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Hot Software Skills 2015-16 - Global Trends Analysis

teacher avatar Kumaran Ponnambalam, Dedicated to Data Science Education

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. About the Course

    • 2. Hot IT Trends

    • 3. Hot IT Skills

    • 4. US IT Job Market

    • 5. Other IT Job Markets

    • 6. Gaining Skills and Employment

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

The software industry is arguably the fastest transforming industry in the world today. As new concepts, paradigms and products revolutionize the world, the skills required to grow and excel in this field are also rapidly changing. Yesterday’s hot skill has no demand tomorrow. Software engineers need to constantly update and adapt to the changing skill demands to continue in this field.

The question constantly on the minds of software professionals is

  • Is my current skillset getting obsolete?
  • What are the upcoming hot skills in this field?
  • Which of these hot skills are suitable for me to learn and grow?

This course helps you to answer these questions. It is a collection and summation of various studies, analysis and viewpoints on this subject. We hope that this course will provide you guidance and directions on which skills to learn next.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kumaran Ponnambalam

Dedicated to Data Science Education


V2 Maestros is dedicated to teaching data science and Big Data at affordable costs to the world. Our instructors have real world experience practicing data science and delivering business results. Data Science is a hot and happening field in the IT industry. Unfortunately, the resources available for learning this skill are hard to find and expensive. We hope to ease this problem by providing quality education at affordable rates, there by building data science talent across the world.

