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How To 2x Your Online Business By Optimizing Your Email Open Rate

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To 2x Your Online Business Primer

    • 3. How To 2x Your Online Business By Optimizing Your Email Open Rate Part 1

    • 4. How To 2x Your Online Business By Optimizing Your Email Open Rate Part 2

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About This Class

If you're looking to double the results of your online business WITHOUT sending a ton more traffic, then this class if perfect for you. After going through the primer video, you will be walked through specifically how to double your online business by optimizing your email open rate (with a few ways you might never expect). This course is perfect for any online business owner, internet marketer, or affiliate marketer who already has at least 100 clicks being sent to their landing page. If that sounds like you, then be sure to enroll now.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, it's James Cans, Adela. Welcome to my course where I'm gonna be showing you how to double your online business by simply optimizing your open email rate. Isn't that pretty cool? Is that awesome? I can make this small little change to get amazing results. Now here's the even cooler part. This course isn't just about showing you how to go in there and change up your emails so you can get better open rates. There's actually a few other ways to do that and involves nothing with your email. Auto responders. Can you guess what they are? Do you know what they are? If you don't and you're looking toe, obviously increase your online business, get better results, and this is a short course you definitely want to sign up for. So with that being said, no other questions, no other comments. You want to know how it's done. Go ahead and hit and roll right now. I would forward to seeing you on the other side 2. How To 2x Your Online Business Primer: Hey, what's up? It's James Kansan ello and welcome to my course where I'm going to show you had a double your online business without sending more traffic. Now, consider this very short video. What's going to be a very short video, right? Hey, primer of basically what's going to be in the upcoming course. Okay, so what I'm going to do here is tell you about the four ways that you can easily do this without sending more traffic. And then from there, you can have a good idea of where you're gonna be getting your hands on. And with each specific section, I'm going to give you plenty of examples so they can actually put this into fruition, make it work, get some great ideas implemented, have fun and all that other fun stuff, right? So aside from that, you will have to have some type of offer, even if it's not yours. As long as you can send some type of traffic to a squeeze page of landing page, whatever it's gonna be, you can do this. Okay? You don't have to have your own product. Obviously you can, or you can use someone else's. So now that we've got that out of the way. Here are the four ways that you can do it, which I'm going to explain and will eventually break down into other videos. Okay, so first and foremost like I said, this is the primer. And what I want to give you is a great example. Actually learned from Pat Flynn, but he doesn't do a great job. No offense, power, unruly diving deep into it. So I got this idea from him, and I want to really break it down so I could make this as effective as possible. What I have in front of you right here is going to be called the 1000 visitor tests. Okay, so four things were going to happen anytime you have any type of offer, where and when it comes to a squeeze page, you have the email follow ups in an offer. Okay, so four things happened. This is just a random example. And these numbers aren't like anything crazy. OK, there. Pretty average. They're not really great. Let's move on from there. Right. So four things have it. You send 1000 people to a squeeze page and you get a 20% opt in. If you've been doing squeeze pages for any amount of time, you know that 20% is pretty much crap, regardless of what nature. And unless you're sending to, like, a high ticket webinar, then find maybe 20% is good. Okay, so you get 20%. That means 200 people opt into your squeeze page. Okay. From there, 60 of those people open up your first email, which is going to be 30%. Okay. And off those 60 people, 15% clicker email That's going to be nine clicks. And from them, you get about one purchase for $497. Now, I just used for 97 as a random example. Maybe it could have been a webinar they went through either way. Whatever it was $500. Maybe they got in on an application. I'm gonna talk about that later. Like I said, this is just an example. But let's look at what happens when you just change one thing like I talked about. This is nothing about sending any more traffic, But obviously you do have to have traffic coming in in the first place. Let's look at how big of a deal. Just changing around One small thing can make for you. Okay, so now change. One thing I would say we doubled a conversion. Just one little conversion. Okay, Like we talked about before. 20%. Opt in is pretty bad. Okay? I've had, like, 70 and 80% from lots of people. So in fact, 1000 visitor tests I had 71% often. So 20 is extremely low. Four years. Pretty low, too. So either way, we doubled out from 200 opting into 400 on your squeeze pages. And now we have 40%. Okay? And now we have 400 people, so that if 30% of those open we're going in 120 people opening now, okay? And of those 120 people now, we're getting 18 people clicking, OK? And if we're averaging around about every 10 clicks and your email for purchase, Okay, Now we're doubling that to to purchases of 4 97 So do you see how big of a deal it is? Just changing around one conversion. And the best thing about this is you don't just have to change one conversion. Heck, let's say you had 20% on your squeeze page. You could double the amount of people that open your first email, or you could double the amount of people that click your email. Okay. Do you see what I'm getting from? And the best part about this you don't even always have to double all of them. All right, Maybe you can double one. That'd be awesome. But then you know what can obviously increase the other ones. And that's really how you gonna make big changes in your business? There's a quote, Alec. Single time. It's small hinges, swing big door. Since the same exact thing in this course I'm giving you the ideas here in terms of the things you can edit and manipulate in