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How To 10x Your SOCIAL SKILLS and Make Friends INSTANTLY!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. How to Make Friends Video

    • 2. Your Foundation

    • 3. How To Begin Hanging Out

    • 4. Learn To Contribute

    • 5. Be Picky & Don't Be Picky

    • 6. Getting Familiar With Social Environments

    • 7. How To Become More Interesting

    • 8. Using Your Own Voice

    • 9. How to Better Your Conversation Skills

    • 10. How to tell Interesting Stories

    • 11. Beginning The Practice

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to make friends in business, college, and/or life.  Making friends an important life lesson anyone can learn.  It doesn't matter if you've just moved to a new town, are interacting with others in a business setting, or are starting at a new school.  It is a skill that ANYONE can learn.  All this course asks from you is your full attention and a mindset that is willing to learn.

Making friends is a social skill and I want to share everything I know with you.


This is what leading scientist say about the friends you surround yourself with.  It's said that the 7 closest people you surround yourself with is who you're most like.  So if you spend your time with less than ambitious individuals, their personalities can rub off on you, just as surrounding yourself with excited, outgoing, and motivated hard workers can rub off on you.

Start working on this course today and find out what you really need to make friends.  You'll find that making friends isn't as hard as you might think.

This course is for anyone who's ever had trouble making friends, become uncomfortable in public situation, and/or feel like they're missing something in their everyday interactions.

