How To: 3 Eyeshadow Looks for Monolids | Sarah | Skillshare

How To: 3 Eyeshadow Looks for Monolids

Sarah, Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist

How To: 3 Eyeshadow Looks for Monolids

Sarah, Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist

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8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Are Monolids?

    • 3. 2 Things To Note Before You Start

    • 4. Tools To Get Started

    • 5. Tutorial: Dark to Light Gradient

    • 6. Tutorial: Darker Outer V

    • 7. Tutorial: Halo Smokey Eye

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Monolids can be a challenge when it comes to applying eyeshadow as you have a flat surface to work with. Unlike double eyelids, monolids do not have an obvious crease, which can make application of eyeshadow difficult as you may not know where to place the shade. I know the struggle, as my sister and many of my friends have monolids! 

Thus, I created this class to help you out. My sister is helping me with this one, as she is my model. Our eyelids are very different, but the techniques in applying the various shades of eyeshadow are very similar! You can refer to my other class, 3 Basic Eyeshadow Placements, to see more theory behind it. This class focuses more on the live tutorials so you can see how the eyeshadows will look like on monolids. 

This class covers: 

  • What are monolids?
  • 2 aspects to consider before applying eyeshadow on monolids
  • What tools you need to get started
  • 3 eyeshadow tutorials for 3 different eye looks
    • Dark to Light Gradient
    • Darker Outer V
    • Halo Smokey Eye 

The class is geared towards beginners in eyeshadow who have monolids, who are unsure of how they should apply the different eyeshadow shades. No prior knowledge or experience is required! 

I hope this class helped you in some way! 

If you enjoyed this class and would like to learn more, feel free to watch my other classes on skillshare: 

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Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist


Hello, I'm Sarah! I am a certified yoga teacher, freelance makeup artist and a self growth enthusiast. I am so glad to be able to learn more and share all my passions with you here!

