How Memory Works: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Memory | Chad Noreuil | Skillshare

How Memory Works: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Memory

Chad Noreuil, Law Professor, Memory Researcher

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5 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction and Chunking

    • 2. Elaborate Encoding

    • 3. Remembering Lists

    • 4. Remembering Names

    • 5. Conclusion and Assignments


About This Class

In this 30 minute class, you'll learn the fundamentals about how memory works, and how to leverage this information to actually improve your memory. We'll walk through how the mind works, different methodologies for how we remember information, and specific exercises that will exercise your brain and allow you to recall more information at a time.





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Chad Noreuil

Law Professor, Memory Researcher

I am a Clinical Professor of Law at Arizona State University and coach of my son's basketball team. I have authored four books and two documentaries, and I speak around the country on the bar exam and Zen.

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