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Hotel Management Course - Hospitality Management Course Online - Hotel Operations

teacher avatar Sabir Ziganshin, Hotelier | Career Coach | Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Industry Segmentation

    • 3. Organizational Structure

    • 4. Front Office

    • 5. Food & Beverage

    • 6. Housekeeping

    • 7. Sales & Marketing

    • 8. Secrets of career success

    • 9. Final Note

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About This Class

What is the hotel management? How does the hotel industry work? How to succeed in a hospitality career?

Register for this hospitality management course online and get your answers today!

This hospitality course is the EASIEST WAY to learn practical hotel management.

If you are about to start your first hotel job or simply interested in hospitality fundamentals, this course is what you need. I made it as useful as possible for you to have a complete understanding of hotel operations. The unique delivery style will allow you to learn every hotel department through its functions, systems, reports, relations, and professional terminology. You will be able to understand practical hospitality management basics, pick the right hotel department for your career and learn how to become a manager.

When I started my first hotel job as a restaurant server, I did not know much about hotel management structure and professional terminology that is essential to your career progress. As a waiter, I begin to familiarize myself with cash handling procedures, POS system, inventory, PAR level and a night audit. There were even more terms for me to learn as I moved to the Front Office department and started to get management-level jobs with more responsibilities and better pay.

Long story short.

Now allow me to explain to you the structure of this course:

Part 1: Introduction of the Course

Part 2: Hotel Operations - Lectures (Front Office, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing)

Studying hotel management will help you uncover other hospitality and tourism job opportunities within your home country as well as around the world. All you have to do now is register for this course so that you can make an informed decision about hotel management career and hospitality overall.


