How To Accomplish Your Goals Without Feeling Overwhlemed | Emeroy Bernardo | Skillshare

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How To Accomplish Your Goals Without Feeling Overwhlemed

teacher avatar Emeroy Bernardo, Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. How To Create a Powerful Vision

    • 2. The Wheel of Life

    • 3. Complete Guide To Personal Goal Setting

    • 4. How To Plan Out Your Week, Month, or Year

    • 5. How To Create a Morning Routine

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About This Class

If you're frustrated in setting goals because you feel like you have no motivation to complete it.

Then this course is for you.

In my course, Yearly Gameplan, I take you through 5 steps in how to create clarity for your personal goals so you can create a weekly, monthly, or yearly game plan.

A course designed for people like you who are frustrated in starting over.

Here are the five steps I'll take you through:

  1. Creating A Powerful Vision. Without clarity of what you want in your life, you're not going to accomplish much.
  2. The Wheel of Life. There's more to life than to work. If you've ever felt like your life was out of balance, this exercise will help you determine where you need to shift your .This video is going to help you determine which area in your life needs attetntion so you can restore that balance
  3. Personal Goal Setting. Most people set goals without creating enough clarity or they expect it to magically happen. You'll learn how to create specific goals and specific steps to take to get there so you're making daily progress.
  4. Creating your Gameplan. Learn how to take advantage of your weeks by distributing your action steps so you don't feel rushed or overwhelmed to do everything in one day.
  5. Setting Up Your Day For Success. What you do immediately after waking up is essential for your perseonal productivity. In this step you'll learn how to start your day off right.


  • Not having to worry about staying motivated
  • Not having to start over any more.
  • Being able to balance your passion with the rest of your life
  • Not worrying about whether or not you're making any progress towards your goal

Join The Course If You...

  • Want to achieve your personal goals
  • Want to be pushed beyond your comfort zone
  • Want to follow a simple format in personal goal setting
  • Want to be held accountable.

Don't Join The Course If You...

  • Aren't committed to personal goals...
  • Are satisfied with where you're currently success
  • Don't see the value in investing in yourself.
  • Are not committed to completing your goals
  • Are not ready to be held accountable

Here's what others are saying:

"Off the bat, I could probably write a long essay about how Emeroy Bernardo's teachings have positively influenced my life. That's what Roy does as a coach, he gives advice that can help changeone's life. Whether he is a coach for health, fitness, dance, etc. Roy can always find an inspiring quote or motto to help motivate you. He does not only coach verbally. He "walks the talk." Roy is a physical example that "actions speak louder than words." He stays healthy, dances his heart out, lives life to the fullest, and remains respectful to those around him. I call him "Coach Guru" because he is the perfect balance of being a motivational coach while including how to stay relaxed." -Jazlynn Pastor

"He makes sure he always delivers and gives amazing product. Emeroy will guide you the best way he can to make you understand what your learning. What's great about him is that he's always prepared. You can count on him! He teaches you life lessons on top of what you requested to be taught." -Marc Miranda

"Conversations with Emeroy are nothing but encouraging and anything but the "norm". Any idea you have he says is possible and he always has an out of the box way of thinking. What's also comforting is that he doesn't pretend to be perfect. He loves to admit where he started from and how he is still transforming. He is a man that is striving everyday for the better and that is what life and growth is about." -Dominique Pompa

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emeroy Bernardo

Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author


       Emeroy is a professional dancer and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been dancing since the age of 8 and has been teaching since 2004.

    He's danced and toured with international companies such as Culture Shock, Antics, and Movin' On Up Productions, performed for the Los Angeles Rose Parade, LA Sparks, and the LA Clippers, and is a two time City of Alhambra B-Boy Champion and a 2017 Prelude Las Vegas Champion.

    When he isn't dancing, Emeroy runs a digital marketing agency called Vision Paradox. They've successfully helped musicians and tech companies build their online platforms, build their email list, sell out shows, and gain millions of views on their content. Their goal is to do th... See full profile

