How To Accomplish Your Goals Without Feeling Overwhlemed | Emeroy Bernardo | Skillshare

How To Accomplish Your Goals Without Feeling Overwhlemed

Emeroy Bernardo, Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author

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5 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. How To Create a Powerful Vision

    • 2. The Wheel of Life

    • 3. Complete Guide To Personal Goal Setting

    • 4. How To Plan Out Your Week, Month, or Year

    • 5. How To Create a Morning Routine


About This Class

If you're frustrated in setting goals because you feel like you have no motivation to complete it.

Then this course is for you.

In my course, Yearly Gameplan, I take you through 5 steps in how to create clarity for your personal goals so you can create a weekly, monthly, or yearly game plan.

A course designed for people like you who are frustrated in starting over.

Here are the five steps I'll take you through:

  1. Creating A Powerful Vision. Without clarity of what you want in your life, you're not going to accomplish much.
  2. The Wheel of Life. There's more to life than to work. If you've ever felt like your life was out of balance, this exercise will help you determine where you need to shift your .This video is going to help you determine which area in your life needs attetntion so you can restore that balance
  3. Personal Goal Setting. Most people set goals without creating enough clarity or they expect it to magically happen. You'll learn how to create specific goals and specific steps to take to get there so you're making daily progress.
  4. Creating your Gameplan. Learn how to take advantage of your weeks by distributing your action steps so you don't feel rushed or overwhelmed to do everything in one day.
  5. Setting Up Your Day For Success. What you do immediately after waking up is essential for your perseonal productivity. In this step you'll learn how to start your day off right.


  • Not having to worry about staying motivated
  • Not having to start over any more.
  • Being able to balance your passion with the rest of your life
  • Not worrying about whether or not you're making any progress towards your goal

Join The Course If You...

  • Want to achieve your personal goals
  • Want to be pushed beyond your comfort zone
  • Want to follow a simple format in personal goal setting
  • Want to be held accountable.

Don't Join The Course If You...

  • Aren't committed to personal goals...
  • Are satisfied with where you're currently success
  • Don't see the value in investing in yourself.
  • Are not committed to completing your goals
  • Are not ready to be held accountable

Here's what others are saying:

"Off the bat, I could probably write a long essay about how Emeroy Bernardo's teachings have positively influenced my life. That's what Roy does as a coach, he gives advice that can help changeone's life. Whether he is a coach for health, fitness, dance, etc. Roy can always find an inspiring quote or motto to help motivate you. He does not only coach verbally. He "walks the talk." Roy is a physical example that "actions speak louder than words." He stays healthy, dances his heart out, lives life to the fullest, and remains respectful to those around him. I call him "Coach Guru" because he is the perfect balance of being a motivational coach while including how to stay relaxed." -Jazlynn Pastor

"He makes sure he always delivers and gives amazing product. Emeroy will guide you the best way he can to make you understand what your learning. What's great about him is that he's always prepared. You can count on him! He teaches you life lessons on top of what you requested to be taught." -Marc Miranda

"Conversations with Emeroy are nothing but encouraging and anything but the "norm". Any idea you have he says is possible and he always has an out of the box way of thinking. What's also comforting is that he doesn't pretend to be perfect. He loves to admit where he started from and how he is still transforming. He is a man that is striving everyday for the better and that is what life and growth is about." -Dominique Pompa