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Meet Your Teacher

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Sabir Ziganshin

Hotelier | Career Coach | Entrepreneur


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1. Welcome: Hello, everyone. My name is Saberi's, a gun shin on the founder of Hospitality School, a site that helps people start their first hotel job and make a career out off it. Now this is an introduction to a course where I will share with your hotel operations structure, professional terminology and the secrets off career success that's gonna take several steps . We will go to hotel departments, their functions, systems and software reports, communications and job requirements. We are going to start with the front office department, as is the most important part off the hospitality operations. I hope you will enjoy it. The benefits off learning hotel management are tremendous nowadays, but not everybody can afford to study. I noticed that because I deal with a lot of people who want to learn hospitality fundamentals. People who I about to start their first hotel job usually don't have so much money for the expensive hospitality education. Now, if you can't afford the degree, discourse is an excellent opportunity to learn riel, World Hotel management, some off. My students were quite successful already because off a methodology that I used here, my idea was to make this course as useful as possible toe make you remember the course material so that you can effectively use it to build your own success. In addition to that, I will also share with you the most common mistakes that you have tow. Avoid at the beginning off your hospitality journey. All you have to do now is click the PayPal button to get this course today. This is the first time I'm doing something like this in my life. I'm super excited to share with you the knowledge that I gathered over the past 10 years to create this awesome course. When you complete this course, please tell me your feedback so that I can make it even better. Please help me do it. Click the button and get your course today. Thank you very much. 2. Industry Segmentation: hotel industry consists off different segments. The first segment is hotels. Hotels are companies that provide short term accommodation to people. Aside from offering lodgings, hotels provide other services, including food and beverage and housekeeping resorts built around popular tourism destinations and summer vacation spots. Typically, they allocated on bigger pieces off land and have additional facilities for health, sports, entertainment and shopping. There are different types off resorts, for example, beach resorts, spy resorts, ski resorts, golf resorts, island resorts and others. Many resorts offer all inclusive pricing that includes the price off a room, as well as three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner services and activities. Shared accommodations wore hostels targeting low budget travelers. Hostels offer less privacy and no personal service. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared. Bed and breakfast, also known as B and B's, are small establishments, which offer overnight stays and breakfast. In the morning, guests are provided with a private room and a shared bathroom. Most being be owners leave on site and handle being be operations. And now the segment off the hotel industry is fully furnished. Apartments for long staying guests. This type off a commendation offers a private kitchen and on site laundry for long. Staying guests. Finally, a time share accommodation is a way to share ownership off the property, such as a hotel room or a condom minimum unit within a resort area. Each buyer purchases a certain period of time in a particular unit. Timeshares typically divide the property in tow 1 to 2 week periods. 3. Organizational Structure: an organizational structure is a system that explains how certain business activities are directed to achieve the goals off a company. Every hotel starts with a person who owns the building, the hotel owner. Very few hotel owners have knowledge and skills to successfully around the business themselves, most off the time they hire a professional company to manage the property for them. Hotel team Led by the hotel or general manager, the hotel manager is in charge off the entire business performance off the property and reports to hotel owners and management company directors. Typically, hotel managers haven't operations background either from office food and beverage or sales and marketing experience. It allows them to have a deep understanding off internal processes and manage hotel effectively. The second person in command is the operations manager. This person reports to the hotel manager and handles frontline operations, the UPS manager, always on the floor to make sure everything is up and running. This person must be trained toe act as a property leader when the hotel manager is on a business trip or on holidays. When guests contact the hotel for the first time, they usually reach the front office Department. It is a key department off the hotel because the major part off revenue comes from room sales. The only exception is big convention hotels that have a huge meeting facilities that can generate a similar amount off revenue from office functions are reservation reception, concierge, bell desk and a PBX service that stands for private branch exchange. Basically a call center that handles all internal and external phone communications at the property, Food and Beverage department serves restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, poolside areas, room service bank, it's stuff, cafeteria and the kitchen. This department has a lot of subdivisions and big number off employees. It is the best place to start a career and become a manager. Housekeeping team maintains cleanliness throughout all the public areas off the property, including but not limited to the lobby hallways and public washrooms. The most important role off the housekeeping department is to clean and prepare guest rooms for new arrivals. Some hotels have laundry and dry cleaning services operated by the Housekeeping department . Sales and marketing directly responsible for hotel financial performance, sales and marketing. Develop strategies to increase a Cuban, see and make profitable use off room, invent tary and meeting facilities. It also includes marketing function to increase visibility and promote hotel services to new clients. All team members are carefully selected and must have a strong communication and presentation skills because they deal with new and existing clients. Daily Accounting Department Record and verify all business transactions off the hotel. It includes striking off all transactions, providing accurate, timely and relevant financial data to hotel management and government reporting. Human Resources Department