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1. About the Course: Hello. Welcome to this course. Heart Soft Rascals. Global Trends for 2015 and 16. I'm your instructor. Com Brand Porn emblem. Andi. In this particular course, we are going to be talking about what are the heart up software trends in the world at this point. What skills are getting hard? What skills are going out of big and brash? You should be focusing your learning energies on in we to Mastro's. We typically have courses only on data signs, but we think we thought this is a very appropriate course for a lot of people to decide on where they want to go hurt in their carrier. So we put up the scores, help people to decide how they want to progress in their learning part. So what is this course about? It tries to handle the question. Is my current skill set still current in the market? The software industry is a very rapidly churning turning industry where there is a lot of new technologies that are introduced every year. It is a very rapidly changing industry, and if you're a software professional, your school said whatever the current school said you have are learned are have experience with is going to go out of it very soon. You have to constantly keep looking out for what is the new set of skills I need. And what are the new things I need to learn on how I can improve myself. So that is exact Western we're trying to answer here now. We don't claim that this is something being wintered ourselves. Typically, when you wanted to answer this kind of questions, you go on and do the research yourself going across multiple websites, articles, analysis and stuff on. Maybe ask your peers. Ask your friends aboard what is happening in this world and what you have done here is that we have done the job for you, which is we have integer and collected information on analysis articles from job website from job postings to understand how how the software demand is across the world as for last on special ingredients like the US, South America, Asia and Europe on we have kind of collected all those and summaries all that information for you in this training. So we're trying to put in one logical place where we can go in and get all that information . Onda, We would say this is only valid for photos and 15 and 16 because, as I said, this, uh, Arizona's rapidly changing. So what we have been talking about today may not be applicable tomorrow on this contains information about what are the heart applications in the world today. Where is where is the new application development happening in the world? What skills are important for building those applications? And why do you go from where you are currently Lego. What is your current position on given your current skill set and your current work experience, which is the place you should look at so that you can liberate what you already have and pretty quickly become hard in this job market. So best of luck. And I believe this course is going to be really helpful to you guys. Thank you. 2. Hot IT Trends: Hi. Welcome to this section on hot IittIe trends. Why do we have to worry about heart 80 trances? Because they're the ones which is going to drive. What kind of skills are going to be in demand? So let us look at what are the heart i d trends that are happening in the world today and most of those you might already know. This is just reiterating what you might already know in terms of what the heart I d turns our The 1st 1 is that there are smart and personal debases. The use of smart and personal debases is kind of growing day by day, when we say smart and personal debaters, we're talking about smartphones. Almost everybody has one today tablets Onda knew everything that is coming up with all these variable devices, wearable devices like Smartwatches or even all those Fitbits and stuff like that on what is happening because of these are that there is an out boast off application development that is happening on these devices. So on these devices, if there is an existing application, you can't just run the existing their publication on a cloud application directly on them because they are very small screens, so there is obviously you need to develop a special you way as to how you can fit the U. N to those small screens and be able to use them. The second type of applications is that it is coming up with a new breed of applications that don't not exist, like in the cloud or on the Web. On this new breed of applications are typically location of our applications. As you keep moving from one place to another, these applications track your locations and based on the location, do a few things like it will send information about your whether you're traveling and where you are currently toe some other application. It can be viewed those locations sensitive adds location, sensitive deals and stuff like that. So that is an old boast of application development that is happening. A lot of people are coming with new and great ideas as to how you can use thes smartphones to do better service. So there's a whole host of applications coming up. There is, ah, lot off application development happening for these modern personal devices like Iost applications and on android applications, so every business product concept today needs an app that's kind of a given today. If you don't have enough people to be looking at using, are you really a good business? So everybody needs an app there. Everybody needs a presence on these Martin personal devices, so that means that there is a lot of up. Everybody is trying to develop one, and that means that that is a lot off demand for those kind of application developers. Personal and social media applications continue to grow. Eso when we say personal that we're talking about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and stuff like them. I mean these kind off applications. They all have corresponding presence on the smartphones and tablets and variable devices so they can have continued to grow. They have always been there, and they just continue to grow in their presence. And then there is a new breed of business application that are adapting to these devices, even in the place. Applications like workflow applications, CRM applications, DRP applications. Now they all want have their presence on smartphones. People, it says, like serious people, people under though they should be, you're able to use their smartphones toe do that business. They talk to their company. They don't know to come back to the office, log into a website and started being information. They can do all that on the phones. People can go analytics on the phone. So if you are an executed, we don't know to go to your office and look at your laptop to look at some business report . You should be able to do it on the phones. That means that there is a lot of an operation going on these smart and personal devices. Financial and payment application. End of applications continue to grow so that you don't have to carry your credit card. Are your bank a T M card? You can to be able to do all of them through your phone, and those kind of applications are continuing to grow Now. If you only If you have like an iPhone, you can turn your business and you don't have an electronic, you know card swiper for you to do your business or your iPhone currently can have a plug in that on which you can swipe a customer's credit card and take a payment so those kind of applications are continuing to grow on the personal friend It It all means that you know, there is a lot of activity, a lot off applications being built, which means there is a lot of demand for these kind off skills. So smart debases. Most of these applications focused on tracking your locations, activities and events. What that means is that a lot of data is also collected waste on the smart devices, which is driving a lot off mobile ANALITICO like big data based mobile analytics based on the smart devices. So the huge thing that are happening in this mark and personal debases feel, which will only continue to grow there's a lot more sales happening off the smarter bases across the globe. On the applications only continue to grow. The next thing we want to look at as cloud adoption, I know how what things moving towards the cloud. So everything has a cloud. Washington know people who are and depressed applications business applications, people who used to sell up depth software products through a CD number. You typically by the new by a soft operate, they give you a CD and then you go install it on your laptop Now there are desktop, you know, those things are not happening anymore. Even business applications, server kind of applications and database were operating systems. Even those ones are now moving towards the cloud. You don't know to buy them and install them on your server. There's always sold for you. Just buy a service and start using them. So there are more and more enterprise applications that are moving towards the cloud. This kind of become a nominal, and a lot of companies are now starting to invest more on cloud application than on enterprise applications. Not only that, applications are moving, storage is moving. There is cloud based storage now. Cloud based processing power known. If you goto Amazon Web services, you have yogurt cloud base processing power. You get a difficult to dropbox and things like that you could cloud based story. So it almost means that you don't know the base technology hardware technology for your company. You don't have to buy servers displaced nothing. You just have to buy them on. The cloud on all you need is like a laptop to access the services. The news is services as and when you want. Oh, so Now the thing is, anything is available to you as a service platform. As a service integration of the service date as a sideways and al Texas service, anything is available as a service on in simple words, you can run on and pay i d department on a cloud. What this means is that there is more demand for these cloud applications, more demand for skills as to help you. This applications like now AWS is actually becoming a mandatory school for a lot off the job. You can run your I T department on the cloud, which means they're stop applications are losing there, uh, importance in terms of skill and more cloud based applications are gaining in terms off market share. On the other thing, you also want to notice integration between these cloud applications is on the rise. Typically. Now, what is Pro projected that a medium size business, a medium size company, would typically be using 100 different applications on the cloudy look at all the departments and everything put together that I may be using 100 different cloud applications for various purposes, which means when a company's data has spread across 100 different applications it is important that they kind of integrate the data and see a three succeeded review. So integration between cloud applications is on the rice. That means that there is going to be a lot of integration work, custom integration, work in decoration projects. There is going to be demand for integration consultants and integrating architects and stuff like that. That is where the Cloud adaptation comes into play in terms off the demand for software development. The third biggest thing that is happening in the world of social media on typically, Social Media's telegraph as it's a media for individuals handled and exchange that information. But businesses are starting to use social media more and more as individual people start using social media to exchange their views and information and thought businesses trying to tap into those feeds and see what people are thinking about, You know, they want to know, know what people are thinking about their businesses, their products, what are there feedback? One other reviews and they're trying to track them on based on them make business decisions . As a result, every business today needs a social media presence. They only that represent the only that with a page Facebook, which not only that they want to track what people are tweeting about them, what we plan writing about them on the blouse, on their feedbacks, on the foul, on the farms, everything. The biggest push in social media is when the father business perspective is that the marketing efforts are happening on social media. Primary today has moved on from print, media, toe, online media and all. The social media Marketing is using social media to push new product for new products, introducing new products. They also use social media to understand how their market is behaving. What is the response to the products? What does the brand equity for, how other people perceive that brand? Everything they're using today by doing analysis on social media? There is a lot of social media that work that is happening with respect to marketing. The second thing that is happening on social media for businesses is support and service. Typically, support and service used to be phone based when people can call on the phone on, then talkto a support agent, no support and service has moved from there to the VIP on from the Web. Actually anto social media, where in fact people run tech support your social media and that is going to be, I think, the future off Texas borders social media is going to be used for technical support. More and more. The good thing about social media is that there is peer help. If you have a problem, you go tweeted are not. Put it on their Facebook page of a company. You would see that more than a technical support. Gay helping you. One of the pier customer is going to help you pretty quickly, and that is helping go the company and the customer. So that is going to be a no growing in presence. No. What does What does that mean in terms off job demands that are applications being developed top into social media and do activities on social media on most importantly, Social Media Data Analytics. It's on the rise because that is where you're gonna tap all the social media data and do analytics to understand what do your customers are doing, what, what people are tweeting about you. What are your perspective, prospective customers thinking about you and stuff like that? Which brings us to the next one, which is analytics and I'll picks is becoming really, really huge in the world at this point. Why? Because businesses have a large corpus of data already, they have been capturing their enterprise application for the past 15 20 years. All this data about their customers products their sales are now in a lot of backup media. So far, the technology to store media online when they say only this mean on disk has been pretty costly. It required pretty sophisticated. Hardware is pretty sophisticated best also, the cost off software database software was pretty high, so people are just backing up later and storing them onto discs on starting them down the tapes. But now what is having happening is also that there is new data that has bean gender that at a phenomenal pace, because now you have wept, licks happening, people visiting your website and then you want to track what they're doing on the website. So you're tracking Web clicks. You're looking at social media, so that's another new brand of data that is coming in. There is the original business, yet other is growing, and then there's a new brand of the other is coming in. And what has happened is that big data technologies regular technologies has made storing and processing of data. Ah, lot, lot, lot more cheaper. The number of software and big data are open Source. The processing can be done on cheap mission here only to have sophisticated Diskin sophisticated servers. You can just linked together a bunch of normal boxes and then no processing. No, you have cloud where the services are available for you on the man. Now, this has made storing and processing of grade a lot more cheaper on what that means is no companies want to use the data that they have generated so far on used them for analytics. And that is why I know people are looking at okay, I have all this data captured. What can I get from this data? How can I dig into this data and understand what my customers are doing? How my product is doing and make some sense out of it and tried to use that data for better business decision trying to use the data to predict what my customers will be doing in the future. And that is where now data signs is growing at a phenomenal faith based data sense it or non existent five years. By starting to grow phenomenally, the companies are creating new departments, new teams for the data science with a special purpose off analyzing data and extracting information or tough it. So watch out for this particular area that it is going to just blow out. So there is huge initiating to use the data to understand patterns and prediction. Now comes the companies are doing it. Governments are doing it any and social media people are doing it. Everybody wants no understanding on predict patterns and