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1. How To Create a Powerful Vision: are. So I love creating goals. I love imagining what's possible for me, my family and what I can create and seeing actually come to pass. But before we go into any sort of goal sitting, which is what I'm gonna be talking about the next few videos we need to have a clear vision . Okay, But the right vision means the right context in the right context means the right content. Okay, What I mean by this stay tuned. So I believe before writing down all your goals setting deadlines and whatnot, we need to have a clear vision of what type of life we want to create. Like I said earlier, the vision is the context off. The life you want to create in the right context means the right content gets through that up real quick. Imagine you're living in a small shack, but you have a 1,000,000 things that you want to fit in there. You want in your 75 inch TV King size queen size bed, a really huge couch, whatever it may be a pool, but the thing is, those that's a huge amount of content in a small context. OK, small context meaning small vision. At the same time, you want all these amazing things that you want to achieve for herself. At the same time, we're thinking small for yourself. You're holding yourself in a small place where you can't hold head, just possibly can't hold all of that. So in order to start making space for the content that we want our lives, we need to let go of that small context. That small vision that we used to have that we held for ourselves break it down, rebuilding the foundation into something, a glorious house or a mansion that you want. So you can start making room for the things that we want, if it might be, if I making sense. So the bigger the vision we have, the more possibilities we allow ourselves to be open to. But the thing is, a lot of people tend to hold on to the small shack to a small vision and hope to hope that things change. Okay, they do end up doing the same thing over and over and over, hoping things that things just work out but a reality. If you've heard the quote, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over expecting a different result. That's pretty much what it is. If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep those invitations. So a previous video of me, it was called the Mind Body Spirit Connection. You can check out the whole video here now or later, but just a quick recap on it. The mind body spirit connection is how I interpret it. Okay, so the spirit of who we are caters, say this line of who we are every single day, there's a possibility of potential that we can live up to if God, universe or heck, even someone who really does love you. It just takes a look at you in your eye and just say you're capable of amazing things. It's true. You're capable of amazing things. But since some of us get caught up in the drift of life, sometimes we forget to acknowledge it, or we don't even see the possibility of what we can become. We get trained and domesticated with the thoughts of these thoughts of I'm not good enough . I'm not smart enough. I'm not just enough for anything, can we? It's hard to see one way we can sort of see passed through these mental conversations and see the potential of who we are. OK, things start opening up for us so that it's really shifting that mindset, that once we get that mindset, we can start stepping up. OK, as you can see in this little figure I'm doing towards that vision every moment and every second is a choice going towards that potential. And the last thing that normally tends to follow along with the mind body spirit connection is our physical reality. For example, you have the potential of losing £20. But you have the conversation saying that Oh, I'm not strong enough. Oh, I hate eating clean. Oh, I don't have portion control down or whatever. Maybe that's limit yourself for stepping down away from the high potential every time you think that. But the minute you start opening yourself changing that mindset, saying, Oh, I'm open to losing weight, I'm opening to working with coach. This time I'm open to working with the support group. You're stepping up. You're making decisions conscious decisions, like even when you're about to use something that you know you shouldn't you make that conscious decision to do what's best with what you want. Achieve arrives, your highest potential and every single day, or chosing that with your mind, your with your choices. Okay, and eventually your physical reality. One day you look in the mirror, you'll see that you drop those £20 K And that's what I believe the mind body spirit connection is. So how does this tie in with creating your vision so that your vision is pretty much what you want to create for your entire life? So there's that quick example you have vision off. You wanted to lose £20 took the steps towards it If you don't have the vision, if you're just wandering on trying things, that's Hillary. Cool. But if until. But once you start getting clear with what you want to achieve in terms of business, family relationships, your career, once you start getting clear with division, you can start creating the goals for a personal goal setting and the action steps and how to get there so everything is connected. So what's a vision to me, A vision for me and my in terms of my own interpretation of what it is is that it's living the life I want to live. That makes me feel excited at the same time it serves others and also the legacy I want to leave, how I want to be remembered by questions that really get to thinking about your visions. What would you do if anything is possible? If your boss wasn't holding back, money was wasn't holding him back? Some family members are holding him back. We just don't have to worry about that. What would you be doing? What kind of life would want him creating? So I want you to exercises that I loved and helping me create my vision. The 1st 1 is the perfect day exercise. There's something I learned from Louis House in the School of Greatest Academy I loved That's one of the best, all and still have ever been in just the right of side note. If you want to check it out, okay, go play. I don't know if the application is going to be open. If they're taking on the applications, video comes out, but the minute you get a chance to apply, do it. I'm in it. Whole bunch of other friends are in their crazy create amazing results. People were taking their business to a whole new level. But anyways, back to trading over the the perfect day exercise. Okay, so it's a two part exercise. The first part is your writing an entire paragraph of what kind of day you would like to create. So from the moment you wake up to when you're having lunch or when what? What you're doing the afternoon and all the way to when you go to sleep. Okay, right down in complete detail, get is descriptive. It's possible the second part is pretty much an itinerary or schedule off what that day would look like. So a quick example of the first part is 6 a.m. I wake up, I do my morning routine and I meditate. I visualize. Then, by 6 30 I'm up and doing my workouts, either Cal sex or be bowing, and then right after working out, I should be, which is about 7 30 or so. I do work until my son wakes up, and then I hang out with them until my fiance wakes up. And then this is a quick example of what it would look like And then the second part would be six AM Wake up 6 15 to my morning routine. 