type of condoms performs Well, Maybe it's videos. Maybe they like long from articles. Better. Maybe it's just sharing pictures or some inspirational quotes, and then you can also analyze which subjects your competitors cover. Okay, so I know it's really hard to come up with continent years. But this is just a great way because don't forget about that. Your competitors are the best case study that that you have. So just take a look at your audience and then just trying to find out using this action, what pages they like, which fan pages which interests are relevant to them. And then just check of these pages, spend a couple of minutes making me ask a couple of hours. Um, browsing through these pages, take a look at what gets lots of engagement. What gets like tons of shares, tons of Commons, tons of likes, then trying to find out which topics perform well, how they've been written, right. So what's the tone of behind these topics behind these block articles? Are they are they rather a formal or more conversational? Right? So seriously used the section here to find out more about your audience. And then you can even check out three audience of your competitors so you can just drop a big capacitor in here and take a look at which pages are relevant to the audience of that particular competitors and do the very same thing. OK, so this is just a great exercise to come up with tons of great continent years. So you can be actually be actually be sure that if you craft content that already works well, another pages that's a little bit similar toe what your competitors already did in the past . Then he can be really sure that that type of content will also do well on your page. Okay. And plus, you can also increase the engagement of your followers and create affinity by sharing content from those pages. So if you identify some hot piece of content that pretty well that got that got lots of engagement and just share that content, OK, so use Facebook audience insights to get tons of great content ID years. I absolutely love this approach is pretty simple, but it works, so go ahead and try it out. 12. Hack #2 - How To Find Paying Customers: Facebook audience insights will also provide data about were to fight new followers and new customer. So if you want to generate more website visitors, more buyers, more email subscribers than this is a great strategy that you can deploy. Insert instantly. So here's how to do it. You want to enter one or two of your biggest competitors and the section here, right? And then you want that click on location, so this will show you where your target audience lifts, right? So if we select the audience by science, we see that 95% of the Facebook users who were interested in social media examiner live in the United States, 8% in Canada, 8% in the UK, 4% in India and so on. So if you want to expand your business and if you want to reach new markets but have absolutely no clue where your your audience lives, okay, what their location is, then just seriously select your biggest competitors. Enter that competitors in the interests action and then check out the locations tap. It's a great strategy. So if you were operating in the United States, for example, you'll see hate the second largest market is Canada for Social Media marketing and then United Kingdom's who could try expanding through these markets. If you say you want to remain within your country, okay with with in your main market, then here's what you could do as seemed. You're operating your running your business in the United States that you could specify the location in this section here, right? So just enter the United States and then you want to select top cities. And here we go. We see that 10% of the Facebook users interested in social media examiner lift in the New York 9% in Los Angeles, 5% in Chicago. Ansel on. So if you don't want to expand in terms of reaching out to new countries, okay, completely new market segments, you could try to take a look at hate. How's the market distributed within my current market within the country? Time reaching customers? Okay, so if you're if you're operating a business of running a business in Germany, for example, then you could enter your biggest competitor here and then just check out the top cities within that market, right? So the location section is pretty powerful. It's just really a great way to use Facebook audience insights if you want to find new floors and new customers, so go ahead and try it out. 13. Hack #3 - How To Determine The Income Level Of Your Audience: Another really important metric is the household income Ziona. Check of the estimated income off your existing audience. If you website visitors a few fans of your buyers of your email subscribers, and also the estimated household income off your target audience inside your market, right, So you on the enter some of your competitors in here and then just check out the income distribution. Now, why is this so important? You really want to know what products you want to promote, what products you want to create, how to prize your products and services, and also whether you should develop some higher ticket items. Here is the reason If you see that the majority off your market is located in this area here, right, they don't earn more than let's a $40,000 you know 75% of them earned below $50,000 a year , and there is virtually no one who earns more than $100,000. Well, then it will probably make absolutely no sense to promote higher ticket affiliate products or while if you're if you're planning to do you like a higher ticket coaching, let's see, like 5 $10,000 a month or a year? Well, no one will pay for that, right? If you see that your audience doesn't have so much money in their pockets than you should rather focus on promoting lower ticket items, something they can afford. However, in this case, I see that well, the audience of social media examiner, the people are interested in social media marketing, half cash, right? So if I'm doing a generic market analysis and I want to know okay, I'm