order to obviously double your business or even more . And this was the primary. I just wanted to kind of introduce you to these ideas. Within each video, I'm going to explain ideas and tips of how you can actually increase thes double lease and go from there. Okay. So with that being said, that's the kind of introduction in primer. And I look forward to seeing you in the next video 3. How To 2x Your Online Business By Optimizing Your Email Open Rate Part 1: Hey, what's up? It's James cans and all. And welcome to my course where I'm gonna be showing you how to double your online business by simply optimizing your email open right now, you would think that the only thing you need to do here is obviously go to your auto responder, edit your email, change around the subject line, and you're gonna be good to go. But if you thought that you'd be thinking horribly wrong, there is much more to it. Which is why I wanted to really create a segment for each section of doubling your business because there's always much more to it. So before I begin, what I want to let you know is that as you get deeper into the steps, not only should you be doing what I recommend in terms of like the biggest mover in this example, it's going to be changing around your email subject line. You always want to look at the steps previously and ask yourself, How can I get someone more likely to open my email? All right, so in this case, the first place you would start from would be any type of link. It could be a free link. It could be from an email. Could be from an ad. And normally you're not going to really say too much about, like how you're going to download whatever you're offering. So on Facebook, you would say, Click this, add to get, and then you would say, whatever is in your awesome headline, you're not usually going to say like it's going to be a download is gonna be sent to your email that's going to be done after. So the original starting place you're gonna wanna look at is going to be your squeeze page . So think of it this way. How can we use your squeeze page to get more people opening your first email? Okay, don't think too hard. I'm actually gonna tell you, but that's how you got to start thinking so normally we have. You know what, you're getting The big benefit headline and then a nice little benefit after now when I click on download now, watch what happens. Okay, there's a reason why I say Please enter your best email below. To get into the Axis actually can take offense to acts probably could be super instant just to put to get access or whatever. And then, once again, I put into your best email address here. I don't want their spam email. I don't want their secondary email. I don't want their goldfish is email. I want their best email address and to really back that up. What I said here, I even put it in bold just so you can see it. All right, your free template will be sent to your email address. Okay, If they read that, what does that mean? Okay, that means they're probably there's a good chance they're not going to be getting it on the next page. So what does that mean? They have to put in a really email address. If they want to get X theft, open up their email and actually click on your email and open it up? What's that going to mean? If they read that and understand that and comprehend that more opens. Okay, you see what I'm getting at here? There's a reason why I have every single step for all these squeeze pages and everything else in here. It's toe literally help you with every step of doubling your business, so keep that in mind not just editing your email opens. Obviously, your subject line, that's not gonna only be the reason to help. Okay, this is another great way, and that's why this is here. But I'm still not done right? So that's the squeeze page. That's a great way to get people obviously looking for your email, because that's how they're going to download their gift. So obviously one someone upset, they're going to be sent to a thank you page. Right? Here's an example. Thank you. Pages just threw together and put a video on. Either way says congratulations. Watch this video to get your gift. Your free gift. Okay, so I'm not gonna believe the video. It's just going to talk over me, But what can we say in your video that's gonna help send someone to their inbox? What can we write on this Thank you page that's going to send someone to their inbox. For an example, I put check your inbox for an email from okay, and I put my name because if it's cold traffic, people don't know who the hell you are, OK, you might think your name is special, unique and different. It's not okay. People are gonna literally forget in, like, three seconds. OK? That's why you gotta build up trust with them, get them to know him So on so forth. Then you can say with a subject line off X Y z All right, this is going to be, like, super customizable, because if you say, like, hey, you're gonna be getting your free gift in, like, three minutes. So after this video ends, go check her inbox for an email for me. My name is James Kansan. Ella with a subject line of click here to download your cheat sheet. Okay, I literally told them exactly everything you expect everything that do what they're going to be getting out of that and the benefits of it, right? That's probably what I talk about in the video. And aside from that in the video, I would also explain everything I just told you. Okay. It's like, Hey, thanks for opting into get your free gift. This is not a sales letter or sales message or anything like that. In three minutes or in a minute and 34 seconds after this video ends, make sure you check her inbox firm and eat for an email for me. My name is James Kansan. Ella, the subject line is going to be click here to download your cheat sheet. That's how you're gonna get it. So make sure once this video and you do that. And then I would probably tell them a little bit about me, what they can expect and so on and so forth. So they know what to expect them telling them what to do. There's Don't you think there's gonna be a much higher chance that someone's gonna actually go through and basically, you know, click on that email regardless of what it says. Okay, you could also give instructions here about how the white list your email. Well, that's not really going to help the first email, so to speak, because they obviously have to go to an open. At first. I mean, you could do that, but that's really gonna help with future emails. Okay, so that's just another idea. Either way, these are a lot of the steps that you can take in terms of not even editing up your subject line. All right, so that's this video. I'm going to do one more where I'm obviously gonna show you how to edit the emails and we'll see you there. 