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1. How to Make Friends Video: I have a question for all of you. How your friendships are you enjoying your lives? Are you happy? Are you enjoying the experiences that you're having? A sad thing is most people will answer. No, they're not. Harvard University came up with a study that said, If you hang out with amazing happy people, it will make your life happier. It will give you new experiences and it will make your over all life better. I'll be completely honest with you. I wasn't the type of person who was always able to make friends. I was that person who sometimes sat in the corner of the room and never said anything. But with diligence and perseverance, I was able to push forward and change that. And now I want to teach all of you everything that I've been able to learn and realizing that it's not that hard. Any buddy could do it, no matter what age. I don't care if you're 13 or your 55. These are concepts that will apply to every single person. I've been able to build self confidence, communication skills that will now last a lifetime, and friends that I was actually able to meet because I was able to take that first step forward. I can promise you this. If you follow everything I say, you will see results and you will see positive results. You'll be able to move forward in that direction of finally being able to make true and honest friends. I love this quote by Albert Einstein, and he said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting different results. And that's what we're always doing are always doing the same thing over and over, hoping that we're gonna have a different result and that this time people will want to be our friends. I'm here to tell you that it's time to make a change. Stop sitting at home alone. Stop being that person in the corner of the room, not saying anything at all. Start living the life you want to live. Start living the life that you deserve. Within this course, I'm gonna give you that. I'm gonna give you everything that you deserve 2. Your Foundation: welcome everybody to the course. It's gonna help you all make friends. Now, you may want to make friends because you're moving to a new town. Or maybe you're going to a new school. Or maybe you're working on a new job. Or maybe if you're already at those places right now, But you want to know, how can you make friends? How can you meet new people? What can you actually do? There's a point in my life for making friends wasn't very easy. I get caught up in my head and I be thinking, Oh, what should I do? Hear How should I act in this specific situation? It was too much of me thinking in my head and not really working from a foundation. I mean, we had great things that I could offer to a group situation or just to one single person. I had things within myself that I could offer. I could tell great stories. I had skills that nobody else had. I had things that made me unique. Just like you're gonna have things that make you unique. That's where you gonna find throughout this course. Everyone is unique. Your unique in your own way, just as I am just a your next door neighbor is. But we get to decide and we get to choose whether or not the people were talking to get to see that side of us and not everyone gets to. And I'd always come at it from the wrong point of view. And I think I have to try and impress them and do this and do this. What? It really comes down to having very simple concepts. And the first men we have to get down is our foundations. That's why I made it the first video within this course. If we don't have, our foundations were going to collapse and we're going to crumble. I like to think about it as like a tree house. You could have a tree house and you could have everything you want in this tree house. You could have the biggest, baddest tree house in the world. You could have a tree house that has a swimming pool inside. It could have a bedroom inside. It could have a place for you to park your cars. You have a ramp that goes up into your, uh, great tree house. But now, if this tree house doesn't have any roots, it does not have a foundation to stand upon what's gonna happen to the treehouse. Any two year old can figure this out, the tree house will be up and it will inevitably fall. Any gust of wind comes by, it's gonna collapse. And that's how it is for us as people where we are that tree house. And any time we talk to someone, if someone says something contradictory to what we're saying or they question something, or maybe they're not even questioning, are contradicting anything, they're just asking us a simple question and being polite and kind. That is our gust of wind. Sometimes we don't know how to act in that situation, and that makes us our treehouse fall, and we don't get to show everybody everything that we have inside all the cool things that we've been able to make over the years. We don't get to show anybody any of that, so that's what we have to get this foundation down. So the first thing that we have to realize if you want anyone to become your friend, whether that's a business college or in life. If you want someone to become your friend, they have to enjoy being around you. So a lot of people think, OK, I want to have friends, so I have to have a lot of money. I have to have all these experiences. I have to have 1000 different things people think of. But if you can get rid of all those ideas, all those thoughts for this video get rid of all of those and just think about this soul thing. People have to enjoy being around you. They have to enjoy being around you. So that's why you'll see people who don't have a lot of money. But they hang out with all these rich people. They're going on cruises all the times. If someone has a private boat that they go on or they go to someone's mansion, our penthouse, and you're wondering, how did these people get to hang out with them when they don't have any money? You may have Ah ah, relative that's like this. You may have friends who are like this, or you may know people who have friends or relatives who are like this and these people how they're able to hang out with all these rich people and do all these fancy cool things is because people enjoy being around them. That's what they have to offer to a situation. They're like, OK, I can offer you money, but I can offer you an experience. Every time you're with me, you're gonna laugh. You're gonna have fun. You're gonna enjoy being around me. And we have to realize this first initial thing. Everyone must enjoy being around us in order to be our friends. Because if they don't enjoy being around us in no way they're gonna want to be our friends . Nor would you want to be friends of anyone if you don't enjoy being around them. So we have to make sure that we understand this concept completely. We have to make sure that people enjoy being around us. That's our very first thing here. The second point to this now for our foundation, is we have to stop trying to play things super cool. So some people have this idea that in order to make friends, they have to be the cool person, the cool one in the group, the one who kind of stands off and doesn't really care when someone asked them and hang out there like, Oh, you know, I don't know. Let me check my schedule. They try to play things very, very cool. I want you to get this idea, though. Out of your head. If you start trying to play things really cool, what happens is you come off of someone who's standoffish, who doesn't have a lot of energy and is not fun to be around. So I'll give you an example of this. If you called someone up and he said, Hey, um, I want to go to this museum tomorrow. Do you want to join me? And they and they answer the phone and they go, uh, you know, maybe. Okay. And my schedule's open. Sure. Yeah. Let's go do that. Compared to someone. If you called him to say, hey, tomorrow, I want to go to a museum. Do you want to join? And they answer. And they're like, Oh, yeah, that totally awesome. Which museum do you want to go to? Dude, I've never been to that one before. That person, they have more energy than more excited. Which person are you gonna want to hang out with more. The one who doesn't seem all that interested in who's playing it cool and like Yeah, OK, we can go. All the one who wants to go with you, The one who wants to enjoy this experience with you. I've had this before Why? I've gone and asked people to hang out the people who are excited to hang out with me. Other people I want to hang out with more If someone who doesn't want to hang out with me, I don't want to hang out with them. And what will happen is if I call someone and they're kind of like, Yeah, sure, I'm gonna make sure I bring other people along, so I'm not gonna want to just hang out with someone who's trying to play it cool. The time is like, yeah, whatever. I don't care. And a lot of people try to play it cool because they don't want to seem too eager or too needy. You can still be excited and have energy without seeming to needy. You know, it's not saying like, Oh, my gosh, I was waiting for you to call me. I've been sitting by the phone all day long for you to just call me and ask me to hang on to do something. Now that you asked me to go to the museum, that's awesome. That would be way too eager. But you can still be exciting to go. Whoa! Yeah, that's also what museum is it? Oh, I've never been to that one or yes, I've been to that one before. It's great. Let's go. You could even say, Hey, let's go get more people to come along with us and you can have a bigger group situation. But you have to make sure that your understanding these core foundational tips you have to one have people enjoy being around you. You have to to get rid of your idea of playing it cool. Stop playing it safe now. The third point here is we have to being excited about things. I talked about it a little bit with this example of our plane and cool. We also have to make sure that we're excited. We have energy. It's just another way of saying have energy. Sometimes different words will resonate with different people on your find within these videos that I'm gonna be using some different words, but there's six don't mean similar things. It's just so you guys can get the core concepts down much easier. But you have to have energy. You gotta be excited. And you have to do this by finding exciting moments in your everyday life. Find moments when you wake up and you're like, You know what? Today is a day that I get to live my life, and today is the day that maybe I'm gonna get to hang out with people or I'm gonna try and hang out with people Or, you know what? I'm so excited because on Wednesday I'm gonna be doing this really cool thing. We have to find ways that we can build up our energy, that we can have excitement. Now, this doesn't mean you have to run around all the time going. Hey, whoa, Everything super awesome and cool. You could still have your mellow moments. It's not saying that you have to be overly excited, but even people who aren't overly excited have a certain energy to themselves. It's not. People who come across is boring who? When people talk to them, they talk like I, um Yeah, Cool. What do you What do you want him cappuccino with? With that? Like if you go to Starbucks, people are gonna say, Do you wanna cappuccino with that bagel? That would be super boring of a person to talk to and deal with. So instead, someone might say, OK, that's great. Do you want a cappuccino with that bagel? That's a little bit more energy. And there is not having to say, Oh, that's so also. Hey, do you wanna cap cappuccino with that bagel? You don't have to go overboard like that. You confined your middle ground of what's natural for you. Everyone will have different middle grounds of natural energy for themselves, So if yours is a little higher, that's awesome. If there is a little lower, that's okay. You just can't go below this threshold of becoming boring, because that's when people won't want to hang out with you. And that's when you won't be enjoyable to be around. If you're born, you won't be enjoyable. This especially comes down to when you're hanging out with women. Women love people who have energy, people who can make them laugh. Who can have let them have exciting moments in their life. They love that, and guys like that to guys like Hey, let's go do something. Let's go do this new thing. Let's go do this. They like adventure. Everybody likes adventure. Everyone likes being able to enjoy experiences with different people. So you have to become enjoyable by stop trying to play it cool and have energy be excited. This is the core foundation that you have to build upon once you get this, then you can start building upon the rest of these videos. But we have to start from a certain place in the very beginning. I can't just say, Hey, let's just go build a pool in this tree house. Let's make sure this tree house can support having a pool inside of it. Let's make sure that it has the roots. Let's make sure us as human beings, we have the roots and we're not gonna have any gust of wind blow us down. So I hope you guys like this video. Make sure throughout this course you have a pen and paper out and you're riding these things now because that's how you're going to start to remember this stuff even more and better. So make sure you guys get a pen and paper out. Write this stuff down. I'm gonna see you guys in the next video by guys. 3. How To Begin Hanging Out: So in today's video, we're talking about how to start going and hanging out with people, how you can start getting in situations where you can start being with more people, where you guys are either going to amusement parks and you guys are going to dinner. You guys are going to see movies, Whatever. We're going to start to talk about this today, and I want to keep it very, very simple. We can make it complicated. We can go into all these different ideas and ideologies and start to get into the very deep psychological things. But I don't want to teach you that if I don't have to teach you that, because when I go on, I'm gonna go and try and meet new people are have new friends or going do things. I'm not thinking about a 1000 different things that are going on. I have the core fundamentals of what I know. I have the routes. You have to have your roots for this. How can you start hanging out with people more? What can you do? You know, maybe you have friends now, But if you go and move to a different town, are you going to still be able to make friends, you have to know these routes. So what we're talking about today are one thing that you have to stop doing it, and one thing that you have to start doing. So you have to stop being someone who is a waiter. And what a waiter is is someone who just sits back and just kind of waits for things to happen. You have to be someone who starts. You have to be an initiator. Now I want to say this. People fall into these categories. You're either someone who's a waiter or you're someone who's more of an initiator. There are two types of people now. Both these people, though I have seen go and do things in their life. They go and do things in terms of hanging out with different people, people who are stoppers, people who wait, they do. They do get people who hang out with them. They do have people who call them up and say, Hey, let's go do something, let's hang out. There are also people who are initiators. Now I'm gonna tell you this from my experience of my own personal experience, and seeing other people who fall into these categories. Guess which one of them is the one who hangs out more. The one who has more fun. The one who was doing more things. The one who's enjoying there, life more. Guess which one it is. If you picked the initiator, you're correct. And the reason is is because the initiator is creating opportunities for himself while the waiter is not. So. I want you to think about someone who wants to become an actor. Let's say so. There's someone who wants to be an actor, but they decided to wait. They wanna have fame, come to them. They want to have the luck come to them so they don't go and try to get an agent. They don't go and bother getting great head shots. They don't initiate themselves to go forward. They just kind of waiting and seems And hey, will my phone call with my phone ring one day? Well, I get a call from somebody. Well, I just answer an email and CEO. Somebody wants me to be in their movie. Steven Spielberg said, Hey, come on down, Come be In my movie, there are people like that, or