How To Access Thousands of FREE Background Music for Youtube , Vimeo , Instagram & Facebook Videos | Alvin Phang | Skillshare

How To Access Thousands of FREE Background Music for Youtube , Vimeo , Instagram & Facebook Videos

Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

How To Access Thousands of FREE Background Music for Youtube , Vimeo , Instagram & Facebook Videos

Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

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5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. About The Course

    • 2. Getting The Music

    • 3. Adding The Music

    • 4. Thank You :)

    • 5. Simple 5 Min Project

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About This Class

Do you make videos for YouTube , Vimeo, Instagram or Facebook?
Then you need this course to learn how to get access to thousands of
FREE royal free background music which can be used to monetise as well
for all your video production.

Here's What You Will Learn

  • Get access to thousands of royal free background music
  • Get free license to modify the music
  • Use this music for commercial or personal use
  • Great for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook , Instagram & Wedding video production
  • Saving you tonnes of money from buying licensed music
  • Learn how to add music to your videos without any software 
  • Understand the different types of licenses available 
  • Master the art of picking a good soundtrack
  • And so much more...

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alvin Phang

Servant of God Since 2011


My name is Alvin Phang and I live in Singapore, I got baptized on the 31st Aug 2011 and since than I had a desire to serve God and have completed my studies at ACTS College Bible School holding a BTH degree in Theology :)

Since 2011, I have been preaching and evanglize in various countries and I am glad God is using me in various ways to reach out to people. God had placed in my heart to start up an online community on Facebook call GatherFaith that currently has over 37,000 likes and activity running to share Jesus online using this video here .

With your support, I be able to purse my passion of serving God and every cent you support will go towards serving God's people. I thank you so much for believing in this movement and thank you again for Loving Jesus. M... See full profile