4. How To 2x Your Online Business By Optimizing Your Email Open Rate Part 2: All right. So here we are in a Weber, and I want to show you that getting, you know, 20% open rates is pretty bad, regardless of the traffic where you're getting it from and being able to double that isn't going to be all that difficult. Okay, I'm gonna show you a few examples from different niches, different types of traffic, a lot of cold traffic, a lot of hot traffic and everything in between. This was an example from the golf niche. As you can see, your golf swing presentation your golf swing tip presentation dot, dot dot Got a nice little 70% open. Let me check a few others just to show you what I've done. The weird affiliate secrets. All right. Right around 39%. That can definitely do much better. But you, the way that was for a webinar, that's 39%. This one was for a product. Okay, as you can see, very easy to get a high open rates when it comes to a product. But either way, that's gonna be 80% there. Here's one. That's cold traffic. This was one right? Only did one follow up and everything else was broadcast. As you can see, 40%. Here's another cold traffic one download. Your gift has promised 37.5. OK, so that's looking to be around average is around 40. So, like anything, 20% is pretty crappy. And this one was 100% cold traffic. Download your clean eating report that I probably could have done a little bit better. But either way, 46.4. Not bad for the 1st 1 Okay, just giving you a lot of examples. So let me hop into an email. Or actually, I don't even need to hop open in an email. What I'm gonna do is open up a no pad and just give you some ideas about what you can use for your subject line. Okay. All right. Cool. So here we are, a nice little no pad. We don't need the full email. I didn't want distract you. So what? I've noticed work. The best is usually what's the most simple? As you saw previously, it was like here is your golf swing presentation. Here is your clean eating report. Here is your download here. Is this here is access. Okay, I'm giving them everything they were already expecting to get. All right, remember, I set their expectations, and a lot of those they didn't use a lot of the tips you saw previously in terms of getting them to open more. So a lot of those could be changed. A lot of those air old, which is why I have been changed them. So keep in mind, I probably the ones I used the best now would be like click here to download your X y z, so X y z, you can be cheat list. Okay. Or it could be click here to download your affiliate template. Okay. I like using called the actions and emails. I feel like you don't see that a lot. Okay, Especially in the in box. So someone reads click here to download your affiliate template. There's more chances they're going to do it just for my testing. Or like, here is your X y z. Whatever they signed up for. Watch your golf swing presentation here. Then I did one. That was kind of Let's see, year. You're one of the lucky few. Okay, that one did kind of well, but it really depends on where your traffic sources coming from and how well you, you know, do in terms of getting them to the email box. You're one of the lucky few. That's pretty that could meet anything. Okay. Could be like a your special. Okay, whatever it's going to be doesn't really mean there gonna be getting anything out of it in terms of a gift or a presentation. The one thing I don't recommend is using free. Okay. Free happens to trigger the spam box a lot with spam filter a lot. So I don't recommend doing that. So would be, like, you know, get your, you know, affiliate gift here instead of putting, like, get your free affiliate gift here. Okay, So aside from that, you don't need to do anything fancy. You can test it out. I've also noticed that, like, congratulations. Here is your free gift, Right? Something like that would not work out well again. Gonna separate it so you don't use it. Congratulations. Makes it sound like and pretty sure that's one of those spam sugar words. Where the seller. Congratulations. You won the lotto or, like you won $500 to your bank deposit where people, you know, just do these phony emails. So pretty sure. Congratulations. A spam trigger word. I know. Free is. So don't use something like that. Congratulations is good to use when they get to your thank you page, as you saw previously. So when they opt in said congratulations. Please watch this. Quick, one minute video to see how to get your free gift. This is not a sales video. Has something along the lines of that Do not use congratulations in the 1st 1 and don't use free. Okay, so I stick with what I'm showing you here, and you should be pretty good to go, like, 40% should be around average. And then from there, depending on what auto responder used, you can actually split test subject lines so you could do like one could be click here to download your cheat list, or one could be, like clicker to down your download your affiliate cheat list. Okay, so something like that could make a difference between 345% depending on how much traffic you send. All right, so that's another way of doing obviously a split testing your subject lines Some other responders have that some don't. So that's just going to be an extra feature. That's just another way of doing it. But either way, that's kind of wrapping it up. Keep it extremely simple, and what you want to do is start on the squeeze page. Let them know that it's going to be sent to the email inbox just so they get the extra perspective of saying whom I need to enter in an actual email. Otherwise, I'm not going to get it. Then, on the thank you page, you have multiple spots to tell them. The basically check their inbox could be at the top, could be at the bottom. It could be in the video wherever you want, but the more spots in the more times you tell them that, Hey, check your inbox. The more chances you're gonna get a higher open rate, which obviously is going to be a big mover when it comes to doubling your online business without sending a ton more traffic with just the traffic you might be having already. So with that being said, that's the course. If you learned anything new, if you got at least one golden nugget out of this. Give it 800 stars. Give it 753 thumbs up a few stars. A few comments a few likes, whatever you want to do it greatly. Appreciate it. And with that being said, I am James Kansan. Ella, thank you for watching and I'll talk to you soon.