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1. Introduction: Welcome back to another class. Isn't talking a little bit about monolith and how we're gonna apply. I should've hormonal it. This is my sister right here. And you can see I'm gonna do you in onto a islets. Now she has monolith. So she's the perfect model to these class. 2. What Are Monolids?: So this is my sister right here. You can tell that she is Mona, that's I'm gonna kind of zoom you in a little bit. So what exactly is a Mona lit? A monolith is when you kind of have a fleshy mobile island area right here. And when you open your eyes, there's the absence of a crease or a double eyelid. So you usually can't really see any form off a definition the mobile island When you open your eyes, she does have one very slight going here. But I'm not very obvious and model. It's more common in Asians, and they usually give you let's face to apply your eye shadows. So you really can't walk around and play around with where you want your crease to be and so on, as you can see the difference right here I have a crease in a double eyelid. Vis is my sister fees eyes a slightly different from mine. So you can kind of see right now I have double eyelids and you can kind of see that this area has kind of sunken in. So for me, I can really create my own crease. I have to follow the crease off. My natural shape like that is formed from my orbital bone. And then that's how I do my eyeshadow look. So, um, it really depends on your bone structure. Actually, as was your eyelids. And I also don't really have heard. It lets in the sense that if I write, if I do anything on my lash line when I opened my eyes, you can still kind of seat the flesh doesn't really go over it, if that makes sense. 3. 2 Things To Note Before You Start: so there's two things to think about when you're talking about. I should have hormonal. It's the purpose on this. You need to check if you have good. It lit. So, for example, on my sister here, if we do anything along her lash mine and she opens her eyes, you're going to realize that the pot off her mobile islet of flesh here, it actually kind of covers the last line. So all the work that you do along your last time will be hated, which means you probably have to kind of bring it up a little bit more also becomes visible . When you open your eyes, the second thing you need constant is that lit space. So basically, how much of that space you have from your eyelashes to your eyebrows to close your eyes? Me. So this amount of space here, that amount of space you have to work with, so if you don't have a lot of let's space, you don't really want to bring your eye shadow too high up. It might cause your eyes to look a little bit smaller, but you get more. That's space. You can play around a little bit more and lawyer shadows up a little bit higher, and that can give you the illusion off. Larger eyes 4. Tools To Get Started: begin the eye shadows. I'm going to recommend two kinds of brushes. The very 1st 1 will be appointed pencil burst or something that looks like that when it's very precise. I hope you can kind of see how pointed it is. It will give you a lot of control in color deposition, especially if you don't have a lot of lit space. So pencil brushes like that. This is the Sigma E 30 and another example can be the elf contra brush. So it looks something like that. It's a little bit wider Agenda Sigma one, but it still looks pretty well. Innocence that it's pretty small. It gives you a normal control when it comes to depositing McCullough. And when it comes to blending for monoliths, I generally recommend tapit blending brushes of. For example, this is the Sigma E 25 so these are examples of two different blending brushes. This one's tape it. This one is round. I recommend tape. It wants hormonal. It's so tape. It just means that the pharaoh kind of cinches in so that the bristles are more pressed together. This is around at one, as you can kind of see so What does does is this will blow out your eye shuttles a lot more . So if you don't have a lot of let's space or you want really precise blending fluffy brushes, I'm not really the best for you. I recommend Tapit ones like that. So the one that I used on my sister was two Sigma E 25 it looks like that. So it's a bit dirty, right? Because I'm filming this after the tutorials, but you can kind of see the difference in terms off the bristles. So this one gives you a lot more control. And you can. You don't really have to blow out your eye shadows as much when you're blending. If that makes sense, because the number of bristles touching the skin is a lot less compared to this one. So imagine if you're putting this on the skin, right? This is the contact you has of the skin, whereas the round it won. When you do that, a lot more off the bristles with touch the skin deaf or it blows out a lot more of the eye shadow. So I hope that makes sense. And for this to try, I'm just gonna use three shades I'm going to use, for example, from the more feet palette that I have here. But any shades will What? So this is how the palette looks like, and I'm just going to use three shapes here. I'm going to choose a light shape, a transition shape, a shape that's just slightly doctor Dona skin tone and a doctor shape here, this one so any shades will walk. You can play around, mix and match it. But generally the transition shaped should be just slightly darker than your skin tone. Neutral or warm turn would be my recommendation. But of course, if you prefer cool tones, go ahead with those. So you just need a transition shape, a brighter shade, all lighter shade, as was a darker shade, so combinations are endless. You can do something like that like that, you know, So it's really up to you. But for today's purposes, in the tutorial, I'll just show you using these three shades. So that's dive straight to the tutorials 5. Tutorial: Dark to Light Gradient: out of purposes of today's tutorial. I would just be using three shades, so I'm just going to show you. Andi, I should've held that I have here. Any shades will work, but you just want a transition straight. A transition shape is a shape that's kind of darker than your skin tone. Ah, like to shave and the doctor sheet. So for two days purposes I'm going to use This is my transition. And then I'm going to dio Let's use the light to shoot for this one and the Doctor shade for this one. So the very first I should have looked that we're going to do it's called the Doctor like Grady in were basically, we're focusing a lot of the dark eye shadow along the last line and that will gradually make it light as we go toe what's decreased that we're gonna create on her island. This really helps to bring definition to your eyes and its most suitable, I would say, probably for the night time. The intensity depends on the shape that you choose, but it can be quite dramatic, depending on the shapes that you've selected for yourself. So what's your chosen your light sheet, your transition shade as well as your doctor shape. We're gonna work by festival, kind of prepping the islets. Now, I'm just gonna prepped a little, a little bit of concealer, so you can use, um I should've prime is or anything along those lines, but consular looks fine. You just kind of want to even out the skin turn of the islet. And you kind of just wants the you kind of want to create a stipulated foot I shed is to stick to because I should have a powder. If they have nothing to stick to, then it's basically powder on dry skin, and usually that's not gonna last as long. I like to use my fingers so you can kind of use the warm for your fingers to work the concealer in that helps it to blend a lot easier as well. So once we replied the consular, I'm just going to lightly dust it with a bit off translucent powder just so that the I I should have done really skip what I recommend when it comes to creating increase or where to put your transition sheet, I would say roughly take a look at a mirror with your eyes open and you kind of wonder twos , an area that's kind of in between the lash line and the eyebrows is something along here. So it looks a little bit more natural here. I'm going to go into my transition shape right here, and I'm using the tape, it blending brush, and I'm gonna put my brush on the outside first, and then I'm going to slowly with my weight. This is because the best place you put your brush, that's where most color deposition will be. So I want more of the color to be focused on the outer part of the I. V s is in a pot. So think of the transition color as the shape that every other color that you're going to apply is gonna blend into. So it will create a more natural Grady. And when you play a transition shaped dresses, just putting a dark shadow and working it up, so once I kind of have the transition shape down, you can kind of see a little bit more someone zooming out a little bit. You can kind of see a little bit more of a contrast on this, I guess, is this one which is just, you know, without any eyeshadow. And then once I'm done with that, I am now going to put the doctor shade along the last lines. And the doctor like grade in is basically when you focus a lot of the duck eye shadow onto her lash line and you still be work your way up. So I just took a bit of the doctor shade on a pencil brush, and I'm just working it onto her lash line. You can kind of see whatever I do in a lash line. When she opened her eyes, it kind of disabused, which gives me a good sign that kind of have to bring it up a little bit high. And I said, That's what I'm gonna do now and then. Once you kind of deposits at the color, you can just kind of take your brush and bring it into up. Put strokes like so to kind of bring the remaining parts of the eye shadow up, wets and solely blended. Don't exceed the line between the end of your lash line and your eyebrows so it doesn't bring your eyes down and you don't want to exceed the front part either. We're gonna put the lighter shit in the in a corner of the eyes later. Don't worry. If it doesn't look the best right now, we're gonna blend it later with the transition shape. Now, I'm just focusing on really building up the intensity at the lower lash line when she opened her eyes and you kind of see the colors now. So I think I'm satisfy how the color looking and I'm going to focus on blending them. So again, I'm going to dip my brush into transition shape, and I'm not going to focus on blending it out. So I want a smooth transition. I don't want you to really see the difference between the doctor shade and the transition shape. So I'm focusing on blending the transition shape and the doctor shape. And after usually once you blend it and you open your eyes, maybe the intensity has been reduced. And if you want a little bit more, let's see for the day. If you want a little bit more intensity for the night, you can go back and build on the color. So I'm just gonna go back in one more time and I'm just gonna focus the shade on her last flight. Same thing. Take the tape. It blending burst has nothing on my brush right now. And I'm just kind of slowly swiping it across just to blend it. This is where the I should all probably This is where I'm going to stop. I'm gonna now take a lighter color, so I'm going to use the lighter shade. I'm gonna put it onto her in a cone is right here. So I'm just using another pencil brush. So pencil brushes are your best friends of your normal. It's because they give you a lot of control, especially since you don't have a lot of space to work with last land. If let's say you feel that some parts I'm not as blended or you feel like you blended it a little bit too high. What you can do is you go back with your trances and powder your face powder that you have used previously. So the one that I used to set Consuela this one here and I'm just kind of going to take a little bit on my, um blending brush, and I just kind of go over it a little bit. This is how to final. Look will roughly look like where you can kind of see that along The lash line is about DACA, and then it slowly blends upwards to become a lighter shade. I've included the lighter color in her in opponents. I can take the same color and put it a little bit of it underneath her brow bone, just like here just to give a little bit of highlight. And this is the doctor like Grady, and I made it very natural. I didn used a lot of dark colors. If you wanted to really intensify it, maybe you can do like, a black love the last line right here. So if you put a bit of like that will make it a lot smoke here. Or you can also add in a wing liner to go along with it. So this is how it looks like I'm gonna zoom you out a little bit seeking. Compare it with the bear, I so you can kind of see the difference here between