is responsible for hotel employees. It's their job to find screen, recruit, train, reward employees and assist department Hades with performance appraisals. Big hotel chains invest a lot of money toe help their human capital to keep their employees happy. The engineering department maintains all facilities and equipment off the hotel. Its functions include inspection and repair off various energy supply equipment side just the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, lighting and kitchen equipment. Additional functions are fixing furniture, repairing floors, ceilings, doors and installing new products. Security protects hotel guests and their belongings. Employees and the entire hotel property. Typically, hotel security stuff do not carry firearms. Their primary responsibility is to perform surveillance, prevent and report all hotel departments divided into two categories the front off the House departments that are in direct contact with a guest and the back off the House departments that provides support and administrative services and have no direct contact with customers. By having a clear idea off hotel departments in their responsibilities, you can pick the right department and prepare a career development plan that will help you succeed. 4. Front Office: front office is the first point off contact for anyone calling or visiting a hotel business . Front Office Functions Reservation provides information about hotel services y phone and email to potential guests and creates room reservation in the property management system and sends booking confirmation to guests afterwards. Reception finds reservations in the property management system, allocates room numbers, inputs, additional guest data in guest profiles, prince registration cards, issues, room keys, handles all payments, concierge make dining and other reservations for hotel guests and obtain tickets for events . Provide information about local features such as shopping, dining, nightlife and recreational destinations. Make travel arrangements for sightseeing and other tours. Bell desk is an extension off the front desk. Bell Service functions include luggage delivery, luggage storage, mail and newspaper delivery room move and wake up calls. Bell desk team members always get tips on top off their based celery PBX service stands for public board exchange. It answers incoming calls direct this incoming calls two guest rooms, stuff members or departments within the property logs and performs wake up courts through the telephone system. Bbx operators also handled basic questions about the business, including ours, off operation and additional Services Business Center is a room in a hotel with a computer printer and a fax machine. It allows guests to use this facilities while they are staying at the hotel from office systems in hotels. A property management system was defined as a platform that enabled a hotel or group of hotels to manage front office capabilities such as booking reservations. Guess chicken check out room assignment, managing room rates and billing. A POS is a point of sale software that allows hotels to take charge off sales, invoicing and ordering for restaurant rooms, activities, meals and hotel boutiques. U. S will not only work at the restaurant, but for hotel activities, the boutique spa and room service, for example. Some hotels have souvenir kiosks, and they use pure A system to sell it directly to guests From office. Uses credit card readers to process in person payments with a credit or debit card. It can be handheld and quartered, portable or attached to a point of sale terminal with the countertop cash register hotel use key card system to enhance the security off the hotel guests and their belongings and also for stuff members to excess designated areas off the hotel. In addition to key card system, some front desk department have a video surveillance screen installed directly at the desk that allows them to monitor property both inside and outside in bigger properties. This is the responsibility off the Security Department. Instant messaging systems are something that the front office department will use to communicate with their guests in the near future. Many hotel chains already testing Facebook Messenger What's up and we chat while others develop their own messaging. APS. Let's switch onto the reports reporting place a very important role in hotels, day to day operations. It provides the management with an in depth analysis off the hotels performance, which expresses the actual results off operation during an accounting period, identifying revenues earned and itemizing expenses in cured during that period. It is not only the management which relays on reports each and every department in the hotel uses one or many reports on their day to day operations. First is the arrival report used by the front office to check the expected guest arrivals on a specific date. This report is to be designed to give arrival guest details such as name, rival date, arrival time room blocked the I P coat and additional guest request. It is being used to make proper arrangements for smooth check in procedures. Next is the departure report. It is used to trek the expected departures on a certain date. The report mainly contains the name, room number, departure date and time building instructions. Airport transfer details, etcetera. It is being used to make proper arrangements. Put smooth, check out and payments. Guests in house report are shown all guest currently staying at the hotel. It is used to verify guest detail in a variety of situations, including emergency purposes. Airport pickup report chose guest who requested airport pickup service. It allows the reception team to prepare all necessary paperwork and Santy members to meet arriving guests at the airport and escort them to the property. Wake up call report helps the front office team toe full up on a guest requested. Wake up calls at first. It is set by the PBX system s an alarm on the in room telephones in case off, this does not work that a team member off the Bell team is usually sent to make sure the guest is awake. Manager report shows different aspects off the business to help them make better informed decisions. They collect data from various departments off the hotel, tricking key performance indicators and present them in a simple to understand way. It is printed or bullet out off on the computer screen from the PMS system by hotel managers. Daily relations. There are multiple hotel divisions that front office team communicates with and, of course, ah, front office relations divided into two parts. The internal and external connection with food and beverage department happens mainly in terms of settling up restaurant and bar payments. To make sure the accuracy off Data Housekeeping team verifies arrivals, departures and guests that want to extend their stay at the property sales and