there are people who are initiators, people who start people who actually move forward and make an effort to try and make something happen for themselves. This is why successful entrepreneurs are people who are really big initiators. They move forward, they don't settle, they don't sit back and wait for something to happen. But someone who's a waiter does, and that person doesn't have as many opportunities come forth to them. It's kind of like somebody who wants to get a really attractive girlfriend or boyfriend. The person who waits around and doesn't bother trying to talk to people who they think is attractive if they think someone is wow really hot, like Wow, this person, so attractive But they never go on talk to them and they're always waiting, hoping that person comes to them. That person has less of a chance compared to someone who initiates someone who's like you know what? I find this person really attractive. Let me go and talk to them. Let me go and see what maybe can happen. So you have to become an initiator and an initiator is also someone who doesn't just sit back. If you're in a group of people and wait and hope someone comes to talk to him. It's kind of like of you out of party. Sorry. Let me move My, my. It's kind of like if you're at a party, enjoy sitting down and everyone's all mingling and socializing and you're waiting for someone to come and talk to you. So you've been in these moments, you've seen these moments before Here's you right here. And then we're gonna have a bunch of other people at this party. No, here's the people at the party, and here's you. These people are all talking, socializing, mingling. You're here. You're waiting for someone from this group to come and talk to you. Here's the thing, though. The reason that it's gonna be very hard to have someone come over here to you is because you're being a waiter. You're not initiating anything. You come across someone who's boring cause you're sitting here and you come across maybe more shy. You have to be someone who is an initiator. So if you are here, there is a possibility that someone may come and talk to you. It's true. What are the odds of that I don't know. You could get some mathematician to come in and say OK, the odds of having someone come and talk to you is this. But you have 100% chance of talking with somebody. If you actually go to this group and start speaking to them, you have 100% chance of talking to somebody. You do not have that same odds, though, if you just sit around hoping for something to happen. So you have to make sure that you get this idea in your head of becoming an initiator. So if you are someone who is a waiter, you have to get rid of that completely. Now, you already are kind of an initiator. You're starting on this process because you did enroll in this course you did by this course. So you are taking those initial steps. But you can't stop here. You can't settle. You have to make sure that you apply everything that you're learning here. So in your everyday life, in the outdoors, in the world, when you're with people in your socialising, stop being someone who's a waiter and start initiating. Don't be in a group situation waiting for someone to talk to. You initiate talk about something. Tell them a story about how your day's been. Asked them a question. But don't sit there and wait and hope home. Man, I hope this person talks to Mayo. Please talk to me because it's not the best thing for you is not gonna have the best chances for you to make friends. The way for you to make friends is people have to get to know you. You let people know. Hey, I'm here. You're like advertising yourself. Basically. You have your burger, Julie. Now you gotta advertise it to everybody. You have to let everyone know. Hey, I'm here. If you sit down, nobody knows you're there. But if you talk and you say, Hey, how's it going? You're starting to market yourself now, Once you're marketing yourself, your advertising, you're letting people hate know. Hey, I'm here. That's what happens when you're an initiator. People start to realize, Oh, you're here. You exist. Oh, this burger places at the corner of the block. Great. That's when people start to come and talk to you. That's when they try the burger out. After you've advertised yourself by being an initiator, and that's when you're excited when you have energy and you could talk to people and they realize, Wow, this person is really great. So you have to realize how important being an initiator is. Being an initiator is basically being an advertiser. Your advertising yourself. So if we think about it in layman's terms, a business, you have your business here. You got to get people to know about it, so you have to advertise. And then once you advertising people start coming. You have to make sure that you sell them. The great burger is not the ones that have fallen on the floor. So that is you. When you're excited, you're positive. You haven't energy that you're able to bring forward. No, here is another way that an initiator gets to do more things. An initiator. Instead of waiting for someone to ask him to go and hang out and do something, the initiator will say, Hey, you know what? Tomorrow let's hang out. Let's do something. And you know what? Even if you don't know what to do it all, you don't have anything planned. It's way better to be this person and say and they go, Hey, yeah, What's up? What are we gonna do? It's way. Better to say, I don't know, But let's go hang out. Let's do something. You know, Let's get a group together. Hey, let's go get Geo Jennifer, Bobby, Rachel, That's algo Let's all go and hang out. That is much better than just sitting at home, watching Netflix and waiting and hoping that someone calls your phone to hang out. You're gonna have a much more better chance of success if you actually pick up the phone and you actually call people start to initiate things or if you're in a group situation instead of leaving. When no one asked, You are hoping someone would ask you to go and hang out and do something. Next week you're in this group Instead of just leaving at the end of the day and not having anything come out of it, you can say, Hey, you know, it's been great talking to you guys. You know, I have this thing that I'm doing next week. Do you guys wanna hang out? We should all get together or if you guys have been talking about something in the conversation Maybe you guys were talking about a movie or a restaurant because I hate you know, Let's stop talking and let's actually do something about this. Let's go to this restaurant and see how it is. Are you going to say when it comes to the movies, you could say You know what? Let's not be people who skepticism about whether this movie's gonna be good. Let's go on, be the credits. Let's go and see the movie Next week I'm free or you guys free and then you guys can work out a schedule. And that way you are being an initiator to push forward in order to start hanging out with people. And once you start hanging out with them, it's easier for them to become your friends. Just like when you have this business here. If you're advertising to people and you're saying and you have great energy and they like to be around you, they like the food in there. They like what you're giving off. Then it's gonna be a way easier to go and hang out and make friends with them. So this is a very, very, very important concept that I can't stress enough to all of you. Start being someone who is an initiator. Stop being a waiter. There are moments in your life when you can wait. But when you're trying to make friends, you have to be proactive and go out there and say, Hey, let's go hang out. Let's do something. And you know what? Once you do this, it's gonna be much easier to be reciprocated because once you start asking people to hang out, you know what they're going to do. They're going to start asking you to hang out. So you initiated something and you said, Hey, let's go to the movies. Let's go to this restaurant that we're talking about or let's go to this museum And then you know what? The next week they go, Hey, you know what? I I want to go to the beach. What? You should come. We had such a fun time doing this. Join us. We can all go and they will start inviting you to things. And the best part is if you start making friends with a lot of people when you're in a group, someone from that group is also going to try to initiate something. So when someone else tries to initiate something, you also get to come along with them. So it's a constant flow that everyone's ableto hang out with each other. And this is the way that you can really start to make friends. So again, stop being a waiter and start to be an initiator. Make sure that you guys all right this down. It's a very important concept for all of you to get. All right, I'll see you guys next time. Bye, guys. 4. Learn To Contribute: Hello. Welcome back, everybody to today's video. So today we're gonna be talking about how use need to start being a contributor. You need to start being someone who contributes to the moment when you're in conversation or you're in a group. Now, one of the important things to realize is that someone is always contributing something at some point in time, all the time. So what I mean by this is when you're in a group situation, you are contributing something as well as everyone else in the group. Sometimes people like contributing high energy excitement there, enjoyable to be around. Other people are sometimes more down and depressed and, uh, happy and sad and all these different things that maybe turned people off a little bit more . Everyone comes in with a sort of different energy that they're bringing into the room. They come and they're contributing something different. So we're gonna talk today about what you can contribute and what you have to offer. Now, I'm gonna talk about the main things now. There may be something that you find out for yourself and you're like, You know what? I actually contribute this, And if you do that's great. But what I want to talk with all of you are some of the important things that you really have to look at. And if you have one of these things that can make you even more successful. So here are some of the reasons why people hang out with others and what they have to offer positively. We don't need to talk about the negative things to offer because we're not gonna try and offer those anyway, So we might as well talk about the things when people are in group situations. What are they offering when I'm hanging out with 20 people? What are those 20 people all offering someone's offering something. So some things that are offer our humor? Sometimes you have some people who are just extremely funny. They walk into the room, they light it up. They comptel a joke right away. Those people are very enjoyable to be around. They still have high. They still have high energy. Another. They're excited and everything. But they have humor. They're not telling a joke going. Knock, knock. Who's there? They're not talking like that. They're telling a joke from a place of excitement. They enjoy being in the moment. Then there are people who are great conversationalists. Sometimes there are people who just there there, able to talk for two hours long, and they're perfectly fine. There's just some people who are great at conversation, and they can make you feel really special while you're talking to them. And that's what those people contribute. So people enjoy being around people who have humor. People enjoy being around people who can add to a great conversation. There are also people who have a sense of fun. They have energy. So any time that they come in through room, they're always having fun. Every time someone's with him like Oh my gosh, that is just so fun to be around. I'm sure that you know that there's people in your life like that. Have you heard people? Maybe you've gone to school and you've heard someone say, Oh my gosh, I was hanging out with this person and they're just so fun to be around. The next one is is money and social status. Now I want to be realistic about this and say that this is a true factor. People who have a lot of money when they hang out in a group situation. People like when those people come because sometimes maybe those people, they pay for everything there. You have a lot of money where they can say, You know what, guys dinner's on me and they do enjoy being around those people. There are other people who have very high social status, and for those people they like those people cause they think, Wow, if I'm hanging out with them, I'm cool. They don't really care how this person acts, what their back story is. They just care that Wow, if I'm hanging out with this person, I'm instantly cool. It's kind of like that crazy high school scenario that even though there was the main girl , she was popular. And if you were with her then you were cool is now we have to realize when it comes to the money and social status that you don't really want to focus on those ones. You don't want to rely on having money and social status to happy behind out with you, and then also requires you to have money, a lot of money and to have a very high social status which maybe you don't have those things, and that's okay. But you want to be able to offer things that come from the inside because money you can lose money, social status, you can lose your social status. But what? You can't loses. You can't lose what comes from the inside. If you're naturally funny, you can't lose that. If you're great a conversation, you can't lose it. A sense of energy. Um, you're fun to be around. You can't lose that. But now say you're someone who you like. I don't have anything Are I don't know what I have yet. Maybe you have to figure it out. At least have a positive energy at least. No. When you go into the room, you can at least be positive. You're like, I don't know if I could be funny, but I can sure as heck be positive. Now I want to give you an example just to reinforce this idea that everyone has something different to offer and not everybody can always offer the same thing. So, for example, if you're someone who is very positive, but you're not someone who is very funny. If you try to force being funny if you try to act funny when you're not being funny, it's almost like if you were trying to act cool and maybe you don't think you're very cool , but you're trying to act cool. So then that would mean you're someone who maybe stands off your like, Yeah, I'm kind of indifferent about things, whatever. Um, so if you fall into one of these categories, that's a good that's could be a good thing. And don't feel like you have to change. Don't feel like Oh my gosh, I have to be this Why I have to be like this? You can develop yourself into those things, but don't think Oh my gosh, I need to change now. I have to be funny. Try to find what you already naturally have. First, once you find what you naturally have, what you can naturally bring, then starts maybe build off and say, Okay, I can naturally bring a positive energy. That's great. Then gradually start to maybe build up your humor. Start to learn jokes, start to hang if you hang out with money people. That's really how you start to become really funny, because once you hang out with them. The funniness kind of starts to rub off. When you after a while, you just pick it up automatically or being a great conversationalist. If you hang out with people who are great conversationalist, naturally you're going to become a better conversationalist at first. From day one, though, if you're not a good conversationalist, well, it'll take time. You can't expect it to just go right away. So I want to give the examples here of different businesses that you can have. You could have a burger business. You could have a taco business. You could have an ice cream business. What you don't want to have is you don't want to have the business that has nothing because this business doesn't offer anything. At least these ones offer something. So maybe, um, burgers would be a great conversationalist. Maybe tacos would be humor. Maybe ice cream would be, ah, sense of energy, Someone who's really fun. They have different things that they offer Now. The example I want to give is that since these people sell burgers now there great conversationalists and say they want to do humor well, forcing human would be like if they had their buns and then they try to put tacos in their in their hamburger buns and then they tried toe put different hamburger sauce is all on