outcomes. So also what is happening with this is that then there is a number off cloud based analytical product offering becoming there people coming on the cloud and saying, You know, big data on the cloud Analytics on the club, Predictive analytics on the floor, in machine learning on the job. All kinds of these kind of products are also coming up, and people are building these products pretty rapidly in order to do analytics for you. So all this means is that there is a huge demand for analytics in the world, especially big data and analytics. One more thing that is happening there is a heavy move towards self service analytics. What this means is that in a typical business, if a business user like a marketing person on the sales person, needs a report, they're typically read the specifications and send a tow the I T. Person Die de person that builds the report. And since the report, these guys that will take a couple of months, that is no longer the case. There is a lot of self service ANALITICO tools that are coming in, which means a business user can go in and design their report without having to know of any kind off programming experience. Just drag and drop can do the business analytics for you on this is another big area that it is becoming vital. So the concept of writing reports is going down. The concept of self service analytics is going up. Finally, this is a very new thing that is coming up, which is called the Internet off. Thanks. So what is Internet of things in an hour of things to be put in? Very simple words is that everyone and everything will have an I P address. So far, only servers and laptops and tablets had I be addresses. Now every person will have an I P address everything. Every car will have a night be interest. Every home will have an I p address. So everybody, everything is going to be attached with an I p address. And what that means is this enables peer to peer exchange of information, these people and these things no form on Internet or an intranet, and they can exchange information about each other toe. Similarly, that's the same way you have servers and laptops exchanging information. Now people can exchange information the same way. That is what the whole concept of Internet of things all aboard. Now this is going to come up with its own breed off applications on that can do a lot of things. Currently, the hardest thing an Internet of things is health care. But you have this personal devices like Fitbit kind of devices that you can use to collect information about people you can monitor your heart, rate your blood pressure on things like that and keep feeding them off to a server way out through a wireless network. And then you can do analysis on them on. Start predicting kill tissues. You can start No predicting. Okay, You are going to have a heart attack in the next six months if you don't do anything about your health now. So those kind of predictions so because when you're collecting data, then you can compact the data along with a number of a huge number of other patients trying to understand, you know, patient patterns and how their health progressors are disease progresses, and based on their you can do a lot of prediction. So this is kind of getting really hard, and l care on petition. It is going to get hard and almost everywhere else. So this technology will continue to of all. And it has become hard. Maybe in the next two years. May not may not be that hard. No, but it is progressively will become hard in the next two years. As we start putting more and more I p addresses onto these devices and people. I mean, I know you would have seen that, like cars, cars have a lot more electron ICS and lot more software running on them than anything before. So the all the software cow can interact with each other, doorways things with each other, and they can definitely. This actually leads to a lot off software based decision making and software based workflow and stuff like that. The Internet of things is going to be pretty hard pretty soon. So these are the five million areas, but the world is going towards in terms off software. Trent, thank you. 3. Hot IT Skills: hi. In this election, let us take a look at what are the heart software skills in the world when you say heart software because we're both talking in terms of the size of demand and our money opportunities exist as well as whether they are hyping opportunities by also having big money in this opportunity. So we're gonna be looking at both of them, So we're not going to be looking at some nice areas where it's going to be only few opportunities but high paying that we just hope we're more focused on. But we have volume, and we also have money s. So what are the various programming languages? Let's first look at programming where which are the languages have today really high scope for growth. We start with Java. Java has been there for 15 20 years now, and it continues to be a course school for building enterprise applications and cloud applications. So it is the technology that is primarily used for building web applications, cloud applications and depress applications. In fact, the Indian Hot group stop has got stock is kind of built off Java, so that is how popular it is. And it will continue to be one great school toe. Having you receive me big data programming like my produce is hard and growing, like using my produce. Our big are scaler are even using language is like a fight on for hard up streaming. That's the heart and doing place. There's a lot more opportunities coming in big data, but programming skills like no Jay as the new ultimate programming skills like no Js are CSRS the H T M l five j query. Those kind of technologies are growing heart. There's a huge market for those kind of technologies to build new, dynamic websites. Open source. Girls like by Don and Lamp are in demand, so a lot of open score source opportunities exist today. Left by Don is a great programming language with a lot of scope. Perlis. Some scope. The lamp stack would just lay next. A party, My sequel and PHP is in demand. A lot of applications are being built on these open source tax. In fact, a lot of companies are moving to a mood to open source from toe for their technology base, so there's going to be a lot of opportunity off open source technologies going forward in the future. Report. Writing is one area that is going down because that a triple A rating is becoming no more and more self service. But the business use that themselves can go on write reports for themselves without knowing any programming are having any programming experience. So a tool based report writing using some report writing programming languages is definitely going down. C++ has some demand, but it is the only used for specialized programming. It is, ah, hype paying skill. But the number off opportunities don't exist are that many. So c++ only use use for specialized programming on ability to build applications fast using a jail methodology. So it's not just the programming language. You use it also about how fast you can build these applications. Using a jail methodologies you were, say again, methodologies and scrum uh, things like develops. You know, those kind of methodologies are also becoming popular, So those that is also added skill that you want to look at building at rather than having the traditional waterfall model kind of development. So you need to be focused on a jail methodologies. Also more by laps is a huge domain that is growing every day. So IOS and Android programming continues to be, ah, heart school. That is, more and more applications being built for both of them, the quantity of applications are under rise. The complexity of these applications are on the rise. On there is more opportunities in this domain for outsourcing and freelancing. Crowd sourcing consulting Alcalde Consulting Assignments Mobile is one area, but there's a lot of these kind off outsourcing kind of activities happened also on when you go to certain websites where they offer you like google dot com. But you can go and I'll find them jobs online for a fix it radar affects. And Ammon. You know those kind off application, most of them you find them to be mobile kind of applications. Go mobile application design skills are in the mind. Also, good user experience skills. User experience is becoming a huge area these days on, your ability should design good user interfaces. User experience is a huge demand. It is good to have that as an added skill, along with your programming skills. If you are a friend and program and these days data the holding of one daughter is growing really fast and big today. Data science is a skill that is growing very fast in demand. Now there are companies are creating new positions, new things for this purpose, off data signs. That's going to be a huge demand. There is a huge demand for data signs across the world on this is only growing day by day, but this is more a senior kind of position. You know, you need to have a lot of skills for doing gator sense from about that. Products under their signs are also increasing products on the cloud that can do analytics and Predictive analytics and mission learning for You are on the rise. Consultants on the Andres for data signs. Offshoring is something that people are looking at four day dozens. Also, that's hard things that are happening around data signs. Traditional DBS continue to be in demand, you know, article My sequel. Traditional Libya's continue to be in demand because still, the traditional arguments are the best date, US or later basis that you can use as an operational later. So store so that is going to steal, continue, but they're deviates for no escalator basis, are becoming hard. There are a number of more skill products in the world today. Like hi, Cassandra Mongo, db Hetch Base. There's a lot of products in there in the market at this point on No SQL on DBS for them are also becoming card and it is a great career part for traditional data DBS. What is going to happen in the future is that almost every business is going to keep a traditional our baby must under no SQL database side by side. So they're gonna house multiple databases. So if you have a currently a traditional db a. And if you pick up some norms and no Eskil skills also, that's gonna be a great skill set because no company is going to be just having wonder that there's going forward. They're gonna have a multiple of them on in your ability to contribute. All of them is going to be a really great school. Text handling and processing is a hard domain simply because, you know, do a lot off Social Media Analytics and Web analytics where the data is all text. So the ability to extract text and then, you know, cleanse them and transform them and get them to a shape that it can be used for. Any kind of analysis is a great rascal on that scale is growing in growing in required growing in demand. On this is a great school tohave data integration. So there today the whole world is toe or going moving towards cloud on in the cloud. You have a number of best of breed applications on the company. Any given organization is going to be having multiple using going to be using multiple applications on the cloud for various purposes on the data needs to be integrated for the come for that company across these applications to get a full company wave you so data integration is going to be a growing domain cloud applications. They typically have some baby ace and some rest a PS where they can put sand in and send out data on your ability to go use them, extract data out of them and build console later data reporting. Now that's going to be a huge girl. Also, so did that data integration is really growing toe mind that are a number of products being also built around this particular domain on your skills on these kind of products is also going to be in domestic demand. Ha Dope technologies so hard opens the new. I can't live without skill. You know, this is a big data. Every everybody is now adapting Big date. Everybody wants to get into big data. Everybody wants to see you know how they can make some business men if it out off using but data. So this is laying there. I can't live without it's killed. But it comes with a lot of issues. Toe. The tropical system today has a number of products so many number of terms and names that are new products and competence coming note every day. And there are a lot of competing production in the heart of ecosystem, like Impala and High Bar Board, like wearing technologies Strom and spark streaming the real time technologies. So you are these competing technology products in the heart of ecosystem. Not only that, no companies are building more and more price on the Hadoop stack, and there are a lot of competition between those products also today. So there is a lot of products there in terms. If you want to learn, you're going to be confused with so many options. And there eso you gotta watch out and do your careful analysis are what do you want to go after? And it's going to take some time for it to settle down and, you know, become a standard skill set, a standard set of products. So until that time, there is going to be a lot off fluidity in terms of what these products are, which one is going to be hard, which is not going to be hard within the loop ecosystem, but over our your your ability to do any kind of hard work. And then when we look at in all the the kind of what we're looking at, we're looking at my produce big spark and strong being the leading technologies. Your abraded to use these technologies is a great skill. The data engineering work, right, enduring being that, you know, you have to go get data from some of the data basis or on the Web or social media, and then take the data. You know, my man, you played the data trends that later transformed the data on, then finally store the data into the Hadoop cluster than extracted out off the cluster. You know those of analytics on the data on all of these are data engineering. Skills on this kind of skills is in huge demand for programmers who knows how to use tools like my produce. Big spark Strong. No, there's are pretty hard technologies in the world today. Big data analytics and initialization is on the rice. When we say analytics and visualization one thing you want to remember us, there aren't a lot of good tools for analysis and visualization today in Hado. The Arab, you see is mostly command line interface kind of tools. So you're right. A lot of core that as of today, to do an analytics and visualization. So that is on the rise. People are building products around hope, of course, and that they're still coming up with products. And when these products come up, the ability to use these protection do analysis and visualization. That is going to be hard school. But remember that the end visualization today there's not gonna be recording a lot off. According is a lot off. It's going to be like self service, you know, Dragon drop kind of report to send to the core. No skills in hard up technology is still would be like the triangulating kind of skills. Big beard Architecture is a great skill for senior professionals. You know you are a senior professional today. You are a software architect. Today, big gate architectures that the great place for you to transition into a transition to becoming a big data architect. If you have the software architect today, that's a great place to go. He had a heart. Schools that are in the world today our like cloud computing skills, your ability to use, you know, the various cloud computing frameworks like Ada blues is an example. Can you work with a double years on building no software I'm inevitably with at a great school today. Other opens tax skills are great school today. New Age Project Management If you have a project manager today, you should learn on all the new Ajay Scholl's how hard it was. Come on, all you know, developed and those kind of skills are hard also inability to manage teams globally. Today, almost everything that is there is globally distributed ability to work as a global team with the global team and get things done. That's a grade school today. That's the New Age Project management We're talking about information, security. As data moves into the cloud, there is a lot of concern around security of data after data moves around in the cloud as well as the very diet is stored in the cloud to information security related related work, you know, how do I secured it? How do we protect myself against hackers of against security breaches? Horrible. All the security schemes, you know, that is also a hard skill in a lot of places are information. Security is really hard. Networking continues to be hard as more and more data exploring flowing around Internet fucking is going to be really hard. But networking is also starting more and more moving towards the cloud in a cloud based companies companies that run cloud services, where you see that fucking is really, really hard to say. User experience designed for both cloud and mobile applications, your every tutors and go to user interface user experience. Design on that is under the heart school that is coming up. If you are a friend and programmer, this is an object skilled everyone also pick up as a part of your SME ability to design good user interfaces and use their experience. B a and I'll fix that. This is a This is a pretty growing trend, a lot of the companies and the prices that I T departments are starting to do more and more b A and analytics. But the focus here is not on on end report writing, but the more on the middle level in no clubbing, with just transforming data from one form to another former moving down from one place to another place. Those kind of activities are going to be hard are deepen analytics. Predictive analytics. Not those kind of places are going to be hard within the B A and Analogic space. I didn't skills in demand. These are additional skills you want tohave us about off your rosy me on some of this, your heart already heard a lot about this one's like communication skills, teamwork, skills on flexible our skulls. We know that the teams are now becoming global. Teams are distributed. A possible on all these three skills are required for you to be able to work together as a team across the globe and get things done. Management capabilities, which is, you know, I'm not talking about, you know, being a full fledged manager, but leadership qualities like within a small team, being a team. Lee conducting Andi, trying to organize, organize things around the team and getting things done. That's a great school tohave cloud adoption. Being able to work in the cloud, being able to use cloud based technologies for various things. You know, starting from e mails to AWS to cloud based er days to cloud based communications are those are all hard skills today. Your ability to use these cloud based tools is really becoming big. Unique. Send the next experience as people move towards the cloud. A lot of these clouds are visited on UNIX are in X platforms. On a lot of times you're doing work through the next command line. So that is actually growing in experience that 10 years ago, all of Nader's Windows now legend. You can do a lot of things using your most on your keyboard, just clicking around things. But Lena's coming in. You see, there's a lot of command line, things that aren't there. It's good for you to go and learn how you can. You have to use Linux as a user That is going to be also a grade A gin school for you going forward. So these are the hearts girls in gentle across the world on Do you should be a take a deep look at them and see how it matches your car and school certainty Where are the shortcomings for you and try to improve on Thank you. 4. US IT Job Market: Hey, there is no Take a look at the U. S. Software job market and see, what are the special things about this us Just off a job market. Specifically. So let's start with what are the key features of the U. S. Job market and some of the some of the key features off the U. S. Market is that it is the creator off new technologies. Anything that use any new technology that you see coming out in the world more often than not, is created in the US This is where technology is born. It is also the yearly adopted off technologies. Anytime the new technologies born, it doesn't the U. S. The customers in the U. S. The businesses in the US are the ones who adopt these technologies yearly than anywhere else in the world. So they brought the creator of new technologies and the early adopter of new technologies. But they also have, ah, high cost off software. I demand point as I cost of software. I demand power in the US that makes them to go through in a lot of these concentration off these US skills requirements. As for last manpower availability, is in very specific locations, starting with the San Francisco Bay Area than it is in Los Angeles, followed by, you know, new Arkan, another Northeast, then someone, some in Texas and someone these not current us out corridor now places. So there are very few places in the U. S that the technology requirements are concentrated. Asprilla skills are available. It's It's a highly concentrated, you know, skill demand as well, less manpower availability in the U. S. That is a focus on outsourcing to other countries. When possible. Outsources has always being a key issue in the US That, but then, because of the high cost of manpower, there's always people are always looking at. Opportunities toe also more cheaper resources across the ball. So if you had a job hunting for a software job in the US, this is something you want to be concerned about because you don't want your job to be outsourced, obviously, so you want to become skills where there is leased or lesser chance off outsourcing to other countries. So what are the typical job that us outsources to other countries know as well as going forward in the future? It starts with mobile applications develop. And there's a lot of outsourcing and crowdsourcing happening with respect or mobile applications, development systems and infrastructure management, which is okay, I have my own i d set up. I got a bunch of systems the abandonments off the systems upgrade off this systems and those other things that are typically outsourced. You might have your daughter center in the U. S. But given two days net for capabilities. Somebody sitting in some bad in the old world can administrate the system also, so that so those kind of activities can be outsourced. Helped us can application support. That is another activity that is being also helped. Rescue means your own internal help desk. You have your mission. You have some problem with your mission with your applications off your nobody helping you with that sustaining in letting, which is made amends of existing software doing bug fixes and announcement of existing software that is another major area off outsourcing European Sierra implementation work. Usually they have run over the clear and will later requirements, so there is a lot of outsourcing happening in these areas. Analogic sent reporting leg sickly report writing areas typically wherever you know. Do you have a very clear set of requirements on? I said it had set up a requirement that can be handed over. Those are the ones that outsourcing happens a lot in the areas where there's a lot off, you know, people after needed to contract with these other nana hourly basis kind of thing. That without something doesn't happen wherever the comments are well laid out. That's where the outside that's the more chances for outsourcing. A lot of these areas are pretty in that domain where the kind of world that you have to do is very clear that it's easy for you to outsource. So which means that I'd be hard jobs in the U. S. If you are a softer profession in the U. S. What are the kind of jobs that are hard for you today? It starts with being soft for designers and architects. You know, higher level software work, you know, architectures after an architect subject, software designer, kind off things analyst kind of work. Big data is a big area in the U. S. Not skilled. The schools that has not actually bean well developed another other countries on big data. So big data continues to be hard skills that in the US baby years are hard in school 70 you were still That's a great opportunity for DBS data science is a heart and happening and growing skill in the U. S. A lot of data science work is happening in the U. S. Run of data science courses are being used in the U. S. Cloud and integration experts, data integration and experts application integration experts. That's under the area. But the U. S market is pretty hard project managers, of course, as companies outsource, it doesn't need for project managed to manage these outsourcing work. So this is another skill that is also hard in the US and security experts securities a domain that is always of concern. And, yes, people are outsourcing outside. There is a lot of demand for security work in the US that is happening today 5. Other IT Job Markets: Okay. Hi. Now let's take a look at the other markets other than the US across the globe. So how they stand up in terms of their I d. Skill demand We started with the South American market. Know South America is a huge rising player in the outsourcing market. It's pretty the. For past few years, this market has been brewing in leaps and bounds. There's a lot off government support in South America for this market in terms of a lot off backs, benefits and stuff like that. The because advertised, the South Americans markets have as compared toa the Asian market compared to Asian outsourcing is that it isn't the same time zone as the U. S. So it makes it easy for us companies to outsource to South America because they're in the same time zone as in the US, and then think and talk at the same time during their work hours and not having, you know, big night of one guns. Uruguay is the top country in South America when it comes to I D, followed by Brazilian Argentina and these other places where I D is growing. Mobile application development is hard and happening in South America. There is a lot off again free freelancing happening with respect with this area. Top outsourcing that is happening in tow. The South American markets are ideas. Support help doesn't interest of Germanic. But these are the major radius in which outsourcing is happening today. And why is this happening? Is because whenever you need, I d supporter helped us. You want somebody to immediately look at it? Not gonna wait overnight for somebody. If you have a problem with their laptop, something is happening on a laptop. You want to call your I d helped us. You want them to quickly to correct not wait for it. I know overnight for somebody to look at it so that that that's why South American markets are a lot more flexible Are our family with this kind of with this trend of place, you know, being at the same time zone on having somebody to immediately answer Andrea called on, That is by the South. American markets are picking up in this kind of outsourcing idee support helped us can infrastructure management new startups are also coming up. There are a lot of South American companies coming up and coming up with more innovative products and technologies. I mainly in the area of cloud big data on mobile. So class South American market is a very growing market. That is a lot of education and facets on I P. That is a lot off in a moment and emphasis on I d. So there's a pretty fast and growing market I D market in the world today. Let's look at the Asian markets nation. My kids are traditionally being the target for outsourcing. About a lot of outsourcing we're goes to and it is still the top market for outsourcing, so it's still huge. It's still big user experience. Design Web out Open source goes UNIX planets These are the hard skills across Asia 100 A. Generally overall, these are the heart schools in issue. India is specifically hard and analytics like big data data mining data, Science B I India is really becoming hard. There are outsourcing work happening to India and this areas, and that's why this kind of demand is picking up within India on So this is if you are in India, this is one of the skills you said you want to go after because it's getting really hard in India when it comes to a pack. The sheer Pacific region cyber security is a big concern. A lot of companies are investing in cybersecurity on also in cloud computing, so that those are two areas which seem to be pretty hard at this point in a pack. China continues to be popular at the heart of skill in China, being programming cloud and mobile. The 80 s and mobile is a very popular in China, so there's a lot of mobile development that is going on in China. Programing continues to be hard in China, toe backing and financial of articles and sustaining engineering kind of work. These other areas were allowed off. Outsourcing happens to these Asian countries from European, European and U. S. Companies are just a lot of work with respect of banking financials to the Asian countries . One of the things that happening in banking and financials is that that is 11 vertical, in which the move to the cloud is very slow under. That is because thes alec over these other companies, which are limited by large by regulations and restrictions in the field so they don't move to cloud that easily, so they continue to use their current enterprise way of working. They continue to use their outsourcing market. The continue to do what they're doing today, also sustaining work in these areas. That's one of the major radius in which a lot of outsourcing happens. Software Agnes With the semiconductor industry, we know that in in the issues that are of semiconductor factories and kind of work that happened there. And there are software engineers tried for the semiconductor industry to develop software specific to that industry. They are in demand in those those places where semiconductor industry is pretty popular. So that's another area that is also a nation Asia that is popping a do project. Management, as usual, continues to be a strong demand again for the reasons we talked before. A jail and cloud at Sorry, a jail on da Global Project management. European markets, European markets markets are generally slower in adopting new technologies. You know they typically lack us by a couple of years when it comes to adopting new technologies so currently still, largely, they have Maurin depressed applications than rather than software products. Enterprise applications will see our manufacturing financials and those kind of applications are the ones that are largely driving demand for development work and soft rascals rather than any software product development that is happening in the Europe Compared to other countries. The heart countries in the Europe are UK, Ireland, Germany and Netherlands. These are places where the skill demand is really hard. This is followed by Russia, Finland and Israel. These are the growing markets in Europe in terms off the skill demanded, speaking up skill. Demand is picking up not only because they have the traditional applications there, but a lot of companies that are no started outsourcing to these countries there setting up . You know, officer, there there are small companies now coming up. We're starting to do products the whole part start are starting to do software would a lot of products that are starting to come over from these countries to so, he said, growing markets in which the demand is actually growing for soft rascals java dot net C plus plus database skills are still hard in European markets. They just continue on, you know, the traditional base on which they're using today. Web on mobile development. This is This is where there is a growing demand mobilised, actually also hard in the Europe. One other things about mobile is that in people are building user interfaces for mobile. There is definitely the need for using a local language. You know, you can believe reading in English. A mobile is one area where the large off things you need to customers to the local do mine and language and culture. That's where mobile is kind of hard all over the world. Because those specially countries require different, kind off applications to be developed based on their local local systems and language and culture and those kind of stuff big data, data, science and analytics. This is going to expect it to become heart in the future. Not really hard now in the Europe, but going down the line, maybe in a year or so, this is going to be really hard, so you can now start building this cult. If you want to be around the games, start building discos now one. Within a year or so, you will see some demand for these girls in the European market. So does is how the other markets in the world looked like 6. Gaining Skills and Employment: okay, Gaining skills and employment. Now that you know what kind of demand is there for various software skills. But do you go from here? Right. So what work goes, what is your current position and where do you go from Here. So what are some of the recommendations we can put in for that? And here is a list of recommendations from us is which is basically what is your current skill and job position. And what is your best next skill that you can go after? So this is kind of a child. Report an adjuster recommendation from us. If you're a beginner or a junior developer, you know, you're a big number, junior dollar, but you want to focus on mobile development, Web development, our data engineering and java. So those are areas that will get you in a big bang for the buck. If you are a senior development are develop our designer in a more like a designer senior programming that conducting you want to focus on big data programming, data integration, data signs and user experience. If you had a back in person, you want to focus on data integration and big data programming you feel a friend and developer, you want to focus on user experience. If you are a DB eight, you can extend your skills to be also a no SQL db are. You can also also move to data science and it doesn't is the great area for D. B is also the movement because you already have a lot off basics that you need for data signs. If you had, like a business analyst like, you're doing a lot of reporting analytics kind of thing, the next place where you can go into our data signs on Big Data Analytics. If you're a software architect, you're used to dollar designing enterprise applications and cloud applications. You want to go into no big data architecture as well as integration architectures of big data architect and integration architect Otto Big areas with a huge demand. You are a project manager. You want to improve your skills on Tiberius, a jail methodologies like scrum like develops and stuff like that. Focus more on learning about managing global teams. Those ideas, but you can improve upon your skills. If you have today a supper opinion. Anna support meaning like an I D support engineer. You want toe? Spend more time on cloud How you can do things on the cloud like storage infrastructure. Learn on Lenox Loan on security. Those are the areas you want focus on. If you have like a junior engineer, you feel like a I D architect. You know an idea. Connect like a storage architectural. Arnett Fork architect. Those kind off skills. You can no start focusing on big data architectures and cloud deployment, architected and those kind of areas. You know, there's a lot of big data out there. There's a lot of data signs there because those are the hard areas programming in Java, something usually you'll already know. I'm not gonna recommend Jell O for a senior simply because you should have already been familiar with that those kind of program. These are the 80 s, and now you can transition into These are the new skills you can pick up based on what your current position and job is. Some of the things you want to know about training, what kind of things happening in the training domain. The basic education requirements continue to exist, like you want a bachelors degree and a master's degree is good. That's the basically. Commenter is already there formal classroom education and customs certification, though told things are losing value for advanced girls now there was a time where whatever skills you who are you wanted a certification. There are a lot of certification, this kind of African art, but deviate certification and, you know, administration that said, vacation conducting Those are starting to lose value in the new big data world. Same with respect to classroom education. For this advance cools off course. You need the bad basic bachelors and masters, but I'm talking about more, getting advanced skills and going to a classroom and learning as well. As you know, getting a certification are losing value. But what is gaining value is virtual classrooms. Learning online is growing in popularity. There's a lot of learning that this happening on virtual classrooms, you will see that almost all the big universities, all the universities and Ivan all the top in the West is now have a virtual presence. According more and more classes on the Web. You can go to the universities and take this classes online, and you don't want to attend them in as a physical person, Moroz Kind, of course, of the massive online learning courses, Asprilla's any kind of online courses are getting hard. You know, if you are taking this course itself, you're basically on some kind of an online website, which is providing the score. So those kind of courses are getting hard. It is getting becoming an ultimate, a cheap and already way for you to get a skills today, immerse a form off learning, which is like the book come kind of learning where you goto a place and spend a few weeks there and actually implement projects and learn from that. That kind of learning is also becoming popular to get some hands on. Skills on a weapon is the new mentor. You know, there was a time very every mentorship used to be in person of is the mentor. Anything you want to learn in the I d feel you just go in a search in the weapon. There is something there on the Web for you, you know, online forums, tutorials, reference guides are You can always seek help in any of the online forums, and you'll get help in the Web. Is the Newman Dark when it comes to training on. The most important thing is records are getting accepting these new ways of Lee and learning. You know, they're not starting to insist that you will need to have a certification there. Okay, when you say that, Okay. I took this class online. I took this Morsi clan. So even the online entrances and the most kind of classes are gaining reputation these days . Like regular in a college kind. Of course, the Cougars are no gear accepting these new learning modes as a way of certification that that kind of acceptance is now growing. It is just starting to grow. It is going on as we go along that nothing this is gonna more spread. More and more only are some of the recruiting trends that are there in the world today is that this Googling a person is a normal and popular activity. You hear about any player reports and the first thing you do is go google the person. Find out what you can see, what you can find about the personal, any kind of person. I can be like a sports person sending my movie start. It can be a person. You just heard it. You just having a meeting with the person within your company outside the company and Googling a person has become such a normal activity today on Recruiters are using social media for you know, I don't defend prospective candidates, you know, the the using social media to go if you get out, you know who are my prospective candidates? I can go after they use it for analyzing candidates and the year that the senior from somebody they go and go into the Web and trying to figure out what they can find about that person from various social media websites and from block from any anything they can find on the Web, even references. You know, social media level references are actually having a lot of value these days. You know what people say about some other person? That kind of thing is also hard for recruiters these days, the same place for candidates Also, candidates are using for the job searches are not only that they are trying to use it for analyzing information about any company. There is a lot of information about a company on the Web, like, you know, the culture in the company. The salary rangers, now farmer employees and current employees are giving reviews about the company that helps candidates to understand more about the company. And see, I know whether they want to go to this company are not so. Even that is on the webs of body recruiters. And the candidates are using the bed for recruitment trends, which means that it is very important you for you to know how your online profile looks like. You need to know what happens when somebody calls. And Google's your name on goals. Your name. What kind of things comes up. You know, you might have done something personally, put some funny stuff in there, but they don't. But there are people that go recruiting. You are going to be looking at that. So you need to be sensitive about what people are looking about. You on the web. So that's something you wanna watch out for. Thank you 7. Conclusion: are controlling this specific course. First of all, thank you for taking this course. Thank you for believing in us that we can deliver something that would be helpful to you. We hope this course is useful to you. We try to collect information across the Internet across from various media sources. As to what are the current job trends? I And we hope that this courses somewhat helpful to you and giving you some direction. Some idea as to what you want to go after. Thank you for your time on. We hope this is going rewarding experience for you. And if you don't like this course, please do leave a positive comment on the review for this cause because that's going to help other people who wish to take this course. Oh, once again, thank you for being are taking this course on we two masters. The main focus continues to be on data science and analytics, so we will continue to have more courses on that and we do look forward on we do Look forward. You're being a student of one of those courses. Eso thank you once again on best of luck in your career by