marketing contacts. The front office, in case off group rivals and special events at the property engineering department, informs off all renovations, repairs and equipment breakages to the front desk. Promptly. Accounting regularly contacts the front office to settle down individual and corporate accounts and correct posting errors. Ah, the external relations Third party service providers help the concierge team and front office make special arrangements for hotel guests. For example, luxury car rentals, helicopter rides, or private safari tours when we're speaking about a luxury resorts in the Middle East region or some islands where the majority off luxury resorts located at times when the software or any off the equipment goes down. Hotel personnel contacts the supplier to fix the existing issues as soon as possible as the part off the, uh, job responsibilities from desk stuff has to provide information about guests in house to government authorities. According to local law regulations. This regulations very from country to country and the final slide and here we're gonna be disclosing the professional front office terminology first a minute is they mean personal care products, including soap, shampoo, shaving kit, toe based Syrian kid shoe, brush and shower cap, back office, office and administrative premises. In hotels. Turn block stands for a number off rooms assigned for a specific purpose in the property management system, Channel Manager connects your booking engine and PMS directly with online distribution channels. When a guest makes a reservation on your website or any off your connected channels, the channel manager will automatically update your properties availability on the other sites. What is a small amount of money used for the daily needs off the hotel and as a change for cash payments. Folio is a detailed account off the guest or company in the property management system off the hotel Muster Key is a service key that opens old doors in hotel no show. When a guest does not appear or does not use the booked service at the hotel, it is commonly used by the front office team. Triple or out. Off order stands for a room or number of rooms in hotel that are not available for sale for various reasons. For example, rooms that are being renovated and rooms that do not have certain access. Er's and overbooking. This term stands for standard practice off room reservation beyond hotel capacity, commonly used as a tool to minimize no shows. 5. Food & Beverage: food and beverage is a part off operations and the second revenue generating department responsible for maintaining quality service and food, departmental costs and budgets. Let's start with functions. Restaurant Hotel provides dining services to hotel guests as well as external visitors. Full service properties usually have several restaurants with a different type of accusing . For example, Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern motels and hostels might offer only grab and go counters instead of serving food and drinks at the restaurant launch and bar, usually located within the hotel lobby and open for hotel guests as well as walking customers. In this area, guests can relax, wait for their transportation or have a drink after work or travel. Room service is an attribute off the four and five star properties that allow in house guests to order food and drinks directly to their rooms, according to the special in room menus blanketing bank. It is a very important part of Food and Beverage section have bank. It is a multicourse meal served to a large number of people. Blankets are held for a variety of reasons, from wedding celebrations toe corporate events. Kitchen is another part of food and beverage department and responsible for the entire food preparation, safety costs and the food supply chain. When there are multiple restaurants in hotel, each restaurant usually has a separate kitchen stuff. Cafeteria serves food for hotel personnel and served either by internal cooks or an outsourced third party company. Food and Beverage Systems. POS is the primary computer operating system where personnel process old guests transactions. The US has many functions, including order placements or the changes, cancellations, user management and reporting. International hotel chains use the most common purist system called micros. Crude card readers usually attached toe point of sale systems toe allow guests to pay for their restaurant orders with credit card. Such terminals provided by local banks and then further connected to the system by BMS System providers. Communication software used to maintain effective communication between line staff, cooks, supervisors and management. Most off the time. Hotels choose to install Cordless phone technology to perform this function. This technology is beneficial for hotels that offer room service to their guests, Food and beverage reports. A sales report used the court tracking element for controlling cash, measuring cost versus sales performance and forecasting future sales. Restaurant managers are the primary users off the sales report. Invent Torri report directly linked to restaurant profitability, It is important to know what supplies are hand at the given time. This information allows managers to plan food orders, calculate food costs since the previous invent Torri and make menu item changes if needed. Product Mix Report demonstrates the performance in sales on each item you carry. It is a useful tool toe. Provide insight on the best selling items and the ones that have poor performance. Most managers analyzed this report on a weekly or monthly basis. Exception report shows you every void refund gift certificates covered, purchase and discount your stuff has issued over a selected time period. This information can help you identify stuff members who may need more training, but it can also be a helpful tool for loss prevention. Labour reports often allow you to see the percentage cost breakdowns off different departments Front off the house, versus the back off the house as well as by individual. You can measure productivity by viewing how many sales each weight stuff member is responsible for, or how many orders different kitchen stuff members are fulfilling. This information can be used in the analysis off weak spots or promoting team members to a supervisor. Positions putting beverage relations, food and beverage relations divided in tow. Internal and external team members off the front off ah off the food and Beverage department are in direct contact with front office team for a number of reasons, including verifying guest details to place room changes charges, correct billing mistakes, special events organization and night ordered preparation, sales and marketing department shares with food and beverage stuff. Useful information about the upcoming blanketing events at the property. In this case, the sales team has a