it . It's not going to really be a taco. It's not gonna be a great talk because they're trying to force it to happen. You have to realize what you naturally have. Okay, Burgers, tacos, ice cream, You realize what you naturally have, and then you congratulate, start to say Okay, I'm gonna add this and I'm gonna add this just like McDonald's. McDonald's started off Sally and what burgers and then milkshakes. And then they had their eyes creams. They were gradually able to build off and expand, but they had to start from someplace and know what their core thing was. What was it that they had to start out with? And you have to find that for yourself and again if you can't find it right away. If you don't know what it is, then at least be someone who could bring a positive energy into the situation. Don't be someone who's a Debbie Downer and like, Hey, guys, I want to tell you all about my problems because truthfully, maybe I sat is it is No one really wants to hear your problems all that much. You know, maybe unless they're really good friend of yours. But if they're not and you're trying to make new friends, you don't want to be someone who's a Debbie down. And you wanna have that positivity. So realize this everyone is always contributing something all the time. You just have to realize, what is it that you have? What is it that you offer and then start to grow? What else you want to offer on top of that? So if you can offer a positive energy and then you gradually start to maybe be able to offer humor and then being a good conversationalist and realizing that once you have one thing and you know what yours is, don't try to force another thing. Don't be a burger person. Try to force your burgers to become ice creams. Just gradually start to expand and grow. But know what you have first. That's very important, right, guys? So congratulations and everybody who made it through this video and I will see you all in the next video. My guys 5. Be Picky & Don't Be Picky: All right. So the next thing is is to be picky. And don't be picky. So what do I mean by this? What I mean is that no one is going to be 100% perfect for what you're looking for in a friendship. Now, some people get very nit picky on the minor details, and they say, Oh, my gosh, this person is not a football player. So I can't be their friend, or this person doesn't look cool enough to me. So I can't be their friend or this person doesn't have this car, so I can be their friend or ABC. Andy, you can pick whatever it is that you want to pick, but you just can't be too picky. But yet we still have to be a little picky. We still have to have boundaries. And those are the two points that we're going to really be focusing on today is that no one's perfect and you have to have boundaries. So I wanted to think about it from this perspective of you owning a fast food chain restaurant. So maybe your fast food chain, your restaurant is in a business complex, and you love all the business people who come to your fast food chain restaurant. They come in. They're very polite. The order lots of food. You make great money off of them you love when they come in, it's just great. You have great conversation every time they walk through the doors. But now you also have people who are walking by this business complex who are also hungry and they wanna have food. And maybe these are some surfer people. Maybe your business is somewhat close to the beach. So now you have all these surfer dudes coming in and they're saying, Oh, hey, I want a cheeseburger and maybe they're not as polite as the business people are. They don't have all the qualities that the business people do have. So they're not buying tons and tons of food. Maybe they're just buying some prize or a cheeseburger. And you know, they're not the polite. Or maybe they just don't smell the best all the time, but it's bearable. But now let's say someone else wants to come in 1/3 group. 1/3 person wants to come in. So you have your business people. You have your surfer people But now someone wants to come in and there butt naked. No clothes on it all. They're completely filthy, completely dirty. And they expect to walk through that door and for you to serve them food. Well, in that situation you have to have boundaries. Because if you let that person come in in there butt naked while someone else is gonna come in and there butt naked, you have to have boundaries for yourself. Still. So in that situation, you say Okay, look, I'm sorry I can't serve you. You need to have clothes on. Please get out of here. So you have to make sure that you still have some boundaries. But you can't be too picky because not everybody is going to be perfect. And we have to get that mentality down and stop thinking we're gonna find that perfect, amazing person to be our friend. And maybe along the lines, maybe as you got start to get to know more and more people and you're doing more things and you're interacting more. Maybe you're fine people who will become your very best friends because our best friends is very small group. We usually have our group of friends where we have a lot of friends, maybe outside here. But then we have our core group of people who we consider our best friends. It's kind of like that TV show friends, you know, they still new people, but their core group, those were the best friends. And that's kind of how you have to think about this whole thing is that people will come in and out of your life and you're gonna have a lot of friends here, are there, You know, some people may move. Maybe your move, different career paths, different life choices will decide where someone is, is at a given time, and along the lines, you will find those people who will become your best friends. But if you're trying to get your best friends right off the bat, you're trying to hit a home run right out the gate. Well, it's gonna be very hard, but if you keep swinging your back over and over, eventually you're gonna get that home run. You're gonna have a lot of hits where you're gonna hit the ball. But they're not gonna be home run hit. So you have to remember that now do not mistake this, though. And think that because no one's perfect, that you're just gonna settle, not telling you to settle. So you still have your boundaries. Don't just go to the druggie on the corner of the street and say, Hey, well, you know you have your issues, but it's okay. Everyone has their issues. You do your drugs or whatever, because life choices that other people make can really affect your choices and how you interact in the world on what you do. And if you just have one toxic friend in your life, just one, it can push everyone else in your life away. So you have to be very careful. There's been scientific studies that have proven this before, saying that the seven closest people that you spend your time with is what you're most like . So the seven closest friends that you have around you, that's you're gonna be like so if you have someone in your group, was a toxic person or especially, everyone's a toxic person that's gonna rub off on you, and even if you're not a toxic person, you will become a toxic person. I have seen this over and over and over again. I know a girl right now who she has a group of friends that aren't the best for her. But two years prior to that, she had people who were motivated in her in her life, who are moving forward, who were trying to achieve new things. Now she's with people who are really lazy people who don't really have ambitions or want to do things. They're not making the best life choices for their own Selves. And now she's fallen into that group. And in the time span of two years, just by changing friends and finding acceptance in a group and settling, she is now not in a better place than when she was two years ago. Two years ago, she was in a much better place, but she settled. She didn't have her boundaries up. She just wanted to be accepted into a group of people, and it's nice to be accepted and you want to be accepted, but have your boundaries for yourself. Don't just think Oh, because this group of people they don't they don't fit in my line that I'm never going to find friends just because one group doesn't fit you doesn't mean that another group won't. You have to look for it, though, and you have to find it out of the seven billion plus people in the world. Trust me, you will be able to find France's own as long as you're looking, as long as you're pushing forward to find those friends and you have energy and they like being around you. But you have to make sure that you're not being too picky. But you still have boundaries, because if you go down the wrong path of making wrong friends, that can really put your life trajectory onto the wrong course. Just like I said that there was the girl who made friends who weren't really the best people for her. I know someone who's made friends with some people who make a lot of money who have great businesses, and he has his own business that he's been starting up, but because he's been able to hang out with all these people who also have their own businesses, but they're doing very well in the during very successful. His business has naturally started to do better and better cause when he's with them, he's also learning and he's finding out Oh, this is what you do. Oh, this is what you do. Oh, you guys are really motivated. It inspires me to be motivated compared to the girl who has people who aren't very motivated while people aren't motivated around her and she's not gonna be motivated. And that's how people are. So it's very, very important to find your group of people. Like I said, no one's gonna be perfect. You may love football and the people that you're making friends with, maybe they like ballet. But maybe you have a lot of other things in common, so there will be differences that you will have. But don't be so picky, but still have boundaries for your own self. All right, so you guys in the next video Bye, guys. 6. Getting Familiar With Social Environments: All right. Welcome to the next video for social environments. Now, just mind the board a little bit. I know it's getting a little bit cricket down here, but it's a little awkward where I writing from this angle, but bear with me as best you can. The levels that we're gonna have that we're speaking about today is gonna be the social environments getting familiar with them and then what they have to offer you. So the first thing is this finding a social environment, you have to find one that you enjoy. You have to like it. It has to be one that either you go to already and you like, and maybe you need to go to it more or has to be one that you'd like to go to. You'd like to get used to it. So say maybe you don't go to the mall all the time, but you'd like to get comfortable going to the mall. You'd like to go to the mall and have fun and just shop around and do different things. That would be your location that you want to get better in, or you already go there and you already are enjoying it, and maybe you have to go to it more than you have to choose that social environment. You get to pick one. This is something that you get to decide for yourself, but it has to be a social environment. You could even pick balling. If you like. You could pick an amusement park, whatever it is. You know, amusement Park might cost a little bit more money, so you have to find what the boundaries are that you can play within. But make sure that you first find a social environment. Now. The next thing is, once you find the social environment, you've got to get familiar with it. So if it's the mall, let's say stark in and used to the locations at the mall. What's happening? There are the different events going on. Is there a movie theater at this mall stores or at the mall? What's happening at the mall? Start to really pay attention when you're in this location and just see what's around, what's there, what's close by start to learn about this environment because it's gonna be an environment that you enjoy, and they're going to see in this next part here, why it will be beneficial for you now. You don't have to go online and like, Look out, look up everything. It's just about when you're at this location, your opening your eyes a little bit more. You're paying attention to what is around you a lot of times, and people go to a social environment or new location. They don't really see everything that's around like laze around. Or maybe a one specific thing that's there. Maybe you know what? Your mall, there's a McDonald's there, but if you only can remember that there's a McDonald's at that mall, it won't serve you very well. So you have to find what is around you, what's there. And that has to do with opening your eyes paying attention when you're walking around the mall. Literacy. Okay, what's around you? What's there? You don't have to remember every single detail, but just open your eyes a little bit more and start to get familiar with that social environment. So some benefits now of getting familiar with the social environment is one. You're going to start getting more comfortable being there. It's gonna be a location that you want to be at. And just by being there, you're going to start building more comfort. And when you build a comfort ability with a new location, you start getting more comfortable with what's around you. So say, if it's the mall, there's a lot of people at the mall. If you start going there and you get comfortable with that environment, you're gonna be comfortable having a lot of people around you and this can be situations when you're in a party, then while when you go to, ah, location, that may be a business event and there's a bunch of people around you. It won't be as nerve racking because you'll be a little bit used to a social environment where there will be people around you and it won't be something new, like you're getting thrown into a pit of lines. So that is one thing that helps with it helps build a little bit more comfort ability when you're going to the social environment. Another benefit, too it is. You may start to get to know some of the people at that environment, so while you're there and are starting to pay attention to what's going on in the different things within that environment will say maybe you always go to McDonalds or subway or whatever restaurants in there. Or maybe you go into a store. What happens is is when you're in the social environment and you're starting to see some of the same people over and over again, they start to get to know you. And this could be a benefit by going to a social environment cause they get to know you a little bit more sometimes is a little bit harder when it's at the mall. Say, if you had a location that was like a bowling alley Well, and you're going bowling all the time, someone's gonna start to get to know you're going to start to go to the register when you're getting your shoes and you're getting your bowling ball and everyone's gonna be like , Oh, hey, you're here again. How's it going? You start to build a comfort, ability and a friendship, and that's what happened with a friend of mine and this guy that we met at the bowling alley. We'd go to the bowling L A. Pretty much almost every Wednesday. I think every Wednesday or Tuesday and we started to get to know one of the people who work behind the counter. He started to get used to wise and he started recognizing us. When we came in, it got to the point where he said, You know what? You guys come here all the time. Just go and do the length free. It's OK, open it up for you guys now. It wasn't our goal to go there and make friends and then have him open the lane for us. But it just naturally happened. And that was a benefit. Also pimping our friend because then now we got to go home, do bowling for free. But it also allowed us to have a little bit more fun because on his brakes he'd come over and he'd say, Hey, let me play with you guys. Let's go ahead and play and then we're all playing bowling, all having fun. It was a natural way that we were able to make friends and sometimes I can be one of the easiest ways that you find out and learn how to make friends. It's just by being used to a social environment, people getting used to you as you are getting used to them. So there are many benefits to is now. The last one is is it also allows you to have a future hang out spot. Now, this is where can really come in handy when say when you're starting to get to know people in a different environment. Maybe you're taking a yoga class or you're at college or