Hot Software Skills 2015-16 - Global Trends Analysis | Kumaran Ponnambalam | Skillshare

Hot Software Skills 2015-16 - Global Trends Analysis

Kumaran Ponnambalam, Dedicated to Data Science Education

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7 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. About the Course

    • 2. Hot IT Trends

    • 3. Hot IT Skills

    • 4. US IT Job Market

    • 5. Other IT Job Markets

    • 6. Gaining Skills and Employment

    • 7. Conclusion


About This Class

The software industry is arguably the fastest transforming industry in the world today. As new concepts, paradigms and products revolutionize the world, the skills required to grow and excel in this field are also rapidly changing. Yesterday’s hot skill has no demand tomorrow. Software engineers need to constantly update and adapt to the changing skill demands to continue in this field.

The question constantly on the minds of software professionals is

  • Is my current skillset getting obsolete?
  • What are the upcoming hot skills in this field?
  • Which of these hot skills are suitable for me to learn and grow?

This course helps you to answer these questions. It is a collection and summation of various studies, analysis and viewpoints on this subject. We hope that this course will provide you guidance and directions on which skills to learn next.





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Kumaran Ponnambalam

Dedicated to Data Science Education

V2 Maestros is dedicated to teaching data science and Big Data at affordable costs to the world. Our instructors have real world experience practicing data science and delivering business results. Data Science is a hot and happening field in the IT industry. Unfortunately, the resources available for learning this skill are hard to find and expensive. We hope to ease this problem by providing quality education at affordable rates, there by building data science talent across the world.

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