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How Influencers Can Get Brand Deals With A Small Audience

teacher avatar Sis G Courses, Courses for badass influencers

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction: How Influencers Can Get Brand Deals With A Small Audience

    • 2. The Scoop About Brand Deals and Sponsorships

    • 3. How To Solicit For Brand Deals and Sponsored Posts

    • 4. How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts

    • 5. How To Write The Best Emails To Potential Sponsors

    • 6. How To Create A Brand Kit or Media Kit

    • 7. BONUS Video:Establishing Your Niche

    • 8. Final Words

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About This Class

I hear a lot of youtubers and influencers say, "When I get x amount of followers, I will work with brands". Each time I hear this I take it as an opportunity to pass down my skills of landing brand deals and sponsored posts with a small audience.

 As someone who has built multiple YouTube channels over the past few years (and made money on them), I thought it would be great to teach other people to do the same.

Making money is easy when you have a large audience, but when you don't have the luxury of a large audience, you have to be resourceful to land those brand deals you've always wanted. 

In this class you will learn about:

  • The Basics About Sponsored Deals
  • Establishing Your Niche
  • Real-life Experiences and Examples
  • How to Choose the Right Brands to Work With
  • How to Create A Media Kit/Brand Kit (Promotional material)
  • How to Email Brands for Sponsorship Deals (Templates inside)
  • How Much You Should Charge for Sponsored Posts
  • How To Keep Track of All Potential Brand Deals

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sis G Courses

Courses for badass influencers


I am a childcare worker and part-time content creator. I absolutely love teaching and passing down ANTYHING I know to other people. I feel empowered when someone thrives after meeting me. 

I create content on Skillshare, Instagram and YouTube.

Many people believe you need a large audience to make an income online - that is a myth. I have made income with a small audience and I lay out my strategies in my first course titled "How Influencers Can Get Brand Deals With A Small Audience". On this platform I plan to teach you how to create an online brand, how to build an online platform, how to maximize your income and how to navigate being a content creator. Thanks for following and subscribing to my courses. See you in class!


