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Horror Games: Understanding Visuals

Henry Gacia, Horror Scholar and Wordsmith

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome: What this is about?

    • 2. A Painted Hell: An overview on graphics.

    • 3. In our special place: Locations and Settings.

    • 4. In their hoofs: Characters.

    • 5. A demon by any other face: Enemies.

    • 6. The devil in the details: Graphic design.

    • 7. Thanks and good byes.


About This Class

Many of us have dreamt of creating the perfect horror video-game and that is the quest with this new series of classes. 


On this particular class we'll do a basic deconstruction of horror video-game graphics, as we review and analyze our favorite games in the genre. This is not a tutorial, but rather a theory-focused class with small tips thrown here and there all in order to understand a bit more of what makes a good horror game from the visual perspective. 

This class is for beginners. The only pre-requisite is to love horror games and be interested in making one yourself. We won't discuss any game-engine specifics nor how-tos, so you will have to get your game-developing knowledge somewhere else and keep this class as a companion while you are creating that perfect horror game. 

Welcome, to Horror Academy.





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Henry Gacia

Horror Scholar and Wordsmith

I believe Horror fiction is a gateway to a more Magical life and as such it's been my obsession for all of my life.

My goal here is to create the tools for people to learn to better understand how to appreciate and create horror in all of its shapes; from literature, films, videogames, art, comics, and so on.

Welcome to Horror Academy. May you learn something new today. See you in class.

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