your ah, in a business meeting or whatever, You're starting to get to know people a little bit more. Well, sometimes people want to go out and do things. You know, A lot of people want to go out and go to the mall or go bowling, and they wanna have fun. You could be the person to say Hey, I know this great bowling place. Let's go check it out. Do you guys want to go bowling? You guys can literally go and go to a location that you are now comfortable in because you've gone there and say with the bowling alley, Well, now you're also going to seem like the top dog because people are going to recognize you when you're there. When you come in, the cash is going to like Whoa! Hey, your hero. You got a lot of people with you. Go on, have fun. It's also gonna give you a little bit more social value in that environment. So it'll help you in that situation. Or if you go say, is to set some more like the mall. And you guys were hanging out and you guys were going Teoh restaurant. You're shopping or whatever, and you guys want to go and do something else and you guys don't know what's around. Well, if you're paying attention, you have your eyes open. You have also more possibilities of things to do. You can say, Oh, hey, you know what? I know this great place over here. Let's go check it out or Hey, there's this place. It's five minutes away. Let's go see You will start to be the person who will become a leader in that environment because you're used to it. You're comfortable in that environment. You can say, Hey, let's go here. Let's do this. It's kind of like when you go into someone's house that you've never been in before, and you're kind of like it's a little awkward sometimes, cause you're like I got to really use the restroom, but I don't know where the bathroom is, and the person says, Oh, just go walk down the hall here, make a left. It will be right on Ah, it'll be the first door on your right. That person in that moment just does have a little bit more power because they get to say, Hey there, guiding. You're letting you know Hey, this is where you go there, helping you make the situation a little bit more comfortable. And that's what you get to do for others when you leave your eyes open and you're really paying attention to what's around you, and this will help you a lot with your social environment, building friends and having things to do. You will know a location better so you can start to hang out with people there. And you're starting to get to know the people who are at the environment and that will build your social value even more so. This is a very important concept to get down, find that social environment, find the social environment that you want to get familiar with, whether you're comfortable there or not, what is one that you want to get familiar with and get comfortable with it, and then you can see the benefits that come with it. You start to become more comfortable when you're there, and you become more comfortable in social environments where people are around you, when there in front of you to the left or the right behind you. You become more comfortable with that. People will start to get to know you in that environment. And then when you want to ask people from a different environment to come over and hang out here, you will know that environment way better than maybe they will. Then you have options that you can share. And you know what? They also know that environment just as well as you. That is a plus, because then you guys can hold ah, banter back and forth and decide upon things. And then someone say, Hey, do you want to do this? And someone else can say, Oh, what about this? And then you can also talk and contribute and say, Oh, you know what? I also got this over here and then you guys can old talk and mingle together. It really will help a lot of you, so find that social environment and get familiar with it. All right, So you guys in the next video by guys. 7. How To Become More Interesting: Thank you everyone again for joining in today Eso today we're talking now about how to be more interesting. So if you're someone who you feel like you're not very interesting or you don't have a lot going on, there are simple ways to easily become more interesting. But we first want to figure out why do we want to become more interesting? What are some of the benefits of this one? It might make you feel better about yourself. People feel like they're not interesting. They feel like they don't have anything to contribute to a conversation. So if you feel like you're not very interesting, you may feel more down about yourself and you may feel feel more bummed out or unhappy. But now it also helped because it also gives you more to talk about in conversation because you can literally be there no different things or elements of your life. So you can say, Yeah, you know, this interesting thing happened. I went to Peru for a week or I went to Paris, or it could literally be, you know, I tried out this new thing that I had never done before, you know, I went to Vegas and I played a hand of poker, and I've never done that before or I went bowling and I've never done that. Or I had a three hour day of doing miniature golf and can be whatever you want, as long as you define it as being something that's interesting. So if you do more interesting things, it will give you more to talk about. These are some of the benefits that come along with being more interesting. Now, if you want to know how to start being more interesting, we have to start looking at this board hand. We're gonna make it really easy and simple. So the first point on here is to do more. The more that you do, the more interesting your beast of a more things that you try to do in your everyday life. The more activities you feel in your day, you will naturally become more interesting. You're naturally have more things to talk about, and you're naturally be able to grow more as a person. Now if you're someone who sits at home, we just watch his Netflix all day long and doesn't really do much compared to someone who actually goes out every single day. Maybe they go to the park or they go and they do bawling or miniature golfing, or they go to the movies. They go shopping, they're doing different things. Basically, it's doing things that gets you out of the house or even get you out of your normal routine . Sometimes just something a simple is breaking up. Your normal routine once a week can be very interested in your life and can add more to yourself and add more to a conversation just by doing one new thing every week. Even if you did one new thing every month, that would add something new to your life. Now the more you do, the more interesting your be, the more you have to contribute to a conversation. So compared to someone who does it once a month, or someone who does something new once a week to change up their schedule, will the one who does something new once a week will be more interesting now if you could do something every day, If you have that ability, you become way more interesting. You have way more to talk about. The second thing. Start to learn more, start to fill your head with more knowledge. So again, the example of someone who sits at home all day long, just watching Netflix compared to someone who actually maybe reads a book or watches his documentary If you learn more your ableto ADM. Or into a conversation. So imagine you're at a dinner table and you're sitting down with a bunch of different people and you have people who are talking and they're like, Oh, yeah, I saw this Netflix show that everyone's talking about all the time. Someone's like, Oh, yeah, I saw that same Netflix show, Whatever compared to someone else who has knowledge about anything, it could be, really. You could have knowledge on different types of restaurants and you say, Oh, that's great. You know, I heard about this amazing restaurant and France I was doing. This research is trying to find a different restaurants, and this restaurant is really interesting because this is how they set up the restaurant. They have the restaurant in a specific layout. Here in America, when we have our restaurant layout, we have this come first this converse, and then this come next. But when you look at France, and they have their restaurant layout. It's so smart because it really incorporates the public into the restaurant now. I don't know that's true, but it could be something that you're learning from anything that's just a restaurant. Example. You can choose whatever you want to learn. It helps if you want to learn that topic now, if you don't want to learn it, then it's gonna be harder for you to sit down and spend the time to gain knowledge on it. But if you actually want to learn about a specific topic and you gain more knowledge on it , it will make you much more interesting. Now the last one that I'm gonna put on here is you have to have goals. The more goals that you have makes you much more of an ambitious person who's trying to push war would. When you have goals, it means that you're not just sitting still, and when people meet others who have goals, it makes them much more interesting and appealing. So I'm talking to someone and they don't really have any goals in life or ambitions there, just kind of like, yeah, you know, I kind of go with the breeze, move wherever the wind moves compared to someone who's like, Yeah, you know, I'm really trying to start this company. I'm doing this every single day and meeting with different people. I mean, with different funders. I'm doing all these different things. You know, Even last week, I met with his amazing person, was giving me tips on how they started their business, and it was fascinating compared to someone who she's going with the breeze and said, Sounds like Oh, you know, I don't really know what I want to do, you know, kind of just going where the wind moves. One person kind of just sits. Whether at the other person, if you have a goal, is much more ambitious, much more passionate about moving forward. And there's a passion that comes with you having a goal. So if you can have these three things, that will make you a much more interesting person. If you do more, do more activities, change your schedule up a little bit more. Instead of having the same routine that you go through seven days a week, change it up, do at least one thing new a week and see how much more interesting it will make your life. It'll make it much more exciting. You have much more to talk about, and it will make you an interesting person. If you learn more, the more you learn, it will make you interesting. You can bring mortal conversation more to a topic, sometimes by going out and doing more things. You innate Lee. We'll learn more if you combined all these things together. Your goal may allow you to do more things, changes up your schedule a little bit, and you also we'll be learning more at the same time. So sometimes if you have a goal, it can accomplish all three of these things. Sometimes if you have just doing more, it could even accomplish these things is maybe as you do more things and you learn more while you're doing these things. You buildable. So maybe you don't have a goal right now to start a restaurant business. But after you go to different restaurants, when you start learning more about the restaurant business, you all of a sudden build a goal to start your own restaurant business, and this will make you a much more interesting person. So follow these things. If you do just one of them, you'll be more interesting. If you do all three of them, you'll be really interesting. And your be a great person to have a conversation with when you're sitting across with someone at the dinner table or you're in a group setting. All right, help! You guys wrote this down. See you all in the next video. 8. Using Your Own Voice: now the topic of today is using your own voice. So one of the big problems that many people have is that they don't talk from a place of within. They don't talk with meaning. They more so talk with a sense of trying to please others, and you don't want to talk from that perspective. So I'm going to get into some details on this a little bit and say, But some of the negative side effects are of people who try Teoh talk with voices that are not their own. When people try to talk with a voice that's not their own, sometimes it is literal. It is very literal. Sometimes when people are actually speaking, they are actually trying to change the voice. They try to make it lower or they try to make it higher. Or they try to force an inflection to be put in there if you are in conversation and maybe been around people like this before. But if you see people who are in conversation like this immediately, people get stood off, they stand back like, Whoa, this is weird. This person, it feels like they're trying so hard. It's almost like a salesman when they're trying to sell you something, or if you're trying to, you know, you gotta Carl on. Someone's trying to force you to buy their cars. You stand off for like, No, don't make me want to buy our cars Don't make me like you But some people, that's how they talk. It's a very physical thing. They change the way they talk when they're with others so they can seem more dominating or they can seem bigger. But really what it is, It's something that turns people off from you, so you can't come from a place of trying to talk like a different person. You have to literally be who you are. So one of the big things to making friends and getting people to know you, whether about being business in school or just in life, it's let people see you. People want to do business. They want to do business with you. People want to make friends. They want to make friends with you. They don't want to make friends with this alter ego side that you're creating. They want to see and be with the real thing. The real person, someone that's actually a human in front of them. It's just like a car salesman. You don't want to work with a car salesman who's gonna try and force you to buy their cars . You wanna work with a car salesman, He's gonna try and help you along the way and say, OK, you don't like this one? That's all right. Let's go try this one. A car salesman who actually has an opinion on something not just trying to get you to buy their most expensive vehicles when you ask them, You know, I'm really interested in this vehicle. What do you think? And they could literally be real and be like, you know, it's not my type of vehicle. I don't like these type of cars, but, you know, there's one over here in the back that I really like. I'm more of a this kind of person that this is the type of car that fits me best. Instead of trying to force you to buy this car and say, Now this car is the best car in the industry. Guys, you know you're gonna get top dollar for what you pay for this car. Now you know, you want to get all the added benefits too, don't you? You want to make sure that you get this this This is this and they're changing their voice and they're trying to literally force you to buy it. That's what happens in a conversation when you're actually trying to force your voice to be different and talk differently to others. Now, the other side of this is not being maybe as literal as changing the voice. But you're changing who you are to fit, who you're with and who you're talking to. Now, to a degree, we're always going to do this naturally to who we talk to. You know, if we go and we're talking with a Nen structure of ours, like a mentor or a teacher or a best friend or family member to all of them were gonna talk a little bit differently, too. But it doesn't change the core person of who we are. The core person of who you are is what you have to hold on to. Its what you have to keep true and pure. But they try to change who they are, depending on who they're with, which isn't natural, which isn't realistic. So say if you're in the situation and you're with a bunch of people who are skateboarders, for example, and say you're someone who really likes surfing well, you may feel like Oh, I don't want to talk about surfing because, you know, they're not gonna like that. They're skateboarders. You're not gonna You choose not to talk about it. You choose to instead act like someone who loves skateboards. Maybe you hate skateboarding. So you're pretending you're like, Oh, yeah, I love skateboards. You know, You know, this over here is great bubble block you're using your you know, your riel physical voice when you're talking, But you're not actually being true to