Instagram: @sisg.o... See full profile

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1. Introduction: How Influencers Can Get Brand Deals With A Small Audience: I got the world beautiful people. Welcome to my course. My name is G. So I've got a question for you. When do you think that youtubers should start thinking about monetization on the YouTube channels? Do you think a usually should have maybe 10,000 subscribers, maybe 100,000 subscribers, maybe one million subscribers? What are your thoughts on that? Well, when we asked you troopers when they think you troubled, should monetize a channels, a lot of them state 8000 subscribers. However, a lot of them do not know that they can monetize the huge of channels right away. And when I speak off monetization, I'm not talking about Google assets because, as we all know, Google assets has certain eligibility requirements. I'm talking about monetization strategies that you can implement a right away, whether you have one subscriber or take 1000 subscribers. In essence, it is up to you as a youtuber, as a sales person and as a marketer to be able to sell yourself really well so that you can monetize your YouTube channel. A lot of small usually say, while I'm going to stop monetizing my channel. Once I reached it's amount off subscribers. However, for my past experience, I can tell you that you can start making money right away, and this is what my course is about. Your subscribers are your biggest asset to your YouTube channel and to your business as a whole. And the sooner you start thinking off a huge of channel as a business, the better along you will be in the future. When you start a YOUTUBE channel, you need to think off a YouTube channel as a brand. How can you already, from the beginning Bradley YouTube channel, so that you may set yourself up for success. You might only have one subscriber. However, if you start from the beginning on the right foot, you will be able to monetize this channel before you even reach 1000 subscribers. I got my first still when I had 1000 subscribers, and I've created enough built many channels in the past. In the past, my channels always started making money even before ours, monetized by Google accents. So in this video, I really want to teach you guys how you too can monetize your YouTube channel or user YouTube channel as a tool to monetize your brand 2. The Scoop About Brand Deals and Sponsorships: Have you ever seen one of your favorite YouTubers saying the following? Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. And today's video is sparse it by hello. Fresh head over to the Lincoln. My description wants to see what hello fresh is about. Have you ever heard that if you've heard that in a YouTube video, that means that that huge uber waas paid my hell a fridge to make that ad or to shop out had a fresh in the video? This is how YouTubers or content creators collaborate with brands to make money on YouTube . Where do people get sponsored videos and posts? You might have heard off certain agencies that link YouTubers to brands, however, because there is so much competition and there are so many people vying for the same jobs you might find that you as a small youtuber, might get the short end of the stick. You will never get any off those deals because the top YouTubers will always take them from you. My strategy always works. I am a small usually. Yet I still gave the sponsor brands to sponsor my videos. Now here, I'm gonna insert a little clip off one of the sponsored videos that I have done and I waas unemployed. I was broke and I was lost. Before we get further into this video, I just like to let you guys know that this video is sponsored by O. N G. A, D, C or G adds energy, as is a South African offended marketing company. However, it is open to anybody who would like to become in a vineyard. They have also soft products. They're basically like Amazon. They are adding products to the store every single day. You can join them as an affiliate. It's actually free to join. I've got the link in the description box below. For anybody of you guys who want to join or M g. A D. Z is basically the Amazon off Africa. Now That video was actually sponsored by a company called N G Ads, and that company has an affiliate program in South Africa that they have made open to everybody. The way I got that deal is that they actually commented on my channel on one of my videos, and I went back to the channel to see what it is that they did. I went as far as going to the website to see what it is. And they did an hour's interested because I helped Nutri was on my channel. And so I thought, This is actually a great opportunity for me to let my YouTubers know about affiliate program and at the same time get of responsive video Responsive Post on my channel. So I sent them a message and they replied, and that first hour speaking, Teoh, one of the consultants they and later that consulted connected me to the owner off that company. And then we started talking. We had a couple of meetings and then we decided that we're going to do spots on sponsored videos, and that is why you see the sponsor video on my channel. And if you click on the video, you will see this video includes a paid promotion. That means that I was paid by orangey as to put that video out. Now the angle for good video is what I came up with myself because if you just make a video titled OMG adds guys, go to Yeong, add. You are not going to get views. You always have to come up with great titles so that people cannot only watch a video. But while they are watching your video, they may also learn about the brand that has sponsored you. It's always good to come up with a story time video so that people can watch the story time at the same time you speak about the ad as well. I find that this is the best way to get viewers your channel and also to keep them watching the video. Now it's important that when you make a sponsored video response it at that you tell the people that the video response it. It's important to say that within the 1st 2 minutes off your video so that you do not mislead any of your viewers. And also this is a requirement by the board that you let every single viewer know that a video is sponsored. So the main points off me telling me the story is that you as a small huge, you need to be seeking out these sponsorships. You need to be actively seeking them out. The sponsorships are not going to land on your lap until you have about what other subscribers then there will slot. Maybe landing on your lab, maybe once every year or something. But if you actively seek these brand sponsorships, you are going to get them. 3. How To Solicit For Brand Deals and Sponsored Posts: So here I'm gonna let you in on a little secret off what I do. So I'm gonna pull up my excel spreadsheets. This is the spreadsheet that I used to manage my sponsor pose and my sponsored videos and any brands that I have worked with. I created this myself and me and my husband managed this Excel spreadsheet so that we know which brands with four prints which brands we can work with again, which brand have rejected us. And we actually, this is a daughter based off brand that I would like to work with brands that I worked with in the past and brands that have rejected me in the past. Now, if you