How To Add Calligraphy and Lettering To Macarons | Joy Tay | Skillshare

How To Add Calligraphy and Lettering To Macarons

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

How To Add Calligraphy and Lettering To Macarons

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Approach to Monograms

    • 3. Play: Lettering With Food Paint

    • 4. Play: Preparing Luster Powder for Lettering

    • 5. Play: Lettering With Luster Powder

    • 6. Play: Lettering With Food Pen

    • 7. Your Class Project And Thank You

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About This Class

If you are looking to put calligraphy and lettering on treats for the upcoming holiday season, letterer Joy Tay has a few tips for you. Macaron Christmas trees, anyone? In this 25-min Skillshare class, learn how to incorporating your modern calligraphy and brush lettering skills to create that extra special touch in your holiday decorations and table settings through personalised macarons.

Start here to get an overview of the Prep-Play-Display process for infusing calligraphy and lettering on different materials.

What You'll Learn

You will be taken through a step-by-step approach of how to work with macarons, and selecting the right types of food-safe supplies which work best. As macarons tend to have a smaller surface area compared to other items, the second video also takes you behind the scenes of Joy's thinking processes as she designs monograms.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with the modern calligraphy style and brush lettering would be great for best results; or as

Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Just use the supplies to create your own style of handwriting.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joy Tay

Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |


Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer | Joynhands Designs

Oh, hi there! You can call me Joy, and I am Pen & Ink Experimenter at Joynhands Designs.

My motto is #letterallthethings, because why letter on paper when they are sooo many other surfaces to letter on? Join me as I take you through my experience and offer you tips and tricks on how to letter on different surfaces and mediums, so that you can create unique pieces that everyone will love.