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1. About The Course: Hi there. My name seven. And today you're going to learn how to get access to thousands off free Mizzi Track Royal Free in this costs you're gonna learn this. Kihara, get access to thousands of Royal Free Music Region has free license to modify them and you can use them for commercial offers. No use This music are great for abuse in YouTube or female. And the good news you are free to monetize the music s well and also useful for creating Facebook videos, instagram videos and also wearing films as well, saving you tons of money. Also, it be teaching also how to actually at the music into your videos. Even though you don't have a video editor software. Alright, we get a tissue how as well and also unexplainable different types and sizes available and Hollywood is truth and pick a good soundtrack for your videos and so much more than you let in this cost. So you're interested to improve your videos today and roll now improve your really akali today and I'll see you in the cost to learn more 2. Getting The Music: Hey, welcome to this Costs. And today we're going to file how we can access thousands off free songs for your YouTube Facebook V meal and winning production in film production. Very important free songs that says, because most of the songs that you see online actually using royal free songs you. So when you do your videos on YouTube or Facebook or whatever you're doing, you want Royal free songs, right? Basically songs that allows you to use it without any, uh, payment or license to use them. All right, so why do you need it? Sounds, because also, you two, obviously to see here, do need tohave great audio music background to make it more appealing to the audience. All right, And to do that, all right, you need royal free songs. So first step to get started to get free write songs. You want to go to YouTube and go to your user account on the top right here and click that and go to your creator cereal, right. Once you are there, you want to go to create on the left side and click on Audio Library, and here you'll find a huge gems off free songs and some effects that you can use for your projects on YouTube, all Facebook and even for those who are doing few making alright already videos. You can find a free songs here, so you no longer have to pay money to get licensed to use songs or nice to find background songs. Okay, and one thing about the highlight is that Facebook YouTube in particular, even though if you don't know a song from another website, for example, like Soundcloud, sometimes the songs are stew require attribution all they say is actually copyright. And that's very frustrating because you had the rear end of the whole video again. All right, so that YouTube doesn't prom you. That the song is being not heights by someone else writes Very. But not that there are two types of licence attribute in this library, right? One actually requires no attribution or and what actually requires let Luis those that need requirement, actually, bill first so you can see all the songs you are required to. Eventually, I say, for example, if I want this song all right, you say so. You are free to use its soul and monetize your video which is great, but you must include the falling in your video description. Basically, what it means is that when you create your videos, you need to put this description and the sauce and artists off the audio so that you can actually use this song. So there's something for you to take note and the body you see here as she tells you how popular the song is, Right for my experience, Most off the songs they have very high about normally songs better than the one that's not so popular. Okay, so they know that you can still monetize your videos on YouTube, even used the salt as long as you leave. Ah, this attribution in the description. What I love to do is I'll put this at the bottom of the description so that I give proper attribution with the bustle create the song. All right, But if I say you're not comfortable or doing that, maybe you are doing a commercial something and you want to look more professional, all right? And in that case, you want to look for attribution not required. All right? When you do actually should not require you are free to use this song and monetizing via, which means you do not need to actually put any attribution who make the song. You can edit the song as well, in case we are free to use the song wherever ways that you like. OK, so that's one thing. Benefit off this way right from my experience, sometimes all the songs that I don't over other sources you to dust say that this song is being ah, I d by someone else and if you're not aware of it, I didn't take notice of it. Whatever money you learn from your YouTube will go to the song creator, and that's what having right now in YouTube. So it's very frustrating sometimes when I don't know certain songs from other sources and you to tell me that you copyright but someone else and I share the pain in my ex money. We don't mean knowing until it's too late. OK, so it's very frustrating to know that at the last minute when you go olive use so you don't want that to happen to you in YouTube. So that's why I prefer the use issue to library right there. Final wish I can't really use and one of Hiestand, Because any other day Ah, law, you to the view YouTube us actually make videos to make money from s. And even I will amount ice. You can't make money from it. So on top of this actually pushing here, you can also ah, sought by General. Over here you can see that many generals were here personally. I love to use T cinematic and a dance and a hit pop for videos. All right. And also, you can just like the more than you want for your videos, whoever you want. So you're doing weddings may be onto something or romantic. Okay. You want instrumental? You can do. The Israel can choose what kindof instrumentally won So many a kind loves drums. You can go for drums or maybe your audience like drums. All right, I need a longer video games you sought by the time and duration here. Okay? And you can even such here. So let's say if I want to If I happy songs second such happy right? All the happy songs will come up Hopefully, Alright. Don't don't think that all these are happy. Some of something they are not really happy songs. All right, so basically, if I say if I listen to this song and I like this song but you're using for later use you can also create here, right toe favorite it after you fear it s a little tap your This is free Ritz All right, So these are all the songs that I favour in the past from in the bookmark so that it's not in the future when I create YouTube videos or whatever Facebook video commercials. I can come back here, download the songs here, and I know who's who do actually two or whether do I need to give attribution or not It is very useful. Okay, so that's basically ah, the whole library. And I thought that if you go to the sound effects tap you, can you find a huge library off sound effects that you can use for your projects or as or video they create on YouTube or any other platform, and that saves you a lot. All our money when it comes to having a nice video production to entice people to wash our video more so background are very, very important. You want to slowly go true. All this music one by one. All right, go by General. That's why I recommend So let's say if I won. Ah, cinematic background music rights again play one by one and those that you like in fear of them for future use. Personally, I like songs by this guy. Seems to be not bad. The only drawback. You see the attribution. I need this girl. True. That's a lot. Lost something down in those songs you can download. What? We're here. All right. Did you get out? So I hope you enjoy this step so far. I'll see you in the next section to learn more how to use this song's right inside your video. 