Horror Games: Understanding Visuals

Henry Gacia, Horror Scholar and Wordsmith

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome: What this is about?

    • 2. A Painted Hell: An overview on graphics.

    • 3. In our special place: Locations and Settings.

    • 4. In their hoofs: Characters.

    • 5. A demon by any other face: Enemies.

    • 6. The devil in the details: Graphic design.

    • 7. Thanks and good byes.


About This Class

Many of us have dreamt of creating the perfect horror video-game and that is the quest with this new series of classes. 


On this particular class we'll do a basic deconstruction of horror video-game graphics, as we review and analyze our favorite games in the genre. This is not a tutorial, but rather a theory-focused class with small tips thrown here and there all in order to understand a bit more of what makes a good horror game from the visual perspective. 

This class is for beginners. The only pre-requisite is to love horror games and be interested in making one yourself. We won't discuss any game-engine specifics nor how-tos, so you will have to get your game-developing knowledge somewhere else and keep this class as a companion while you are creating that perfect horror game. 

Welcome, to Horror Academy.