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House-sitting in Australia - Discover how house-sitting works and if it would work for you

teacher avatar Elizabeth Bezant, Writer and House-sitter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. House-sitting in Australia

    • 3. Costs

    • 4. Finding

    • 5. Booking

    • 6. Project

    • 7. Quiz

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About This Class

Ever thought about house-sitting or hiring a house-sitter?

Want to know more about how it all works?

Or are you just curious about what would be expected of you and others?

Well, if that’s the case, this course was made especially for you.

After several years as a full-time house-sitter in Australia, I’m all too well aware of how many people are unsure about the system - and, how many get caught out by it.

So, to ensure you know what’s required (and to answer a whole stack of questions) I designed this course. It covers things like: what’s expected of a house-sitter and a home-owner, who pays for what, how to find a house-sitter… in fact, the basics to how it all works.

To find out more and ensure you don’t get caught out, please, join me on House-sitting in Australia.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elizabeth Bezant

Writer and House-sitter



Hi, my name’s Elizabeth Bezant and I’m an internationally-published, freelance writer and writing coach, currently house-sitting full-time across Australia.

For the past two decades, or so, I’ve had a wonderful time inspiring and informing writers (in person, in print and online).

Over the years I’ve had a diverse range of articles, stories, columns and educational features published in countless magazines, anthologies and newspapers across the world. The ones I’m proudest of were included in: Britain’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Living Abroad, and Grace magazines; America’s Chicken Soup for the Soul, Chocolate for the Woman’s Soul, and&n... See full profile