3. Adding The Music: all right. And this really will learn more about how to attend sheer audio into your current videos they upload on YouTube. You can she make videos and at music into it. So first, before we do that. All right, we need to select the video, our music that you want to actually include in. All right. So what I do is, firstly, I was like the song, so make sure you really need to remember if the song is attribution. And if I'm selecting this song called Heavy, All right? You don't have toe put any attribution in the description. If you choose something like this, I school, they need to copy. Ah, this description over here into your description gonna show you how to do that. Right? So that's what I'm using this song. Alright. So first of all, I open up a new tab for the video creator. All right, so now I have two taps. One is the editor, and one is the old you. Okay, so now I have my current insisting videos that I have over here. You can see if I want at this in on it to do is I need to track this video in here. Okay. And, uh, presuming that this this video has no audio, okay? And you want Or maybe on enhance the sound off the bank know of this, right? You can actually go to this little tap here. Okay, Sorry. This over tap here. Alright. And such for this song. Okay, Setting the record pace saying such right. But the problem is, sometimes the song is not that obvious to find. All right, I think this one you should be this one. Okay, so let me check. Correct is this one. So is that this is a song that you want you just to create at all right. And the song will be added to this video that we have that in the past. All right, so you know this when I add the pasta on hot at the order in the sound that comes from this video. All mute. All right, so basically, there's no sound from here. You can't mix them to get it. All right, so that's one way to actually sound to your audio. All right, background. So if you can are I personally use camp Tayseer off final cop probe to actually Eddie my videos. What I do is our download. Ah, this songs are and use camped Asia. Or maybe you can use moviemaker. All right, all even a final cut, pro or ever be premium. All right, to actually create your videos. All right, so once you have done all right, I can do is can any name your videos or project over here, So let's give you a name. New video one, for example. All right. And basically, you can just click on create video. So Facebook Asari, office, YouTube, YouTube. What? Actually create the video for you. All right, So you two will say that us actually process the video, which will take some time. All right, but while it's, ah, processing, All right. One thing to ah, take note. Issue when you in the discreet. You want to defeat away. Ah, this portion here. All right. And it whatever you want to describe. So you enter your enter your description here, and you need to remember toe attributes this song. All right, So need a copy. This part here up to here. A copy and pc here. I need to pace this. Since I Why need visit because this song requires attribution. Even choose this song. You don't have to pace that here. Okay? So normally I put it at the end because you don't distract your readers from kicking here. You want him to creek on Weber like that? Say you have a website that's it is my blown All right. So I'll put it on top because the 1st 3 lines are very important. That's where is visible to the reader. Then arrests if the creek morning find more. So that's basically how we can create a video on YouTube using the imbue editor on YouTube itself. Ah, personally, I don't use Tombo editor much on YouTube, but basically I just come here to dollar the songs are and the sound effects All right, buddy. In my own video editor that came D self on a cart pro or ever be premium, whichever that you have. Or if I we know user use moviemaker. All right, I believe it's free or I movie are I move easily possible to use s well so I personally before the use those editors than the Indian editor because we have more flexibility to create better videos for your video production. So I hope this video helps you in getting better videos for video backgrounds. So thanks for watching. And I'll see you the next video. 4. Thank You :): it's been here again, and that's watching out this cause I'm Mary. Sure, you have benefited from this class a lot. A little great skews. They will help me a lot if you can create on this button over here on top here. If you like to recommend this class to your friends or you begets against road now and Krepon leave, review and select whether you like to recommend this class as all right. Leader shot. Review what? Your loan so far in this class that you enjoy and benefited from this class. I love reading them and we need you for many years and before the read your review, there's a game for your support and before the show you more tips and strategies in the foreign section right now. 5. Simple 5 Min Project: a day. Congratulations. You have just completed this costs, and I call a very simple five minute project for you. All right. Basically, only do That's biscuit. Injured yourself what you do, Alright. And what videos to create. Do you create wedding videos, All YouTube videos? All of this must maybe, All right, And at least one song that us selected from YouTube. So USA via you select this song called High School. Just put I score in the project foul. How do you actually saw project? All right, you just go to your costs at the bottom here, at this truly the taps here, you can click on this button that says, start your project. All right, so when you click that, all right, you can express grief U In the title off your project, you can just put my video of forever, all right? And this view in this tree criterias right in over. Here s well, I can't and you have a convoy to share with others. Feel free to share. Or maybe you want to put a link to your song or video that you shape others and sharing me to have a look. I'll be glad to check them out. Well, thanks again for having me. And by the way, if you want to learn more about marketing on Facebook marketing, you click on my profile. All right, Which is over here. And I have many, many other courses on Facebook modeling as well that you want to check out. I do hope you enjoy this. Costs as much as I have teaching you about this on getting in free music for your videos and tense again Very much for watching this video and and ruin this course are looking forward to a tissue again in other courses that I have a spell on skew share. See you and God bless.