look at that excess, appreciate, you will see that I've got they the organization name or the brand name of also got the contact details off that brand, and I've got the email sent. So I've got in that column. Is this email ST yes or no? And then the next color is response. What did the brand respond to my email? And this is very important just for record keeping and our advising. All of you do this because it's going to help you. In the end, you know which brand you can contact again and which brands you shouldn't even bother contacting at all. Now, how do I find the contact details for these brands? So what I do is our first look at my niche mine. Ichi's monetization strategies for YouTube ins. So I look for affiliate programs to advertise to my viewers, and I think it's very important for you to look for sponsored deals within your knees. I don't think you should be advertising. Take stuff. If you're a beauty blogger, I feel that you need to stick with you within your niche, and you need to have a little bit off integrity. When you're working with brands, Reject a deal if it is not aligned. T your niche. So I use this tool called hunter dot i o. And this to actually helps you pull email addresses from certain organizations on line. What you're going to do is you're gonna go to www dot hunter that I owe and you're going Teoh. Insert a brand name, for example. You're gonna insert Coca Cola when you insert Coca Cola, you will see the domain name or a whole lot of e mails pumped up, and from that list you can find either marketing or a sales email or a P R e mail. You're gonna take that email, and that's where you're going to email your request to. Now. If you are a small youtuber, it would be smart for you to actually look for small companies to work with, because when you work with small companies, smaller companies are more likely to work with small YouTubers. And also, when you send an email to a smaller company, you're probably send it direct to the owner. So that is one way off doing it by using Hunter i o. But this is how I prefer to do it. If you are a small youtuber, it is better for you to actually go for smaller companies. Is better to go for the low hanging fruit than trying to reach the one on top that everybody is trying to reach? So instead of going for Coca Cola company, for example, why not go for a lower average on that? Perhaps only people in your neighborhood has have heard off. What you can also do is go to the actual website off the brand that you want to work with, right and you look for contact details and there you need to look for the media or the P R contact detail. Never ever email info or the secretary. It'll probably end up in the spam box or in the bill in the recycle. But if you really want your emails to be effective, what you need to look for in the PR email or the marketing email off the media email or the self email, a company website. Now what I like to do that I like to go to small companies because it is so much easier to find the right email address and with a smaller company. If you email info, sometimes it will reach the owner of that company. So all you have to do is take a chance. Go to these websites, for example. If you are a travel blogger and you want to go to Spain, for example, you can get free accommodation by looking for her towels or B and B's. In Spain, you can look for smaller B and B's in Spain, e mailed them as requesting for free stay. Let them know what your Youtube channel is about. Send them your brand kids, and then let's see what they respond to you. 4. How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts: So when you get in contact with a potential sponsor or with potential brag, that will usually ask you what your rate is now, a rent is not something that you just suck off your thumb. You have to carefully decide what it is. The key charge responsive video. The good thing is that there are now tools that can tell you how much you are worth. And I'm gonna insert a clip from one of the videos that I made on YouTube telling you guys about this important tool that you can use to know your worth. Here on YouTube, a tool that I used to know my worth is called Social Blue Book. But Social Blue Book is actually a tool that can sell you as a content creator. How much you must be charging for a pose for a mention, or for anything on social media and on YouTube itself, and much of energy is he gonna connect all your networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well. If you have a bloody can also connect that and basically based on your analytics Social blue book will tell you, sister, you need to charge so as so responsive posts. Now, if you will get the family almost gonna put it somewhere up here Social blue book say is that my YouTube sponsored posts should be around $39. So that is what I'm earth your unusual, Which is understandable because I only have 1900 subscribers, so it's normal that I would be charging about 39 dollars. So if you have a YouTube account, doesn't matter how many subscribers you have. I would recommend that you already registered Social Blue Book just to have an idea of how much you're worth here on YouTube. But then I'm also going to say, Don't let that number define your words because although they say that I'm worth $39 I know that I can get a deal for $100.500 dollars or even more. It's based on your self confidence. How much do you think you are worth? And are you able to sell your worth to a sponsor or a brand 5. How To Write The Best Emails To Potential Sponsors: now, the email that I sent to these brands is a template, and it has worked well for me, and I get a lot of sponsored deals with that template. Obviously, you can arrange this template, according Teoh. What you're knishes about and watch a YouTube channel is about, but I think it's a great place to start for years. A YouTube. They send this marketing email. Do not be alarmed. Some people might not reply, and some people might replied, My take you about 100 emails before you even get a reply. Or it might take you only one email before you get a reply. It depends on the niche that you're in and also on how well you select your brand. So in this video, I'm gonna give you privy to the email that will help you get sponsors and brand deals 10 times faster. But what makes a great marketing email? If it doesn't do marketing, I'm going to help you. There are five elements of a great marketing email. The 1st 1 is a catchy title or a catchy subject line in your email. The signal is a great intro. The 3rd 1 is a value proposition. The 4th 1 is a call to action. Fifth element is the length off your email. So let's first talk about the subject line. When you're writing an email, you need to make sure the just subject line is catchy so that he can stand out amongst all the other emails. Let's be frank. Some of us received a lot of e mails today. Some of us received perhaps personal emails. Some of us received junk music newsletters that you receive from all these companies that we signed up from. So it must. Your email must have a catchy headline for it to stand out amongst all the junk. What you need to do is, if you know the person's name. Put that first as a subject line. Have you noticed how the e mails with your name it'd pop out, stick out like a thought? So thumb