direct contact with the client and food and Beverage team. Does everything necessary to provide quality service. When food and beverage require additional cleaning support, they contact housekeeping toe. Help them out. This happens during high occupancy or as a preparation for big events. Restaurant facilities as well as furniture sometimes can be damaged or broken, and it is the time when hotel engineering department contacted they have special experience and training to perform such duties. Restaurant and kitchen equipment are excluded from that, least as it is usually served by the official supplier. Similar toe front office accounting verifies all transactions that take place at food and beverage outlets. They make sure all financial paperwork filled according to internal policies and procedures . Let's reach onto the external side. Food and beverage suppliers are the most important external contacts. All menu items offered at the food and beverage outlets have to be ordered from external companies, large wholesalers and independent local suppliers. Managers often have regular meetings with suppliers to negotiate very contract terms and condition. Restaurant, bar and kitchen have a variety of service equipment, including coffee machines, convention opens, freezers, chillers, ice making machines, dishwashing machines, etcetera. This suppliers off the equipment mentioned about usually contact contacted when this equipment does not function properly or needs scheduled maintenance that is filled accordingly in the service lock. Large international hotels often purchase purist system together with property management system and back office software. To keep accurate, track off old financial data and simplify software integration. Supervisory and management personnel off the department often deal with a variety off government government bodies to comply with local food safety, labor and other regulations. Professional food and beverage terminology, all a card, a type of for restaurant where people can order food and drinks from the menu appetizer is a small portion off a food or drink served before or at the beginning off a meal to stimulate the desire to it. Chafing Dish. A big portable service dish that is used to keep food warm. Corkage. A charge made by restaurant or hotel for serving wine that has been brought in by a customer cover or covers. The term cover refers to a person who eats for and meal that was served at the table. Has stands for hazard analysis and critical control points. H. A CCP is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk off safety hazards in food. My son. Place the preparation off equipment and food before service begins par level. An inventor report level is the minimum quantity offer given item that the business must keep on hand. Service charge is an additional fee for service on top off any normal charge. 86 items in the foot service industry. This term is used to describe an item that is no longer being available on the menu. 6. Housekeeping: functions off the housekeeping department. The primary responsibility off the housekeeping department is to keep rooms and public areas clean. Most hotels have special standards and procedures when it comes to room cleaning. For example, a standard for cleaning este over room should not take more than 25 minutes, and a cleaning off a check out room should not take more than 45 minutes. Public areas cleaning includes the lobby hallways and public washrooms. There is a designated person in charge off public area cleaning within the housekeeping department. Back off the house cleaning is a part off a daily routine and includes administrative offices, stuff, lockers and hallways. In some hotels, this services performed by a stewarding department, large full service hotels have on site laundry and dry cleaning services, where they can wash and iron all the hotel linen that comes from rooms. And food and beverage departments typically dry cleaning services provided to hotel guests upon request. Smaller hotels usually do not have enough facilities for wonder equipment. Therefore, they outsourced this services to third party companies, systems off the housekeeping department, the housekeeping uses PMS or property management system toe, distribute daily tasks to the team and also to update room status. According TOA its current condition, it could be dirty, inspected out, off order or pick up P. M s comes in handy when personnel have to communicate important information toe other departments, for example, notes and alerts about lost items or maintenance issues. Housekeeping Team is using that phones as their main communication device to maintain a high level off efficiency and to keep up with hotel cleaning standards. Every room has to be inspected by the department supervisor to make sure that everything is in accordance with brand standards and ready to accommodate new guests. International hotels often have corporate software where they can communicate with other properties, applaud key performance metrics and get additional support from the hand office reports off the housekeeping department. The room status report from the property management system includes a list off all rooms that property has on a selected date and the current ACU princey off each room. Forecasting is the ultimate tool for anticipating the future performance off the property. It includes key metrics like a Cuban see a D R and revenue per available room or raft bar forecasting future demand in the lodging industry is crucial because it leads to efficient planning and decision making. Forecasting is one off the tools to drive hotel revenue up. The room discrepancy report displays all room statuses that are different between housekeeping and the front office department. This report allows department managers to make sure that they are on the same page when it comes to room reservations. Turn down service refers to the practice off turning down the bad Lienen basically warming up the room for guest use turned down Report shows a list off guest rooms that requested this service out. Off order indicates the room is not for sale because it requires maintenance. The out off service status used to block a group off rooms due to low season cleaning or renovations. Room history displays a room activity over a period of time. Hotels use this report to determine when a guest state in a certain room and also to track room damage or for gotten items. Relations off the housekeeping department. We will start with internal and then slowly move on to the external side from office is the first point of contact for housekeepers as they have to make sure that the front office team has timely an accurate room. Invent tary engineering handles all unexpected damages and breakages related to hotel facilities and equipment. This information typically communicated but bean housekeeping, front office and engineering teams