the left and the right I So this is with the eye shadowed a doctor like Grady, and it can make your eyes look slightly smaller in a sense that you are really putting a lot of definition to the last line and because Dr she's 10 to kind of, um not reflect the light. But at the same time, he adds a lot more definitions, and I'm gonna put a bit of mascara on just to show you how you look right, you have added a bit of mascara as well. This is the final look for the doctor. Like Brady in, I would suggest maybe adding a bit of false easily. You wanted a bit more drama all you can add in a wing liner. So I'm gonna put a bit of line. I chose a brown Lina just for a little bit more of a natural look. But if you want it to, of course, you know, increased the drama of the whole look. You can always just go in with a black eye light so you can add a wing Lina. Generally, I prefer not to, but that's how it looks like. So this is the doctor like Grady in 6. Tutorial: Darker Outer V: The second look is very similar to the 1st 1 in the sense that we're doing a doctor like Grady in. But instead of dark from the last sign up to its the brow bone, we're going to do dark from the outside and go lighter as we go towards the unicorn off the I. So this helps to kind of elongate the I a little bit and makes it look a little bit larger . I'm going to do the same thing by prepping eyes of a little bit of concealer. Same thing I'm now going to kind of set the consul of of a little bit of powder, just a very light dusting of it. Now we're going to do the transition shape one more time. So following the video, I told you, open up your eyes and they look in a mirror and you kind of want to put your transition shit somewhere in between your last night and your eyebrows. So that's what we're gonna do now, Once I'm satisfied with the transition shape, this is where it's gonna be different from the 1st 1 I'm going to start with the Doctor Shade fest. I'm gonna use my pencil brush and I'm going to deep into the Doctor Qala type of any access . And I'm going to now focus the Doctor Qala onto the I would say the outer one bit off her eyes off the island. So somewhere here and I'm going to bring it up a little bit high as compared to how I did it just now. So I'm gonna focus it more This pot Here, take your blending brush again and then just kind of blend out the edges speaking kind of See that there's a darker shade onto out to the part of her islet right now. So is giving her a bit of definition on the outer pot. So if I compare it to the Bear Island, you can kind of see that the doctor I should have brings more definition here. It kind of makes the I a little bit more rounded. I hope that makes sense. And then now we're going to take the negotiating we're gonna put it. And the 2/3 of the Mobile island, sometimes using your fingers will make glittery shades appear more vibrant just because of the warm. For few. Thing is this is a brush and then once you satisfied, take you a blending brush blended out, then go in one more time to intensify it. If you would like. I'm gonna put the lighter shade into unicorn is as well, and I just take the blending brush and blend it one more time. You can kind of see that there's a light. The light of shape now is on a anaconda and in a two sets off a mobile island. And then there's the doctor shade on the altitude. It's started out to 1/3 of the mobile island, so this is the light to duck radiant. But along the lash line and sit. And here it would be really good if you can maybe do a bit of wing minor to add a little bit more definition to delicious, and you can apply some mascara and falsies on costs. You can also take a little bit of the light to shape and put it underneath the arch of your brow for a little bit more highlight like so. So this look is really good to pair of a wing, Linus, that that's what we're gonna do now, and I'm not gonna play a bit of my scary for her as well. So you can kind of also bring the eye shadow down to your lower last, trying to give it a more complete look. This will also make your eyes look a little bit rounder. So if you take a little bit of your dark shadow and look up for me, you're gonna put it on the outer 1/3 of the ice and mimicking whatever you did on the top. Don't bring it to down because we bring it. I should have too much to below. It may look very droopy and you may look tired, and then same thing with the light to shape and then take a little bit off your transition shade and just kind of blend it all out. And if you let it down too low, you can just simply take a bit of makeup remover. Awesome translucent powder to even it out. So this is the final up 7. Tutorial: Halo Smokey Eye : Now we're gonna move on to the final. I shudder. Look, hormonal. It's which is basically the halo smoky eye. The technique is similar to that of the double Island one, but just for halos, mochi, ice cream monolith. You just want to make sure you don't bring it up as high. Because if you bring up that, I should have really high up through the entire lit space and then you just make you look like you got punched in the eye. So it's a lot off control when it comes to blending for the Hales mochi, I but similar to the technique of hail smoky, I really helps to give you the illusion of around the eyes and slightly bigger sizes fall. So that's what we're gonna do now is the same thing like before. I'm just going to prep islets very, very quickly with a little bit of concealer and same thing, gonna just just a little bit of powder. So if a halo smoking again with the same three colors, you're going to use your transition color and create a crease for yourself. I would recommend again, like I fit somewhere in the middle. Not too high up because you don't want to look like you got punched. And usually when you focus on a spot, the brushwood Technically, bring that I showed up a little bit higher ready? So always keep that in mind when you choose to apply your eye shadows Don't worry. The eye shadow kind of things downwards to it's the last night because we're going to cover that up. Just focus on getting the line above to be as blended as possible. Okay, so once you have your cree shades down, your transition shades down onto your eyelids, open up. So generally this is look into the camera. So this is where you don't want any eyeshadow to go above. So this gives you enough definition here already. So am