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1. Introduction: welcome to this class. We're going to be learning how to defuse the lettering on macaroons. I'm so excited. Macron's heart of my favorite dessert. You can call me Joy, and I'm here to take you through specific parts off the press play and the state process. So you learn how to select the right kind of Truls and supplies to be able to work effectively on Macaron, especially since its food well, there's no records. It's the angle I'll be using brush lettering, but as long as it can write alphabets, and I bet that you you can always abuse your old spinal lettering using any of the methods that I'll describe. So come join me. I cannot wait to see inside. 2. Approach to Monograms: before we start, I want to share with you my profits of designing a mortar grand for these tool names grace and strew it G and f. So I share with you how I try to have different innovations of G. M s f g. And this fast. Few alterations. You can see that with this G. And I also try to see that there it's nicer to have s and g different kinds of combinations before final settle Something like this one. I'm gonna write it for you using a paintbrush second, See the effect they use a blank ease of people gonna have my g, the thin upstroke Get down stroke, ladies, the pressure issue going up, they down stroke. And now we're gonna do the F Mom, Did they? Okay, so this is the monogrammed I settle with Maybe can be more parallel to you. Maybe the reason why I decided to go with this It's because I like the symmetry between this and the stopped off the Giza, the entrance drove off the G and the exits trough f Yes, he does kind of symmetry. Um, at the same time, I really like how the two loops just reinforce each other. And this top look off the G and the bottom blew off the S is something that also complements. And you can see these two parallel lines here. And then he makes a very harmonious monogram. This is the initial, or this is the monogram that we're gonna be writing on our macron's. 3. Play: Lettering With Food Paint: here we have the macaron that we're gonna be painting the initial on. I'm gonna be using this foot paint. Metallic, like Go away. Says 100% edible. Remember? True something that's 100% edible and not merely something that says nontoxic or for decorative purposes only. I also have this brush that I only used for food. And I'm really pleased some of this foot paint into this happened off to since he does a small amount at the bottom and I stabilize it using this wouldn't peg. Yeah, So I'm gonna put these aside that it can book on all my grown and flipping open the cover. That being the brush in, making sure that the Russians called that physical paint. Okay, put this aside so that I don't top tip it over. You might wanna have your design in front of you. So you have reference to it. I'm just gonna put it here. I can see it. So I didn't want to touch the macaron directly. So I put it in a paper. Lina. Hey, the If you remember, uh, up strokes are going within, and then we have our don strolls. They're gonna be think so. You will increase or decrease the pressure on your watercolor brush again. You might want to, uh you might want to place a piece of rock to stabilize her hand. Or you can use your pinky if it's more stable for you. Notice that I'm not touching the macaron itself. I'm just touching the people, Lina. So hold them. I brought at an angle that you feel is suitable for you. Night upstroke. And it did a bit more off painting. Okay, it go down strokes. Um, E G Now pick down strolls. Increasing pressure on your watercolor brush. Okay, so we have RG a did not strokes. I never would have s if you notice I don't let the country newest line, depending on sometimes the angles easier if I approach it from different sites. It's just something that was for me. Uh, for you you might want to use a continuous line that sometimes I find that it's much easier . So put your from different size. Especially if I owe you know What's that and design. Okay, parallel line to this. They don't drugs thin up strokes and then I look it Maiga so you can go over the parts that you're not too happy with. What they confound this jokes. Thank God. She okay, Do your So you have to have golden monogram they make around. 4. Play: Preparing Luster Powder for Lettering: I already have some off the silver last death powder inside this fend off tube, I thought I just want to show you the process off how I mixed them. So here I have my roberts chocolate Lester polished silvery white and silvery white. Um, peace. Make sure that you look at the instructions and please make sure that it's something that is edible and not just merely for decoration purposes are just If it says nontoxic, it's still not necessarily something that's edible. So I got this from a munity spotlight. Yeah, I got it from spotlight. Okay. Uh uh, this color silvery white. The other things that I have here is off course, my paintbrush. To mix the liquid as far as the lasted us at this liquid of choice. Um, what can you use you can use rejuvenate a spirit you can use lemon extract. Um, you can use water for those of you who are creating products, personalized products for your friends or clients. And they are Muslims said you need something. That's how long you can't you something of alcohol or, you know you need it kosher. So to be safe, you can use water I also have this, um, Miss Vida cute inside measuring spoons. But there s O tiny. Um, smidgen pinch. I'm gonna use a just a smidgen. I also have my happened off to You don't have to use thes or busy can just use appellate. But I just like to use this because it comes with a lit that I can just easily snap toe open or a snap to close as easy to keep, uh, and I stabilize them on this wooden peg. I've also lined my suffers with tracing paper because we're gonna be working on food and you want something that's hygienic. All right, now I'm gonna show you how to mix the Leicester powder. I'll show you what the best it just looks like. Yeah, that's what it looked like. Hey, so I'm gonna take a smidgen of it. Open the cat first, a smidgen of it. They don't need too much at one time. So this is this midget is just the right size for me to just drop it into the tube. They don't spill bestowal over. You closed it, and you say Knock it over and put it aside. Okay, So you can either have rejuvenated spirit. Um, some people use ever clearance and people use, um, vodka. You can also use water, especially if you have friends and clients who you're making this full. And there they require either halal kosher, any off the liquids. So I'm just gonna put in a drop. Yes, that's all the drop is, and then dip your brush and check with the consistency Is something that you are happy to. What with? If you've walked with watercolor before Oh, you fought with the foot pain. You want something that's roughly the same kind of consistency. So if you find that if to tell you don't worry, could just leave it out. Uh, just leave the lip. I'm kept so that the water which have a liquid you're using is going to evaporate. Or if you feel that it is too thick, you can always at more fella quit. Um, yeah. So once you're happy with the consistency, we'll be ready to write on a macaron 5. Play: Lettering With Luster Powder: When's the happy with the consistency off your Lester powder? Let's get ready to letter. Do you might want to line it with some people line up so that you're holding on to the people I know in fed off the actual make around. I'm gonna put the society in case I spill it, which I always do. Hey, and we're going to deceive in the show, which we did for the Gold Inc and if at the G again, If you feel that this is too high, just hold it at an angle that you are comfortable with If you feel that your hand needs to be how you can always put a rock on the need like so like so if you feel that this helps you to stabilize your hand writing on it, um, I actually prefer just holding up this Mitterrand at a 45 degree angle and just pivoting with my pinky in pump stroke. I'm going to get more less the paint. You always go over the strokes if you find that the brush is not helping to have everything in one sweep, it is the G in the bottom part of G. Get my left the paint. - I'm just using the tip off the brush he's gonna do monoline fussed and I'll go over it. Okay, so this looks more like not aligned. So else I'm gonna show you how to do for calligraphy. So far for calligraphy, it's a scene up. Strokes are going to be thin and down. Strokes are going to be thick. So where the down strokes are, you can just draw another parallel lying next to it like this. Hey, leave the upstroke alone. It is not a down stroke speaking. The thicker this esus another down stroke drew a parallel beside it. I think so. And then fill in the gaps. So if you want to make the other lines more opaque, you might want to go over them again. 6. Play: Lettering With Food Pen: The easiest way to letter on food or dessert is using a foot decorating pen. The one that I have here is in black, and it's the American color. Go May writer. I really like using this because the tip is something that I'm already familiar with. Um, and you will be familiar with it, too. If you already use brush pants, the tip off the brush pen, you can use it to construct fine lines, and these are for the up strokes. And if you were to, um, press a bit harder or increase the pressure, you can get your thicker down strokes. He's over ready. We're going to use this America Local May writer on our macaron, actually many different kinds off food, edible pen so you can just try to see what you're comfortable with. And he also come in so many different colors. If you're working on the client project, please make sure that your surface is clean. I've already put here baking sheet. Um, I've also lined my macaron with people Linus, that I don't have to keep touching the Mecca. Ron, when I'm walking on air, can't just hold on to the lineup at the same time if you're really working on large batches , You me one too. Close your fingers with plastic love. I'm not going to put this video only because I'm gonna show you how to letter. Hey, diva. Ready? Let's start. So once again, if you find it easier for you to let that if you have a rock underneath or something that you can proper that can prop up your hand like that, I tend to prefer it without some people would like to late flat and then have the rock on top where they can do they're lettering. But I just prefer to hold my item editing kind. I'm going to do a monogram again for this piece. The monogram that I showed you before, so g and s. So for me, my preferred way is to stabilize my hand with my pinky. So now that you're gonna make an upstroke verse, just use the tip off the pin. You're gonna make a time increase the pressure. Well, the down stroke offer G no lightened. The pressure issue reached the upstroke. I think so. Now you gonna make the bottom of the G increasing pressure and lighten it up. Use a tip if you're making the group and this is a tree now good and create all s so again felt with a tip. But when you're making the down stroke, you'll start increasing the pressure Increase the pressure on the down stroke, I think the pressure issue making a ton and up. Yeah. So we have just monogrammed our micron if a food edible pin 7. Your Class Project And Thank You: again. How was it? I hope you know that. Eat the Macron's after working on it. If I waas, we'll transport actually selecting a back around that you like. And I wonder what kind of flavors you're gonna be choosing. And then you refused your lecturing on it. Post a picture of the finished piece and uploaded to our past project. Now, if you have any questions about this class, I'll be happy to help. You can post your question on the discussion, but in the community section below, if you're interested in working with other materials ranging from a gate to see zucchini, you can look at some of my other confidence and I cannot wait to see you again. Once again. My name is Joy and thank you for taking this class.