just planning on doing this and that creating a new product or during new product line . I don't know how to price it here. I see they have money to spend. Lots of them are more than $150,000 right, 4% of them more than $500,000 a year. This is quite a lot of cash. So you really want to take a look at this mattress here? Because it tells me exactly I can reach out to this people. I can have some higher ticket items, higher ticket products in my product portfolio, and I can also promote some higher ticket affiliate products. So if I find a really terrific product that costs like several 100 or maybe $1000 I can build up in list by reaching out Teoh, the audience of Soldier Media Examiner. If I want to acquire their customers and, well, then just go ahead and promote these products of them because they know that audience condemn finitely. Afford it. So if you don't do the income distribution off your existing audience and the market in general, then you should go ahead and check of this action here and learn more about the financial background off your target audience. 14. Hack #4 - Developing A Strong Social Media Strategy With Audience Insights: Here's the next big question. How important is it to have a social media content strategy in place? Generally speaking, you should always grow your fan base, insure relevant and compelling content on your fan page. Focus and building a lasting relationship with your audience. Because a good relationship is always reflected in the revenue your business generates, however, you want to make building a fan base and deploying a content strategy the number one priority for your business after checking out the activities action here. Okay, so if you see that the Facebook audience inside your market is very active, meaning they Calmund the share and they like posts above average, then you should focus on these strong social media content strategy. And here's the reason. The more active the more engaged your fans are, the more free traffic they will generate for you. Why? Because a high engagement results in organic traffic, which is against 100% free. So long story short. If your audience is active on social media, then bedrooms start growing your fan base today and Facebook audience insights will tell you whether this is the case 15. Hack #5 - Getting Ready For Mobile Campaigns: mobile traffic is huge right now, but how heavily should you serve ads to mobile users? Besides that? How important is it, actually that your website is optimized for mobile traffic? Well, Hughes Facebook onions insights. To find that out, there is a section called Device Users, and here you can see how your selected audience, um, excesses Facebook, right? So in the case of social media examiner in the United States, I can see that 2% are using Facebook on best of only 79% on death stop in mobile and 19% of mobile on Lee. Now you can check out your own fans or your competitors if you want to reach out to potential customers to new Facebook users who haven't engaged with your brand yet. So if you can decide whether again your your website should be optimized for mobile traffic or whether you should create mobile Facebook campaigns at all, then take a look at this action. In this case, I see that 90% are active on mobile Onley, 79% in both desktop and mobile. So this this action tells me that mobile traffic is apparently a pretty huge thing here so seriously, If you're planning on running mobile advertising campaigns mobile Facebook traffic, then check out this section here before you set up your first at 16. Hack #6 - Determine Your Bidding Model Easily: If you're running paid Facebook ATS, then you will have to decide what the best bidding method for your campaigns will be. Generally speaking, you should always get started with the CPC models, so you wanna pay per click right now. If you're in the process of optimizing your campaigns, you always want to split hairs between you know, the CPC model, the cost per click model and the CPM modeled the cost per impressions. And here's Here's a problem. If you're running campaigns on a tight budget, you just have a very limited budget at your disposal then, and there are probably thousands of other things that you want to split. That's probably the bidding model is very last thing that you want to split test, right? And then here's how Facebook audience insights will help you. There are two things you can do. Either you can check out your followers or your biggest competitors in your niche market, and then you want to check out the Facebook activity section and you want to take a look at the's stats. Now you can see there's a graph displaying ATS clicked. Now if you see that the people, the Facebook users within your market or your fence tend to click on at's right then you should definitely split us the CPM model because chances are that you will get better results. If you see that your fence and for example, the audience of your biggest competitors isn't active at all, then you could basically forget about the CPM. It'll at least that's the very last thing. I would split this. Okay, so seriously, take a look at this graph here because it shows that in case of social media examiner in the United States, this audience is like, really, really active on Facebook. They tend to click on X. So if I would run campaigns and serve adds to the audience of social media examiner, I would definitely split test between CPC and CPM. 17. Congratualations!: Congratulations. You made it until the end of this training. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit on what you just learned. We covered everything you need to know in order to use Facebook audience insides like a pro . So just go ahead and take action. Lock into your Facebook account and start learning more about your target audience. And hey, if you have any questions, then feel free to reach out. We are here to help you and will definitely answer all of your questions. So good luck. Take action today. Keep me updated on your progress. Have a great day, and I'll talk. You seem