66 37 30 Workouts. 7 30 till Well, whatever Jordan wakes up, I played out. Play with him. Nine oclock have breakfast with Stephanie. Okay, this is just getting more details. More Have a schedule of what you would want your perfect day toe look like. So that's one exercise of creating a vision off what kind of day you would want to experience. So another really simple exercises doing a vision board. I did this way back in 2008 when I wanted to get my abs when I wanted to lose £20. But the problem with that is I did it. I had a vision board, but I said it has my screen, my screen wallpaper on my computer. But the thing with that is, I didn't have on action Step, which is vital to making your vision board a reality, had a vision board no action plan, and for a couple years I struggled in trying to lose the weight until I met up with my coach, created an exact action plan on a exact and and start date of when I wanted to achieve this by that's when I finally dropped the way, kept it off, and that was actually my first step or what inspired me to go into being a health coach. The thing I love about a vision board is that allows you to connect with what you want to create. Visually, it's different from just seeing it in words where I like that part because I can see it and I could read it. I can imagine it come to come to pass is of reading with thing with the vision board as well. What's so powerful is that is that you're seeing it. You're making actual connection off what's possible for you. I'm a huge believer of that. You can see it. You can achieve it so you can either do it. The old school cutting pace from magazine under a posterboard method, or you can use a website that I used called Dream it alive dot com are so those are just two of the ways that you can create a vision for yourself. Can pretty sure there's a lot more methods out there, but these are the two that I personally like. All right, So what's next? What do you do once you create your vision, connect with it every single day. Okay, Just because you created a vision board because he created your perfect day exercise doesn't mean you're done. Just like your heart. You're not gonna live off one beat. Okay? You gotta connect with it. Every single. Keep the beat alive. Keep the vision fresh in your mind. Don't let it be something that just goes in the back burner. So here's an example of how I connected my vision. It's a part of my morning routine. I learned this from a guy named Evernote Scott. I found on YouTube. You can check out his channel here or the link down below are still. Here's what I do after I do a minute Shin and my first part of my morning routine open up every note that has a notebook called the Daley fills, which has three notes, motivational videos and music that I listen to and watch my wise and my vision board. Then I set up by neural beads, which is pretty much brain waves that help induce certain mental States like creativity, meditation or mental stimulation and what I know you like to do right after I meditate and do it my first part of my morning routines, I said that by neural beats into mental stimulation, Zahra like brainwaves, brainwave, caffeine, so to speak. Then, once I have that vinyls beats set up, I set up my motivational music sort of overlay it over the track. So I hear the binder will be a sort of going steady throughout to the music that sort itself. Create the mood that I want when I'm looking at my vision board and reviewing my wife. So once that set up our view, my vision board, I look at every single picture that I have been there in great detail. I imagine myself being in that situation, and beneath each picture, I have a detailed description of what I have envisioned for that picture. Once I'm done, review my vision board. I go into reviewing my wise why this vision is important to me, and I'll share a little bit mawr in the morning routine video that's going to be coming out . And after I finished reading, my wife ended with two very power, full questions that sort of end with death, that sort of. But it does end with the question of death. Not to be morbid, but to be real because death is inevitable. It's a part of life. I don't know if I'm gonna be here the next hour, the next day, the next week. Tomorrow is not exactly promised. That's the philosophy I believe in. And I better work my butt off now to create what I want to create. Not in the sense of rushing or urgency are scarcity, but from a place of possibility. What can I create if I stopped wasting my time playing video games or what can I create if I stop browsing Facebook so much? This creates a sense of urgency of fire for me to get my work done. And what I want to accomplish on this is extremely proud when I'm working on days on tasks that I don't exactly want to do. But I know I need to say Like I said, I'm gonna be explain a lot more about my morning routine and upcoming video, so make sure you guys check it out. All right, so now I want to hear from you guys. What's your vision? What do you want to create for self? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? What would you do if nothing was holding you back? If money doesn't hold you back here, Boston, your hold. You back your job. Family. Nothing held you about. What would you be doing? Or if that's like way too big scale for you right now And you don't wanna go? Go with that big. You could start off with your vision for today. What kind of day do you want? Express what kind of day you want to create? How do you want to feel by the end of the day? That's it. I hope you guys enjoyed today's episode of hemorrhoid TV. If you like this video, make sure you hit like subscribed in shares for the friend who think my benefit from it. And while you're at it, make sure you head on over to the block subscribed to the free newsletter so I could give guys insight and more beyond hemorrhoid TV. And if you want to connect and find me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or over at the Block and remember, we're all called to greatness, but that's the lowest point of our lives or the highest point of our lives. From moment to moment we'll have that choice to live our highest potential. But at the end of day, it's up to you to choose. The world needs a greatness to shine. Thanks for watching him on TV Will catch you guys next time. No way. Uh, the 1st 1 man, my eyes were like, you know, and then the dam is beautiful up here. 2. The Wheel of Life: I've ever had those moments in life where things just seem out of balance like something's missing. Me neither. My life is perfect. You don't feel that way. You suck. Yeah, right. My life is far from perfect and was grateful as I am for everything that I have a self, a lot to learn, and I have plenty of room to grow. So if you ever felt like things were out of bounds, there's a high probability that it is. You could be focusing too much on your relationships and forgetting about work are you could be focusing so much on work, forgetting about your health. Okay, It's pretty much focusing on one area and leaving all the other different domains in life out. So today we're gonna be talking about the different domains in life, how we can figure out which areas we excel at and which areas need some loving so we can balance everything out. Theo. Last video. I talked about vision and importance of having a clear vision, like, really clear in order to create the specific goals that line up with it. But