who you are, not using your real voice and being like, You know what? It's great that you guys like skateboarding. I've never been able to find the joy for sir friends. My thing, I go surfing all the time. But in a way, I guess there's similarities to surfing and skateboarding. You know, we're all surfing on their own waves. Your are concrete. Mine is water, you know, and you guys can have a dialogue about that and you can ask him questions and be like, Hey, you know what? Why do you like skateboarding so much? You can actually have more of an inner dialogue, even with having conflicts in that conflict. It's a minor conflict. It's not a conflict were all out shouting. But it's a conflict of opinions. They like something you don't like something Well, now you guys can engage with it and talk about it from an honest perspective, you can honestly say, if you like surfing, you know, these are the reasons I like surfing. These are the reasons I don't like, uh, skateboarding, and they may have their own opinions as well, and that's something that you guys can actually have a dialogue about. So now let's talk about some of the benefits that you get by using your own voice and standing out and being true to who you are not changing. You have to remember any time you're in a social situation, don't change who you are, be who you are now may be the person that you want to be a someone who's more exciting. Someone has energy, you know, maybe on a day to day basis. Maybe have low energy, well say for the excited energy. That doesn't mean that's not who you are. The excited energy is another side of you. Maybe you're showing aside to most people that you don't want to show. So if you are someone who's maybe goes around in your board or you have low energy, that doesn't necessarily mean you're aboard are low energy person. That means that it's one side of you because everyone has a multitude of sides. People are happy, People are sad, People are excited, people are bored. Everyone has all these emotions going on at some point in their life. Some people more so maybe they have happy emotions. Other people more so maybe they have sad emotions. They have these emotions that within themselves, it's just which ones do they lean into more. So just because if you are someone who is maybe board all the time or someone who's not very exciting, that's just aside that you're showing two people. That doesn't mean this other side of you doesn't exist this other side of use, very active and very alive. Just imagine if you had a $1,000,000 right now in your bank account and you could do whatever you want? You would be excited. Now you can't make an excuse and say, Well, because of this environment, I'm not gonna be excited. You just have to realize that that excitement, that energy that's in you, that happiness that you want to have and be with yourself all the time it's in you. You right now are just not letting that part of you shine, but it does exist. It is within yourself. So now if we go back and look at this and see what we get by using their own voice well, some of the benefits are we stand out, we're more of a unique person, were literally there. And people recognize is who we are. If we're just trying to please everybody well, then we're just be there were like, Oh, yeah, I agree with you. Oh, yeah, I agree. Don't really add anything to the conversation, but you really do stand out when you use your own voice. When you come from a place of yourself really bringing yourself to the moment and really just saying your opinions, saying your beliefs, talking about whatever you want to talk about, the next thing is you'll be more respected people will look at you and really respect you more. Think about when you're in any group dynamic at all, and someone they're talking about a conversation and someone talk to this, that you know what? That's an interesting point, but, you know, I don't really agree with it because of a B C. D. That person gains a lot of respect. Even though they disagree with someone. People still look at them and they still do respect them because they say, Hey, this person has their own opinions and this is why they have their own opinions. You know, if this person, though, decides Teoh humiliate this other person and be rude to them, Well, this person isn't gonna be looked at as being someone great. They're gonna be people are going to stand off from them. But if this person could be genuine and being nice and be like, you know, I respectfully disagree with your opinion and this is why and there's a dialogue back and forth, that person will be much more respected in the room. The next point on here is you will be looked at as someone who's more genuine. So in that same example, someone who's not just, you know, someone who always agrees or whatever, and they have their own opinions. If they do disagree, that person will put Pierre is being someone who is much more genuine there. Look at this person Think Wow, this person is really just a real person. They're genuine there, the human being who enjoys life and they talk and they have opinions on things. The last point is, is you'll be much happier. You'll be able to walk around and you can smile cause you know, no matter what situation you're going into, you don't have to change. You don't have to be someone else. Now you do naturally shift a little bit, depending on who you're talking to. You know, maybe with your mentor, your a little bit more respectful than you are with your friend. You can't make the same kind of jokes. You can't have the same kind of dialogue back and forth, but you're not changing who you are inside your core person, your core human being. It's just the same type of people who like when you see them get promoted in business and when they're working in industries. The boss or the people above them really like them cause they're genuine, they have energy, and they may disagree on things, but it comes from a place of within a come from a place of being genuine and real not being fake. Someone who's trying to put on a face and say, Look at me. I'm actually this person when behind the mask, your or someone totally different and they want to get to know who's behind the mask, not the mask you put up now as a last example here, just to emphasize the point or back to the business is we have our burger businesses. So if we have this business over here where we have all these businesses and right now there is little squares or rectangles here, these businesses are businesses that they're all the same. They're all planets, nothing really special about them. So they're playing. So these are people who would be more a conversation, and they just agree with everything because they don't want to upset anyone or step on any toes. So they're just gonna say, Oh, yeah, I agree with you. They don't add anything to a conversation. So There's nothing really special about this business. And on top of that, when you go to this business, when you're talking with them, you find out that these people aren't very genuine either. It seems like they're trying to sell you on something rather trying to put up a fake face. You don't really know who you're talking to. You don't really trust them. So you don't build a trust or comfort ability with these people at all, because you're like these people seem like they're like everybody else and they don't come from a place of being very genuine. But now you'll go over here and you see this business easy. Okay. Wow, this business is really unique. There, really standing for something and you go, Wow, these people, they're really genuine. There, really interesting. They have their own opinions on things. These people, they're all selling just the same hamburger over and over and over. These people are selling cheeseburgers. They have double cheeseburgers, they have triple cheese burgers. And you can even get a side of fries and coke with that. But this one here they only sell plane. Berger's no cheese, no pickles, no nothing. Just the patty and the bunt. That's all they got. So you can see that one is more interesting than the other. This one would not be interesting compared to this one over here. Now, one last example of this would be imagining that you're driving through, um, some. You're driving through a city and you're really hungry, and you want to go and stop off at a fast food place. Now you're driving by and all of a sudden you see these just white square buildings, Nothing special about him at all. And you're just driving by and it says, maybe there's a Sinuses hamburger on it. You're probably not gonna stop, but these buildings, if you just see over, it just looks really boring. It looks very plain, especially if you did go to this business and then you walk inside and the people seem kind of sketchy or not very genuine. Maybe take a second thought. Is that you know what? I'm just gonna go and just find something else as you drive. Now, this business over here, maybe this one. It's like a McDonald's, and you see it, it stands out. It's has the gold ems. It looks like there's life going on around it. There's people there. And then if you go to that McDonalds and the people are happy and they're cheerful, well, then you're gonna really just love this business to get food from now. You know, this isn't the perfect example in the world because, you know, if you go to McDonald's, not everyone is always happy and cheery, like like maybe you would want them to be. But you get the idea this one here doesn't attract anybody to. It actually pushes people away. This business would attract people, so you have to think of it the same way with yourself. If you want to attract people into your life, if you wanna have those friends, start using your own voice. Your stand out, you'll be respected. You'll be more genuine, and you'll be much more happy to your have a happier life. You can walk around smiling, have energy and yourself. But the first step is is that you have to take that step. No one else can take it for you. All right, so you guys in the next video 9. How to Better Your Conversation Skills: So today we're talking about better conversation skills. How come we have those? Why do we need to have better conversation skills? So you already have very, very, very at the minimum Decent conversation skills. If you can talk to people if you communicate, if you can say words, if you can say hi, how are you? That is a level of communication skills, so that might be one. A very low level of communication skills where we have to have better communications goes on next. You can't just go up to people and say hi by and that's it. You have to be able to talk and communicate back and forth. I mean, it's the way that we interact with others. The only way we can talk with people is speaking, so that's the only way we communicate with one another. So having better conversation skills can be something that can really help you a lot. Now you don't have to have a conversation skill level of a 10 in order to meet people in order to make friends in order to make friends and business and school and your life, you don't have to have a conversation school of a level 10 per se, but you should have a conversations go of at least two love. Seven. You don't really want to go any lower than that. But of course, the better conversation skills you have is way greater for you. You get more benefits If your conversation skills are better, just look at different situations when you're interacting with a group of people. The person who has the best communication skills to talk with people is the ones usually doing most of the talking, the one who's usually talking with people and people want to talk to them. So those are the people who usually when you're in a room and in a situation, seems like they're getting all the attention. Part of it is, it's just because they're a great communicator. They have great communication skills. So we're gonna talk about some of the things that you're gonna need in order to achieve this communication skills. So Step one, the first thing is, you have to get out of your head, so all the thoughts that you're gonna have running through while you're talking with someone are not benefiting you there in no way helping you at all in the situation because what happened is is if you're talking with someone and you're you're thinking in your head what you have to say next or what to talk about or you're thinking about stuff that they're saying instead of just being in the moment and really listening to what's going on, you're thinking too much, you're not really gonna be present and that that's it. It's a very weird, weird thing to talk about, but that gets picked up if you're talking to someone. Usually it's kind of like the glazed eyes over when you're talking with someone. But besides that, you're also going to just appear less confident when you're with that person because you're thinking, What do I say next? Do I say this and you're gonna be very careful as if you're stepping over glass or something, where it's not that tricky or hard. You just have to really listen and sit with the person that you're talking with, so what you don't want to do is you don't want to be in your head thinking over and over. What do I say? How do I respond to this? What do I do? if you can literally just be in the moment. And sometimes some of the best tricks that you can do for this is when you're talking to someone. If you don't know what to say, whatever. The first thing that pops to your head is you just speaking and you just say it. So if they say something and you don't know how to respond to it in some situations, you could literally just say Wow. Oh, my gosh, that is while I just blew my mind. I even know what to say about that. You could literally rangers do that. And you could say, I don't know what to say about that, you know? Tell me more than this. Fascinating what you're explaining to me. You can literally just say whatever is going on in your mind. So if you're talking with someone and you are speechless because you don't know what to say , then you tell them you know I'm speechless. You know, that blew my mind. And that will literally get you a little bit more out of your head. And you can start literally just listening and being in the moment and you become a little bit better of a communicator because you're not so much in here, you're with the other person and you're actually able to communicate back and forth with them. So the next one kind of falls into what I was saying for the getting out of your head is to focus on them and pay attention to them. Pay attention to what they're saying, What's going on? How are they positioned? What's their body language like? Do they seem like they're interested in talking with you? Or do they do they seem like they're not interested? If you're talking with someone and you know, for whatever reason, no, not interested in you, then you don't have to spend your time in waste our time talking with them in order to get them to be your friend. It's kind of like if you're in a room with a bunch of biker dudes and then you go to them and you start talking to them about ballet. Well, no matter how much you talk to them about ballet, probably just not gonna like it. There's nothing you can do in that specific situation. In that specific situation, you should just probably leave and go on, then go find people who won't mind hearing about by laying you can talk about by late two doesn't mean you have to go and talk to ballerinas all the time. You could go and talk to me. Is it musicians or anyone who's willing to listen in to talk to you? But in some situations, that would just be people who won't want to talk to you for whatever reason, It doesn't mean that you're a terrible conversationalist, the best conversationalist in the world. Go and talk to someone, and that person just may not be interested in what they're saying. No matter how much you try and talk with them, it's not their fault. It's not your fault. All it is is in that moment. Though not interested in talking with you. It could be some things that went on in their lives, so they're in their head and they're really thinking about something. For example, if you have a boss and some business meeting just went terribly wrong, so they're in their head and their thinking. OK, what should I do? What's the next step? How doe I go and fix what's just happened and you gotta try and talk with them. Well, they're not going to really be able to talk with you in that moment. They're not really gonna try to engage with you gonna