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How Positive Thinking Can Double Your Productivity In just 1 Week

teacher avatar Somenath Sen, SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Class

    • 2. What Is Positive Thinking?

    • 3. Importance Of Positive Thinking

    • 4. How To Motivate Yourself

    • 5. Are You Always Right?

    • 6. Find And Understand The Problem And Solve Them

    • 7. Important Rules Of Life

    • 8. Understanding Your Brain

    • 9. How Positive Thinking Make You Healthier

    • 10. How To Control Your Ego

    • 11. How Positive Thinking Can Make You More Productive

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About This Class

In these class you'll learn step by step process how to use positive thinking to make productive and archive you business goal.

Here what you will learn in these class?? By taking these class, you will be able to understand what is positive thinking, Importance of positive thinking and understanding the Laws. How to motivate yourself. Then we are taking about what type of decision take you closer to your target. Understanding your problems that pull you back and solve them. Then we are taking about what types of Rules you follow to get success your life. Then we go through how we controll and utilize our brain power to incress your productivity. We look at How positive thinking can make you healthier and productive. We learn how to controll our ego to stay positive always. So let get started with positive thinking course and incress our productivity and self-esteem by 1000%. Enroll this class now.

Topic Include:

  • What is positive thinking?
  • Importance of positive thinking and understanding the Law.
  • How to motivate yourself.
  • Understanding right decision?
  • Understanding the problem and solve them.
  • Understanding rules of our life.
  • Understanding your brain and what your are thinking.
  • How positive thinking can make you healthier.
  • How to control your ego.
  • How positive thinking can make you more productive.