before we even go pen and paper and start writing down goals you want. I want you to be able to have a balanced life. The last thing I want for you is to write down all your goals and all of it just happens to be focused on business. Nothing about family. I want you to have as cliche as it sounds. I want you to have a balanced life, OK? I know it's something that's not always gonna happen, but I want you to be able to take care of these different domains of life. All of these things are important thing of all these domains as your Children OK, they all need love and attention. So I'm gonna list out the domains right now. Most of them are pretty self explanatory. But the ones that sound confusing, I'll explain a little bit more. The first domain is business career and studies self explanatory. The second domain is financing wealth. Third domain is health and fitness. The fourth domain is social and friends. The fifth domain is family. The six domain is love which is in relation to you feeling love and expressing love. The 7th 1 is recreation and fun. The 8th 1 is contribution. How you're helping out your community. The 9th 1 is personal growth, which is pretty much personal development. Are you learning new things? Are you trying new things? The 10th 1 is a spiritual domain. Your connection to something bigger than yourself and the last domain is self image. How you yourself so like is that most of domains are pretty self explanatory, has put this information to use and use it for an exercise called the Wheel of Life, which is pretty much a visual representation of where you're currently satisfied in life. Think of it as feedback on areas where you're selling it and areas that need some loving. And if, after this exercise, you're satisfied with where you're at awesome, more power to you keep doing what you're doing. And if not, it's time to set some goals and action steps that you can consistently do so you can grow talk more about that in the next video. One of the reasons I love this exercise is almost like viewed as a stat sheet, almost like in one of my favorite games in NBA two K. I love being able to visually see where I met and warning me to grow. So anyways, step one. Use this template as a visual representation. You're gonna get access to this over at the block in your via API toolkit to in each domain , rich yourself from 1 to 10 1 being the lowest 10 being the highest. And Step three uses questions to help create clarity as you're going through domain. And be honest with yourself. Don't bullshit yourself. Don't raise yourself an eight when you're actually a three. That's almost like saying you're ready for work and you're still in your underwear. So here the questions and the questions are also part of the pdf as well. So for business, Korean studies is your career where you want to be right now? Are you heading in the right direction? Finance and wolf Are you earning enough income to satisfy your current needs? Are financially set up for future growth and wealth, health and fitness. How physically healthier? You are satisfied with your level of fitness? Are you satisfied with your diet? Social and friends are friends supportive of you? Are you engaging friends and socializing to your satisfaction levels? Family. Is your family supportive of you are supportive of your family love. Do you feel love? How often are you expressing love to others? Recreation and fun. Are you enjoying your life and making your fun? Are satisfied with the level of activity that you do contribution? How would others rate your contribution to society or to them as individuals? Personal growth. How focused are you on personal growth? Are satisfied with your direction? Are trying new experiences are seeking the learn for spiritual? How connected are you to the inner and outer world? Are you satisfied with your relationship with your spiritual being self image? Do you think of your abilities highly respect and love yourself? Do you appreciate yourself and that's it. How did you do what areas were the strongest and what areas need? Some 11 are satisfied with very currently at, Like said, If you are dope, keep doing what you're doing more power to, And if not, you want to take things to the next level. It's time to set clear and specific goals, which you talk about in the next video. Now one here from you guys, what's the strongest area in your life right now? And what's the area that you want to improve on this doesn't necessarily mean the weakest area. It seemed to the area that you want to work on a little bit more now before I go. If you like this video, make sure hit like subscribing shares with the French. Do you think my benefit from it or add it makes your head on over the block. Subscribe to the free news there so I could give you guys insight and mawr beyond hemorrhoid TV. And if you want to connect confinement, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook over at the block. Now remember, we're all called the greatest. Where there's the highest point of our lives are the lowest point in our lives. For a moment, a moment we'll have that choice to live our highest potential. But at the end of the day, it's up to you. The world needs your greatness to shine. Thanks for watching Emery TV and catch you guys next time. Similar tempo todo jumbling words cause enunciating is where I need some time when I get excited. I trouble of my words to be open to, but the thing is, a lot of people tend to hold on to this small shack to a small vision and hope to hope that center that had specific ALS and an exact strategy of how to achieve it. 3. Complete Guide To Personal Goal Setting: are. So I'm gonna confess something to you. I'm not the hugest fan of New Year's resolutions, but I am a huge fan of personal goal setting allows me toe envision of what's possible to me. It gives me something to work towards. And it's even more fun when it actually comes to pass whatever when you're watching Emery t . V. The place to be to learn strategies on live your highest potential through the mind, body and spirit all while having fun. And today we're gonna be talking about personal goal setting. In a previous video, I talked about having a very powerful and very clear vision off what kind of life you want to create. Now we want you clear with that. You can start creating goals that line up with it. If you have a check. That video out here is the link to the video. Watch it right now and then come back after. So here's how I see personal goal setting. Think of it as like a deadline for your bill. You know it's coming, and if you don't pay, you might not have a roof over your head or you might not have electricity so why not set a deadline on something that's important to us? Imagine if we have the same sense of urgency to pay our bills for our goals. How much more fulfilled will be how much more closer would be to actually succeeding? What we wanted to accomplish are so this is pretty much the second part of my personal goal setting. Siri's. Now we're actually setting goals. The first part, like I said, setting your vision so it can create the right goals that line up with it. Now we're gonna be getting clear and specific of what you want to achieve. I'm gonna share with you guys my five part process. So here's the thing with goals. According to Forbes magazine, about 92% of people fail at the New Year's resolution, which is why I'm not exactly the hugest fan of the Harvard Business School Did a study on goal setting. 