be okay, I think. And then they're gonna go back to whatever they're thinking about. It could be that the person maybe just doesn't doesn't like you. They don't want to talk to you for whatever reason. And that's okay. They can have that opinion. They can have that feeling as well as you can have that feeling. There will be people in your life that you may talk to you and you don't want to talk to them. You don't have to talk to them. So just remember that and focus on that. And just to realise, engage those type of situations. If someone's willing to talk with you and they want to talk with you, talk with them. Sure. This one is really not interested in the not talking with you And as and as you start talking with them, you just figure out that they're really not interested. No matter what you talk about what you do, just leave and go on, talk with somebody else because you don't want to waste your time talking with someone who doesn't even want to get to know you at all. Tip number three have opinions. Now, this is having opinions on the things that are around you and having opinions on topics. So I talked about this a little bit before, But when it comes to opinions now, say on topics per se, it doesn't mean that you have to have an opinion that is against somebody. Let's use this as an example. If someone has a restaurant and they're talking about how much they like that restaurant, you don't have to try and have an opinion. That is against their opinion. If you agree with him, if you really do like that restaurant, then you can actually talk about it and talk about it from your personal opinion. So you can say from European Union said, Oh, yeah, I love this restaurant because of a, B, C and D, or you can say, Oh, yeah, I I loved this restaurant because of days. What do you think of this? You can have opinions on certain things specific within that restaurant or within whatever it is you don't have to always have your opinion be against somebody, though that could be good for conversation back and forth. It can also be good to have the commonalities as well. That is maybe sometimes even better. If you can have commonalities in opinions on the commonalities that you guys share cause then you can have a lot to talk about and banter back and forth because that personal know what they're talking about as well as you. Well, know what you're talking about. So make sure if you wanna have better conversation skills, follow these tips here. If you follow them, you will be a much better conversationalist. And you will be that person in the room that everyone looks to and wants to talk to you instead of you looking at someone else and thinking, Oh, man, I wish I could talk like them and people will look at you and wish that they could be a conversationalist and talk just like you. So you guys in the next video Bye, guys. 10. How to tell Interesting Stories: one of the biggest questions that most people ask is, How can I tell interesting stories? What can I do? How in the world does this person seems so interesting anytime they tell a story, and then and when I go to try and tell my story to people are not interested. And maybe you've been in those moments before where maybe you're talking with a group of people or even one person, and you're telling them about a story and for a little bit everyone's watching and the really engaged. And then you realize as you're telling the story as it goes along, they start to lose interest mawr and more and more until you really realize that while you're talking with them, but not really all that interested in what you're having to say, it doesn't mean that your stories bad. It just means that maybe the way that the topic of the conversation is layered isn't all that interesting. Teoh your audience how you're presenting it to them. It's just like a comedian that put comedians on stage, and they're trying to go and tell a joke and get laughs from people in the audience. You could have two comedians on the stage telling the same joke. One comedian tells it with just kind of an attitude of like So here's the story, but blah, blah, blah all this. And then they add in more details that you don't even need and saying, Oh yeah, and I went to the park and then I took, you know, 28 steps before I got over here. And then I turned right on this street, and it's just kind of a boring story. Maybe at first you're interested. And then as it goes along, they're not all that interested in. It doesn't matter. Maybe their voices has fluctuations, and they're happy about the stories. But the topic of what they're talking about in the information they're giving isn't that exciting. It's not engaging for us. But then you see another comedian who's gonna tell the same story, but they don't put in all the little details that you don't need all these little filler details to get straight to the point I say yet. But I did this. I did this, I did this and then they're the ones who get all the laughs from the audience because they don't put in the pointless information. Everything that a comedian says is important and you're noticed that there say something at the very beginning of their stories and then at the very end of the story there, bring it all the way around, and it'll be really funny when people are watching. But if people are talking and they're putting in information, that's not really that important, that it won't be that interesting. Like, if someone asks you Hey, you went to this place for a trip, How was it? And then someone says all that was good, you know, it was exciting. I went, um, and did a bunch of things. You know, we had our hotel room and it was really good. And, um, you know, we had a lot of good food and all these different things. They're giving a whole too much of, Ah, that would be more too much of a general outline of what happened. Instead of saying too much into details, that would be just a wash of detail. We're just like, yeah, you know, it was fine. I was fine. I mean, I went and it was, Ah, good food and the place that we that we were at was good was there's a really fun experience. I got to relax and yeah, it was really nice. Someone could talk like that or someone can start to put more information into it. Now, how do people make this interesting? They talk about the experiences that they have, the experiences of the moment. So instead of saying, Oh, yeah, I went to this restaurant and then we started a really nice place. They talk about the experience and they go into detail on the experience of it. And they said, Oh, my gosh, the place. Instead of just saying I want to a nice place, they say, Oh my gosh, I went to this amazing hotel. You know, there are people who are always coming up, and it was really fascinating, right? When I walked in the door, the person introduced themselves and they and they had even with them, little dog. So this hotel was a place where we could stay, and they also had dogs that were here too. So we got to play with all the animals and everything, and it was really amazing. Was azure going up the stairs literally You have dogs is common down there with you. That would be an example of something will be much more interesting than just saying. Oh, yeah, I did this. We once or some really nice restaurants. And we went instead of a nice place and all this it's much more interesting if you talk about the experience. So experience being instead of just saying a nice hotel. Talk about the experience of it being a nice hotel. Why was it nice? Why did you like it? If the food was good, If you had a good restaurants that you went to explain the experience of why it was good if you went to a place and you want to say a sushi bar? Nick. Oh, my gosh. We went to the most amazing sushi bar in the world. This place. Let me tell you, it was a place like no other. You have to be there to experience it. You have swords? Fine. And I literally had a knife flying this close to my face. I cannot tell you I was very for my life. But you know what? I think it made the food taste that much better. and that is much more interesting. And just instead of just saying a general wash of the story of Oh, yeah, you know, I went to a nice restaurant and nice place, and I got to relax. Now, let me tell you a story of it being with too much information where nobody cares about it. So now let's say the hotel you can say, Oh, yeah, I went to this hotel. It was really cool. The lady was there and she just came right up to us and she said, Oh, my and she was really nice and everything. And they had dogs that were there. And I saw, like, there's a beagle dog. There was a Labrador dog there was like, This is just like a ton of dogs every worth of this place. And I was going through and I just couldn't believe, like all the dogs that I was seeing when I was looking around, it was just so cool. And, you know, they have these, like, little so such cute dogs. And you're sitting in that and, you know, as you walk up the stairs, you got all these like dogs that are running down with you and then you see him and you look up. It's just like just dog after the antics going by. If I keep talking like that and I just give a bunch of information, which is too much information, it just it's too crowded for the mind to handle. And then at first you're really interested. I go wow hotel and there's dogs that are there. And then you start getting so much information that they're like, OK, all right. Um oh, yeah, well, that's cool. So you see how you can have either too little information where it's just awash, or you can have too much information where people get bored while they're listening. One way, it doesn't really give anything the other way. It gives something at the beginning and then two months as you go through the story. Now, a way to do this to make your stories and much more interesting when you have experiences is to edit your life. And when I say edit your life, I literally mean, find those interesting moments. So see how I just told the story of it being awash. See what happens when you say say it as a wash. Say your story like Imagine someone asked you the question of how was your trip? What did you do for us to give a wash? Answer to yourself, Not to them, just to yourself. And then I want you to get out a pen and paper and literally if you have to, right out what those wash moments are. So if you say Oh, OK, said that a nice town. I stayed at this restaurant and I relax if those are your three points than go into details and really, you have to edit the moments of your life to find the interesting parts in there. So if it was the hotel, the interesting way that I spoke about the hotel in the story, that's how you have to do your stories and tell them talk about the interesting moments. If you realize that while you're just telling the story that there's gonna be un interesting moments and there you don't want to put those in, so you literally have to go through your life and find okay, what are the interesting moment and then go deeper into them and talk about them. And don't you don't have to put in the little filler information that no one cares about. Sometimes this is the practice of really just getting out notebook and riding down. Okay, this is what happened. This is what happened and then just reading it, because sometimes it's an exercise is the practice that you have to get used to. Some people are too used to giving general wash answers. Some people are too used to giving too much information, so it is a practice. You know, if you spend spending all your life telling stories giving too much information, it's not just a snap your finger that all of a sudden you can maybe give a little less. For some people, you may be able to. It is easier if you give too much information to give less. It's a little bit harder if you're someone who gives a wash and try to give more information. So it's a good thing. If you're somebody who gives too much information, OK, you can tone it back a little bit. You don't have to give as much. Just leave in the interesting moments in their hotel where dogs were at, the person was great. There were nice. I'm going through dogs everywhere I go up the stairs, dogs are running down the stairs. And then if you're someone and you know you don't give up too much, you don't give a lot of information. Then think about the points that were interesting, right? Those out and then figure out Okay. This is how I can say to people you're not presenting a script to anyone. This is just a now outline that you're creating for yourself. So when someone asks you the question Hey, how is this? You can answer it. You're literally editing your life now. This doesn't just involve trips that you go on this just gonna involve your everyday life. You can literally go. Okay? This is my day today. If someone asked me this question, how could I answer it and have it be interesting? What could I do? And then you go through and you say, Oh, well, you know, I could talk about this. That happened. I made a smoothly today and the smooth the edges blew up. Everyone had to go and do this whole cleaning thing. I couldn't believe it. I make the best music smoothies in the world, I promise you. But you know, I think my kitchen counter liked it a little bit more than me today. That be more interesting than just going to someone in saying Oh, yeah, My my shakes built everywhere my smoothie spilled all over the place. One way is interesting. The other way is just a general wash. Now, an example that I wanted to give for this is Instagram. So with Instagram, people use Instagram to edit their life all the time. Some people, when you look at their instagram, it looks like you have the most amazing and interesting life in the world. And then there's some people who looked like they have the most boring life in the world. And I wanted to give the example of Instagram because Instagram shows snapshots. It's show snit bits of your life so someone could do if someone could have their pictures on Instagram and it could just be them standing up against a wall. Imagine if someone just had pictures of themselves standing up against a wall and you have , you know, nine pictures here is like the first night that you see, it wouldn't look very interesting. It looked kind of boring, but say you have somebody and they're showing pictures of all the trips that they had and everything that they've done. That person seems more interesting, but now, so you don't have trips. You can't do that. But you have your everyday life of what you're doing. Well, you could have pictures of snapshots of the interesting moments in your life. So say, for example, that smooth. The thing that I said it was smoothly blew up everywhere. That is a more interesting picture than just seeing someone stand up against the wall. What Instagram people do is they put in the moments of their life that seem interesting. So say if someone takes a picture of themselves when they're, you know, at the Eiffel Tower, that's a really interesting photo. But then they're not gonna put a photo themselves while they're just sitting down eating chips for two hours watching the TV. There are people who have those moments, but they don't explicitly show those moments. It's just like with our stories we don't want to show until the boring moments. We want to tell the exciting moments of life. So Instagram is a great example of showing how some people show their life in an interesting way. But instead of using pictures to show it, we're actually using words and texts when we're talking to people. So when we talk of people, we can either show them interesting pictures of what's gone on or we could just show them a general wash. But we can give too much information where people just don't care at that point. So you really have to balance out and edit your life a little bit more to find. Okay, how is this interesting? How can I make this interesting if I'm just giving it a general wash? This is what you have to do if you want to have interest in stores. You when you're talking with people, people are engaged. They want to hear what comes next. They want to hear the punchline. Celebrities do this all the time. Comedians do this all the time. Other people, when you're in group situations and you find people being really interesting, you love their stories. They're doing this. This is what they're doing. So make sure you include this and incorporate this into your life and you're gonna become a much better story telling 11. Beginning The Practice: So now how do we practice this? What do we do to try and implement everything