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Somenath Sen

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1. Introduction To The Class: your thoughts have a direct impact on your emotion, your emotion. Did our mind who you are, your emotion deter mined whatever you are happy or unhappy you're taught. Deter, mined. Whatever you feel good about yourself, others and the world, the people you think about become the most important people in your life. The events are things you think about become the most important events and things in your life. So if this people givens or thing, make you feel unhappy, angry, hateful or worried, there are negative. If they make you feel happy, balance and good their positive. Also, this positive or negative thinking impact in your daily life as well as your work life in the scores. I'll explain you step by step process how to use positive thinking to make you productive and help you to achieve your business. Goal here. What you learn in this course. By taking this course, you will able to understand what is positive thinking important, so positive thinking and understanding the laws. He will learn how to motivate yourself. Then we're talking about what type of decision take you closer to your business target, then even learn how to understand your problems that pull you back and sold them. Then we are talking about what type of rules you follow to get success in your life. Then we go through how to control and utilize our brain power to increase our productivity . We learn how positive thinking can make you healthier and corrective. We learn how to control your ego, to stay positive, always. So let's get started with positive thinking course and increase our productivity and self esteem by 1000% so enrolled this course now. 2. What Is Positive Thinking?: there were several reasons exist for the importance off a positive thinking. What are they thinking has been proven to greatly improved performance in quality and production. If we feel positive and good about ourselves, then our creativity and performance is so much better. Confidence level can skyrocket when one feels on the top of their game, which can considerably enhance your life on a personal and working level, challenging yourself regularly and trained yourself honestly with the reason that quality thinking can make your life easier. Negative thinking caused by fear has the effect on slowing us down. It stopped fatherly thinking and stop us from being productive. Were held back from being active in making decision due to fear off embarrassment are feeling we're wrong in what we're saying. That is why positive thinking is extremely important. Our definition off opportunity certainly become a challenge that is impossible to meet on. We trained to stand still when the world is still moving on. Anger, jealousy, fear, sadness on and regret are all negative emotion which the capability off having powerful, unwanted physical effect, as well as impacting your personal conduct in life, negative emotion calls negative reason which can and still have it off making limited decision. But this emotion can be overcome by Paul. The deep thinking personal development is beneficial. Do toe the encouragement off growth off our positive helical a statistic and our negative ones go away. We feel so much better about ourselves from the inside, which improve our outward persona, so giving us a much more positive power. This process off emotion, value, attitude, motivation and Vili's are all connected, whatever their positive or negative. By regularly challenging ourselves and sitting goals like learning a foreign language or spending time on a new hobby, he will develop your mental strength off the highest order, which will help you in life's number. Years, areas. What are they thinking? Bring lives? Rewards. The secret off success in the long term is to maintain your motivation and self confidence . Harbor success in the long term. His achieve pyre sort, um, ghouls by sitting much smaller target and achieving all of them. Then you will really reward yourself all of this thing positive thought in your mind. Although rethinking means stained will on Phil, will people with low self confidence believe in themselves? Who becomes successful are in the minority by taking positive steps and designing toe. Take positive control. Your mind and life should make you feel proud. Think positive about audio spill. Wasn't it thinking? Switch yourself talk from being negative to a positive state in yourself. Encouragement. You must give yourself personal consideration similar to that given to a good friend. Learn how to stop being your roast critic and become your personal cheerleader. Bone is the negative talk you have, and then concentrate on building up a plan off action. Break down your routing into a straight off goal for the short term and you will experience more fun as you go. Hi. Only by being open and truthful to yourself will this war never lie in your life. Other boys he will lying to yourself and your goals will be meaningless. Customize your plan so it is more personalized to you and your requirement. The resulting effect are you will prove yourself. You can take complete control off your life destiny by having a clear and defined structure , toe aereo and positively focusing on what is required. Or you will never lose. Sight off your aim in life. All these things to positive thinking. Using positive thinking, you will overcome the negative feelings and happiness that can be experienced by people who are not in total control off any situation. 