84% of postgraduate students had no goals, 13% of them had gold, but had they hadn't written it out, okay, 3% of them had specific goals and an exact strategy of how to achieve it. The results are freakin awesome. Okay, the 3% that actually had a goal that wrote it out had a strategy. They're earning about 10% more than the other 97% combined. Okay, so this is what most people do when it comes to gold setting. They set an intention, and they put it out there and hoping to God or the universe that it'll just happen. You've got to put in the work to Some people aren't specific enough. I want to lose weight. I want more money. Here's a dollar your $1 richer drop a pound, you just lost weight, get specific, get clear while others while others just play it safe. Their goals aren't juicy enough, so they don't feel motivated to take any action. So when it comes to goals, I believe my friend Ben said it best. We dramatically overestimate what we could do in a day and underestimate what we can do in the years. So my process and goal setting isn't something that you're gonna achieve it in a month weaker a day. So it's a tool that you can use to get cleared. What you want to achieve and get started with the process of getting to your goal. So before I get into the five part price I wanna share with you guys, the principles that I use sort of sort of helped build the process. So even though you don't use the process, at least he would have the principles to create your own. It's pretty much working with smart, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time about. So when it comes to being specific, is it too broad? Is it just wait out that, like I said, like, I like the example I said earlier. Losing weight? How much by when is that measurable? A certain value to achieve by the end of it, attainable is it? Is the gold juicy enough for you to actually take action to be motivated yet at the same time? Not to easier, meaningless, relevant, is it? Align with your vision. Time bound is the beginning and end date like that. These are pretty much the principles that I based it off of. And even if you don't use the process that I share with you guys, at least you'll have the principles that you need to create your own process. Okay, so here goes the first step you're gonna mind done. We're gonna take a pen and paper or a laptop or whatever. Going to use your right out every single goal that you want to achieve. Okay. You want to get a new caddy, win or lose away, get a new computer. Whatever. There's no right or wrong at this point. Just write it all out. So the next step is to separate these goals according to their domains. OK? Spirituality, relationships, business finances. Okay, you can learn a little bit more about it. In the video I created here one of the reasons why I'm having you divided into separate domains because I believe a person of greatest has balanced. We didn't all aspects of life, not just business, not just your relationships, all aspects. The third step is get specific with your goal. How much by win, actually divided into quarters. So where that could gather from January to March, February to April or from your birthday and on. All right, so next set the game plan, you're pretty much writing out the game plan for each goal that you've written out. Okay, I use is tempered from Michael Hat that I loved one of my favorite templates and tools. Help me get clear on the game plan that I want. I provided the link for the template you can check out down below. So in the game plan, you're pretty much writing four parts. The first part is riding through 25 reasons why his goal is important to party is pretty much writing out the action steps on what you need to take to get there. Part three is writing down the milestones and achievements part forest pretty much running the right, another notes or ran new thoughts that may have come up with you during your process. Okay, so this whole process may sound like it's a lot. At least take an hour or two just to give yourself the time to get clear on what you want it. You okay? There's already a lot being demanded from you, so why not take a moment on our or two just to dedicate some time for yourself to clear on ? What do you want to create for yourself? There's nothing wrong with being a little selfish to take care of yourself because you can't give to others what you don't give to yourself and remember things that matter. Take time So your goals are important to you. It's going to take time. Something that I have learned when it comes to relationships, especially with yourself is that fast is slow. Slow is fast, so be patient. Don't rush work with urgency. But don't rush. So being clear on the gold that you wanna chief is gonna help you steer clear from the distractions disguised as opportunities. This tool is not a magic pill or magic formula is just a tool, a technique for you to get clear on which one achieve. Imagine if we achieve one or two things from loyalists are or imagine if we set aside one or two hours a day to just work on what we want to achieve, imagine how much closer we would be to achieving it. We'd be 100% further to the people who are just talking about it. And before I go, I just want to remind you guys that just because he wrote it down instead of plan for it and set a date for it doesn't mean you can't change it. Don't hesitate to negotiate new deadlines for certain goals, aren't you? Just let some of them go so quick Recap first. Mind up. Second, divide them into their proper domains. The third step is get specific with your goal. How much? By win fourth, divide them into quarters off when you would like to achieve them throughout the year and fifth created game plan. Okay, the next video after the tsunami, sharing with you guys how to layer goes out throughout the year or throughout a month or throughout a week. That way you're taking constant action every single day. Now, before I go, I want to hear from you guys. What's one thing that you guys wanna shoot this year, and how can I support you? Let me know by leaving a comment down below. And if you like, the video mixture hid like subscribed in shares, the friends you think might benefit from it. And why, Adam, make sure head on over the block, subscribe to the free news there. So I could give guys insight and mawr beyond hemorrhoid TV. And if you want to connect, you can find me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or over at the Blood. And remember all call to greatness. Whether it's the lowest point of our lives are the highest point. Our lives. From moment to moment, we will have the choice to live our highest potential. But at the end of day, it's up to us to choose. The world needs a greatness to shine. Thanks for watching any TV and I'll catch you guys next time, so what? 4. How To Plan Out Your Week, Month, or Year: What am I gonna do today? What am I gonna do? The oh, whatever. When you're watching Emery t. V the place to be certain strategies and living our highest potential through the mind, body and spirit. And today we're gonna be talking about week Did planning our monthly planning or yearly planning with your personal goals are so in the past few videos, I talked to you guys about having a clear vision how that's a crucial element to setting your personal goals, following up with the different domains of life, to really give you a sense of balance. Then after that, we also talked about really getting clear with