How Great Managers Effectively Communicate Decisions (5/8) | Ramon Janssen | Skillshare

How Great Managers Effectively Communicate Decisions (5/8)

Ramon Janssen, MBA, Management & Leadership Coach

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About This Class

In this lecture we are going to take a look at How Great Managers Effectively Communicate Decisions.
After this module you will:

  • Understand How to Effectively Communicate (difficult) Decisions
  • Know What and How to Communicate when you announce a (difficult) Decision
  • Know how to use a Decision Conversation Technique

In this comprehensive online management communication skill course, I will provide you with the knowledge, the tools, and techniques to become a successful manager.

The one personal skill that has the greatest impact on your own job satisfaction, promotion potential, and career success is your ability to communicate effectively with others.

By improving your communication skills at work, you increase your ability to achieve success, to have your successes noted, and to get yourself those promotions you deserve.
Learn in this course how to engage in clear, two-way communication to convey information, ideas, and feelings.

Discover how to choose and use the most appropriate words and tone for every business interaction. Adopt the right mindset for success. And take specific action steps to enable others to receive your messages positively.

These videos are part of a series, you can pick and choose or you can start with (0/9) and continue your journey:

0. Management Skills - Effective Communication for Managers (0/8)
1. 10 most common Communication Mistakes Managers make (1/8)
2. Management skills: The Sweet Spot for Employee Achievement (2/8)
3. Management skills: The Influence of Positive Communication on Employee Performance (3/8)
4. Management skills: Become more successful through Effective Delegation (4/8)
5. How Great Managers Effectively Communicate Decisions (5/8)
6. Management skills: How to Avoid and Overcome Employee Resistance (6/8)
7. Management skills: Why and How to say ”NO” to Better Control your Time and Priorities (7/8)
8. Management skills: How and What to Communicate when You Admit a Mistake (8/8)





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Ramon Janssen

MBA, Management & Leadership Coach

Ramon is a business professional by education and passion, and has a proven record of accomplishment building, managing and leading several teams within a very competitive IT market. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing (BA Hons), a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and is a Certified Trainer of The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and continues to work with the best and brightest in the success and leadership development field.

He founded Lead To Succeed in 2016 to help ma...

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