3. Importance Of Positive Thinking: the starting point off, making permanent and lasting changes in your life being with understanding that difference between positive thinking, negative thinking and right thinking. Think of the person who sit down to play the piano as he plays. There is no harmony, no balance on DNO really tune because he keeps hitting all the wrong notes. The player even duly gets fed up with the disharmony, lack off the pleasure and lack off the enjoyment in his music and decided to go. Our teacher, the teacher says, You have the ability to play, but you need to understand music. Each one off us has the ability to play that game off the life with balance, harmony and joy. But we need to know the rules and the principal life work, according toa principle and physical law. If it did not, you could not fly an airplane because there would be no gravity on one plus one would not be cool to to the law off the universe are totally dependable. Universal law is not only deepened level, but it also unchangeable. You can depend on it on. It will work every day. In instance, the universe will never let you down. It did not care how old we were, how young you were. How short, How frat house inky your religion, your nationality or whatever you are male or a female. The power, the force or the energy is natural and we direct it caught our own ideas and very quit from it. 4. How To Motivate Yourself: Okay, You have decided that the positive living approach is definitely the way to go. You have started getting the new day as positively as you can. You're meeting and greeting the world with a whole new attitude, and your life is starting to throw the signs. Already, people are actually being influenced by your new attitude and responding in kind. It's really work. Then something happened toe trip you up just a little. You received some bad news on room. You are right back where you started. How could this happen? What happened to your results? You need something you can do on a regular basic to keep yourself motivated. But work. Take yourself over to the pianist, public library or bookstore and find yourself some good titles about positive thinking. When you start to feel alone in this journey, pull out a book and read about other standing there lives on how you can, too. Another way to keep yourself motivated is to go online and find other people off similar mind and talk to them, listening to their stories on how they handle things on and then try a few techniques to get you still back on the track. Find some activities that give you really please you thing that excite you. Andi, allow your talent to sign this. Make you feel good about yourself and promoted positive emotion. Find something that interest you something you'd like to learn to do on. Take listening. Each time you success at something, it build yourself strong and motivate you to try more If you have figure out what you want to do and put it in writing, along with the plans to help make it happen. Now it's time to remind yourself off those gold. Take the step necessary to make your goals are reality when you need the motivation. Look at those plan and dreams. See how close you are and how much closer you can be above all staring from negativity. Howard The prison missed on any who only want to complain. They will eventually drag you down to their level, and your motivation will disappear like do you on a heart morning. Most importantly, don't ever give up. Keep deeming about what you want. Keep that image in your mind night and day. Work hard at what you want to achieve and never let negative heart cloud in your mind. If you have faith in nothing else, at least have faith in yourself. And when the going gets thought, find ways to keep your straight up and keep going. Keep moving forward. Avoid boredom on, Stay active. When you're motivated, you cannot be bored. Hang around with excited, motivate people, and it will love up on you, too. I always dream about your future. There are going to be some days that will take every willpower toe, feel motivated and move forward. What can you do? Try thinking off fast success things. You have complaints that make you feel good about yourself. I think you are proud of yourself for doing yume many to sit down and write them down on a paper to make them more real for you right now. Human need to prove that your life has not been a waste of time and energy. Now, Liz, the old plan you have got going for you right now. Dreams that are in the work. So to spark, let yourself get excited over the prospect off realizing those dream in the near future. See if you can find new ways to bring about those dreams even sooner. That's your to motivate you when all else fails. While it's important toe work reading your plan, don't wait for everything to be. Park it before you make that move. Otherwise you will be forever in limbo, waiting, waiting for a perfection that will never be. Don't wait for that perfect moment. Work within your plan and take that call step. Make that first move first reason sets in when you make all the plan you want. Make leads to detail every step, but take no action. Is it possible to be positive all the time? Can optimize them can maintain on a continuous basic. Then there is no off course, nor, But if you work at it trying to keep yourself on track, you will have many more updates. Then down. Positive thinking and action can actually start to multiply around you. Andi think that leading to another like a Web building up before it hit on the beach. Another great motivator and mourn which most visit people seem to completely forget about. He's to take a vacation now and then. You need to recharge those batteries, refreshes your attitude and renew your commitment to yourself. without significant rest and re election, you will burn out cost taking time off from work because it is essential to your mental, physical and emotional health. A change off sense is repressing specially to your mental state on if it's unsealed to maintain your positive attitude towards life. 5. Are You Always Right?: the primary function off soft koncius mind is to follow the instruction off the conscious mind it mean by proving that whatever the conscious mind is believed is true. In other words, the job off subconscious mind is to prove the conscious mind is always right. So if you constantly believe that you cannot be do or have something, the substances will create a fielder that find the people to prove that you are right. The subconscious function like the autopilot function, often airplane. If the autopilot is said to go to the east, you can manually override the control and go to north. But as soon as you let goed out of my Lord, which have been programmed to go east will control a plane you will fly to ist yourself. Sconces does not change the reality of the world around you. He just frittered the information that you present to eat in order to support your benefits off the picture that you hold in your mind. For example, if you believe that business is bad or that there are no new opportunities for your business yourself, Koncius will ignore the new opportunity to improve your business. Instead, it will only point out problems that support your believe that things are bad or that there are no new opportunities yourself. Koncius cannot think for yourself. It will draw to you on Lee. Those thing that are consists with your deepest inner belief, nothing more, nothing less. If you do not know, this is a true and do not realize that you create your reality out off your ideas, you will feel powerless to change your life for a better. If you upset yourself as Paul s, you will look to something or someone outside off yourself to fulfill your desire. When you come to the understanding that everything that you want to be created through your mind toward the use off, right thinking, which is simply clear thinking you come to the realizes and that only you can give yourself what you want. 6. Find And Understand The Problem And Solve Them: we can see so many people who are basically good have so many problems and disaster in their lives. Somewhere in their life. That person has misused or misunderstood. The law is does not mean that he or C is bad, does not mean that he or C is not a loving person. It means that through ignorance or misunderstanding, that person has misused the law. This is applied toe any natural law. For instance, aerodynamic or gravity will not kill you, but a misunderstanding. Opitz homes and will even if you are a kind, loving, positive person. The universe is like a river. The river keeps on flowing. It's does not care. Whatever you are happy or said good or bad, he just keeps flowing. Some people go down to the river and they cry. Some people will go down to the river on their happy, but the river does not care. It just keeps flowing. We can use it and enjoy it, or we can jump in and drawn the river just creep flowing because it is impersonal. And so it is with the universe. The universe that we live in can support us or destroyers. It's our interviews in and use off law that determine our effect or result. We can only receive what our mind our capital off accepting. We can go to the river up life with a teaspoon and someone else may go it a cup Someone is may go with a bucket and yet another person may go it, Abedin. But the abundance off the river is always there and waiting our cure, illness, our ideas, our frame off references on our belief system deter mined whatever we go to the river off life with a teaspoon a cup Ah, bucket or a barrel. If we are in process in our thinking and have gone to the river off life with only a teaspoon, we make cause that little we have in our teaspoon We may cause other who have more than we do But remember whatever course will course us. The river is there and it's overflowing with abundance. We can come to the river off life with a teaspoon, a bucket or a barrel. Any time we want toe what we take from the river off life is up to us. The only limitation is in our mind. The truth is we can have anything we want. If we will give up the believe that we can't have it, It s Intel. Is that 7. Important Rules Of Life: understanding that if your life does not work the way you want it to, it is because you have accepted calls believe that keep you from being all that you can be . Unfortunately, the majority off people on this planet real stuck. We see people giving up, believing that they have to stake from other in orderto have anything from themselves really doing look, waiting for the answer to this confusion Really? Does the individual really look to see what the rules off the life, sir? So what happened? He is there in our ignorance off ourselves. Hand off our life. We has a fight and strain Get what we want on it end up not working anyway. 8. Understanding Your Brain: for more, But we connects hundreds off ideas about ourselves as being good or bad, wise or stupid, confidence or fearful and so on. Heart reputation This often false identities harden into our self image. This self image, either awas to be happy and successful in our lives, whatever we realize it or not. Within ourselves, there is a mental blueprint. It's a picture off the way that we think that we are. This blueprint is exact and complete down to the last detail. This summary, or blue pin, is our self image. However, this blueprint is not who here, but rather who we think we're that condition. That home, our still image may have been totally blown out from a person, but as far as were believed their true Once we record this information with two not fascinates validity most off the time. We cannot even conceive loosely recall how or where we opt into this information. We just leave as thought it were true, even is not true. Believe it's true 9. How Positive Thinking Make You Healthier: While everyone seemed to know that nearly feelings can eventually damage your health, there's a new fury that a positive attitude can help you sustenance, good health and maybe even make you feel whole Lord better. Can it do the the Innis off course it can? If a person has the ability to control good health even a little bit, it's or looking into, Would not you say, If you don't have anything to lose by maintaining a positive attitude and all the good health again, then why not meant in the optimistic spirit? At the very list, you'll be happy, content and able to handle anything that the life's Who are you? Ah, good start is with some regular exercise, which bring with it great benefits. It will clear your mind. Take care off stress, give you energy, and build up your stamina that, along with, improve your health and make you feel good about yourself. As your body improves in strength and tone, you will begin to feel proud off your ability and feel good about how much better you are looking. According to Ah, 15 years study by Dutch doctor involving 5 45 men's between the ages off 64 84. Optimizing and just an overall great positive attitude really use the health rigs by half. So why is it that people with a negative attitude or a feeling off hopelessness seem to sicken? While people with a more positive attitude can recover more easy, Doctor have done study on the human immunity system, trying to figure out exactly that. Unfortunately, the immune system cells are people who are hopeless and