that we're doing? So the first thing is is realizing that Okay, you've got in a lot of information so far, start trying to incorporate those mind sets into your everyday life. Start thinking from things from interested perspectives. Go back on videos if you have to, over leveraging them down. Great. Look at those notes and find Okay. What is everything that I have to do to incorporate today, Tomorrow, throughout the week, throughout the month, throughout the year, and then throughout the rest of your life. So I wanted to make a video. Now, on how you can practice, what can you do? What are some things that you can actually do getting out into the world and just getting comfortable in talking with new people. So what you have to dio is you have to do something that's for some people is very hard For some people, it's one of the hardest things maybe in the world that they're ever gonna have to do. And it's literally going out and talking to someone new every single day. Now I'm gonna put a limit on this as a minimum that you guys have to do a minimum of at least 10 people every single day that you have to talk to. So it doesn't have to be for a whole hour long. We're setting some guidelines, some rules. So you have to talk to you 10 new people and we'll put a minimum amount of time. Let's say for a minimum of one minute long, you know, have to talk for him for two hours. You don't have to talk with them for five hours, just for one minute, 10 people every single day and you talk to each one for one minute, so it would be 10 minutes of your day. Now you talk to 10 different people. You have one minute for each of them. Now what's the outcome for this? Your outcome is nothing. You don't expect anything. You don't want anything. You are not trying to get any outcome from this. The only outcome you want is knowing the fact that you went out there and you talked to 10 different people every single day. Now the benefit to this is that you won well get used to talking to more people. You're get comfortable. Your build that comfort ability. You're a build that confidence because that's what you need. When you're going out into group situations and you're trying to make friends, you have to have confidence that you can talk to people. So you have to make sure you're going out talking to new people every day. That's the first thing it helps build. Your confidence makes you more comfortable in the situations that you're in. The second thing that it does is it gets you used to talking to people. You start realizing, Oh, this is how conversation works. This is how you go back and forth. You learn how to banter. You learn to listen to the other person. You learn to give information. You learn to talk about what's going on around you. It's still some of the stuff from our past videos. This is a way for you to implement what you've been learning, and you do this by talking to 10 new people every day for one minute. You could find 10 minutes in your day to find 10 new people to talk to. Now, trying to wonder where can I go to talk to these new people if even just go to the mall, You go to the mall. You confined 10 people to talk to. And that's what you need to do. Now, if you want to do more, that's great. More the better. But as a minimum, stick to 10 people for one minute. If you want to raise it and do 20 people for one minute, you can go to do 10 people for five minutes. You can. But the minimum that you have to do in order to see the results to see accomplishments is to talk to 10 new people every single day for just one minute, wanting no outcome. You're not trying, toe. Get them to be your friend in that 10 minutes. You're not trying to get anything out of him. You're not trying to say okay? I talk for these people now. I'm gonna hang out with all of them. That's not your goal. It all your goal s soldiers go and talk with them for 10 minutes. So then we do get into situations where you're saying maybe taking some sort of class. Maybe you decided I want to take a yoga class. And while you're taking that class, there's people in there. You know how to talk to them. You're used to talking to people because you've just talked to a ton of people already. Because you're talking to 10 new people every day. Or if you go to a new job and you're there, you know how to interact with people. You know how to talk, how to listen to what they're saying, how to give energy, how to be exciting when you're with them and you're talking to them. Now I want to show you this in numbers. So if you talk to 10 new people every single day and these campaigns, these aren't people that you know, these air 10 completely new random people that you're talking to, and one day you would have talked to 10 people. Now, in 10 days, you have talked to 100 people in 30 days, which would be the whole month You have talked to 300 people. Now, if you're gonna tell me that in one month, if you talk to 300 people, that you're not gonna be any more confident than you are today, that would be one of the most foolish things that I would ever hear come out of someone's mouth. Because 10 new people every single day in one month you have talked to 300 people. Do you know how much more confident you'll be? How much more confidence you'll have, How you be able to talk to people will be much better, much stronger. You'll be a better conversationalist and you'll be able to implement everything that you've learned while you're talking with him. That's three 100 people that you're talked to in 30 days. That is amazing, and all you're doing is talking to them all one minute each. That's it. You can find 10 minutes of your day to put out and do this. You confined tenants for people who say, Oh, man, I can't find time, minutes a mighty To do that, it's foolish. You confined. Somehow you can find 10 minutes. If someone confined the time to watch two hours of a Netflix show, they can then find time to have 10 minutes to go out and talk to 10 people. You can find it in your day. You just have to work it out in your schedule Now, if you can do this, it's so build your confidence. Tremendous. And now just we didn't talk about Just imagine, you do it. In a whole year, you have talked to over 3000 people. You talked over 3000 people. You really know how to communicate. You really know how to tell stories. Get people engaged when they're interested. You're even have stories of your own. If you're going through this because you can talk to people are like, Oh, I met this crazy person. Like, as I meant this awesome person who did this. Your have stories that you're even be able to tell. And you realize when people are interested in engaged when they're talking to you and when they're not, when they're kind of turned off and they kind of want to go, you're realized. They serve you engage people a little bit more and your toe implement everything that you've learned. And all you have to do is find 10 new people every day and talk to them for only one minute . If you could do that, if you can do that, you can achieve everything that you've learned through these lessons because that's what you have to do. You have to use everything you've learned how you've gotta implement it because it doesn't do any good to learn it but not try it like a basketball player. If you have the best basketball player in the world, come to you. And they said, Hey, you know, this is how you should evolve. This is what you have to do in these situations. But you never go out. You never go in play. You never shoot the ball. You're never going to get any better. You're never gonna get to show the work. Even though you have all the knowledge is in your head. You're never going to be able to perform the way you want. So you have to make sure that you work and you do this. I'll give him one more example. If you were a boxer and you're in the and you want to, you know, know what it's like to be in the ring and someone tells you Hey, this is what you have to do to win. This is what you got to do when you're in the ring. You have to, you know, hit like this. Use your body. Perry, move around. Someone can tell you everything you have to do. You could have Mike Tyson come to you and tell you everything you have to know about being a boxer and what to do. But if you never go into the ring, if you never practice, If you never implement what's being said to you, then you will never win any fight. You go into every front, you're going to your lose and you're fall because you're not practicing them and you're get into situations where maybe you go to a new job. And if you had practiced beforehand, if you have done one month of this would have talked to 300 people. You have so much more confidence that when you're in the situation for business meeting, you're coming with much more confidence. If he did it for a whole year, you have over 3000 people that you would have talked to and you be able to bring that into the room. You have so much more confidence, so much more that you can give to the table. So I'm telling you, it's very important that you do this. You can implement everything that you've been learning so again 10 new people as a minimum for one minute a day. If you could do that, you'll achieve everything you want. 12. Final Thoughts: So now I'm gonna talk to you all about my final thoughts on everything. Firstly, I wanted to say congratulations to everybody who has been able to complete this course from the beginning, all the way to the end. Who's really paid attention, Who's really listened. I also wanted to say as a special thing for everyone is that if you're still part of this, I'm going to be creating extra videos that go along with this. So as you're a part of this, you know, maybe every month or so, I'm gonna try and incorporate more videos to help you guys even further with this topic to give you guys even more example. Sometimes there'll be things that might come to mind. And I'm like, Oh, man, I wish I would have put that into the course, And I don't want any of you guys to worry about that. So any new things that come up I'm gonna put it in here will ever be okay. Need to give you guys examples, or I should maybe talk about something new. Or if you guys have questions about anything, I'll easily be able to put it into a video and put it into this course just to show my appreciation to all of you into show you congratulations for being able to complete this course all the way from the beginning to the end. So some of the final thoughts that I wanted to talk to you guys about on here is that conversation. People like to say a lot of times will conversation. It's like tennis. You guys go back and forth and basket and forth. I like to look at conversation is more so being like basketball. And someone told me this phrase before I to know now who it was. But whoever it was, I think it's brilliant. They said conversation is more like basketball and not like tennis, because with tennis, you know you go, Hey, how are you? Then? They go back. Good. How are you? I go good, what you been up to? Not much. You and extras back and forth and it's really boring. But basketball I can have the ball and I can show you. I can dribble. I can pass, I can hold the ball, I can shoot the ball. I could do a lot of different things and I can show you depending on the environment and how the situation's going. Does this person want to talk a lot? And my someone who's gonna be talking more and you realize, actually start talking with different people? Some people really like to talk a lot. Other people aren't comfortable with, always talking a lot. And you know, sometimes people just aren't always the best conversationalists. Not everyone is amazing a conversation, so sometimes it's our job to help them. And if you have all this knowledge and implement everything, you're gonna become a way better conversationalist. So sometimes it will be our job to help them within the conversation. I know there's been many times that I've had to talk with people who just aren't really comfortable in conversations. They don't know how to talk. They don't know how to interact. Then I'll talk with them and all say, you know, not just start finding out things. Oh, that's what they're interested in. Oh, when I talk about this, they really love to talk about it. Then you can talk about it. It's also you being socially aware of the environment and how to make other people feel comfortable when you're talking with them. So just remember conversation. It's more like basketball. And unlike tennis, you get to show him what you could do. You pass the ball, they get to show you what they can do. But it's not a Hey, how you doing? Good. Our you is not this boring conversation back and forth. That sometimes, people think, is what conversation is the people who are really good at conversation. The people who really know what they're doing, treated more like basketball that don't treat it like tennis. The last thing that I'm going to say is that good talkers can make any conversation interesting. Any conversation? A lot of this comes to having those glasses on, looking at the world in an interesting away. But good talkers could make any conversation interesting. So I don't want anyone on this course or really anyone in the world to make conversation for why anything more and sometimes yet there are people when they're talking to are born. They don't bring anything to the conversation. But that doesn't mean that you are boring. Conversation list doesn't mean you have to be a boring conversationalist. It just means that you could be a great conversationalist, and you don't have to talk to someone who's a boring conversationalist. You don't want to make any excuses for why a conversation doesn't go a certain way. Sometimes it may just be that person doesn't want to talk to you, and that's okay. You have to realize that there will be people like that in this world. But if you're going out and your practice in this and you talked over 3000 people, you're gonna be someone is gonna be great a conversation. So when you go on talk of people, you can bring great conversation into the room and you'll be able to tell stories and you'll be able to help other people who aren't very good in their conversation. And you can talk about things to bring them into topics. So then you realize if you're that person now who's in a big group of people on your the one who's talking a lot house, all the energy and there's someone who's kind of in the group with a really Shiloh not talking much and they're not feeling involved. You can be now the person to involve them because you know what it's like you know how it is. You know what it's like to want to talk and being that conversation, not know how to get in there, and you could be the person to help them. You could be the person to say, Hey, how are you doing? I'm What do you do? Oh, that's awesome. You can make them the center of attention. You can help them out. And that's what's great about new things that you learn. Once you get to a certain level, you're be able to help other people. So again, congratulations to everybody who's made it through this. Making friends is one of the most important things that we can do in our life. It helps in business, it hopes in our happiness, and it just helps in our everyday life. You know, if you have a lot of great friends who are doing a lot of things in business and you need help, they'll be able to help you. If you want to go on a bunch of great adventures and have people to experience it with have great friends, you can do that if you want to just have a happier everyday life and you're surrounded by people that you really like and you enjoy their company in time. It'll raise your happiness levels up tremendously. So having friends and making friends, it's a skill that we have to acquire and by going through this course and completing everything you guys have been able to build and create that skill. So I also wanted to say as a last bit here because interested in any of my other courses, go ahead and look at those you know, if your actors I also have a completed 10 hour acting master class. But I know some of you may not be actors, and I'll have other courses and I was have another course that's gonna be coming out about dating. If you want that. Stay tuned for that. That was gonna tell you. You know how you can get a girlfriend or if you're a girl, how you can get a boyfriend? You know how to text. People should do text them should you call them? What should you say? What phrases should you use? So congratulations again to all of you and they'll see you guys next time