the goals. So now it's time to plot out throughout the year, the month or the week, depending on your preference. Okay. All right. So why do this? So what I used to do before I really developed a sort of system to get clear of my goals and get clear on when I wanted to get it done is I would try to figure things out day by day. And if you've ever seen any of my previous videos, you know that our decision making power will power has very limited energy, and I was spending a lot of time, a lot of my time and energy trying to figure out what I was going to do. And when I finally got clear with what I wanted to get done, I wouldn't a packing out too much in a day. And now I'm just feeling overwhelmed and just frustrated with everything. So I learned this method from Sally Gordon, who's a behavior arts therapist and a couples counselor. This helping manage my time a lot better by just sprinkling my action steps for my goals throughout the year. So this is probably one of the best tools I've ever had. In addition to my sort of goal setting system. I'm gonna show you guys today how to do throughout a week, month or year, and like I said, it all depends on your preference. So before you do this, make sure you're clear on your vision. On what what type of life you want to create. You're clear on what your personal goals are, and if you haven't watched any of those videos, it stop this video here that there's the video on vision. Here is the video on personal goal setting. So watch those videos first and then come back to this one. Alright, so first off is weekly planning. OK, so off the goal that you want achieve pick of the one that you want to complete first. Okay, Look at all the action steps that you want to get done and lay them out throughout the week . So the most important ones should be first and limited to wanted to items. If the action steps take about two hours and if it's short, like five minutes or even 30 minutes, you could probably stack it on up to three max five. And if you find yourself stress and trying to get everything done, don't overwhelm yourself. Just focus on the one most important task that you want to get done and then, by the end of the week, review everything you've done okay, acknowledges the hard work you've done and then repeat for the next week. So, Jenny, what I used to do when I first started doing this Sunday would be my planning day. My ruined planning day. I took a look at everything I get done and then I plotted out what I wanted to do that the rest of the week and then, of course, repeat. So the next step is monthly is a little. It's similar to weekly planning, but it's a little bit more spread out. You're gonna notice that between weekly monthly and yearly planning, it's pretty much the same idea. It's just spread out their time. So again, what you're gonna be doing. Take a look at all the goals that you want achieve picked with one or two that you want to chew that month and then Sprinkle all the action steps through the course of the month and the same rules. Apply the most important items first, and also be mindful of how long they're gonna take and then review at the end of the week and see if any of the action section, he said. We were distributed to different times, and the next level, so to speak, is yearly planning of a full on commitment to every single goal that you have. So take a look at all your goals and your action steps and pretty much lay them out through the course of a year. The several planning also includes ah version of the week did planning, which is more like sprints towards the ultimate goal it you want. So let me explain to guys, Take a look at all your goals and your action steps according to whatever deadline you may have set, Pick that one first, the most important one that you want achieve. And you're gonna be doing it for one week or two weeks, Prince. So what? That means you're going to be focused on one goal for the next two weeks. So that way you're not focused on trying to get everything done all at once. So for the next two weeks, you would just be focused on those particular action steps. If you get them all done, that gives you extra time to focus on whatever you want or jump ahead or just relax. And by the end of those one or two weeks ago, neither Regan negotiate to extend it for a little longer for another week or two weeks. Or you could just move onto your next goal for the next one or two weeks. So the same rules apply not just for the actions test, but also for your goals. Be mindful of what's the most important to you and how long it's gonna take. So with yearly playing, don't use this as an excuse to work slowly towards your goals. I want you guys to have urgency. That's why explain to guys about having sprints in taking action steps. I want you to work with urgency, but at the same time, don't rush it. Don't force the issue if you need to take a break on the same thing with weekend planning, just because it's great for speed doesn't mean to stack on a whole bunch of items all at once, to the point you're overwhelmed. That's why there's a limit, and that's it. Once you're done, I have to just follow through the action. Sift and review at the end of the week. It's not the end of the world. If you don't get all the actions it's done, you can always readjust them accordingly. And what matters that you're taking massive action and making progress. I love doing this technique because it takes away a lot of the stress of having to try to figure things out throughout the day and also gives me a lot more flexibility with my time it may seem superstructure, but you'll be surprised with Amanda flexibly that you're gonna have. Not only that, it's also a great game plan on how you're going to get to whatever gold that you're trying to achieve that deadline and having all those actions to have sprinkled throughout the week or the month or year, however you're gonna be doing it just gives your goals more reality because you're doing something about it every day. So I want to hear from you guys. Are you guys more of a short term planner or a long term planner? Everyone's got different tastes, and I would like to hear from you guys. Let me know by leaving a comment down below Now before I go. If you guys like this video, make sure hit like subscribe and share this with a friend, do you think my benefit from it and why? Or Adam? Make sure head on over to the blocks of Scotch with free newsletter so I could give guys insight and more beyond memory TV and you wanna connect. You can find me on Instagram Twitter, Facebook, YouTube over at the block and remember all called to greatness, where There's the lowest point of our lives for the highest one of our lives. From moment to moment, we will have the choice to live our highest potential. At the end of the day, it's really up to us to choose. Thanks for watching TV and I'll catch you guys next time you're living in a small shack, Okay, but you have a 1,000,000 things that you want to fit in there. You want to fit in your 75 inch TV King size queen size bed, a really huge couch, whatever it may be a pool, but the thing is, those that's a huge amount of 5. How To Create a Morning Routine: whatever when you're watching Emery t. V the place to beat her strategies on living your highest potential of the mind, body and spirit a lot having fun. And today we're gonna be talking about a morning routine. All right, everyone, it's about six in the morning. Right now. I have said