How I trained my self to hold my breath for 7 minutes in 6 months - Apnea and free diving training

Christian Wedoey

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7 Videos (46m)
    • Intro and safety

    • Before you start your breath hold

    • Co2 Table training

    • Co2 Table training demo

    • O2 Table training

    • Bonus video dynamic apnea

    • Max breath hold


About This Class

In this course you will learn the exact techniques I used to train my self to go from being able to hold my breath for 1 min and 30 sec and to 7 minutes within 6 months.

Part 1: Intro and safety

Part 2: Things you can do before you start holding your breath to make sure you increase you holding time even before doing any training.

Part 3: Co2 Training table, training your self to resist the feeling of needing to breath. The feeling of needing to breath does not come from the lack of oxygen.

Part 4 demo: A demonstration of Co2 training session.

Part 5: O2 Training table, training your body to be able to hold your breath longer and use less oxygen.

Part 6 demo: A demonstration of a O2 Training session.

Part 7: Dynamic apnea training.

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A good, in depth approach to holding your breath longer.
Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist