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How Exactly To Do PR & Press Release Marketing. 5 HD Public Relations Lessons!

teacher avatar Andrew Lee Miller, Startup Marketing Expert & Lecturer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Course! Start here!

    • 2. How to Build a Targeted Press List

    • 3. Creating The Perfect Press Release

    • 4. How To Distribute Your Amazing PR Worlwide For Free

    • 5. How to Get Even More Free PR Marketing For Free

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About This Class

Forget paying upwards of $10,000 a month to a PR agency. You don’t have time to wait until you can afford that and to be honest, you can do Public Relations for your startup yourself. I’ve successfully launched PR campaigns for over 20 startups myself and I'll show you step-by-step how to do it effectively and efficiently.

1.1 How to Build a Targeted Press List 

The first step in a successful DIY PR campaign is building a targeted press list. Here I’ll show you exactly how to source, discover and compile emails of reporters, writers and anyone else telling a story to your target audience, for free.


1.2 Creating The Perfect Press Release

Learn how to “make your own headlines”. Press Releases are not rocket science, but there are several strategies for increasing the value of your message and making sure that readers will pick up your story. Here we will dive right in to how to craft the best press release for your audience. 


1.3 Press Distribution Masterclass

Creating the list, and the press release are not the entire battle. Now we need to go over exactly how you get your PR noticed. How and when to send it out, who to send it to first and how to get the most bang for your time investment. 


1.4 How to Get Even More Free Press

I don’t want you to settle for anything less than explosive growth so here we go over a bunch more opportunities to get your press release posted for free and noticed by the people who matter most, the storytellers!

Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Lee Miller

Startup Marketing Expert & Lecturer


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1. Welcome To The Course! Start here!: all right. Hello and welcome to the course. First, I want to congratulate you because you just made the best decision of your career so far. I know you're gonna make a lot more amazing decision, but this is amazing. This course is going to save you Not only tens of thousands of dollars on marketing initiatives, but tons of time as well. I have been working with early stage start ups around the world for 12 plus years and everything that I've learned. I've packed into this course. I spent the last six months building these lessons, and I am so excited to take you on this journey, you're going to become an expert at hacking growth out of every major channel without any budget. Seriously, it's amazing. Some people are wasting tens of thousands of dollars on one of the modules that you're gonna go over. So I'm really excited that you're here because I have driven three multi $1,000,000 exits from zero to exit with no budget, and I've put everything I've learned into this course. So you're in the right place, and the first thing I want to do is go over a couple scenarios and explanations about what you can expect to make sure that you get the maximum amount of value from this course. So the first thing, it's all gonna be online. It's all pre recorded, but you have a workbook. That's detail that goes along with every single lesson, including templates, examples, screenshots walk through its for tools. We're gonna talk about over 50 different tools. They're going to save you tons of time and money and amplify your growth. So along the way used those workbooks take notes and I have a private forum for all my students. So you are invited to join that Don't met. Pass that up. I'm on there every day from 9 to 5, answering questions. So if you find something on the course that you need a little bit more explanation with, I'm here for you. Join the forum. Ask a question. If I'm not there to answer, somebody else has most likely been through, and they're gonna shoot you a quick reply. So we're all family on this. You are not alone, and I am ready to help you win. So the next thing I want to chat about is getting yourself into the startup marketer mindset. So what does that mean? It's a little bit different. And by the way, if you're not in a start up, you're still in the right place. I wanna work with companies that don't have tons of money, so you could be a small business solo entrepreneur. We're really just that the idea phase and wanna prove out whether or not someone is actually gonna like this idea. You're in the right place. I want you to use these strategies to start building growth. So yuk unproven idea out in press early investors proved the concept. Get product feedback all of the above. So you're in the right place now. What is the startup marketer mindset? What it is, is it's aggressive. Someone's hungry, its growth over everything. And there's a couple core principles that make it different than someone who's just marketing a Fortune 500 company who's sitting in their luxury chair and spending their huge budget. We don't have money or time to waste your the chief everything, officer for your project. That means the time you're spent marketing is less time your spent on developing the product. Last time you spend on HR and I don't want you to waste any time. So we got to be aggressive here. We gotta optimize for your time investment. So you're gonna hear me talk about return on time investment throughout the course. That means that you're gonna analyze your time investment like you're spending money. If you're spending two hours on Twitter one day in one hour on s CEO and you're seeing your S CEO bringing in more traffic and more return on investment, you need to be data driven. You need to cut out that fat and move forwards on what is driving your growth. So be data driven. That's another thing. What does that mean? Data driven means we're not making emotional decisions. As a startup marketer. We have data. Everything is trackable. We're gonna have a whole module about analytics and setting up your analytics stack. But I want you to get into the mindset of not making decisions without data to push you in that direction. So we might think that Twitter doesn't work. Or we might think that you know what, Andrew? No one's gonna like a video about our business, but if you haven't tested it and tracked it properly and seen the data to back up that assumption. Then you don't know. So I want you to test everything. There's no such thing as a stupid idea and be data driven when I say there's no such thing as a stupid idea. Seriously, you guys, some of the best things that I've ever done in my career have started out as Friday night, late night brainstorming sessions when I work with developers and I'm like, Hey, actually, can we do this? No, that's stupid. Well, what about this? Oh, that's genius. So I want you to think like that. You know, you're on your way to work in your car or your walking home, and you're thinking, Oh, I think I just thought of something. Scribble it down, bring it to the forum, chat with us about it. That might be your major win for your whole company, right? So that's what growth hacking is all about. Now the other thing I want you to think about is the idea of fake it till you make it. You're gonna hear me talk about it very, very often in this course. Now there's nothing illegitimate about it. I don't want you to become a liar, but you need to think six months further than you are with your business, you need to be bigger than you are, because when you're starting out, who's gonna benefit from working with you? But I'm gonna show you how toe hack partnerships, ships, giveaways, how to get access to press all these things. And the way to do that is to be forward thinking we're already solving this problem. We're already the biggest. The best of this, that whatever you need to be ready to be your biggest fan because what if you don't believe it? Who's gonna believe it? Nobody. So you're bigger than you already are. You might be starting out. You might know that you don't have tons attraction yet, but you're talking like you're already at that six month spotter at that $1,000,000 valuation. You know what you're about to do? The other thing in the last thing that I'm really going to get you to think about throughout the course is with targeted messaging. You're gonna hear me say over and over again that there is no such thing as a targeted spam message. I say that because if you have the right target and the right value in your message, it's gonna work. I might not be invited to email this person, but if I know that person is looking for what I have to offer and there's value and I'm not overly sales E that I'm gonna be perceived as valuable and it's not gonna go to Spam. So everything you do throughout this