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1. Introduction: ever thought about how sitting or even hiring a house sitter. I want to know more about how it all works or just a little curious of what would be expected of you and others. Well, if that's the case, this course was made especially for you. After more than a few years of full time house sitting, we've become all too well aware of how many people are unsure about the system or have even been caught out by it. Therefore, to ensure you know what's required and to answer a whole stack of questions, I designed this course. It covers things like what's expected of a house sitter and a homeowner who pays for what? How, how to find a house sitter, in fact, the basics to how it all works, really. So to find out more and ensure you don't get caught out, please join me on the house sitting in Australia course 2. House-sitting in Australia: Hello and welcome. Toothy house sitting in Australia. Overview course. So what is house sitting? Well, it's really just a zit sounds. It's caring for a house while the owner or owners away. Sometimes it means the sitter moving into an empty property and looking after it, while other times it might mean them, parking their caravan in the homeowner this driveway and splitting their time between staying in that and staying in the home. Either way, it basically means, Ah, homeowner going away and having somebody come and take care of their home and, more often than not, their garden and pets as well. The reason for having a house that had come very sometimes it's purely security reasons. You're not things like making sure the mail is brought in. The lights are turned on in the evening. Somebody can be seen in and around the property, and so other times it might be so that the garden is cared for. And there's no concern about coming home to an expanse of dead plants, flowers and an overgrown lawn. But in most cases it would appear that house sitters air sort primarily so that family pets are personally cared for at home, with plenty of one on one attention and family routines, in other words, so that the risk of pets being traumatized or missing their owners is dramatically lessened . So the reasons for having house sitter are quite obvious. Protection plants and pets, all quite simple and straightforward, really. The reason for a person becoming a house. It, although, can be much more varied, perhaps even as individual as the post in themselves. It might be because they want to go on holiday and would prefer to barter their time and care for a person's property and pets rather than pay for a hotel accommodation. Others do it long term and full time in order to save on rent or to give themselves independence. We, on the other hand, Hench is thought it would be fun toe have the freedom to travel around the state, country or even the world, living different lifestyles while helping out homeowners and caring for a wide variety of animals. Some have some people house it on their own, while others do. It is a couple or a family with Children and maybe even pits of their own. We, my husband and I come under the heading of seniors who are house sitting but who are also digital nomads. We currently travel from one house to another by electric bike um, public transport. It seemed to some way to go, while others might choose to travel entirely by public transport or by car like caravan or whatever suits as to the area or distance a house sitter might travel. Well, that can be just is varied. We are happy exploring Australia, while others may be looking to adventure further aboard, although I have also heard of people who are happy based purely in one town specific area or a specific style of property or even a specific kind of pet that they'd like to careful . Like I said, every house sitter has their own reason and their own preferred lifestyle, the service of house sitting. What's expected, what's provided also changes country to country, house to house person to this person and especially pit to pit. But on the whole, it simply means somebody taking a genuine interest in another person's home and, if necessary, animals whilst they're away and in doing so, enabling the homeowner to travel, feeling confident and relaxed, knowing that when they return home everything will be just as they left it 3. Costs: house sitting is considered a great way to save money, but not necessarily a great way to own it. Some sitters do, of course, have 95 jobs that they happily commute to every day, no matter where they're living, as opposed to those who retired or those who successfully earn an income no matter where they're living. But on the whole, here in Australia, most house sitters generally don't get paid for their services. But then neither did they pay rental give money towards household bills. There's little doubt that a house sitter will save an absolute fortune in went because of the free accommodation they receive while caring for a property, an amount easily equaled or exceeded by the boarding and kennel fees the homeowner saves in keeping their pets at home or if they don't own animals in the comfort of simply knowing their home is safe and cared for. But in most cases, it would appear that, except for the odd financial gift from generous homeowners, little money actually change his hand. When it comes to house, sitting payment tends to be more in kind, like gift vouchers, cafe vouchers, bottles of wine left in the fridge and so on. Consumables like food and drinks, though, would normally be paid for by a house sitter for a whole variety of reasons. That's not to say that some generous people, both homeowners and sitters, aren't kind enough to leave treats and leftovers in the fridge or pantry when they leave. Of course, that doesn't mean I haven't heard of somehow sitters charging for their services or homeowners expecting money for rent, power and Internet. Although this isn't the norm, it's more common if a sitter is running a business or working through an agency, or if the homeowner has extreme overheads, always going away for an extended time. Despite having said this, there is so no denying that expenses and agreements can very person to person place to place and sit to sit. So be sure to confirm everything important in writing before a sit is agreed on. It's so important to be aware of your options and what is being asked you 4. Finding: There's no doubt that house sitting has become a more accepted and popular service across the world of the last few years, and that's certainly true of him being here in Australia, so much so that if you know where to look, the range of sitters available and the selection of homes to be sat is seemingly endless, almost to the point where the challenge is not in finding on but in picking the right one and whilst is possible for somebody to find their own bookings via advertising and referrals. There are also a selection of agencies and websites eager to put carers in touch with holiday makers and vice a versa. Recommendations, re booking and darted base websites have always seemed like an excellent option to me. But then, as yet, we've never had to work with an agency. When it comes to using house It'll websites. The city usually pays to subscribe to the site, then creates a page of their own on it, listing their details, putting up some photos, references, the kind of sits there interested in and that kind of thing. The homeowner, on the other hand, lists the dates they're going away. What needs to be cared for where they live, some photos and so on. It's then up to the sitter to regularly check the website and contact anybody who is listed . A sit there interested him. Either that or the homeowner makes the whole thing easier by simply scrolling through the selection of house sitters reading the profiles of anybody who appeals and their messaging them directly. We've been used in two websites who used this system since we started, and I've had very little problems with it. Occasionally, people have been forced to unexpectedly cancelled their big bookings with us. But even then, we've been able to find another ideal booking to fill the gap even when it's been a very short notice. Are other way of getting bookings has been through with Feroze and re bookings. After all, leaving everything you own with somebody you don't actually know could be a little unsettling. The best, whilst being able to re book somebody who's already done a good job for you not only provides that extra level of trust for the homeowner, but it also means that the pets feel more comfortable known. The sitter is a friend. I for one have lost track of how many dogs recognizes the minute we pull into their driveway, even if it's months since kid from. 5. Booking: and now two bookings, of course, finding suitable house sitter and then confirming that their free on the exact dates the homeowner needs them doesn't automatically mean things assorted. My recommendation is always that the sit of visits the home and meets everybody, including the pets, before anything is confirmed. This is on top of the usual sharing of references and having discussions about what's required and expected, because sometimes people just don't get on or things taken for granted aren't acceptable or who knows what else. In other words, sometimes things just aren't as they appear. So where possible? Always meet in person on the occasions when it is impossible to do so. I would strongly suggest communicating through Skype FaceTime or something along those lines so everybody can be seen as well as the pets lifestyle on home, because there's nothing quite like turning up her toe home, where you'll be staying for a month and realizing it doesn't suit your lifestyle. Except that is, perhaps for having your bags ready, impact by the front door and then realizing you don't feel comfortable with sitters who just divide to look after everything when it comes to looking after a stranger's home or toe having a stranger look after your home. Nothing is definite and the first time round come seem a little challenging, so do what you feel is necessary within reason to feel relaxed. References play a big part in that, but so did got instincts on the way your pets react and stars of communication and how you found each other. Once a sit has been arranged, I've always found it essential toe. Have everything confirmed in writing, whether that be emails, text or a good old fashioned written letter. This is especially true when it comes to house sitters and homeowners, dates and times of arrival and departure. It negates any last minute hiccups and confusion and could be reassuring toe everybody concerned. 6. Project: Well, there you go. Of course, there's not to say there isn't a lot more involved in house sitting. But hopefully this short course has offered a broad overview on a few insights and answers . And having heard them, you're no doubt thinking more about how house sitting could work for you, either as a homeowner or traveler. So your course project is designed to support that thought. It's to do one or both of the following. We searched the area you would like to house it. Things like the best way to get in touch with homeowners, whether they're many sitters required in your chosen area. If the lifestyle there offering suits what you're after, how would you get them and things like Or alternatively, we search ways to find a house sitter suited to your home. This would include things like your preferred media for finding them what you would require them to do, compatibility to their preferences, what you would require to feel comfortable leaving your home in their care and so on. Then, once you've done one or both of those, share your thoughts and comments about what you discover on the project section of this course. How easy is that? But it's definitely worth the time. If you're interested in how sitting either as a house sitter or a homeowner, the results might just surprise you. And I'd love to hear what you think. 7. Quiz: Well, here we are at the house, sitting in Australia. Overview courses quiz Following are a selection of multiple choice questions all designed to reinforce the information contained in this course. The process is quite simple. Read the questions, select you answer. And then just wait for the tick to appear on the page to discover if you chose the right answer. So here we go with question number one. Have fun. So how did you get on? I'd love to hear your results and thoughts on the quiz. Why not share them on the project page?