it to this film shoot because I got a crazy day today and I wanted to make sure I get this at least this first video done. Um, I haven't showered head of still my PJs my hair settle crazy and does a back area right here. But I just finished my morning routine, probably about 15 minutes ago. All right, so I love waking up early to get stuff done, but I'm not exactly the greatest morning person. And here's what most people do when they tend to wake up in the morning that they don't know. I know I get caught up in this trap to is that they wake up you look at your phone, you check Facebook, check Twitter, you check instagram your email and and doing this cause is to be in a bit more of a reactive state because we received a whole bunch of these inputs from external sources. You might see a Facebook status we don't like, or something to get an email from our bus saying that our work fell through the other day and that caused us to be in a bit more. Like I said, a reactive state and may even cause is to be more stressed out within the 1st 5 minutes. Awaken up. You're already end up pretty much me a punching bag for other people's agenda. And what you wanted to really take care of yourself breast. No one's gonna die if you don't check Facebook. I was gonna die. Don't check email. The first thing in the morning every of the first moments. The first hour of our day is crucial because getting help set us up for success or really set us up for chaos. So think about those times if you've ever woken up just in a frenzy, you're all over the place and you just feel like you're stressed out right after bed. That's exactly what I'm talking about. You don't want to feel end up feeling like that. And along with my regular morning routine, I'm gonna be sharing with you guys, a quick version of the morning routine so designed for really those days that is crazy, and I don't have time to just sit, meditate and just do whatever. Everything else I have very shortened version of it that allows me still get centered and still gets the job done. So before I share with you guys my own personal morning routine, let's take a look at other people's morning routines. Steve Jobs, for example. Every morning he'd look in the mirror and ask himself if they were the last day of my life . What I want to do, what I'm about to do today and whenever the answer has been no for too many days in a row. I know I need to change something. Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of Vote, wakes up early in plays an hour of tennis is done by 6:45 a.m. Gets I heard done into her signature Bob and is in the office by 9 a.m. Ben Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the U. S, had a tight schedule. He started his day by working up a terrarium and until 80 wash up eat breakfast and think about what he wants to accomplish for the day. From 8 to 12 feet. Work lunch was then from 12 to 1. We ate, read or looked over his accounts. Then, after he'd work until five, the evening was filled with dinner cleaning up music. Conversation are looking over his day. Then he's in bed by 10 p.m. So you see, people throughout history have been using morning routines. Okay, it's time for you to start seizing your morning and have one, too, because we live in an extremely fast paced society. The average American who works about 40 hours a week is at least 10 to £20 overweight. I know this may sound airy fairy and what now, but it all comes back down to self care. Self love. I believe that a lot of us want to be successful. A lot of us want to create amazing results. I believe that all starts with self care connecting to the spirit of who you want to become . That's going to help nurture your mentality, the minds, it, which is gonna help further create the reality that you want. Everything is connected mind, body spirit. It's not just some random crap from throwing at you. I do this all insight that's really gonna help create your results are. So here's my morning routine. Just to make it clear, your morning routine means the first hour of waking up. Because I know some people work during the night and might now wake up until the afternoon . My definition of your morning routine would be pretty much your first hour of waking up we're seeing in the morning after. Use the bathroom brush. My teeth is meditate for 5 to 10 minutes. The meditation generally involves me just sitting in a sort of Azaz in posture What I learned from Zen Buddhism. I just focus on my breathing for about 5 10 breaths. And then, from there I go into gratitude affirmations. I'm just listing everything that I'm great before from previous day what I currently have. So generally I list him office, uh, things that I like about myself because in the majority of time, a lot of us don't really give credit to ourselves. So I take time to do that first thing. Ah, it's first thing in the morning. So first is, uh, acknowledging myself than acknowledge my friends and family. Then I acknowledged the people I might not get along with, but they're there for a reason. It's they're not something they're right or wrong. It's just that we have different perspectives, and there's simply challenging my perspective. So acknowledging people I might not see eye to eye with all the time and consistent close myself. Uh, because we sometimes we tend to be beat ourselves up pretty hard over decisions we made. So it's like acknowledging a link. That kind of stuff go next is acknowledging the people that I might not directly connect with but still make an impact in my life. So, for example, the people, the people who made this camera, we may not directly know them, but they made an impact in our lives because if it weren't for them, we won't be ableto really. You wouldn't be able to get any of this content that I'm sharing with you or that computer that you're looking through or the video editing suffer that I'm using to edit this. We may not be directly connected, but somehow we are okay. So, acknowledging the people I might not directly connect with, but still impact my life and acknowledging this all this Indian beings and creatures. This is the animals and this ability to live in this world that we live in. So it's me. Just trying to be is grateful for this life as possible because I believe that gratitude is the seat of abundance. And then next is commitments. I declare what I'm committed to for the day. Mainly, I declare the type of person who I want to be and things I want to accomplish. So, for example, I'm committed to being a person of love patients, forgiveness, understanding, empathy, diligence, focus, determination. I'd list all these type of characteristics of who I want to become and also helped to visualize the types of actions I were to take if I were coming from the space. So if I'm trying to be more of a space of forgiveness, I wouldn't be coming from ego. I wouldn't be trying to come tryto be right all the time. I try to be more empathetic to the other person, and you can do other your other other direct declarations as well. So such some committed toe, I don't know, getting this email done by 12 oclock. Hey, that's another version of declarations or commitments, but I decided, just commit on focusing on the type of person I want to be throughout the day. I mean, the results are great, but if I'm not coming from a space of love and kindness, then I'm just pretty much a successful jerk. And the next thing is prayer. I'm not super religious, but I still believe in God