course think about how you can create value and who the target demographic is and what their experiences. If you focus on those three things you are going to win, you are gonna win so much because the goal of starting your business should be to solve a problem. There's a reason why 70% of all the tech investment in the world happens in San Francisco. It's because founders that air there are trying to solve problems when I've worked with companies in different countries because I have work to start of all over the world. A lot of the times they're just trying to make money and they don't rent all the time. The people who win and startups or small businesses are people that are trying to solve a problem. So think about the problem you're solving. Think about how to create value for that target And who will appreciate your value the most . Start with that Temic demographic and you're gonna win so much. I'm so excited you're here. Let's get started, You guys. Are you ready? Let's go. 2. How to Build a Targeted Press List : Hello and welcome. Are you ready to get started? I am. We're gonna dive right in with one of my absolute favorite growth hacking strategies. Online PR is also known as public relations, press, marketing, PR marketing, tons of different names. But the basic idea is getting your company and your project into the story that the media around your target demographic are telling. You know, the reason I love this so much is because we're about to go over exactly how Toe Hackett. But do you know how much startups actually pay for this between five and $20,000 a month? And the reason they pay so much is because it pays off. Imagine how valuable it is for your start up to get a nationwide article where an article all about your project to that your target demographic reads. It's hugely valuable. So we're gonna dive in right away. The first thing I'm gonna teach you how to do is how to build a press list. What is a press list? It's a list of all the different areas and people that are telling a story to your target demographic. So I want you to take a step back and think about all the things that your project you, your company, your industry, your market are relevant to. And you're gonna go and you're gonna create a Google sheep. And I have a template attached, but it's really simple. It's just gonna have a name, email address, publication and maybe a note about them. So 45 columns and you're gonna go to Google News and Google Alerts alerts dot google dot com If you don't know about this already, basically, you can enter in some keywords on different various searches, and I want you to go a really long tail with this. So I think of all the different potential key phrases that could be related to your business, your industry, the problem that you're solving the age demographic of your target, what your target demographic is interested in, and you're gonna search those terms. So recent project I did was I launched a new app for a dating company in Los Angeles. So obviously for me, I'm searching single life Los Angeles dating in Los Angeles. Single life hashtag dating online, dating all these different terms dating app, and I'm going to get a message every day from Google or if I'm manually doing it on Google News, I'm going to see results of people that are writing and telling stories or posting blog's about those keywords. Now what I want you to do is click on that. Then you're going to see. Usually the author's name is right there on the publication That's usually hyperlink to. So you click on that. And what does that have their Twitter, their email address? And if you click the email address, it'll open up a tab to email them. I don't want you to email them right away. What I want you to do is grab their name and email and put it in that form. Now what you're gonna be doing is building a press list. As you're working on product development, you don't need to be ready to launch right away. The goal is to get about 500 to 1000 email addresses before you're ready to launch so that you can press it out. We're gonna tell you how to do that in a second now, if on the odd chance they don't have their email address there, click on that social media link be at their instagram or their Twitter and GM them. And again, I've included a template message along with this to see what you should say. But all the stuff I'm gonna talk about the messaging is really, always simple. Keep it super simple value. Who are you called to? Action. That's all you want to say? So hey, I'm writing a story about blah, blah, blah, whatever they are interested in, and I wanted to include you on our press lists. Can I have your email address? That's it. 75% of time I get an extremely positive response from reporters or they'll be like, I don't cover that. Here's my colleague. They'll cover that. So you're gonna want to build a press list of a couple 100 for each individual track. Now again, I said, I want you to step outside and think outside the box of all the different areas you're interested in. So I recently did a launch of a new travel app for a company called Hit List, but also had a female founder. So I looked at anyone writing stories about female CEOs, female startup founders, also a start up. So you can include any author writing about start ups. And it was an android app. So I looked at all the android publications and got all the email addresses of people writing for Android Publications. So think outside the box, build that list to a couple 100 for each track, and then I'm gonna tell you how to send out targeted press releases to each track right now . 3. Creating The Perfect Press Release: Hello and welcome back. So I hope that wasn't too stressful. Now, I hope every morning when you start your day, you check your Google alerts, you go to Google News. You look for people writing stories about your business and your industry. And now we're gonna figure out how to craft a perfect press release for each individual track of email addresses that you were storing. And you might be listening to this thinking, you know, my start up super early stage. We haven't helped a 1,000,000 people. We haven't made a $1,000,000. Andrew, we don't have a story to tell. And I want to tell you that that is bullshit. Every startup has something to say. You are solving a problem. You are changing the world. You are maybe mapping a 1,000,000 data points. You have some amazing history behind your product that you can leverage. Now, I want you to think about the number one thing that I say throughout this course You need to fake it till you make it. So I want you to put yourself in the shoes of a reporter and think about what is catchy about what you're doing. You know, Maybe you need to be a little bit ahead of time already. You're not there yet, but this press process is developing it while you're developing your products. So you're building that list over a couple months. You're not trying to grab ah 100 emails in one day. You're trying to build 10 to 15 new