through the special maintenance log and why the property management system similar toe other hotel departments. Housekeeping requires employee recruitment, training, motivation and recognition. All that support provided by the hotel Human Resources Department now external relations vacuum cleaners, polishing machines, box sweepers, vapor cleaners and scrubbers. In addition to manual cleaning tools purchased from the external companies. They also handle all equipment related maintenance similar to electric and manual equipment . Housekeeping department has a number off cleaning chemicals that are provided by external suppliers. Some chemicals are dangerous and require additional training provided by the supplier. Most hotel linen become worn out after a couple off years of service. The good ones might last for about 5 to 7 years. If cared for correctly at the end off the linen lifecycle, it's time to contact the supplier and find an appropriate replacement option. As I mentioned earlier during the period off, high occupancy hotels usually get in touch with an outsource company toe get additional support handling daily tasks. Outsourcing is a practice when a hotel hires and employees sourcing company to perform specific cleaning tasks instead of handling it only with permanent stuff. Outsourcing allows companies to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. Sometimes internal brand standards as well as local government regulations, require hotel personnel to be trained on a certain topic for example, first aid or emergency action plan. Depending on the country and the hotel itself, such training can be handled internally or delivered through third party providers and finally, terminology off the housekeeping department. Buffing he's a practice off, smoothing the floor with the low speed floor polishing machine crib. He's a cop for babies provided to hotel guests on request and do not disturb. Cart is hung outside the room toe. Inform hotel stuff or visitor that occupant does not wish to be disturbed. Fixture includes hardware items present in guest rooms that cannot be moved or are difficult to move. That's a whole, since they are fixed in position. For example, Wash Basin Beth and lighting fixtures Hand Caddy is a portable container for storing and transporting cleaning supplies. Look out is when hotel guests cannot re enter their room and need a hotel stuff toe. Help them out. Make up is a procedure off servicing the hotel room while a guest is registered in the room . Muster Key opens all guest room doors, which are not double locked. Basically, it opens a lot of guests guest rooms within the hotel and allows hotel personnel toe transfer between the guest and public areas. Easily metering means countering a sheet or blanket toe feet. The corner off a mattress neatly turn down service is a special service provided by the housekeeping department, in which a room attendant enters the guest room in the early evening to restock suppliers, tidy the room and turned down the covers off the bed. 7. Sales & Marketing: functions off the sales and marketing department. Marketing refers to the variety off marketing tools that hotels used to promote their business and make a positive impression on their guests. Essentially, it is about maximising hotel visibility toe attract as many guests as possible. There are many different marketing strategies available, including social media search engine advertising, email, marketing and influence or marketing. Some hotels also used traditional TV, radio and billboard ads. In addition, toe online marketing tools, hotel sales Function consists off phone calls and meetings with potential clients to boost independent and group reservations. To succeed in sales, hotels must have a clear vision off their target audience so that they can provide quality services and exceed guest expectations. The hotel industry also includes properties that are catering toe the mice segment. Typically, such hotels have large meeting facilities and ready to accommodate events for up to 5000 people. Convention hotels located within big cities that have intense travel and business activity , public relations, help hotels, increased market share and maximize media presence, be our manager is responsible for dealing with media to promote big in house events, handle a variety off property wide issues and emergencies in some hotels that be our manager reports directly to the hotel manager. Revenue management is a strategy that allows hotels toe forecast customer demand and set appropriate room rates to maximize revenue. If you want to learn revenue management in more detail, check out my complete revenue management course I will share with you. The link in the final lectures systems off the sales and marketing department. Customer relationship management software is a powerful L. A. For hotels, it's the fuel for successful hotel marketing, helping hotels achieve profitable operations through more targeted marketing and deeper relationship with guests, groups and corporate clients. It is a great investment in long lasting relationship with the guests. Sales managers constantly using the property management system, toe pull out reports, managed group reservations, verify payments and to applaud room rates for revenue management purposes. International hotel chains need a hotel sale steam toe regularly applaud their performance metrics toe a corporate network so that a head office can generate company wide reports and conduct analytics to maintain a positive online presence. Sales team have to manage multiple social media and oh TA accounts. It includes updates to company profiles, special promotions and responses to guest feedback. Now let's move on, toe reports off the sales and marketing department. The peak up report demonstrates how many times the hotel was booked since the last report. It tells managers how many bookings were received since yesterday and also helps managers toe, identify nutrients and effectively forecast future demand. The daily flesh tells us how sales are running compared to the budget and how the business is trending. It is a summary off the key operational and financial outcomes off the business. The daily flesh report is typically the first report. Everyone check speech day G. S s stands for guest Satisfaction survey To improve guest experience, the hotel team has togather valuable feedback and measure it through surveys so that they can analyze better and serve best to increase consumers loyalty and hotel revenue. A competitive set is a group of hotels that I seen as direct competitors to your own hotel . Hotels will often compare their performance against competing hotels, toe, find ways to make their own, offering more attractive relations, internal and external relations. We will start with internal when the sales executive signs a contract with a new client, he also confirms details off the