How To Add Hand Lettering and Faux Calligraphy On Metal | Joy Tay | Skillshare

How To Add Hand Lettering and Faux Calligraphy On Metal

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

How To Add Hand Lettering and Faux Calligraphy On Metal

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

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6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prep: Cleaning and Choosing Metal

    • 3. Play: Faux Calligraphy On Metal

    • 4. Other Applications For Lettering On Metal

    • 5. Play: How To Remove Paint

    • 6. Your Class Project And Thank You

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About This Class

If you are looking to put calligraphy and lettering on metal to create fun pieces, letterer Joy Tay has a few tips for you. In this quick 10-min Skillshare class, learn how to incorporate your hand lettering or monoline calligraphy skills to create that extra special touch in your home and event decor. 

Start here to get an overview of the Prep-Play-Display process for infusing calligraphy and lettering on different materials.

You will be taken through a step-by-step approach of how to clean and choose the metal piece to work on, overcome the challenges of writing on the metal, and how to remove the lettering if you want to reuse the metal piece.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with the faux calligraphy style would be great for best results; or as
Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at art supply stores.

What You'll Learn

Preparation. Joy will take you through her tips for selecting and cleaning the metal so that your beautiful lettering work can shine.

Lettering on metal. Get tips on how to create lettering and troubleshooting tips in working with metal so that your lettering is much smoother.

Removing the Lettering. Want to reuse the metal piece? Not a problem. Joy will share how you can remove the lettering.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Interested in working with other materials? Check out:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joy Tay

Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |


Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer | Joynhands Designs

Oh, hi there! You can call me Joy, and I am Pen & Ink Experimenter at Joynhands Designs.

My motto is #letterallthethings, because why letter on paper when they are sooo many other surfaces to letter on? Join me as I take you through my experience and offer you tips and tricks on how to letter on different surfaces and mediums, so that you can create unique pieces that everyone will love.

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1. Introduction: welcome to this. Well, you'll be learning. How do you use a beautiful lettering on Neco? You can call me Joy. And I'm here to take you through specific parts of the press play and this play process. So you're able to sell, like the right kind of tools and supplies. Infuser. Beautiful calligraphy on Michael. You can use this as a personal project, or you can give it away escapes, you know, prerequisites for this course. But I am using the monoline calligraphy. But you can use any stuff off lettering you like, as long as we can, right? Alphabets. And actually, that's you. So come on, join me. I cannot wait to see you in sight. 2. Prep: Cleaning and Choosing Metal: Let's get into the two thieves cleaning and choosing cleaning. Why pay with a dry cloth will do. For this, I wouldn't use water. Oh, a damp cloth even on metal, because firstly, sometimes their water stains. Meanwhile, the drive all worse. It promotes rust. Next true thing. Just make sure that yourself is a smooth so it doesn't cut or damaged the tip off your writing tool. 3. Play: Faux Calligraphy On Metal: against the silver or chrome color. Liking offers the best contrast. So I'll go with this. I'll be using this as a people were at work and really want to remind myself to have an attitude of gratitude even at my most stressful times. Ah, lot of times I say, Oh, I have to do this. I need to switch my mind to say I get to do this It is a choice that I made to work work as a blessing and the message I get to work. I will remind me of that. I mean, there's some people who want to work but can't work. So it's a good message to remind myself that I get to work and it is a privilege. I'll be doing a model lying calligraphy for this with this Cheetah Deco color in black as the surface area is pretty small, so this one is in extra fine. It will work for this the usual before, use a pimp and make sure to shake test it out on another piece of paper and make sure the ink is blowing before you, right. So for this piece I'm going to be writing. I get to do this, I get to being in block letters and do this going to be in custody. So for this piece, um, visually divided into truth, so I get to is gonna be on the top line and do this is going to be at the bottom line. So if you want to do a particular design, you may want to draft it out another piece of paper and see what it looks like. My do this is going to be bigger to make sure that you're in close. You go. Yeah, I do a bouncy style for this. Yes. So I would like to do a full calligraphy as usual. Identify where you're down strokes are. Draw another line beside. They cannot the down stroke. Yeah, I do this. And then I I think I would use, um, drawing at the site. Why did you leave? Maybe fruits and symptoms. Good to see him for the other side and more dots me. They don't have to be identical. Like the saying that death sisters, the two sides of sisters rather than twins. I started with doing the bottom half off the face. I wanted to draw because I wanted the base to give me a visual cue to how the top is gonna be for that will be appear. It will appear balanced. Um, the word at the top is going to be I get to and in order to know where to start writing, usually I was that from the middle. So write out the word I get to You can do this on the computer if you want to. Or just take another piece of people visually, you know that your tea is going to be in the middle. And if you want to look at this, this tea is just to the right off our middle. So my tea is just gonna be on top here. So I will start, right thing the t first off, I get two, and then I'll write out the other words just so that everything will appear balanced. And hey, let's you're ready. Shakeup in pen. Make sure that I think comes out all right. But he first do the tea of get and I think about the spacing I want to do for e this be And I get the cue off the spacing for my G. I get? Yeah, So now you can fill in the other words to and complete it with the wood. I So now we have the final piece. I get to do this. 4. Other Applications For Lettering On Metal: There is so many applications of this. I have a court case that I could walk on. Um, I also have this really cute method, but monster, I cannot wait to personalize with lettering and give it away as a gift. 5. Play: How To Remove Paint: So we've already then all four calligraphy on this metal piece, which I use as a paperweight. Um, let's try scratching it off. Yeah, So you can see, actually, that if you put in quite a bit of effort, the pain pen does scratch off, and it's the same with glass. That effect is even more pronounced in glass in glass. Adecco color also gets crashed off very easily. What if you need to re use this metal piece all you wanna have? A new design? All you made a mistake. One way is to use a solvent and the solvent off. My choice is pink enough. I have some people not in this container here. You can also, I think you stop in time. But this is the one that hair from my local convenience store. So in order to take the paint off, we're gonna take a rag and gonna suck the rack in the paint thinner. So I am gonna wear clothes because I've noticed that my skin gets more more dry whenever I used too much of the painting up. All right, so here we go. I already have my love and my rack. So dip it inside the keep enough. And let's try to get this Pete pen off. So so you can see that all of the in gets taken off and your metal piece is as good as new to be reused. Or if you made a mistake, you can always dio another design. 6. Your Class Project And Thank You: It's good to see you again. So which parts of the class was new for you? What? It is by you for your class project. You're gonna select a piece of Michael Whatever you like to work on, however you like to use it. Please let me know. I was so glad to have inspiration from YouTube. You can take a piece of metal and then you can put your lettering on it. Snapped a picture of the finish, please. And uploaded to our past project. Tell me what? You used it full. Do you have any questions about this class? Feel free to go to the community section below and post the new discussion. If you're interested in working with other materials. I do have closets working on projects ranging from the Gate day to be the key. I hope we meet again once again. My name is Dr. And thank you for taking class