to blend everything down with From now on, don't blend it up with anymore because if not, you might get a little bit to bloom. So transition shades a good way for you to kind of, like map out your islets so you know where to blend and where not to kind of go beyond. I'm not gonna take my pen tool brush and I'm going to dip into the doctor shape and I'm going to put that on the outer and inner 1/3 off her mobile islet. Once you kind of said its fight with the placement of the color. You just take your blending brush and go over it again. Smooth out the minds and it should look something like that. Now, don't worry. Looks messy. There's always a messy phrase when it comes to playing eyeshadow and we're going to put a middle. We're gonna put a like to shit in the middle anyway, So don't worry too much about that. It's the same thing. I'm going to do it on the other side Now, even though Halo smoky you kind of want adopted might shape on the inner and outer, I would suggest focusing a lot more of the darker shade on the outer part because if you put too much dark on the inner, it can close off the eyes and make it look a lot smaller. So she looks something like that right now what? Basically, you have a little bit of spot in between off your mobile island. That's where the lighter shades gonna go. But the DACA shades out kind of wanna enter and out of part of your islets. Now, if you want the interstate to, I mean the middle shape to really, really pop, you can go back and put a little bit off, conceal a just to kind of give it a fresh base, So just show you the difference. So if you take a bit of your concealer, I'm going to do it for this ice. I'm just kind of going to apply to consular right here in the middle. So this is kind of like creating a fresh base for the bright color to go. So we'll make it a lot more vibrant like that and then decide I'm not gonna do it, so you can kind of see the difference. I am now going to take the lighter shade and focus it on the middle of the mobile islet. Same thing. Take your blending brush to blend. And if you feel like the Doctor, states are not as intense as you like it to be that you can always go back at the end, just like the take the brush go against the edges of the dark and light just to kind of merged them together so she looks something like that. Now I'm going to do the other side without the consumer, so you can kind of see that. That's a difference in terms off the pigmentation off the lighter shade. So this one has to conceal, and this one doesn't. So this one doesn't pop as much. You can use your finger to give it a little bit more intensity, because glitter shades work very well, especially the lighter shades with the warmth off your finger. This kind of blended out a little bit, but you can still see. It's not as intense as does sheet. With the consulate you own intensify it one more time. The doctor shades. I would do that now, so just take a little bit of the doctor. She It's just very quickly go over the inner and outer. Want that and then just take your blending brush one more time just to kind of give it a little bit, well, definition, and then blend it all out. One thing I forgot to mention is, if you want hormonal it, I always recommend blending sideways. So like a windshield wiper emotion vested circular motions because windshield wiper emotions, they rarely blow out your eye shadow, worst verses, secular motions. Then your brush has a tendency you're bringing. I shut off further out. So winter wipe emotions Hormonal it's is what I usually recommend that again is dependent on how much of its space you have. So this is how it should roughly look like a month that I showed was done. Now we're going to clean up at a little bit of mascara, and, um, eyeliner is the same thing you can also, I forgot. Take a little bit off the lighter shade and you're kind of going to go into inner corners. Here. You can go in circular motions. That's perfectly fine. And if let's say you feel that's a little bit too blown out or you want it to be less intense, just go over your blending brush with your powder, and then we just kind of going to go over the edges just so everything kind of becomes more seamless. So I'm not going to clean up below, huh? I, um hello, last lies any. I should have fallout. Okay, so this is how I should I should look like I'm not going to do with lineup for her because it's her preference. But generally wing minor or just normal, Lina will do. It's just add more definition to the last night. So this is just how normal line over looked like. Open your eyes. So this is just normal, Linus Normal. I know you don't really add a wing. It just adds definition to your lashes, which is good enough for me, in my opinion. But you can also go further and add a wing. So that's what I'll do now just to show you. So I added a small wing for her, so you can kind of see the difference now. Good out of it. So this is how I look like with Wing Lina. So this is how it looked like with eyeliner and mascara. So the same thing for the lower left, you just want a little bit. You're gonna make the top. So you're gonna put the doctor shade, look up in the inner and outer, and then take the light of shit put in the middle and then just take your blending brush one last time to blend it all out. Look up, 8. Final Thoughts: those have a three love. So just to recap, this is the halo smoky eye. We also did adopt like Radian from Lash Line to browse, and we'll set it up to, like Grady in From In a Corner to Out Akona so you can play around these three I looks to see which ones do you prop presently? For me, for monoliths, I think the easiest one is the fuss about I show You, which is a doctor like Grady in From Last Line all the way to your brow bone. That's a lot of definition, and it's a very easy way once you've mastered it. But generally model, it's pretty much the same as normal islets. You can play around of it, and you actually have the ability to kind of create you increase. So that's a lot of that's fun in the sense that you can experiment to see how you want, how high you want, I should have to be or how low you want it to be. It's all personal preference. There's no right or wrong way to do so. So those are the three looks. I hope you enjoy the three tutorials that I showed you hormonal islands. I hope it helps you. Thank you for watching. And I'll see you in my next class.