emails to that list, and that's the same thing goes for your story. You want to develop your story as you're working on your products so that when you launch, you're ready to go for prep PR marketing. So I want you to open up a new Google doc. We're gonna build a press release for you right now. So my experience and I again I've included a template of a press release from a recent launch that I did again. Reporters air really lazy. So you want to make it very high value and easily digestible pieces of the press release. So start that, Doc. The number one thing on the press release is that headline. It's gonna be the subject of your email. When you reach out to reporters, it's gonna be the thing that grabs their attention. So short descriptive headline It's kind of vague. It doesn't have to be super intense. The explica Torrey. You want people to be interested enough to continue reading. So again. When I did a recent dating out launch, its company launches world changing dating app or something like that. Vague they want to read. Then there's a subtitle that goes a little bit in depth. That's when you mention the name of your company. That's when you go a little bit deeper on the problem that you're solving. That's right underneath that headline. Underneath that you start with your date and your city, where you're launching from an introductory paragraph that explains more about what you're doing After that introductory paragraph, it's time to start giving them real value. Like I said, reporters or lazy, there's really only three potential outcomes from every reporter that you positive outcomes from every reporter you reach out to, because I guess there's a bunch of albums they could ignore it, whatever, but majority of time, one of three things gonna happen. They're going to write back, and they're gonna be interested to learn more, to include you in a story that's great. They're gonna copy paste. What you wrote and write a story about you without even telling you that's great or third. An ideal situation is they write back and they want an exclusive interview to create a story just about you and your business. So you want to make it easy for them to do all three of those things with his little touch points from you as possible. So how do you do that? Include everything you think that they need in the press list press release. But you're not gonna make it over two pages long because just like any other marketing message, there's a t L D R Situation too long. Don't read kind of feeling for the reporter. So couple quick quotes. You're the founder where you're the CEO. You want a couple quotes from yourself. You're the person that wants to be quoted in this story. Or if there's testimonials that you want from customers or users, your including those there. This product changed my life. Something really, really banner text that they're like, Wow, we need to include this in the story. So you've got your couple quotes there, another paragraph about the problem you're solving, and then at the bottom. Just about your business and a media kit, and that's pretty much it. Your media kit. You can Google how to make a media kit super easy. You just want to give them logos, pictures of your team, maybe your office or an example of whatever product you're solving in that photo of it. And that's it. That's all that needs to go into the press release. Don't be afraid to make different press releases for different audiences. The more applicable it is, the better. Okay, that's it for creating a press release. See you in the next lesson. 4. How To Distribute Your Amazing PR Worlwide For Free: All right, Welcome back. Now it's go time you spent the last few months working on your product. At the same time you've been building a press list. Last few weeks, you've been working on a press release or multiple if you really got the time and you're really ready to blow this up and now it's time to send it out, because if you don't send it out, it's like building a car and never putting gas. And it's time to put the pedal to the floor and drive this thing. So I want you to think about your press list in two major sections. The high value people. So the people that are have a huge audience or are really, really interested in responding to you or potentially have the best reach for your target demographic, and then everybody else is kind of the lower value contact. So there's gonna be two major ways that we're gonna reach out to people one for those high value people. I want you to email them directly, and you're gonna be able to put their name in that and reach out to them with a very small message, which I've attached a template outreach message to this module. You are going to basically the messages again across the board for everything I talk about very simple. Who are you? What's the value you create for them? And what's the call to action? What do they need to do for you? So this is no different than any other message. You're basically cold emailing these people. But what do I always say? There's no such thing as targeted spam. If you are creating value in your message for the right target that wants that value, they don't care if they invited you to email them or not. They're gonna be like Thank you for that. Here's what I can do for you. So this is the same thing. You're not trying to sell them anything. You're trying to create value for them like, Hey, I saw you write about this. Here's what I'm doing. Hopefully this is helpful for you, so it's not coming across as Spammy. The idea is that you're creating value for them, and that's what's going to really get that high open rate for these emails and a high response rate and hopefully get you one of those three ideal outcomes. Hopefully, you get your own customs piece. So how do we maximize that with that email to the high value people want? You want a compliment? That those reporters? Oh, I've seen the stuff that you right. I think it's amazing, and I wanted to offer you an opportunity to get some value from me. You don't say value. Obviously. What is the value that we can create for a reporter in this situation and embargo on the press release, an embargo means that you will give them exclusivity for a certain number of days that they set. So we'll give you this story a week before we get it to anyone else because you're an amazing writer or you're an amazing blogger or urine. Amazing youtuber again, I want you to think of PR as outside of the box of just traditional reporters, to they get inundated with a lot more messages, and your lower hanging fruit might be a youtuber with a 1,000,000 views, and maybe they want to make a video about you that is huge. So don't discount that opportunity. So what's the other piece of value we can offer these reporters an exclusive interview with CEO. Now you might be the CEO. You're working on a one person team doing it all yourself. Make us sales at or make up a whole new person. Sean at your company dot com. An email from Sean, the marketing manager