said are unable to fight off diseases. When these people are giving hope on our ability to think in a more positive manner, they develop stronger immunity system. Ah, hell, the immunity system stands a better chance off fighting off diseases on allowing the person toe Regan good health part off. The reason for this is the positive thinking and emotion. Give a person more energy and stamina on that. Held the immunity system, doctors have discover a biomedical connection between the brain and the body. According to the National Institute Off Health University, emotions play a huge part in helping us mentally healthy bodies. Believe it or not, the psychological and chemical process that controlled on mural, hormonal and immune system all used by very same Nura pasteurized in order to communicate. Since the brain and the body used the same chemical, it makes sense that these elements would effect the mind as well as the body. It's all try together. Scientists used to refer to it as psychosomatic illness but did not understand how the mind could make the body ill. It makes perfect sense that if you can improve the mind, making it more hopeful and positive, it would then effect the inter body system, helping to cure what else you. Unfortunately, for us, all hope is not something your doctor can prescribe for you. You have to find it on your own. So before you give into that constant pretty body, consider your health and never ignore the power of positive thinking. Re venison would seem to be the ideal way to go work on that attitude adjustment. Now, before you become ill, a change off attitude will help your immunity system work at peak efficiency, effectively preventing most in list. Let's that positive thinking and emotion in urges you and make you happier right now. Then Landau meant in that positive flow, the life you safe could be your own. Not only will positive attitude will help you to stress Hillier, but it can even delay the eating. Poses A study. A study done at University of Texas uncovered the fact that people who reeled life more positively sword fewer signs off pretty then those who have, ah, pessimistic outlook in life. This is good news to the baby boomer generation. Thanks to more than medical break to. More and more people are living past their sixties seventies eighties, and some well into their nineties. More than medicines may be responsible for part off their long ability. But could it be possible that a positive attitude and more recreational activities are the reason so many are experiencing long life? Retirement age used to be 65 at which point a person stop working and start sitting alone, trying to find something useful toe, keep themselves busy. Boredom and loss off purpose may have, and many lives without a U school reason. Core being on the planet. Many just wear it every in the new, generous and senior citizens are proving that they still have contribution toe give toe this wall. Many are injuring life, keeping up with wars going on in the world, traveling and yes, still working at word they love to do. And this is where the positive attitude comes in. After several decades off, dealing with change, problem and whatever life toward them, they're still here suing us how it's done on learning more. 10. How To Control Your Ego: you see your ego does not want you to take a good look at yourself. It want you to take a bad look at yourself. It want you toe, identify with everything that you are. No, you want to. You do identified with your action and feel guilty, but want you to judge a condom and blame yourself for not living up to the picture and expectation off yourself and others. You must recognize that your ego is trying to trick you. This is not the truth about you. The way out of this is to create your own perfection. It's not an ego trip to create your own perfection. It's an ego trip to not create your own perfection. I remembered the cost and most essential step in changing your life. No matter what you want to be, do or have, is to realize your own perfection based upon the truth about you that you are spiritually whole, complete and perfect. The way to neutralize your ego is to love yourself. Loving yourself does not bold your ego loving yourself actually neutralize your ego because your ego is not about loving yourself. We need to understand that life is concerning this mean that what we are assumed to be true will become really for us, whatever we are conscious off real experience. In essence, this step is important. Before what hot button say I cannot have these or that I don't deserve these or that I am a bad person. Or soon we continue to create condition that correspond to our ideas off evil, lack and limitation. The bottom line is this. If we cannot have set ourselves that we're deserving, then we cannot accept that other people are deserving and will therefore being judgment off them. The solution is to develop unconditional love off ourselves and others. This is the only way that we can ever be free. We must have total acceptance off ourselves first and then others knowing that as we are spiritually perfect, so is everyone else. 11. How Positive Thinking Can Make You More Productive: positive thinking is one of the key to success in the business world. Andi, it starts with you how I think about you. Sell it relation to your work. If you are not that successful as you want, Toby. Who stopping you? Who holding you back? Most likely the only one stopping you from attaining success You. Are you thinking that you are just averaging everything? Being average is not a betting. He's just limiting it. Is that all you think you can accomplish then that all you will accomplish? Why stop at average? Why stop growing at all? There's always room for improvement. Could be that your thoughts are keeping you from being where you want to be, where you deserve to be. Maybe you are dissatisfied with your job or the level you were walking at. You know you are capable or more may be your job is stressful. Or maybe you are not making enough money. What do you do? You start with your thought on the matter. Are you constantly telling yourself that you can't do any better or make any more? Are you telling yourself that trends just come with the territory? Do you feel you don't neither. Something better has your simple