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Household Filing Made Easy

Mark Thompson, Information Doctor

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7 Videos (14m)
    • New Household Filing Approach

    • Filing Barriers & Attitudes

    • Powtoon of Household Filing

    • Taking on the New Approach

    • Explanation of Class Project

    • Demo of Approach

    • Conclusions


About This Class

Do you have trouble finding receipts, letters, contracts, and manuals among your files?  Have you just given up trying to organize it all?  Let me help you start over!  Yes, with this simple approach, you can take the files on hand and make them accessible.  

Please join me to apply my Find & Learn methods to an important home application.  Review the approach and view a simple animation of how it works.  It might put a smile on your face!





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Mark Thompson

Information Doctor

I am a professional researcher, librarian, and teacher in NJ. I love helping others who are eager to learn! Thru the years, I have helped many different people from employees at major corporations, to small business owners, to students in college and public library users.

I have learned that mental toughness determines one's success in finding and learning. Knowledge is a mind game! So I put together my lessons-learned in a book, called "I Need to Know: How to Find and Learn Anythi...

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