offering an exclusive interview with your CEO. Not only will that make your project look further along and more legit, it'll make your company look bigger. It will make you look more professional and the reporter we feeling that value? Wow, they're offering me an exclusive interview with this hard to reach CEO. So offer that quick value in that first email to the individual. Let's say your top 50 or your top 100 people, they get a custom email directly from you, and that way they can respond and you can engage with them A lot of times it takes a few weeks to build the report with these reporters and get them to put something they're usually working on. Projects that are there gonna be published a month or a month or two months out. So no, to be note, be knowledgeable about that time gap and work ahead of time expecting that now with the second half. This is where it really gets scrappy with second half. So the majority of that email is that you've been building. We're gonna take that email list, and we're gonna put it into your email service provider. So I recommend mail chimp to early stage start ups, and we're gonna go into how to use mail. Chimp A lot more on the email marketing module. But male chimp is free up to 2000 emails. But maybe you want to use constant contact. Send grid autopilot. There's tons of email service providers out there. Almost all are free to get started for a certain list size. So pick the one you want the most ad in your list, your different list. So you got your start up list. Your checklist, maybe your e commerce list. Whatever your female founder list, all of the different small list. So 100 to 200 emails, 300 emails per list. You're uploading those when they're small like that. It should circumnavigate there. Um, they're, ah, software that blocks the uploading of built lists. So if it doesn't and if you get flagged than just upload them in small pieces 2030 emails at a time. And what you're gonna do is you're gonna populate the name field and the company name or the publication field. So hey, named is publication interested in this story? Now they're going to see that and not know that you send a dynamic email out to hundreds of people. They're gonna feel like that's customized. And the open rates gonna be about 25 to 30% for a cold list. Super targeted. A lot of value. You're going to get responses now again, I said. Reporters tend to be kind of lazy if your ex reporter out there don't take any offense, but you want to make it easy for them, so the chances are they might not respond. So what do you do? You go into that email tool, you look at the report and you click opens and you see who's opened that email the most. Sometimes you'll see 15 20 opens from one reporter because he's working on a story he or she working on a story. For weeks now, you're gonna go to that person and send them a custom email. Hey, my CEO said you might be interested in covering our story. He really likes what you write about, and we're interested in having a chat with you. Click the link below the book. A call. Now, if you can get a call with that reporter, clearly they're interested. You might get that third outcome and get a custom piece written about your business. So you've been taken a low value reporter and brought them up to a high value without much information. So that is how you build a press release. That is how you build the list. And this is how you distribute that press list. Now check the next lesson. We're gonna talk about a couple other free areas you could get press from. 5. How to Get Even More Free PR Marketing For Free: all right. Who? That was a lot, right? Well, I hope you know that startups that raise money pay upwards of $100,000 a year for an agency to do what you just learned how to do yourself. So don't slack on press release marketing. It's a huge, huge opportunity for startups at any level, because one really good article. If you have an app that's free to download, or if you have a service that's applicable nationwide or worldwide, then you can get thousands of new customers from one really good article. So tons of value do not sleep on press, and I'm not done. I want to talk about a couple more ways for you to maximize all your time investment press and get free PR opportunities. So the first thing I want you to do is to look up all the three sites that you can post your press release for free. A lot of people don't think about this, but in my experience you get about 500 to 1500 views per press release per site. So I've actually included a list along with this lesson of all the free places where you can post your press release for free. The worst thing is you've got to create a free account. They might email you, but you can post. And then the reason why these air effective is because, like I said, reporters, air Lazy Sorry again. No offense to the reporters, but they usually go to these sites to look for story opportunity. So Monday morning there, Boss tells them, Hey, I want you to write about startups. First thing they do is go to these sites and look for new stories about start ups that are killing it. So I want you to be there. So sites like PR log dot com pr newswire dot com, and check the list that I've included. You've got about 20 different sites there. Make accounts, poster, every single press release that you write on all those sites and include your media contact in your email of your CEO or your marketing person that you made. And you're gonna get a ton of opportunities from that Now. The second thing I want you to dio is Goto Help. A reporter dot com help. A reporter dot com is a free email newsletter of reporters requests from around the country and what they're looking for and you can respond in real time. It goes directly to the reporter. So you basically sign up for free and you signify what you're interested in. So tech business startups, health, whatever your industry might be entertainment, media, travel, tourism, You fill that out, you check those boxes and every day help a reporter sends you questions from reporters looking for an expert talking about early stage start ups. Obviously, I'm gonna respond to that looking for an opportunity to interview someone on a podcast about digital nomads. I'm going to respond to that. So help a reporter is a great service. And the best thing is, you can write really, really detailed response to them. And if you don't get included, you take that and you re purpose as a bloc, which we're gonna talk about later. So there's no risk if someone asked about Instagram marketing and I want to write a long email to them. Maybe they're not gonna end up putting me in the peace. No big deal, because now I've got a post Aiken repurpose for either social media or my block, so check help reporter post your block post on all those free. I mean, you're PR on all those free websites and you will get tons of legs out of every press release. So that's everything for PR marketing. Are you ready to keep going? See on the next lesson?