to you for me does. When I see an email that said greater and then comment and write something else, I always click on it because I'm like, Hey, these people know my name because a lot of these junk emails are generate emails there from people who don't even know who you are. But as soon as you see an e mail with that personified element, you click on it. If you do not know, just leave it. How to write a catchy subject line A catchy subject line is a line there is going to attract. Somebody is going to play on the emotions. So if you're trying to write a catchy subject line to a sponsor or to a brand, you're probably gonna have to want to tell them what they gain by opening up this email. Now I'm gonna show you in my example email. So in my template, what my headline always is and this headline has granted me ah, lot of sponsored and brand deals Now, great intro. The second element is a great intro. You don't want to start your email off. Boring as usual, you want to start off your email with a band, So whatever you have in the subject line is what you're gonna start your email with, you are going to let the reader know. Why is that? You send them this email. This is going to be the first paragraph off your email and in this email, you need to be compelling enough so that the reader can read the rest off. The email is important to make this paragraph short, because if you make it too long, they might not get to the end, which is going to actually leading them to email you back. So the first thing that you need to do is first. Think about who you are, what your channel is about, what value you can bring to the table, and this gets us to element number three, our value proposition. What venue are you going to bring to this company if they deal with you? If you've got partners, what is it that you can give them? Is it fuse? Is that subscribers? Is it income? Do you want an affiliate? It's important to have a value proposition because in business is always tit for tat. What can you do for me before I do something for you? Then that fourth element is a call to action. There's no point writing that email if we're not telling the sponsor what they need to do for you. So what you need to tell them is that do maybe for sponsored posts or let's do a block post or Leicester instagram post or less Do Social Media Post. You need to tell me what it is that you want from them, and then you need to keep it short. It's important to keep it short because we are so busy, especially business people there are very busy. They don't have time to read your entire lately email, so make sure that you keep it short. I would say maximum 500 words Don't make it more than 500 words, and obviously you are going to attach your media kit or your brand kit to this email. 6. How To Create A Brand Kit or Media Kit: now what I like to do that. I like to go to small companies because it is so much easier to find the right email address and with a smaller company. If you email info, sometimes it will reach the owner of that company. So all you have to do is take a chance. Go to these websites, for example. If you are a travel blogger and you want to go to Spain, for example, you can get three accommodation by looking for her towels or B and B's. In Spain, you can look for smaller B and B's in Spain. E mailed them as requesting for free stay. Let them know what your youtube channel is about. Send them your brand kids, and then let's see what they respond to you. I just mention a word that perhaps you haven't heard off a brand kit or a medium kid is basically a Pdf document. Will, sometimes a presentation that markets yourself to a brand or a sponsor. Hi there. Today I'm going to talk about media kids and brand kits. It's very important as a youtuber or an influence that to have a media kid or brand kit which basically sells you and your YouTube channel to potential sponsors or Brian's or anybody that you're going to work with. Have a look here in my media kit. I've got my name. I've got the reason I do my YouTube channels for monetization in business. I've got my audience. That is just what I've highlighted to show that I've got a large variety of people watching my channel. I've also got affiliations. I've got a little bit off. That's they just to tell them that my YouTube channel is growing at the moment. And I've also got my followers how many followers I have on my major social networks, and that is how you need to market yourself as an influencer. 7. BONUS Video:Establishing Your Niche: important that as a youtuber that you do not speak about so many topics, because this is what happens when you have a whole lot of topics on your YouTube channel. Perhaps you have a beauty video, and then the next video is a take video that the next video is a vlog. So people who subscribe, perhaps to your beauty video will not watch you take videos over, not for your blog's. So you will find that your audience will be dispersed among different sorts, off topics and Nietzsche, and you'll find it difficult to grab an audience. Not early, that your social media pages might be confusing because the one day you'll be posting a beauty tutorial on instagram. Then the next day you'll be talking about tick. Have you ever heard the saying a jack off all trades, but a master of none? That is what you'll be. If you continue to talk about so many topics on your YouTube channel, how about you find in each unless you are a daily vlogger? I would suggest that you find in each mission down, Misha down even further. Try to find the smaller, smaller, possible niche within your brand topic. For example, with me, I could have spoken about YouTube tips. Actually, when I started this channel and I decided that I was going to be helping you to Bruce with the YouTube channels, my channel Waas called Sergey You Detectives Channel and I spoke about everything with because to YouTube. But then a lightbulb went in my head when I realized that there were actually a lot of people speaking about you cheap tips in general. But there is nobody telling YouTube is how to make money on YouTube. So that's where I got the idea to monetize with G. Where I helped YouTubers make money and I love to focus on small YouTube is because the big YouTubers are making money with the channels. Big YouTubers are raking in money with Google assets. But what about small YouTubers who loved to YouTube but don't have a way of making money? And that is my main focus on YouTube 8. Final Words: final words is, you need to have the confidence in yourself. You need to believe in yourself. You need to know that you are able to get that brand deal. Don't look at yourself as a small youtuber and think it's not possible for you. If it was possible for me, it can be possible for you. It's about you knowing your worth and being able to sell it. You need to put processes in place, such as a C database off potential brands responsive that you want to work with, such as income management. How you gonna manage your income such as your taxes? Are you going to have to create a company or to create a sole proprietorship to manage your income? You need to think about all of that when you are thinking about monetizing your YouTube channel. Do this beforehand before the money starts coming in so that you have a really set up your entire business