steam taking a beating? Why you do you settle for tech Once again, you need to change. Your talk is not up to somebody else to change things for you. Hey, it's up to you that trace their dissatisfaction. The low self esteem and the negative step talk are all things you can change because they are hulking that you have brought to the party in your mind. You have told yourself all the lies or you have blame others outside influence on your lack off success. How do you fronting out started by setting yourself some goal? Figure out what you want. Don't tell yourself you can do it or you don't deserve it. Don't convey yourself that the boss simply does not like you. And that's the reason you have not advanced in your job if you don't like your job, but don't feel that changing is a possibility right now, you have to find something about your job that you do like maybe they're an individual that you enjoy work with or there some friends off the job that you don't mind so much. Focus on that and find a reason to do your best. The more you convince yourself that your job is Dicle, the harder it will be Goto work each day. A positive attitude can make the job seem less stress. School or less over. Letting a change over dude at work will change the emotion you feel as well. Finding the upside off the job will make all the difference in how you feel in your productivity and your interaction with others. Find out what you need to know to improve the inter institution. If what you need is to learn new skill, approach that with a positive attitude and learn all you can. The island is the more you think you know, the less you actually do know. Going with an open mind and a good attitude and improve your skill. This will make a huge difference in your walk life. The brain is wonderful missing, but records Justin before to maintain it, you must train your brain to consider all possibilities before making decision. Let your mind explore new place and possibilities learned to take what you see and hear. Roll it around in your mind and see what you can make off it learn from others. Wisdom shared is wisdom explained when faced with something different and difficult. Don't give up and say you can't do it. Consider it a challenge. To develop your intelligence, you must use your mind constant if you don't think for yourself. But allow others to make your dishes in and choice. You lose your place that the destiny reason for you. Consider your gift ox yourself what you can accomplish with those gift. What can you offer In order to develop all the thinking skill, you must list your talent and abilities if you are honestly not sure what their oxen, friend and co worker they will have notable in emerging them. For you, attitude is what will help you find your wings and fly or keep you grounded for life. London Desai Playing you will need not only to survive but to trip as well, said your determination level too high and never allow yourself to be charted in your goal . Another way to positive action. He is to watch the world. You speak to others in your work like owner. Those work. If you make a promise, stand by your word. As an employee How do you respond to our requests? Easier. Respond. No problem are. Consider it done. If your foster swarns is too look aggressive and motor I can do it are that's not my job. You need to stop and consider an attitude adjustment. It's important to all of his store, for others and for yourself, expect more off yourself. Maybe that's what being missing. According to Ah, Harvard study, Success in Life is 80 quite person attitude and crypt in person. Aptitude. In orderto achieve the success you could, you need to opportunities. This opportunities began to show themselves As soon as your attitude change, you will become just easier to be around two more quick and to talk to. Everyone loves being around a positive person. They're happier this smile more. They're more confidence, and they're trained to make the people around them freely. In confident you will find more. People will come to you for advice and help because they can see you are a candle kind of person. If you feel good about yourself, so do those with whom you come into contact each day. So how do you do this attitude slipped at work. Start by looking at your coworker and smiling at them. If some coworker did a good job, fill them and show them when they did some talks or favor for you. Say thank you this so respect and appreciation on who does not enjoy your instead off the user lnegative discuss on at the water cooler. Why not keep it more upbeat? Discussed for the deep subjects? Be encouraging with coworker, you would be amazed at the difference. You can make your workplace when you display a more positive attitude. Another way to success is to make plans and write them down. Is there a special job you desire? Lighted? Don't, but don't stop there. Figure out the step necessary to attaining that particular position. What do you need to do to get from point A to point B to? You need to upgrade your skill. They classes and get certified like all the details down. But still don't stop there, either. Take inspired action. May be your dream job is actually walking for yourself. You can make this dream come true. Use that new positive attitude. Figure out what you want in life. Your purpose. What do you want to be when you grow up, right your purpose, light it down, make a plan and find out what you need to get started. Then get moving, act with confidence and fit. And don't forget to take advantage off any kind of opportunities. You never know which one will be the key to your success. Other will try their best to disease. You in your effort to attend your dream them in will. But do not listen to them many times the time to change your mind about your dream venture because deep down in their hearts, because deep down in their heart they are jealous that you are brave enough to try it. And they're not. Subconsciously, they know if you try it and success, it mean they're wrong, and they don't want to admit that it not wrong to dream big toe, want more and to strip towards success. As for the nausea and the critics, don't tell them what you are going to do. Show them does do it. They don't criticize you, course, succeeding. No one argue with success. There's an accomplice fact