and a higher being. I think I may have gone a huge influence. Or I did learn this from Marianne Williamson and or a course in miracles. Either one of those. Let my words of your words, my actions, beer actions or Jemmy Go. What would you have me doing? Well, John, we say into who use me Lord from a vessel of your will. Use me, Lord, from yours. Use me. Learn to fulfill the promise of your will that I may be a light of your love. Amen. So it's a simple prairie. I really think it was heavily influenced by marrying wimps and a course in miracles. And I think Tony Robbins as well Well, yeah, that's something I recite and have been recited for the past over a year and out, and the last part is visualization. So what I usually when it came to visualizations that right after meditation or prayer is that I tryto visualize every part of every aspect of my life that I want to be successful in. But the mind doesn't really work that way. It just tends to wander off into its own thing. So what I did start doing is really start taking advantage. Every note and every learned this cool technique from I Think Evernote Scott and creating morning routine using over note. So here's how it works. And everyone I have a notebook called the Daily Phil, and in that notebook I have three folders. One's called Motivational Videos are music, Next is my wise and next is my vision board. So after I pray, I fire of my by neural beats app, which is pretty much enough that induces certain brain waves for certain productivity's things that I want to get. So, for example, same watching video tutorial or reading a piece of content that I want to refocus on so fire up that when I use an exact the exact brainwave to help improve study and learning. But since we're in the context of my morning routine, what I do is I said it to the highest mental activity. So it's sort of a caffeine boost with brain waves in the morning, allowing their visualization. All right. So once I have that open, I click on the motivational videos and music. And listen to this one track from, I think, confidential music, along with the vinyl by a narrow Beats it to me that add some sort of a thickness to it, because one that that song from confidential music is sick and two at the same time it's I'm stimulating a high mental activity. So it's really getting we me awake without having just do physical activity. So once I have that sort of, I know this sounds like it takes a long time. It just really takes, like, five seconds on. Once I have that up, I opened on my vision board. All right, so what I do, I have a lot of images and different that represent different domains of my life. Like I mentioned in my previous video, you can watch it here. Put it here instead Here, Um, you want you now? You're gonna watch it later. I say later, Watch to finish watching this video first and watch it after. So, like I said, I have different pictures that represent different domain. The money. So hobbies. I would have a picture of basketball shoes. Someone doing calisthenics traveling would have pages of Italy, Spain, um, Philippines. So just a whole bunch of images that represent the different things. I want accomplishment. Along with that, I have a very detailed paragraph. Not exactly a paragraph, but just detailed description of what's happening in that picture. For example, there's a picture of Italy on my vision board. Okay, An example would be. Steph and I have been living here for about three months. You've learned conversational Italian, and we're gonna be going to Hawaii for the next three months. Okay, that description itself helps further connect you to your vision, toe what you want to create, and the whole reason why I'm doing all the men are obey. It's all the motivational music. And and having a paragraph to read and, uh, having images from you. Look at this. Really having a space for me to really connect with what I want to accomplish. The first part of the meditation, the gratitude of the prayer of the commitments, that's all stuff to really help me feel centered, feel connected and the next parts to really help me get jump started for the rest of the day so I can say, noticed certain things that may seem like opportunities about a really just distractions. So the whole process takes about 20 minutes. But there are days or I don't have that where things do sort of hectic, and I have to get up and go right off the bat. So uncertain days where I don't get 20 minutes. I need I at least make sure that I get my meditation a meditation on my prayer, because I believe it's important to have some sort of grounding routine our morning routine to really help me get center to help you get centered before really getting yourself like, really pulled and stretched, then by the demands of your day are. So how do you start creating her own morning routine? It can't re safe for everyone because we all have different personality types preferences. All I can really say is try one thing at a time and stick with it for at least a month by the end of 30 days. You don't like it and want something else. But I strongly suggest is that you start off with something that you feel comfortable doing first. So take me, for example. I don't like journaling in the morning. I like journaling at night. So if you don't like meditating, don't meditate. Cave like journaling in the morning. Do that. Find something that you could feel comfortable doing that in the next 30 days, something that's easy for you to be consistent with and stick with it. So here's a list of a couple of things that you can do for the next 30 days as part of your morning routine. So just to let you know now it's going to feel it might feel a little awkward after it's because you're intentionally doing this. It might. It might not be something you normally do, but with practice with consistency, you're going to get better at it. And keep in mind just because you found a morning routine or you started a morning routine doesn't mean you found the pill to a perfect morning. It's going to require a lot of conscious effort and what matters that you keep trying to see what works and what doesn't. So a list of items would be meditation, prayer, workout journal, breakfast, revere goals read, reflect or take a walk. Like I said, these are just examples that you can do now that you have no a little bit more of a morning routine, the benefits that it can have for you and my own personal morning routine. I want you guys to pick one thing from that list and stick with it for the next 30 days. Okay? And let me know how it works out for you by leaving a comment right down below. Now, before I go. If you like this video, make sure hit like subscribe. Share this with a friend who you think my benefit from it, and why Adam makes your head on over to the blogged. Subscribe to the free newsletter so I could give you guys insight and more beyond memory TV . And if you want to connect, you can find me on Instagram Twitter, Facebook here, on YouTube or over at the blood. Now We're all called to greatness, whether it's the lowest point of our lives or the highest point of allies from moment to moment. We all have that choice to live our highest potential. But at the end of day, it's really up to us to choose. The world needs your greatness to shine. Thanks for watching and my TV and catchy as next time in Williamson and or course miracles either one of those. And it goes a little something like this thing goes a little something.