upcoming stay or event at the property. After that, he makes a reservation in the property management system, creates a paymaster account and informs front office team accordingly. The same time, it also applies to the food and beverage department. In case off a special event or group dining request, the sales representative verifies details off. The event was declined, makes it pay muster account and then communicates all the information to the food and beverage manager or supervisor, the person who is in charge. When old papers are signed. The sales team has to bring original contracts, toe accounting toe, handle all the related payments and achieve old transactions and paperwork eventually for hotel records. The director off sales has regular meetings with the hotel manager in order to discuss departmental activities, compare current results with a budget and create new development strategies. Now let's move on to the external side. G. D s stands for the global distribution system. It is a large computer network that transfers inventory and rates for hotels to travel agents and travel sites. It is also used by other travel companies, such as car rentals and airlines. No matter how hard hotels try to direct their guests to their own booking engines. Travel agents, including OT A, remain the primary channel where guests can compare offers and make a reservation. Hotels upload their rates in the system and communicate other details by phone or email. Carpet and independent clients are apart off the daily routine. Off the sales team managers have toe analyze the local market and make a least off new companies that might be interested in hotel services. All the existing clients have Toby regularly contacted to maintain good relationships and promote future reservations. There are different kinds off advertising agencies that hotels get in touch with to promote special events and announce the opening off new facilities. Another external contact for hotels and first of all, sail steam is freelancers. They help hotels create and maintain a website, build custom advertising structures and develop a special design for promotions. Professional terminology off the sales and marketing department. There are a lot of terms within the sales and marketing department, and I prepared the least for you with the most important ones. The first term is attrition, a close included in a hotel contract toe, ensure an organization fulfills their contracted obligations. Attrition fees. Our fees associated with unused rooms in the room block benchmarking a method off comparing a hotel against competitors. Subjects off comparing could include product service, room rate or quality B E o acronym for banquet event order. Invent tary rooms available. The hotel has to sell across all channels ot a. A Cron, IMF or online travel agencies such as booking dot com or Expedia. Partition. Part of a wall or barrier that is well mounted and can be used to divide a large space in tow. A smaller spaces commonly used at the event centers. Four large bank IT areas pox, another term for a number off people or passengers. Usually you can find this term on, um, be all or other no sales or UM, event paperwork commonly used within this department room block a specific sat off rooms that I reserved for guest in a group. This term is also used a lot within the front office department. Iro H War Runoff. The house are a wage in hotel terms means a basic room type with no guaranteed specific amenities. Transient segment off business comprised off individual bookings as supposed toe bookings from a group 8. Secrets of career success: secrets off career success. Oppression. Hospitality is a complex industry who is a lot of moving parts. To build a successful career, you should sincerely enjoy performing your daily tasks. You have to be flexible and have a passion for communicating with new people every day. It has to be similar to a hobby, the mission off your life, something that you can do seven days a week. Soft skills hospitality, similar to other industries, require specific skills and abilities, effective communication skills, adaptability, teamwork, problem solving, creativity and leadership. Please master the skills beforehand so that you can significantly improve your chances for career success. The Golden rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. This simple rule allows you to switch focus from yourself. Toe a person that you communicate with large hotel companies, successfully integrated this rule deep into their corporate culture. It helps them provide quality service, keep employees happy and stay on top off the competition. Honesty. It looks simple and obvious. However, people ignore it most off the time. Human interaction is the core off hospitality. Therefore, it is important to promote openness within your team as well as why interaction with hotel guests. Honesty inspires new contacts. Forster's respect and trust from other people. Empathy is one off the fundamental skills for both the new beginners and experienced hotel professionals. This valuable skill will help you better understand and other person's feelings demonstrate respect and improved productivity. Empathy and emotional intelligence are the top skills required to succeed in hotel industry . Continuous learning, all skills and abilities lose their value this time to stay on top off the game, hoteliers have toe update their skill set regularly. You should always look for learning opportunities, either within the company you work for or externally. It will reinforce your competitive advantage and boost your management potential. Overall attention to details. The ability to notice small details differentiates average from luxury hotel professionals are experts in turning little details into great memories. This is something that you won't be able to learn at the university. It is not about using a guest name all the time. Attention to detail is natural ability, similar toe, adding a cherry on the top. Innovation hospitality leaders always keep an eye for industry innovation. It helps attract new customers, lower operational expenses and promote special hotel features as the future hotelier. You must regularly update yourself on hotel innovations by subscribing to hospitality media channels and actively participating in the industry related events with in your home country and globally and sustainability. Having a personal career development plan, you should not forget about green initiatives. Hotels negatively impact nature, consuming natural resources and creating different types of waste. Property management has to install efficient lighting and water systems, generate their own energy, use more than waste management tools and also educate employees to reduce, reuse and recycle. There is no career or business success without a healthy environment. 9. 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