How The I Ching Saved My Life: Meet Carl Jung's Favorite Oracle To Access Your Own Inner Wisdom | Ron Masa | Skillshare

How The I Ching Saved My Life: Meet Carl Jung's Favorite Oracle To Access Your Own Inner Wisdom

Ron Masa, Psychologist, Artist and Educator

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8 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction to Dr Ron & the I Ching

    • 2. What Is the I Ching?

    • 3. The I Ching Saves My Life

    • 4. Test It, Don’t Take My Word

    • 5. Carl Jung and the I Ching

    • 6. Project: Ask Your Own Question

    • 7. What a Reading Includes

    • 8. Outer Tool for Inner Clarity?


About This Class

Test for yourself, the powerful Oracle that Carl Jung used to give voice to unconscious wisdom. You can ask any question of this 3,000 year old book that was shaped by the best minds of China. In the colorful Case Study I will tell you how one I Ching prediction literally saved my life.

I have used the I Ching extensively in my years as a Jungian therapist and in my personal life for decades. Now you can test this synchronicity-based divination mirror for intuition. Ask any question. It's especially helpful with personal growth, personal problems and practical decisions. Decide for yourself.

Millions have relied upon its wisdom and you can test it with questions of your own! Bob Dylan and John Lennon both wrote about this method for hearing inner guidance. Now you can ask your own question(s) and study the answer(s) and make up your own mind whether it Helps you Hear the Guide Inside. It's partly like being in a psychotherapy session with the famous Dr Jung.

For related psychological tools for daily life, see my class: Psychology of Fiverr Success: Job Crafting for Personal Happiness Part One.







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Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist and Educator

Ron Masa, Ph.D. is a retired Jungian Psychologist and University Instructor who is also an artist. He has sculpted in stone and bronze and paints mostly in acrylics. Dr Masa has authored many articles and newspaper columns on Dreamwork and on the I Ching. He has taught at major universities and also studied with shamans from North and South America. He lives in the redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California with his sweetheart, fellow artist and educator, Debbie Hart. They love cats.

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